"How The Media Controls Britain"

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We have yet to read Owen Jones' "The Establishment... And how they get away with it", although Russell Brand's take of the author has certainly piqued our interest: ''Owen Jones may have the face of a baby and the voice of George Formby but he is our generation's Orwell and we must cherish him." We do know, however, that the young author and Guardian columnist is one of those who are not afraid to think critically while accepting there is far more than meets the eye, and certainly than the controlled media would like revealed. To wit, from the book's official blurb:

Behind our democracy lurks a powerful but unaccountable network of people who wield massive power and reap huge profits in the process. In exposing this shadowy and complex system that dominates our lives, Owen Jones sets out on a journey into the heart of our Establishment, from the lobbies of Westminster to the newsrooms, boardrooms and trading rooms of Fleet Street and the City. Exposing the revolving doors that link these worlds, and the vested interests that bind them together, Jones shows how, in claiming to work on our behalf, the people at the top are doing precisely the opposite. In fact, they represent the biggest threat to our democracy today - and it is time they were challenged.

The following infographic from the book, showing "how the media controls Britain" reveals the schism between popular British sentiment about key social issues courtesy of media influences and reality, indicating that the "establishment" is more than happy to sow discord within the working/middle classes using its traditional "objective" distribution channels, while it remains aloof, collecting the rent its record capital provides.


And while the middle class around the world fights for scraps, and has seen its real wages over the past three decades largely unchanged, the "establishment", wrapped in a comfortable cocoon spun by the captured media, benefits:

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America is being intentionally undermined and overthrown by the corporate/globalist controlled political class and media.

Any information I need, I get from the net.

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the media lies to us???

im shocked, SHOCKED!

i just read in the check out line the goverment is ruled by gay martians...

glad to see that wasn't true...


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Do thieving, homosexual RaceMarxists count?

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When the British Lager Louts have the courage to defy the BBC (British  Bullshit Corporation) by not paying the TV tax,(every brit has to pay a compulsory tax to the BBC), then they willl have the opportunity for freedom. In the meantime, they are just slaves.

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All the other bullshit channels you get to pay for through advertising whether you have a TV or not.

I've not had a TV for over 15 years. Getting rid of the damn thing was one of my better decisions.

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"how the media controls Britain"


And who - pray tell - controls the media?

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The percentage of Muslims in London and many other urban boroughs ranges as high as 34%.   It excedes 20% in dozens of other boroughs.   The percentage of immigrants in urban areas is also much closer to people's perceptions than the very misleading "average" figure quoted in the article.


England and Londonistan are lost causes.  The Muslim percentage of the population has already passed the tipping point.  They might as well convert all the cathedrals to mosques and start using Sharia law.   Prince Charles can become King and finally admit to his secret 1974 conversion to Islam.

Brits with any sense should move to Canada, Australia or the US while they still can.   Even India would be better than the coming Caliphate of England.

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Even Wiki can’t cover up the intentions of this Communist, hence the highly suspicious and slanted data Jones provides.

Here is Wiki’s profile, in part, of Troskyist Owen Jones.

“Owen Jones (born 8 August 1984) is a left-wing English columnist, author and commentator. He is a regular columnist for The Guardian.

“…His father was a non-statutory local authority worker and senior trade union shop steward,[1] his mother an IT lecturer[3] and he describes himself as a "4th generation socialist"; his grandfather was involved with the Communist Party and his parents met as members of the Trotskyist Militant tendency.[4]”


As for the advancement of the welfare state in Britain, Wiki states: “The British system has been classified as a liberal welfare state system…”

Here’s where the money goes:

“The level of public spending on the welfare state by the British Government accounted for £113.1 billion, or 16% of government spending in the fiscal year 2011, with a further 17% (£119.4 bn) being spent on the state pension and 18% (£121 bn) on health.[4] A report published in 2010 by the Government of David Cameron entitled State of the Nation compared the cost of the most expensive benefits and indicated that state pensions were overwhelmingly the largest governmental welfare expense, costing in excess of £50 billion, followed by housing benefit and council tax benefit, which combined accounted for over £20 billion.[5] Expenditure in 2011-12 on benefits included £5.1 billion paid to unemployed people and £41 billion to people on low incomes:[6][7]


