First Germany, Now France Folds On Syrian Airstrikes

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In yet another rather embarrassing event for The White House, just days after President Obama praised the French for helping in the fight against ISIS, and General martin Dempsey noted "the French were our very first ally and they're with us again now," French officials have, according to Reuters, ruled out participation in airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria. With the fall of France (and Germany already saying "nein"), it appears the broad coalition is now a "coalition of none," as Obama has stated the US would not go it alone...

Last week...

Germany and the U.K. ruled out carrying out air strikes on Islamic State militants in Syria, a day after President Barack Obama authorized the start of U.S. air strikes there.

Turkey - the USA's closest ally in NATO among the Middle East - denies them its airbases for use as launch sites of airstrikes and will not support airstrikes in Syria

Iraq's newly-installed US-friendly PM al-Abadi defies the US and halts airstrikes on ISIS-held civilian areas

Last Friday...

President Obama and his staff are thanking France for agreeing to help in Iraq in the fight against the Islamic State.


"We look forward to coordinating with our French partners in the days to come," said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

And now today...


The "Coalition of None" continues...

*  *  *

If you like your anti-ISIS airstrike coalition, you can't keep it...

*  *  *

Perhaps most concerningly for The US administration, the fact that Germany and France have denied the US leaves them instead sided with Russia's perspective on Syria and ISIS, as "there are deep concerns that the U.S. will bomb not only ISIS positions in Syria, but also the Syrian government forces."

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NOTHING embarrasses the Big O

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Further proving in my mind that ISIS is a political tool created by the US intelligence agencies to benefit the US-petrodollar scheme. When conning doesn't work, veiled threats of dethroning the current state with a secret cabal will. 


This shit is just too convenient, and I don't believe in coincidences. 

Tom Servo's picture

Japan....sending playstations

Stankonia says they'll drop bombs over Baghdad

Afrikaa Bambatta and the Zulu Nation...


We got this shit!  Ready to ROLL SON!

Looney's picture

This morning on CNBC, Barney Frank said, “It’s not worth it to start a thermo-nuclear war because of Syria”.

If that Gunky Cunt® understands it, so does the rest of’em. ;-)


Divided States of America's picture

COAL-I-liton is now SOLO mission


jaap's picture

france only did the their air strike to promote their Rafael in action. Just a SALES PITCH. Nothing more, nothing less...

Stoploss's picture

They only had two bombs anyway, so they went ahead and blew up another pick up truck.


Thanks France.......

nope-1004's picture

france was for it, before they were against it.


tony wilson's picture

fast france moves forward then backwards into infinity

Patriot Eke's picture

The French and Germans don't want to freeze to death this winter, so I doubt they are going to go out of their way to piss off the Russians.

Freddie's picture

The Germans also sell a lot of cars in Russia and the market is growing rapidly.   The car companies in Germany are the biggest employers and they do not screw around.

espirit's picture

It's personal this time around.

Everybody will be sitting in the cold and dark freezing their asses off.

Bad for politics.

SeattleBruce's picture

Gotta love Obama - all in with a pair of 3s...brilliant.

Analyse2's picture

"The French and Germans don't want to freeze to death this winter,France is only importing 18% of its gas from Russia"

No, France is only importing 18% of its gas from Russia


Analyse2's picture

As usual in ZH, when it is about the French, we'll surely have a firework of hateful comments and silly jokes, in place of the debates we are waiting for...


All this ugly disdain and nasty jokes come from the firm refusal of the French to join America in Irak, in 2003.

Since France refused to go to Iraq, American warmongers and neo-cons made French army look like cowards – as a punishment.

But History has proved the French were right, and that the WMD were only a dirty trick to serve as a pretext.

Nevertheless, the hate of American warmongers against France remains still there, well alive, even in ZH.

This stale hate still shows through "innocent good jokes" about the “surrender monkeys” and their white flags

As for the rest, the French can be proud of their Military History:

According to the British historian Niall Ferguson, since 387 BC, France has fought 168 major wars against such badasses as the Roman Empire, the British Army and the Turkish forces. Their track record isn't too shabby, either: They've won 109, lost 49 and drawn 10 times.

This makes France the most successful military power in European history - in terms of number of fought and won … The French have succeeded to conquer and guard the largest country in Europe. 


nope-1004's picture

+1.  Gotta test the arms somehow.  But, in French fashion, they always do a 180 degree flip and cower in the corner before it ends.




