Was Scottish Vote Rigging Caught On Tape?

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Given the pre-vote polls and 300 years of historical resentment, many were somewhat surprised at the overwhelming "No" vote in last night's Scottish Independence referendum. While we now know that the vote broke very cleanly between old ("no") and young ("yes") Scots, the following clip suggests the possibility that more was afoot than that. As the commentator blasts, "Busted! Absolutely busted!" You decide...



As Martin Armstrong rages, Is anything real anymore...

I have communicated directly with some Scots. I spoke to an 18 year segment to get a perspective of the youth. They used the word that they wanted a “REVOLUTION” and feel very betrayed by what they called the over “65″ crowd. This is what our model has been warning about and why this is important. Unfunded liabilities are around the global as populations enter the retirement age of the baby-boomers worldwide – post-World War II surge in births. The birth rate and marriage rate has been declining, efforts are building around the globe to encourage women to have children. In Britain, the NHS is funding a sperm bank for lesbians.Just for starters, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Taiwan are paying women to have children and the list keeps going. Why? What happened to over population? The older generation is dying off and the social programs are gauging the younger generation causing taxation to rise and the youth cannot find work.


David Cameron basically said reading between the lines – the younger generation lost and their fate is now settled “for a generation.” This degree of arrogance is not going to be helpful. Governments will not reform and that brings us only to the bring of our right civil unrest that will rip the systems apart. No one in charge will address the long-term. They are only concerned about one vote at a time.

Now the recriminations. There is a rising tide among the YES camp that view the Scottish vote was rigged. There are videos and photographs emerging calling the votes rigged. There is special focus on Dundee where photos are circulating on Twitter and Facebook demonstrating the rigging of the election. The polling stations also accused were directly in Edinburgh. This will be like Bush stealing the election in the USA and it will linger causing tremendous resentment in Britain. The whole of Europe needed the Scottish NO vote. Since Brussels rigged the Italian elections, we cannot rule out their involvement behind the scenes yet in Scotland. This has led to so many in Scotland feeling they have been cheated and reduced to second class slaves of London and Brussels.


International Business Times is reporting the uproar. We all have to be deeply concern given the fact that in Europe, the Commission is a dictatorship. The people can vote for a minister to be in Brussels, but the Commission does not have to abide by whatever the people want anyway. What must be understood is this is now about maintaining Brussels.They are paying themselves outrageous amounts of money for absolutely nothing. Just one EU Commissioner will get €400,000 for not working as reported by the Telegraph.


The EU Commission was threatened by Scotland because if they won their independence, the contagion would have engulfed all of Europe and that would cost jobs in Brussels. This is not about what is good for Europe, it is what is now good for the politicians to keep their huge salaries.

Europe-Separatist Movement

The most interesting evidence of DISTRUST is the capital movement. One would expect the Euro and the pound to rally with the threat of separatism dead. Instead, The pound rallied moderately but not the Euro. Capital is clearly aware that the game is still afoot.

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There is oil at stake here, did they really think they could vote themselves 'free"




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I never met a voting machine I liked

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Yep... reminds me of the rigging of the Kennedy / Nixon election!!!!!

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It matters not who votes.  It matters who counts the votes. 

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With cameras everywhere these days, if there was voting counting fraud, expect much more video evidence to come out over the coming weeks and months.


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Weeks and months?

See You Tube right now!

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When tens of trillions of dollars are at stake, anything goes.

Sincerely, the winners in the Status Quo lottery.

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Didnt Mugabe say something along the lines of, "You will not take from me with the pen, what I took with the sword."

Revolution is the antidote!

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I think the referendum was shot down by a Russian Buk missile system.

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There's even more evidence of vote rigging shown here:


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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."  - John F. Kennedy

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Quoting the article: "I spoke to an 18 year segment to get a perspective of the youth. They used the word that they wanted a “REVOLUTION” and feel very betrayed by what they called the over “65? crowd. This is what our model has been warning about and why this is important. Unfunded liabilities are around the global as populations enter the retirement age of the baby-boomers worldwide – post-World War II surge in births."

The 65+ crowd need dependence on government to pay for their depends.

That's my potty humour for the day.

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I see the same divide right here in my own extended family.  Boomers en masse are going to go down dishonorably.  History will not be so kind to this era of humanity.  That is for sure.

But, alas, it is part of the cycle.  Everyone playing thier respective role in the grand play.  Everything in due time I suppose.

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EVERYTHING is a lie. Prepare accordingly.

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De Opresso Liber




See you on the other side :)

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Truth exists...therefore not everything can be a lie.

Of course truth must be discovered...and already we are "far behind the curve."

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Map looks like small "brushfires" of freedom to me.

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This is why pot is being made legal. It makes the ability of the consumers to organize zip null, void, impossible.

