Hong Kong's Luxury Shopping Street Right Now

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The protests in Hong Kong continue to spread. The following images from Causeway Bay - one of HK's most affluent neighborhoods with many higher-end stores - show calm and well-organized protesters  (carrying slogans such as "Democracy is now here", "Occupy Hong Kong", and "We Are Not Enemies") have blocked a long section of a major thoroughfare called Hennesy Road (and have created first aid posts to attend to any injured). Locals report virtually no police presence for now, but that is likely to change as night turns to early morning.




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A space in the wrong place?  

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Honestly Causeway Bay always looks this packed....except this time instead of holding shopping bags, they are holding flags and signs.

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as long as the slaves are contained within borderers defined by the state, there is no problem for the state.


beijing hasn't perfected the false choice two party system like the usa has..yet.

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Listen Chan.

"THE PROBLEM IS": Chinese. Get rid of all, NOW!

The world needs more Americans FFS.

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Comforting to see so many zombies clinging to their "smartphones."


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If they cut off cell phone / data service in HK, it would be the zombie apocalypse... Asians are even more addicted to the damn things than westerners... 

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Better if they kept service on during the iphone zombie apocalypse.  All you have to do is wait until night time, they light up!

You won't even need a starlight scope.  


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Bear with me here ... this is going to look like conspiracy central:

China and Russia are working together to un-throne the dollar as the world reserve currency, and put an end to the petro-dollar. And Russia and China are desperately trading US dollars and US Treasury notes for gold bullion, and thus inflating the dollar even more by dumping it.

Russia was attacked by having the CIA provoke anti-Russian rioting in Kiev, leading to the overthrow of the pro-Russia government there.

I am fairly certain the Obama administration is playing the same game in Hong Kong, and it is no coincidence that the protesters are getting Occutard-style advice. Like protesting with their hands in the air ... a scene straight out of Ferguson.

The current admin tried the same crap in the US, and it didn't work very well. It did work in Kiev, but I think a bunch of patsies in HK are going to get stomped.

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Well they made it easy for the Chinese, by using the OCCUPY slogan.  The Chinese govt now just has to deal with them the way the USA dealt with the Occupy movement step by step.

Those packed streets are a great place to spary an aerosolized version of the Norwalk virus.  Would clear the streets in no time.  But I wouldnt want to be the one cleaning the streets lol.

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I got that damned Norovirus a few years ago.

Spewed from both ends for a couple of days. Nasty stuff.

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Doesn't the Shanghai gold ex coincidentally open today?

A coincidence which would make Trotsky proud!

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I said it yesterday and I'll say it again- CIA

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this doens't look like conspiracy central .


this is precisely what is happening. you nailed it. the issue is, however, there's always lots of young pissed off poor folks. esepecially in china. and in hongkong. 


so----the conspiracy can exist along side the reality without having to trump it. this isn't a conspiracy theory regarding causation---such as "who did it". there is no "it" and there is only "what influences are at work"


yes, the american state department is at work pretty much all over the place. in hong kong. so are the british!. 


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Yep the western imperialists trying to provoke a response from China. China has been too cozy with Russia. Of course it will backfire and could have huge ramifications whenit does. But we have children masquerading as statesmen now. The CIA has always been a disaster, a long history of failures. I predict one more. And yes, the Brits need to protect London banksters. The fuckers use youth to do their bidding. If a teaparty group rallies here, they are extremists. Anywhere else we support their quest for freedom. The hypocrisy stench is disgusting

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Dont insult the students with your stupid conspiratory theory. You sound just like the ccp. May be you are just another paid thug.

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Why cut service off? Each protester is carrying a mobile government listening post. All of their communications are being monitored as well.  And I'm sure the PRC government has set up special cellphone towers to track each of them.

Hell, they might as well all be wearing big orange wildlife tracking collars.

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<< Everyone showing up with protest signs

<< Everyone staying home on general boycott

What would be scarier to TPTB?


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um. by everyone i'm thinking you are including the 20% of people who would show up to do your job at half price?

there is a reason sit-in's occur on the premises of property that is used for production/productivity. 


people sit on their ass at home all the time. they dont' call that 'boycott'. you tard.

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So, "mob rule" is here, interesting.  I guess it all depends on who the mob is...

How's your mandarin?