This could be other nations realizing / hearing / being informed that an economic "change" is coming.

Spastica Rex's picture

No 2, and being America's French poodle is even more cowardly.

BobPaulson's picture

Too funny, either by mistake or on purpose you wrote Rafael instead of Rafale. Maybe there could be a whole wing of Ninja Turtle fighters.

Winston Churchill's picture

Never thought I would ever agree with that sleazy fudgepacker about anything..

Truly, the world has gone fully insane.

BlindMonkey's picture

He is like a broken clock, right twice a day.

kchrisc's picture

“It’s not worth it to start a thermo-nuclear war because of Syria”.

Actually, being that I can speak fluent pol, and jive too, what Frank* is saying is, "Someone is going to have to give me more money before I back this."

If the powers to be think they need his backing and lies, they will reward him with a lucrative position or other. If they don't they will just ignore him. Key is that he won't become an impassioned advocate for not bombing Syria.

I.e. His above quoted exhortation is nothing more than a "I'm for-sale" message to the elites running the show.

An American, not US subject.


"Always about money and power."

chubbar's picture

Not sure if this was covered ealier but the CFR (mouthpiece for TPTB) is up to some political trickery (IMO). Stating the obvious in the hopes of staying relevant perhaps. They are backing off the idea that Russia is responsible for the Ukraine debacle.

"According to the prevailing wisdom in the West, the Ukraine crisis can be blamed almost entirely on Russian aggression. But this account is wrong: the United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the crisis. For Putin, the illegal overthrow of Ukraine's democratically elected and pro-Russian president, which he rightly labeled a coup, was the final straw. Putin's pushback should have come as no surprise. After all, the West had been moving into Russia's backyard and threatening its core strategic interests, a point Putin made emphatically and repeatedly. Elites in the United States and Europe have been blindsided by events only because they subscribe to a flawed view of international politics. They tend to believe that the logic of realism holds little relevance in the 21st Century, and that Europe can be kept whole and free on the basis of such liberal principles as the rule of law, economic interdependence, and democracy. But this grand scheme went awry in Ukraine. The crisis there shows that realpolitik remains relevant, and states that those who ignore it do so at their own peril." See the Foreign Affairs article (CLICK HERE).


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

In the Final Analysis, Turkey and the EU have too much to lose if they allow the US to bully them into declining the Silk Road 2.0.

The kind of wealth that this would/will generate for its participants, boggles even the Neocons' minds.  Which is why we have the bipolar attitudes and brinksmanship:  Tell Obola and his Handlers what they want/need to hear, and then do the opposite.  Sounds like they've learned well from the Fraudster-in-Chief.

BlindMonkey's picture

Nothing like the opiate called money to sooth an angry populace.

TeethVillage88s's picture

This shit is just too convenient, and I don't believe in coincidences.

Then you must not believe the US Reaction to 911, the resistance to Investigation & Commission to Instigate.

All the coincidences around 911, point to a false flag for the whole US Global War on Terrorism. Now with ISIS/ISIL & Al Qaeda showing the same organic origins as Mujaheddin... WTF. How can USA continue Expansive wars for figurative Hamburger Hills that can't be held & have no Strategic Value... with $17.7 Trillion in Federal Debt and operating not on budgets or working congress, working on continuing resolutions.

It is like we have kids in the US Congress & White House. We need to prosecute the Constitution hating War Mongers.

We spend $1 Trillion a year to keep our DOD Contractors happy and engaged around the world for a hidden strategy & hidden reasons... Why do we Fight? Because of A Coup in Washington DC.

knukles's picture

OH  The Frogs Got Scared Yesterday with Some Rude Talking By ISIS?
Brave fucking souls them Frogs
A sternly worded letter and they fold their tents, go home under a white flag

Assholes Deluxe

Well, maybe a bit of Russian gas influence?

But no matter

All smell no cheese

onewayticket2's picture

i thought "community organizing" what his PRIMARY skillset?


IANAE's picture

different communities now vs then... 

disabledvet's picture


"I begin this speech by saying I do not know. But in not knowing the purpose is still to find out. We gain nothing by staying in the darkness...and indeed, maybe ISIL is not a threat at all! Having said that...

random999's picture

LOL what did you smoke today? Frogs? Are you refering to the french because they are on some french menues?