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+ 1

Exactly, in the UK the left ARE the establishment which is why it's a high-tax, low-freedom, welfare-statist, bureaucratic shithole where compliance has overtaken production as the primary activity. Little turds from the Guardian love to paint things the other way around ('4th generation socialist' suggests he can't think for himself). 

The recent Scottish 'No' vote means that these creeps will likely be in charge forever meaning we will never get out of the EU thus going down with the whole ship. As someone on here said 'the battle for Middle Earth has been lost'. I agree, last one out please turn off the lights. 

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The media doesn't control England.  Football controls England.  Everybody is busy getting drunk and supporting their favorite club.  So important matters are often not given proper attention.

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"How The Media Controls Britain"

This is the wrong title, and wrong question to ask.


The right title, and question to ask:

“Why Is The Media Controlling Me”



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good ole smithsonian.........   media had pretty complete control way back when........... http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/cant-make-it-to-the-moon-head-to-ar...

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owen jones is a gob shite of the highest order.

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here is why you fucking wanker

Barbara Lerner Spectre and jewish implementation of multiracial multiculturalism



do not blame the dumb fucking muslims for a sick and twisted zionist plot

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You (and by that I mean the British electorate) voted for your spineless, U.S.-loyal poodle appeaseniks you have in government, so deal with it. We have our own to straighten-out. Australia is already stuffed to the rafters with smarmy responsibility-shirking English fugitives; there's no more room for any more. You've already got your own country and fucked that one up good and proper, so sort out your own damn problems. Australia is no longer a dumping ground for Englishmen looking for a soft landing and an easy way out. For too long already has Australia been reaped and then sucked dry by the denizens of England. Enough already! Why and how can you continue to believe that England-flitterers, with their bloated pasty girths and faces and disproportionate sense of entitlement, have a preeminent right to Australia? Australia is no longer the shanty town to English cast-offs, of neither the undesirable nor the privileged kind like the ones you are inferring.

And furthermore, do you understand what carrying capacity means? Here's a quick link:


Human populations in Australia have always been small and dispersed, being an order of magnitude or more smaller than the average density found on other continents (Birdsell,  Ecology and the Protohominids, American Anthropologist Volume 55, Issue 4, pages 481–498, October 1953).

Virtually all hunter-gatherer societies seem to possess a 'golden rule' of population. This is, that in "normal" times, the human population of a given area rarely exceeds 20-30% of the carrying capacity of the land. (Sahlins, Tribesmen, American Anthropologist, Volume 70, Issue 6, pages 1195–1196, December 1968).

And don't give me that bullshit about how much more clever we industrialised nation-dwelling, iPhone-toting, Great British Bake Off-watching, media-literate, brand-centric, trend-sensitive and pop-culturally-aware modern urbanites are than your average bare-arsed hunter-gatherer.

Australia's population of over 22.5 million and increasing rapidly, currently at a rate of 1.7% increase per year, is on the life-support conferred by the utilisation of cheap fossil fuels. With such a low-yielding, moisture-impoverished natural habitat into which to expand, the European settlers have created for themselves a prosthetic environment to sustain their communities. Remove fossil fuels and there's nothing to support such an inflated population. But it's worse than that. In the last 200 years European settlement has resulted in the catastrophic degradation of the original biological and ecological fundamentals. When the collapse comes (and it will come - it's a matter of when and not if), it is likely that the carrying capacity will be even lower than before Europeans arrived. How can you argue for any increase in Australia's population? Oh, but they're already letting in scores of brown and black people from god-knows-where, but we're sensible British folk? The Empire is ended, get over it! All you are entitled to now are your Scunthorpes, Blackpooles, Stevenages, Hulls, Basingstokes, and your Chorlton-cum-Hardys. Leave the rest of the world well enough alone.


falconflight's picture

I'm not too sure who is whose "poodle"  From WWI through WWII, and ME policy ever since, UK has had a "special relationship" with America.  

