Russia Holds Massive Military Drill: 155,000 Troops, 4,000 Tanks, 632 Aircraft, 84 Ships

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At what point is a drill more than just a drill? Maybe when it is so massive it could be confused for an invasion force, involving a mindblowing 155,000 troops, more than the armies of most sovereign nations, 4,000 armoured vehicles, 632 planes and helicopters and 84 vessels. Those are the staggering numbers taking part in the Vostok-2014 strategic exercises, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, and whose main priority is ti "demonstrate that the degree of combat preparedness in Russian troops has risen." One almost wonders why...

Photos via Itar-Tass:

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu praised the troops' combat readiness. Official results, however, will be summed up later

The drills are the final stage of a series of command and staff, and special exercises, drills, and surprise inspections in 2014

The troops drilled anti-landing defence in Primorsky and Kamchatka Territories

Missiles were fierd from the Varyag cruiser during the anti-landing defence operation

Aviation went on operational duty in Russia's Arctic zone

And the commentary from RIA:

The recent large-scale military exercise in Russia's Far East, Vostok-2014, demonstrated that the degree of combat preparedness in Russian troops has risen, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Tuesday.


The minister said that although "final conclusions are yet to be made," the troops involved have demonstrated efficient command and "a better degree of combat preparedness."


Shoigu said that the Vostok-2014 exercise is nearly complete. "This large-scale event of operational and combat training of the Eastern Military District was a logical continuation of an unannounced combat readiness check carried out on the orders of the Supreme Commander Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin," the minister said.


Addressing the servicemen who distinguished themselves in battle maneuvers in Cape Skalistii, Shoigu said: "You have actually demonstrated great skill, professionalism and the ability to ensure the military security of the Russian Federation in the eastern region."


The Vostok-2014 strategic military exercise in the Eastern Military District is taking place from September 19 to 25. The exercise was preceded by unannounced combat readiness checks.

One can only hope that the above "combat preparedness" is completely unrelated to what is now an invasion of sovereign territory by "US-led alliances" on a weekly if not daily basis.

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tonyw's picture

training in their own country without the permission of US - provocative.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

How dare the Russians do this without the permission of the US and The EU -- whatever that thing is.  

SamAdams's picture

Cold War 2.0.  Same shit, different century.

Headbanger's picture

A fucking Foxbat!

Awesome speed, altitude and time to climb.

Can't turn worth a shit however..

old naughty's picture

Calling Eastwood.

Calling Eastwood.

Go steal one.

Bunghole's picture


The Russians have air superiority over the USSA with their POS F22 and F35s.  

The Sukhio's will operate day or night, wet or dry and dont require 30 hours of maintenance for every 1 hour of flight time.




And dont forget the T-50 PAK FA

We are so screwed.

Divided States of America's picture

Russia has been doing military drills these past while now, preparing its citizens for warfare...while we here in the States are more focused on the media drilling wife beaters, child abusers and celebrity nude photos on a weekly basis...

MonsterBox's picture

Meh... The Bear is just rolling over from being poked repeatedly by the EU / US stick.

With the Ukraine on the verge of an economic collapse, Putin can just wait it out.

Gotta be a nice show for ISIS, tho....

DeadFred's picture

Military drills are just dress rehearsals. After looking at how things worked out you get to decide whether it's time for the Broadway opening. We have a couple weeks at least while they examine the data.

Keyser's picture

Obama should think twice about taking out Assad... Syria is not that far from Russia via Turkey... 

cowdiddly's picture

yes and they think they are going to poke the Russian Bear with no boots on the ground? LOL

Looks like they have at least 155000 boots just for the pregame show.

Obama might ought to  plan on investing in a few Red Wingtm factories. Some one please tell those Dumbasses in the pentagon to look at a map sometime. That really big spot above the ______ stans that covers 12 time zones. Yes thats  Russia.

I learned something playing Risk as a kid. Never, Never, Ever forget about that single infantry man standing all alone in Kamchatka, He comes back to kick your ass every time.

Broken_Trades's picture

A fucking Foxbat!



Actually thats a Mig-31"Foxhound"




JuliaS's picture

If a nuclear war breaks out the only superiority that's going to matter will be in coffin and bodybag manufacturing.

fockewulf190's picture

Once casualties reach a certain threshold, those niceties fall quickly by the wayside in favor of the mass grave.  That is, if there are enough people stilll around to do the job of collection, and they have to give a shit on top of it.

cossack55's picture

That is why you always capture enough troops for burial detail.  

stilletto's picture

Sorry, you are badly wrong. Trained with most of those types and the US fighters are superior. F22 shoots them all down including F35 (I worked on F35 design). While the russian kit has basic grunt the Us kit has far superior avionics and thus battlespace intelligence. Thats the decider.

Calmyourself's picture

They were not made to turn but to catch Valkyries and B-1's, which they can do and then unleash AA-11/13 l.