Are you also saying that they stopped attacking because they got afraid of ISIS?

thats pretty damn stupid boy.. pretty damn stupid..

Poundsand's picture

What does a French flag look like?  A white cross emblazened on a white backgroud.

Why did the Disneyland Paris experience some difficulties at the beginning?  Because every night after the fireworks, the French would surrender.

A man asks his companion, "What'sthe most common French espression?"  His friend scratches his head, shrugs his shoulders and replies, "I give up."





viahj's picture

ah, the 'ol French surrender jokes while the American people have surrendered to DC (debt slaves), Mexico (actual invasion) and China (consumerism).

Optimusprime's picture

And abandoned DC to British mayhem in 1813.

TheReplacement's picture

Running away is not the same a surrendering.

Freddie's picture


At least the French will take to the streets.  USSA is a joke.

Freddie's picture

The French have LePen who might get elected.  Who does the USA have?    Well if Rand Paul was like his dad then maybe we might have something.   I think Rand has already made his wailing wall trip.

kchrisc's picture

I don't really care much for the French, however the idea that they surrender and haven't ever successfully defended Paris is a myth.

The French, after their pols and crats had abandoned the city, actually defended Paris successfully in 1914. They even used taxis to go to the front. If they had failed, WW I would have ended quite differently.


"I don't know about aliens, however about everything else the truth is out there."

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

France has a better military tradition than Italy does...

Somehow Italy got all the credit for the Roman Empire, even though it was a great conglomerate of ethnicities and nations (who even knows squat about the Eastern Roman Empire?).

The Spaniards controlled southern Italy, the French had great influence in northern Italy, in the 1500s, and of course ze Germans and Swiss.  Austria (esp Tyrol) is the product of mixing by Germans and Italians.

Funny how similar the medieval history of Italy is to the fall of Rome.

Analyse2's picture


Right. But WWI also has been heavily dependent on the Battle of Verdun.

The Battle of Verdun was the longest and the bloodiest of the war, lasting from February 21, 1916 until December 18 of the same year. Many military historians consider Verdun the "most demanding" and the "greatest" battle in History. And France managed to defeat the Germans.

TeethVillage88s's picture

A white cross emblazoned on a white background.

I heard that is the same reason the USSR Broke Up and the Berlin Wall Came Down.

The Nazis paid the French Leadership in advance to surrender. and the CIA Paid Russian Leadership and Maybe East German Leadership to walk away and give up East Germany.

Coincidence? Same bride technique takes down the governments.

moonman's picture; background-repeat: repeat-y;">
Why Are French People Called Frogs?; background-repeat: repeat-y;">
Back in the day the French under the rule of the Charlemagne Empire tried to take over the country that is now England. The flag of this army depicted a coat of arms that had frogs on it. This happened around the 800's, but people in England still call the French the slang term: frogs
Lea's picture

Charlemagne's flag (banner, BTW. There were no flags back then) was emblazoned with an eagle and three lily flowers. No frog there, as you would have suspected if you knew something about heraldry. Frogs on a coat of arms, WTF???

Actually, the English call the French "frogs" because the French eat frog's legs, something the English could never stomach.

JohninMK's picture

Two hundred years later the French suceeded, they were the Normans and it was 1066.

TheReplacement's picture

Just like the modern French Foreign Legion, they had to import winners.  Normans=Northmen=Vikings.  That story gets pretty silly when you realize one northman took the crown from another northman who had just defeated yet a third northman just days before.

Analyse2's picture


1) The first nationality in French foreign legion is French ...

2) The British lost the Hundred Years' War which lasted in fact 116 years (1337-1453). It ended by the French triumph and it was not with imorted winners ...



Freddie's picture

I hope any country's jets who F with Syria get an S-300 up their tailpipe.

These criminals are engaging in mass murder in Syria, Ukraine, Iraq and like they did in Libya.  Arab Spring and all those lies. Evil evil scum and the media goes along.  Unplug TV and Hollywood or you support it.

JohninMK's picture

AFAIK Syria doesn't have its S-300s yet, the contract is on hold. But if the US pisses Russia off a bit more................

Freddie's picture

Ziad at Syrian Perspective seems to think the S-300s are there in Syria.

OhNo's picture

The TV programming has gone but im in full hollywood pirate mode.I so love spotting there bullshit,The Russians are the new bad guys.OhNo

El Oregonian's picture


How about just a "Sole-alition"... (new word)