0b1knob's picture

"Special relationship".   USSA uses a condom for the butt sex and kisses you afterwards.   Strange to hear the hate from the Aussie guy for the Brits.  The Anglosphere is coming apart.

lockdown's picture

Strange to hear the hate from the Aussie guy for the Brits.  The Anglosphere is coming apart.

Strange?! When was the last time you spoke about it with a lucid, coherent, un-narcotised (of media and propaganda), even moderately-intelligent contemporary Australian? The British and their pathologically straight-jacketed class-thinking ever have derided and scorned Australians as a degenerate caste of provincial colonists. As a result, scores of Australians have a healthy "disrespect" for our former British overlords as well as for any moist-eyed demonstration of Anglophilia, and the musty nostalgia and saccharine-sweet retro-pandering to a loathsome British-dominated bygone era, as irreparably retrograde and dilapidated as it is gratefully, and the outrageously perverse burlesquery of their Royal family and the even more scurrilous sycophancy of royalists. Realise that these enlightened imperials and their cowering, cow-eyed votarists who held sway over the Australian government (and public opinion, it must be said, both then and now despite our history) sent tens of thousands of young Australian men at the embarrassingly disgraceful debacle of the Gallipoli Campaign of World War I, just so that the British could save face with the Russians. These same luminaries and paragons of civilisation and the kowtowing fawning Australian government who let them conduct the British Nuclear tests between 1956 and 1963, at Maralinga in South Australia, about 800 kilometres north-west of Adelaide:


Imagine a foreign power being allowed into your country (imagine if that country were the U.S.) to conduct their own nuclear tests in your backyard. I can, because it actually happened in mine!

But of course U.S. power conducts itself with no greater decorum, and the Australian government is no less willing to bend over and lube-up for them as they were for the British - think Pine Gap. Here we have all of the merry band together, having themselves a whale of a time: the CIA, NSA, and the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), as they party hard and rock the global surveillance network ECHELON. It just doesn't ever stop...

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Leave the Australia over population fear-porn to crazy old Dick Smith. With our vast coal, uranium, LNG & solar resources we could support atleast 200million people. I'll also add before the 'what about the water' enviro-nihilists brigade get their knickers in a knot, Australia has vast amounts of fresh water and coastline, not always in the most accessible places. In this context energy can be seen as a proxy for water, just ask Saudi Arabia. Population is the last of Australia's problems.

lockdown's picture

Population is the last of Australia's problems.

Population is the FIRST of all problems! At the very least, it is the primary and most vexing symptom of the problem. It's this immoral and unassuageable gluttony for energy that's devastating the planet. You can't keep burning your way out of your problems!

we could support atleast 200million people

That's a brilliant idea! Let's do that and run up our population to those levels. Go on, grab yer sheila and let's all get fucking like rabbits - before myxomatosis and calicivirus scuppered their charge, that is. It would supercharge the economy and all the brilliant prevailing economic paradigms that are working out so well for us. Yeah, you've got it right mate. I'll just shut the hell up seeing I must be like one of those stick-in-the-mud enviro-nihilists brigade types you mention, who must be sex-starved otherwise why are they so uptight, right? I'll go throw down my missus and turn out a whole battalion of new consumers, and gain myself the corporations' and world religions' approval to boot. It sure as heck would be much better fun than trying to reason with the likes of you.


logicalman's picture

Once you see through the bullshit it doesn't matter who controls it because it ceases to influence you.

I read the 'news' every day - just to understand what the agenda is.

Knowing what the fucks want you to think is not a bad thing.

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

The BBC is an abomination.

