Japan Declares Level 3 Emergency, At Least One Dead After Volcano Erupts In Central Japan

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When one thinks of Japan and natural disaster, the things that usually come to mind are earthquakes, tsunamis, radioactive lizards, the occasional massive nuclear power plant explosion. Not volcanoes - those are usually delegated to the sole country that dared to give bankers the middle finger, Iceland. And yet, overnight Japan declared a level 3 alert (on a scale of 1 to 5) when a volcano in central Japan erupted, sending ash clouds down the mountain’s slope for more than 3 kilometers. According to RT, at least one person has died and 70 were injured, while aircraft have been forced to divert to avoid the dangerous area. Medics confirmed the death of at least one person, while 70 more were reported to be injured, NHK reported. Thirty of the injured have been sent to hospital in critical condition, health officials added. One can only hope there were no nuclear power plants in the immediate vicinity of the volcano.

According to Japan's NHK, the Ontake volcano on the border of Nagano and Gifu prefectures, 200 kilometers west of Tokyo, started erupting at about 11:53 local time (02:53 GMT). The Japanese TV outlet released the following video showing the volcano spewing thick, gray smoke into the air.

More from NBC:

The Meteorological Agency said the volcano 125 miles west of Tokyo erupted just before midday and sent ash pouring down the mountain's south slope for more than two miles. The eruption forced aircraft to divert their routes, but officials at Tokyo's Haneda airport and Japan Airlines said there were no disruptions to flights in and out of Tokyo. NHK quoted a Nagano prefectural official as telling a government meeting that seven people were unconscious and eight people were seriously wounded.

But while Tokyo may be safe for now, the immediate vicinity is in a air transit lockdown: "Airplanes are diverting their flying routes to avoid the ash cloud,"Makoto Hasegawa of the Nagano prefecture fire department told Reuters.

RT adds that a local eyewitness told NHK that small rocks were being hurled into the air along with the ash. "It was like thunder," she said. "I heard boom, boom – then everything went dark." Japan’s Meteorological Agency declared a level 3 volcano alert on a 1 to 5 scale, which means people are advised to stay away from the mountain. The agency warned that the debris from the volcano could fall as far as 4 kilometers away.

Stratovolcano Ontake (Ontake-san) is the second highest volcano in Japan at 3,067 meters. It is also a popular destination for religious pilgrimages.

It was inactive until 1979, but then it underwent a series of eruptions. The latest was in 2007.

Finally, some local reports "on the ground"

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jaap's picture

Knowing the japanese, they would probably have built a nuclear reactor on that hill.

duo's picture

This volcano is about 15 miles from Suwa city, and the region to the southeast which is home to most of Japan's apples and grapes.

I used to go to Suwa for business 3-4 times a year.  It is known for it's hot springs.  Lots of molten rock just below the surface.

Stackers's picture

Those people in that 2nd video are amazingly calm for standing on the side of an erupting volcano watching the ash cloud rush down at you.

toady's picture

I even heard one say 'doe-zo', which roughly means 'excuse me, you first'.

Latina Lover's picture

How dare the volcano erupt and spew carbon pollution, LOL! The global warmists could line up and jump into the volcano, removing both the problem of carbon pollution and their excess population in one fell swoop.

NoDebt's picture

I can't read Japanese but I suspect the Japanese characters in those tweets roughly translates to "holy shit!"

SafelyGraze's picture

1. send in the advisors (a.k.a. "spotters")

2. bombs away!

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Yeah breath that shit in, full of microscopic glass particles.

NoDecaf's picture

Japan getting whacked from all angles...


HolyfieldsOtherEar's picture

Nothing earth-shattering. The first one says, "Mt. Ondake erupts!"

The second one says, "Incredible eruption of Mt. Ondake!"

ebworthen's picture

Latina Lover - Mt. St. Helens put more CO2 into the atmosphere than the entire Industrial Revolution.

The global warmers blame cattle for methane production - but what about the millions of Buffalo roaming the Great Plains for eons?

They wring their hands about climate change and blame humanity because the majority are Godless narcissists who believe humanity is omniscient.

They are blaming us little primates for what we have no control over - instead of focusing on things we do have control over that really matter - such as pollution of land, water, and sea with plastic crap, toxic chemicals, and radiation.