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Don't the Chinese have as much right to cast a "vote" for two or more "different" political parties pretending to stand for different things, dividing the electorate on largely social wedge issues (meant to stir emotions to the maximum, yet keeping attention away from deep impact legislation), yet with each and every "different" political party owned by the very same puppet masters, just like us Americans do in the good ole' USSA?

LawsofPhysics's picture

Exactly, thanks for helping. 

Of course this is Hong Kong, not mainland China, big difference.  But I digress, the British boot is gone, say hello to the Chinese boot.  I have one employee from Hong Kong, great person, hard worker.

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Sum Ting Wong

Wi Tu Po


There ya go... My Madarin is fine..

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Am I Wong to tink dis sum ting fo weal yaa ya yaa ya. Sorry I was at an Asian kareoke joint the other night.

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actually, sum ting wong is cantonese.

wi tu po I have no idea...

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"Don't the Chinese have as much right to cast a "vote" for two or more "different" political parties pretending to stand for different things, dividing the electorate on largely social wedge issues (meant to stir emotions to the maximum, yet keeping attention away from deep impact legislation), yet with each and every "different" political party owned by the very same puppet masters, just like us Americans do in the good ole' USSA?"

Unlike in the USSA, the ChiComs don't have to play games dividing the electorate based on the race issue, the feminist issue, the gay rights/marriage issue, the gun rights issue, etc. There is no red/blue team to choose from. Nomination of candidates for direct elections are made by the Communist Party of China. Take it or else. 

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Those silly Hong Kongites.  They still think that Democracy means you have control over who runs your country.  Silly Wabbits.

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Does anyone here knows of any instance where MEANINGFUL change was achieved without blood loss throughout the whole history?

Yes, I'm pessimistic but I wold give everything to be proven wrong!

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The right people are never the ones that get killed that's why things always stay the same now matter what they call the system at the time.

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The Soviet Union collapsed essentially without a shot fired, and it did so because the reality of "We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us" finally set in.  And while Scotland voted not to secede, it took a massive effort by the central government to stem the tide, the question being how long it will be before the Scots have finally had enough.

Meanwhile, the mere fact of a peaceful vote on self-determination has redoubled efforts elsewhere, including in the Lone Star state:


It's only a matter of time, in other words, before the American Union follows its Soviet predecessor into the dustbin of history.  There will no doubt be a change-the-subject war in the Middle East and possibly even martial law here at home, but as the center simply cannot hold, my guess is that the United States of America will become the Untied States of America before the decade is out.

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I would say you are half right here. There were just a few killed/wounded in 1991.

But there were also a few more in the east europe in 1989 without wich the coup (and the subsequent dissolution of USSR) woudn't have happened.

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The greatest modern example of a bloodless revolution I can find is the fall of East Germany.


In the end, even the all-powerful Stasi were unable to stop what was happening.

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Looks like we need to send in U.S. troops to defend Democracy and change hearts and minds.

What?  China makes iPhones and 90% of the stuff in Walmart?  Nevermind!

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Makes you wonder if the US has any of their hand in this.....but yet again, China and the US Corporate State are so intertwined when it comes to business, that the "elites" might not be as jazzed up as this "protest", in the end, costs them money.

The people in the US are so morally compromised that they would never do something like this en masse.

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If aliens were to abduct one of those Hong Kong protestors they would naturally assume the hand held device each human is staring at is a part of the organic organism.

<I bet nobody would drop their phone while being abducted.>

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How else would they be able to post selfies with aliens on FB?


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I think aliens would assume the polymer-metallic device is a highly advanced lifeform which has enslaved the blood-and-guts object for transportation, entertainment, and personal care.

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ET called home and got a busy signal.

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To a street in US any day now. Unless the actually have succeeded in making most US citizens addicts of booze marijuana and credit.......

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nothing in USA because USA willnt pay for revolution in USA soil.

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They will billy club and rubber bullet the shit out of any protest like this.

That's what makes the climate change protest in NY so shady.  The NYPD really didn't bust that up like Occupy....but that's because this "protest" was organized by Wall St to get our taxes raised in the spirit of "evironmentalism"

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One of the methods to fight protests is to promote pressure relief valves like Booze and MaryJane for the serfs.


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'Occupy hong kong'?..the friggin hippies made it there now?..

Good. Keep em.

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The frigging hippies in the whitehouse organized this protest.

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This false-flag confrontation is probably the work of Mossad/CIA. 


There are no coincidences.

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Is anyone on this planet capable of acting without the influence of manipulation, including yourself?