What's more. if you have the temerity to not a have TV, rest assured you will have incessant house calls from people trying to push and lie their way into your home n the hope of finding one of these satanic devices within your curtilage. For plainly, the TV is a lethal and dread thing, which can only be made safe for watching by the issue of a licence, which shall fund the BBC to spread the peculiarly un-British propaganda of TPTB. Ho yas!

But in happier news, Tory MP Mark Reckless (goood name) has defected to UKIP, while simultaneously another Tory MP Brooks Newmark has been forced to resign as Minister for Civil Society due to a sex scandal. What the fucking hell is a "Minister for Civil Society" fer Chrissakes?! Anyway, this one was born in Connecticut and attended Harvard Busness School, so we can be sure he will be rehabilitated asap - can't have that sort of, er, talent sitting on the sidelines, eh? Anyway, at the same time Clegg has thankfully disappeared from sight entirely and Millipede just gets more and more unelectable. Please God let them all implode!

Terminus C's picture

Obama just declared war on war.

We have gone full retard.

Terminus C's picture

The funny thing is, on Fox news (I know, my father in law watches it...), they were saying Obama was too weak on the muslims, we need moar war!

I broke out in histerical laughter when Obama declared war on war (it was wither that or cry)... and then when Krauthammer came on claiming that all muslims are barbarians and need to be destroyed I had to leave the room because the viewership was nodding sagely in agreement.  I wanted to scream.

FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terminus C's picture

Where I really lost it (sorry to on about this but I never watch MSM, especially the news so when I got a full dose of it ("I watch it so I can be informed," he says...) it rattled me to the core) was when the news was demanding full action against Syria because Syrian rebels said Assad was using chemical weapons on them and in the NEXT sentence saying that we needed to stop the ISIS who are the Syrian rebels...


X.inf.capt's picture

i watch CNBC world myself...

those girls are HOT...

rocker's picture

What is this 'Fox News' Ternunys C speaks of ?  Never knew Fox had a news channel.

Although I have heard of this Faux news that makes stuff up and tells concerned viewers it is the viewers responsibility to decide what is truth.

This Faux news claims they are shows for entertainment, not facts and journalism. I quess some are easily entertained.

sylviasays's picture

Where's the real Faux news? Just watch the state sponsored propaganda on CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, etc. 

I see that some are easily brainwashed. 


nmewn's picture

For the record, he's declared war on "work place violence" against reporters abroad but still seems intent on having the DOJ wire tap domestic reporters here (which is a softer, gentler sort of warfare) while at the same time declaring war on climate change, ebola, Ferguson cops, border control agents, our wallets, strawmen of every description and that stupid sandtrap on the 11th hole par 3 at Maaahthaws Vineyaaahd.  

He's like the great warrior king Jinjus Obama or sumpin ;-)

Dugald's picture


FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No fear,  we don't know where you have been!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

He's been with the MSM. You'd better wear a full body condom. ;-)

Latina Lover's picture

Britain is the past, continuing into decline. Eventually, they will be the janitors of China.

logicalman's picture

Likely wouldn't be any worse if it was true.

AlaricBalth's picture

Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012
To amend the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 to authorize the domestic dissemination of information and material about the United States intended primarily for foreign audiences, and for other purposes.

"It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise."
Joseph Goebbels

Karaio's picture


The media mind just for you! 

Okay, there are other idiots. 


thunderchief's picture

I just can't wait for the first British Muslim Royalty, and can't wait to dot on the dozens and dozens of prince and princes they will breed out.

Britain, you are truly fucked!