Lore's picture

Somebody please smack these Rothschild-manipulated patsies upside the head:

Leonardo DiCaprio and Sting at New York climate change march (Telegraph, 21-Sep)

Eyeroller's picture

And surprise, surprise:  I bet the "statistics" will show a "spike" in the carbon content in the atmosphere for 2014, and this will be attributed to auto emmissions from the evil US.

IronForge's picture

Govt-owned NHK's Main Channel even moved its Live Sumo Tournament Broadcast to the Education Channel to broadcast the Volcano.  ROTFL!!!

NotGrokkingIt's picture

Mother Nature is crying out against humanities treatment of her delicate sensibilities!

MeMongo's picture

Paging Mr. Banzai......Mr Banzai? Hopefully all is well!

kaiserhoff's picture

Wild Bill's in Hong Kong.

Alles ist gute.

ebworthen's picture

Nice thoughts MeMongo.

I'm worried about WB7 if China cracks down on those students protesting in Hong Kong who want to vote.

There and Taiwan are going to be Flash Points for finding out China's long term intentions.

Kprime's picture

they built it down in the crater where it would be protected from the elements.

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

>>General Electric Mark I Reactor<<


GE .. We Bring Good Things to Life!

Duc888's picture




That's a lot of greenhouse gases there.  O-Bomb-A need to do an Executive Order and sue Japan.  Call Al Gore in on it too.


nmewn's picture

Methane! CO2! Particulate matter for gawds sake!

Its an AGW catastrophe!!! ;-)

NoDebt's picture

Between this and the California wildfires, Al Gore is out of carbon credits.  Prepare to die.

Ariadne's picture

The long valley & yellowstone calderas are just tingling with... ... ... anticipation

Lore's picture

God is the biggest emitter by far. TAX GOD. 

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

How much SO2 in that cloud, it causes global cooling don't you know. Reflects sun light back into space.

I'm waiting for that big one in Iceland to blow...Bardarbunga.

Lore's picture

Notice the lack of discussion about high altitude volcanic particulate during last winter's hysterics over the POLAR VORTEX.  "The warming of the globe causes the cooling of the weather." Groan.

Polar Vortex to Return This Winter Thanks to Massive Volcanic Eruptions? (Silverdoctor, 22-Sep)

alexcojones's picture

    "Not volcanoes - those are usually delegated to the sole country that dared to give bankers the middle finger -"

Huh? I thought Libya dared to give Ziobankers the middle finger? Gold dinar? Soon after, Gadaffi be dead.

I also thought Venezuela with president Hugo Chavez dared to give CBs the middle finger. Hugo demanded his gold back. Soon after, Hugo be dead too.

SilverIsKing's picture

While reading this article, all I could think of, "shouldn't it be relegated, not delegated?"

- a concerned citizen

Tall Tom's picture

ICELAND gave the bankers the middle finger after the Global Meltdown.


ICELAND had a volcanic eruption a couple of weeks ago.


There is no large OIL Fields in ICELAND or off the coast of ICELAND that we currently know about. (They do have a wonderful Geothermal Reserves which are not EXPORTABLE.) If there was OIL then we'd have stopped them and invaded.



Venezula has OIL RESERVES.


The time frames are shrinking even on ZH. Amazing.

beavertails's picture

The Chinese must have set this off.  Print more ABE

NYPoke's picture

Somewhere, Keynes is smiling.

StormShadow's picture

Krugman: "How many windows did it break?"

pocomotion's picture

Our Planet is self-regulated.  It's time to cool things down a bit via volcanoes erupting throughout...  But, please pay your carbon credits to the king.

NoDebt's picture

Exactly right.  If it wasn't, you would think it would have accidentally veered permanently off course somewhere in the BILLIONS of years it has existed before man came along to "save" it.  

The arrogance and hubris around this lie of global warming is breath taking.

Lore's picture

Perceptive. It is all about ego, giving even the lowest schmuck a sense of self-importance and community as he bends over.

q99x2's picture

Carbon tax that F'kr.

lindaamick's picture

Uh Oh.  They're after James Corbett

socalbeach's picture

Japanese can't catch a break.