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Jim fixed it...  ( or his remnants did )

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There's no vote-rigging. This is a Protestant vs. Roman Catholic thing that has been going on for centuries.  The Protestants love the crown.  And the Catholics want to break away.  Scotland will remain loyal to the crown for the forseeable future.

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rigged...as here, this side of Atlantic; so there.

"violent revolution inevitabe..."

"bushfire of freedom..."

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The independence movement in Scotland has nothing to do with religion. It's not a Protestant vs Catholic thing at all. Only 16% of the population are Catholic, and plenty of them voted No. Plenty of Protestants voted yes. There is, however, a section of society - particularly in the west of the country - who are tied in to the same type of Protestant Unionism you see in Northern Ireland. They were the ones out in force causing trouble last night, and are a complete scourge on Scottish society. They'll be having another of their triumphalistic Orange Walks today in Glasgow. If it doesn't kick off again, we'll be doing well.

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If everything is a lie, then so is your comment. Care to try again?

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Interesting to watch the change in the ZH comments section over the last 24 hours.  From "Those Scots were all a bunch of lazy cowards, they deserve to be slaves" To "Of course the vote was rigged, what did you expect?" without skipping a beat.
I guess we have different people commenting today.

Just sayin'.

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Lazy cowards and rigged elections aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

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The only way that the result of a rigged election stands is directly due to the lazy coward. It is a necessity that they are inclusive.

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Back in the 80's I was a volunteer EMT for the Gulf County, Florida's all volunteer ambulance squad.  We were like an adjunct to the county, meaning we were a big pain in the ass to them.

At the time, I was also working one of my five jobs as DJ/News Reporter/Wandering Idiot for a local radio station, WJBU.

Don't remember the year, but Sheriff Ken Murphy was running against Al Harrison and, as a 'member of the media' (and pretty well known in Port St. Joe, Fl) I was admitted into the County Courthouse on election night as they counted ballots.  Yep, it was Florida, but this was LONG before hanging chads, misplaced ballots and all the other shit going on these days.  Everything was manual, pencil and paper, and old style adding machines at the tables.

Every other item on the ballot was settled pretty quick.  Pretty good majority on whatever was there.  Except for County Sheriff.  All the votes were totaled and there was one vote difference.  So it was passed on to another group to recount.  They came up with a one vote difference the other way.  The groups were split, others added, and the count came back one vote different as original.  The groups were intermingled, and drew numbers from a hat, then did another count.  The result was one vote the other way.

I was flabbergasted.  At the time I was about 23...I was not a native Floridian...I was a California Import from, what was then, a powerhouse of society.  The recount was done about another seven times in various manners.

Finally, the lady in charge of the whole thing said, "You!  You're pretty new around here, aren't you?"  Me:  "Yes, ma'am, I've been here about three years, why?"  Her:  "Have you been political?"  Me:  "Other than bitching about your idiotic Morality Ordinance the council has been talking about, no...I vote but I do my best to stay uninvolved."

"You count these.  Everyone observe."

So I count. The ballots are in bundles of 100. And there's maybe 37 bundles.  (Small county, obviously).  I count until it's about 3 am.  By that time the room has the Sheriff and his competitor in it, along with all the County Commissioners and every other politician piece of shit from around 200 miles.  And they all watch me count.

About 3:15 AM, one vote difference...for the competitor.  The Sheriff had his crew go through both piles immediately.

The Registrar called the election.

Subsequent to all this.  Does anyone remember why we all of a sudden had metal detectors and shit in courthouses?

Clyde Melvin killed a judge and an attorney in the Port St. Joe Courthouse.  Sheriff Al Harrison shot him on the roof.

A year or so later, some deputy was unloading his shit from a boat, slipped, and his side arm went off shooting him up from the neck to the head.  I was one of the first responders.

After that incident no matter what I did, I could NOT get a traffic ticket on military property, or anywhere else, in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, or South Carolina.  I drove a lot, back then, for my job and I had a lead foot.  I got pulled over ALL the time.  Back then cops didn't just come up and arbitrarily shoot you. It was "Your license please, do you know why I pulled you over?"  They'd go back to their car and do whatever...then come back a few minutes later with "Please drive safely, slow it down a little."


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Pussy PSTD kicks in.

I read what I wrote  while ago and tears sread in my eyes.


I never had to kill anyone, but what I'm remembering about keepiing them alive...

Yeah, I'm a puss.

OldPhart's picture

I don't know why this shit from 30 years ago puts me into a sobbing fuckin' pussy all of a sudden..not enough beer!

Jesus fuckin' christ, this came out of no where.


OldPhart's picture

,)...AH,  Alright, trying to keep my shit together.  Just spent about thirty minutes of replaying the worst fuckin' experiences of my life for some reason.  From watching a three week old baby die six times in my hands (she now has three kids) to the guy with his arm under a converyor roller, the stingray stings..the guy who called for help for eating bad oysters that died as we pullled up...and the wrecks and deaths. All this shit I forgot about is suddenly here over some stupid shit I wrote on Zero Hedge.