Winston Churchill's picture

Princess Dianna found out how that works out, and that was only a potential

muslim stepfather to royalty..

junction's picture

For an example of media control, look at how for decades the media has totally ignored dealing with pedophile rings in high places, up to covering up for child murderers.  The UK Exaro website has for the past two years been reporting on high level pedophile rings in the government.  The perpetrators, many with titles like Lord, have had enough power to suppress any Metropolitan Police or Crown Proseution Service investigations for the past 30 years.  The newest person just put in charge of looking into these pooves, the Lord Mayor of London, turns out to be close friends with Lord Brittain, the guy who squashed the last big investigation of degenerate UK politicians in the 80s.  Margaret Hodge, a top Labour MP and close confidante of former PM Tony Blair, was his  Minister for Children in 1992 when sickening reports came out how Hodge tried to cover up a pedophile ring operating in her constituency in Islington.


Hodge's family are billionaires from their wolrldwide mining interests.  Even today, the Metropolitan Police is still trying to protect Hodge's degenerate associates.  

In the USA, no newspaper covers high level government pedophile rings, just being satisfied to report on the latest perverts arrested for having kiddie porn on their computers, the arrest information illegally obtained by the NSA and, in one case recently, the NCIS. 

Winston Churchill's picture

The Slog has been reporting it much longer.With names and dates.

Global Hunter's picture

I've been thinking for the last 3 or 4 years that most of these western "leaders" are pedophiles and the last couple of years I just openly refer to them as at.  It makes people recoil and I have angered a few family members over the past few years not that I talk about politics much at all with my family members.  Here and there somebody asked me why I thought they were and I would just say "after observing them that is what the instincts I was born with tell me" or something to that affect.  

I appreciate that there are others out there who have made the same observations and unlike me have some sort of proof or evidence that alleges that.  Sadly I am not at all surprised by what you (junction and WC) have posted.

Monty Burns's picture

Leon Britton was one of the paedophiles himself. No wonder the 'investigation' failed. Both he and Hodge are of the Tribe.

layman_please's picture

my honest assumption is that british, and not only british, politicians are handpicked based on the criteria which makes them vulnerable to blackmail. pedophilia is just one of many vices, but nevertheless one of the most popular among political elites. it's not reported in media on purpose because those who handpick these individuals into positions of power own and control the media in the first place and will only use that as a leverage. 

check out this list, it's inconceivable. 

Partial List of Convicted British Paedo Politicians

midtowng's picture

Looks like the British media tells the same pro-corporate, anti-poor lies than the American media tells.

Monty Burns's picture

As far as I can judge almost all the Western media are the  same.  

sylviasays's picture

But the Daily Mail gives us all we need to know about the Kardashians! 

falconflight's picture

Anti poor?  Are you serious?  

FreeSlave's picture

the same, or even worse control is in almost every western country.

JustObserving's picture

The CIA has owned US media for decades starting with Operation Mockingbird which began in the 1950s:

"You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month." - CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, on the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. "Katherine The Great," by Deborah Davis (New York: Sheridan Square Press, 1991)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." -- William Colby, former CIA Director, cited by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy

"There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don't need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level." -- William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein

"The Agency's relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy ... to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible." -- The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein


Freddie's picture

They eventually whacked a retired Wm Colby because he talked a bit and probably because of his testimony from the Frank Church investigations.

Church was very wary about the NSA as well.  Glenn Greenwald said Church warned us about the NSA in 1975.  He died at age 59 from pancretic cancer.  I would not be suprised if he was whacked as well.  He would have been much better than Jimmy Carter.

Sadly, there are no Democrats like him anymore.  Ron Paul is probably the only Republican.


JustObserving's picture

Agree 100%.  No country for honest men.


Still, the fact was that Colby had more enemies than friends. In the period between September 1973 and his dismissal in November 1975 as CIA director, Colby testified before congressional committees 56 times.  When Congress asked him a question, he gave a straight answer. The Intel guys hated him for it.  They thought it was his duty to lie.  So did Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger who fired him as CIA chief for revealing what were called “the family jewels”—assassination plots and other dirty deeds.

Colby had got rid of a lot of guys in the clandestine service at CIA.  I'd talked to ex-CIA officers who hated his guts.  Even Lou Conein, one of the best-known CIA operatives in Vietnam, told me he believed Colby had destroyed the agency.