NotApplicable's picture

It's not like you're going to be wanting to turn much at Mach 3.2.

Werekoala's picture

Looks like a fish. Moves like a fish. Steers like a cow.

skifff's picture

It's not Foxbat(Mig-25) it's a Foxhound Mig-31

It's a long range Mach-3 fighter interceptor with long range weapons unmatched in the world. Only plane that has a registered air target destruction at 280 km...

has a capability of guiding missiles from other air,land and sea platforms. Regiment of 4 planes covers area of 900 km, basically it's AWACS with long range missiles... One of the specialties is cruise missile hunting.

fockewulf190's picture

Nice platform when hunting traditional targets.  Almost useless against stealth planes and stealth cruise missles.

Freddie's picture

You should change your avatar name because the FW 190 was an amazing plane and you have no clue.

Stealth is a scam aka a lie.

The guy in the video helped design the F-16 and A-10.  He has said stealth is a scam.

eforce's picture

And you have the top-down looking radars, even Iran has them, that can see stealth easily.

stilletto's picture

Sorry, Stealth works. thats why no F117s were shot down by Iraq in the Gulf War even though they went in from day 1 over Bagdad before the Air defences were taken out. The evidence is there in real use to back up the theoretical capability. If you havent flown fighters and seen these technologies in action you really dont know what you're talking about. Ive flown air combat and stealth works - its a bitch to fight against! Seeing is everything. You can have the longest range missile but if you cant see its useless.

skifff's picture


Stelth works against what? It doesn't work against meter -radars... ragular russian radars... look up "Nebo-M" stealth does work in certain situations, idially it was working against sm radars of SAMs but all of them are feeding data from meter radars... so no use o luck here. New russian planes coming out with sm and dm radars so no luck here eather.

skifff's picture

Dude, please lern s.t, in your life... phisics is universal and yeah, "stealth" is russian tchnology.;-)

king leon's picture

It's most likely a Mig 31 Foxhound, it looks like a Mig 25 but it's a totally different animal with a top speed better than any other fighter on the planet and the latest state of the art avionics 

Freddie's picture

The SR-71 was retired because of it.  It was not as fast but with a few of them - they could get an SR-71.

thewhigs's picture

"Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death's construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds... Oh Lord yeah!"

"War Pigs"- Black Sabbath

gallistic's picture

If you really want to go off the beaten path, here is a great, stripped down version by the Dresden Dolls (using just a piano and a drumkit).

thamnosma's picture

Thanks for all 3 of those links.  Great stuff.  Hellsongs needs to make a video to go with that cover, not just a still shot -- hey it's the Tube after all! 

10mm's picture

Please To Meet You,Hope You guess My Name.

tvdog's picture

"Cold War 2.0.  Same shit, different century."

And the degree of fucked-uppedness that implies in the U.S. leadership just cannot be contemplated calmly.

cbaba's picture

I have a Russian neighbour, she just came back from Russia after visiting her family,

she told me that up until the sanctions, the sentiment toward the US was very friendly,

but after the sanctions she said everybody hates US and they want to go war and fight with US.



luckylongshot's picture

Sadly the US has proven itself too dumb to learn from its many mistakes. Perhaps a demonstration of likely consequences will work.....perhaps not.

old naughty's picture

Fair question is when is a drill not a drill, a test not a test...hummmmm.

Chinese destroyer in Iranian port; 155,000 Russians massive drill; nuke-ready; etc. Next we may see 500,000 R-C joint exercise?

Cover for collapse...or the headcount reduction event(s).

Didn't they find the missing guidestone ?

Farqued Up's picture

How many drones we have?

Gentlemen, start your joysticks!

Meanwhile the 10 million financial hackers are answering Reveille in China, Russia, and the ME.

Fun times ahead, boys and girls.

SoberOne's picture

I would like to avoid war at all costs. Even if that cost is reserve currency status.

StupidEarthlings's picture

I'm pretty sure the "reserve currency" thing is gonna happen either way. War is just a cover so the stupid people (most people) will believe that the War was what caused the problems.

Itgoestoeleven's picture

"War is the expedient of every cornered despot"

Ayn Rand

css1971's picture

Surely reserve currency status is worth a few million lives?

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

A few million?  Thats so 1960's, Dr. Evil!  Today, we don't use the word "millions", we use Billions and even Trillions.  How about a few Billion lives for a few Trillion dollars?

BandGap's picture

That's not flexing their muscles, that's a total gym workout.

Aknownymouse's picture

I heard some of those Russian planes were acting in a threatening manner. Time to bring them down.

MeMongo's picture

Upon hearing this news obama and biden just sat down to pee!

Dr. Richard Head's picture

In all fairness, peeing with an erection is indeed difficult and I know these warmongers are excited right about now.