Holy fucking christ...do I at least proclaim that I'm HEALED!?

(Apparently I'm fucikin' not and apparently I need to forget this shit because apparently I did some social shit and apparently some of it was horrendous and apparently when a ditch doctor is the highest medical advice of most that you've encountered

AHH, I think I've nailed tonight's problem...a new (old) memory just reserected.

There used to be a drawbridge between White City and Port St. Joe (there were a shitload of draw bridges between St. Joe and anywhere else...in fact, Overstreet had a floating drawbridge that, I shit you not, you'd pull you car up to the line, honk your horn, and this old man would come out, eventually, with a stick.  He'd put the stick in a hole in his 'domain' and walk in circles until you got close enough to the other side that you'd take you chances.  Most of us 'sane' people waited until he stoped winding his ass around the pole and gave us and 'all clear'.

It's tying together.  Ok, I might explain this bizzarre shit, or not.  I apologize, tonight is a bad night and I made it public on here.  Very sorry, ignore, carry one.

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Let it go man....it's over.


Deal with it.

nmewn's picture

Yes, you're healed...lol.

Hey...shit happens, life goes on. You went into it (EMT) to help people and you have. You should have known you wouldn't be able to save everyone or if you did, you were simply wrong. There's not much you (or anyone) can do when half of a guys head is missing.

You did the best you could, thats all anyone else ever expected.

Let it go my brother and you just did ;-)

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@OldPharth :Seriously hooked up to ZH means having issues...

Why would I concern myself about how the world turns if not
mine tends to stop? Accelerate your search and drive away from denial and you end up in open waters even if all you tried to navigate was the rivers that got you floating in the first place.

This hard adherence to truth or you get junked to hell
can be sort of mind bogging to your life long living lies
or you just have to let go like you just did.

Freaking religious play, but no harm and no lifelong membership required ! Cheer up , fight club is about finding
fun again in life !

soul stripping

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Thank you everyone responding.

That was the weirdest night of my life.  I'm very proud of what I've done, but doing it has never been an issue.  Last night brought a flood of horrifying images of what I actually did.

I have never harmed anyone, but those I rescued from harm still haunt me, apparently.  I know that the baby has been active on my mind from the first second until today.  That was the moment I actually saw death sit down next to me.

I'm pretty recovered. As i said, this is pussy PTSD, there are those that have real issues.  Mine took me by surprise and they're pretty minor in comparison to the others out there.  I have no guilt, just horror.  To those who feel guilt, let that go.


11b40's picture

From one Old Pfart to another, it's OK.

 PTSD is very real, and it can come on suddenly, triggered in any number of ways that cause buried memories to bubble up.  It can be a smell, a reference, a sound, or a visual that suddenly brings a rush of supressed emotions.  For me, the sound of a helicopter's rotors makes the hair on my arms stand straight up, and if I am alone, no telling if the tears will start or not.

You have plenty of company, too.  Witnessing & participating in the dance along the fine line between life & death will leave emotional scars inside all of us.  Cops, EMT's, Soldiers, Social Workers, all suffer emotional damage to some degree.

Be well, brother, and thank you for the public service you provided to the rest of us.

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Pretty good story. We have all had those bad nights, at least we that still have a consience to kill.ald

Arnold's picture

Try this old


(with out the therapist)

I flip my eyes back and forth about 40 to 50 times and feel releif.

this has been effective for me.

Arnold's picture

Sorry,Yahoo has been flipping me around from here lately.

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I was going to reply to your post telling you that it was unreadable given the current thread style here at ZH.  However,  I discovered something.  When you hit "reply" the post comes up in a neat paragraph style that's easy to read.  So - great story and thanks for making me reply to discover I can read these long ones by hitting reply.  Now my reply will show up as a single word tower.

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Towering response. Stay true to the grammar and the
narrative. And make it rhyme half way through a sentence.
You `ll be fine.
Trust me.
Or not :-)

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"Boomers en masse are going to go down dishonorably."

But nature will treat them kindly and have mercy, cancer meets gluttony in unhealthy minds.

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I hope something comes of this video.

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haha, they will welcome electronic voting, and then they are truly controlled.

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This is a nice litmus test to count the shills here on ZH..

Just look for the ones that are downplaying the obvious


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I love the way the reporting on this has been assuming it was a No camp conspiracy which is just plain biased. The people rigging the votes - if that's what they are doing - could just as likely be Yes camp.

Stating the scots Yes vote should of been overwhelming? WTF? The only person saying this was Alex Salmond - The vast majority of people in Scotland receive benefits/welfare and I bet when they thought about their vote this was a major factor for keeping the UK together.

Those who reckon the vote results are rigged in a major way are talking out of their arse.

Scotland decided - The Yes camp lost. Get over it.