Stunning Drone Clip Reveals Massive Size Of Hong Kong Protest

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Ferguson was for amateurs.

For those curious why the Hong Kong protests over the weekend have sent shivers across the world's capital markets, pushed the Hang Seng 2% lower, and impacted both European and US futures, not to mention leading to worries that China may get involved any second and result in another Tiananmen square event, the following clip from HK's Apple Daily, taken by a drone, shows just how massive the demonstrations, which according to some estimates involved just why of 100,000 people, taking place in Hong Kong are.

As Mashable adds, "far from a small protest by a limited number of outspoken citizens, the video shows just how large the movement to preserve Hong Kong's democratic elections has become. Currently, the protests have grown so large that parts of Hong Kong's business district have been brought to a standstill, prompting the temporary closure of 17 local banks. In addition to the drone footage, Apple Daily has also posted a live video stream of the protests, allowing the world to watch as events develop in real time."

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Pink Floyd reunion concert?

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Mother.....should I build the wall?

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A warmup for the tribulations to come. 

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So is it the size of the dog in the fight or the size of the fight in the dog?


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Man, if you can't get laid in that crowd.

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these kinds of mob activities serve as a reminder that the remote switch that allows local officials to disable your phone is only a tiny advance in public safety

what is needed is a remote switch that incapacitates all these potential workers when they are not performing necessary duties for their employer, their family, or their nation

winston smith 

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For those curious why the Hong Kong protests over the weekend have sent shivers across the world's capital markets

No curiosity here, I understand it completely.  When global money sees a risk to its wealth-siphoning, blood-funnel-like activities, it is given pause to reconsider.

Back to work, drones!  Happiness is just a lifetime of hard work away!

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Feel bad for the HK folks...i got tons of friends there....but they are not the younger generation....Anyways, dont know how it will be resolved as I dont think both sides are really at fault here AND this incident maybe something which will make China look real bad in the eyes of the global community.....but the biggest thing that I noticed from all this is that at least the younger generation in HK realizes there is a problem AND decided to do something about it...whereas the young ones here would only line up for a fuckin bendable Iphone...Hey American kids,....get off your fuckin arses and stand up for YOUR future, you can see that numbers DOES matter.


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"Ferguson was for amateurs."

Why do the Tylers at Zero Hedge insist on comparing the demonstrations in Hong Kong to Ferguson?

The circumstances and the demographics are COMPLETELY different!

Ferguson was mostly about race, looting and outside radical leftist agitators exploiting the situation to bring in the kind of oppressive, authoritarian Marxist government that the youths in HK are demonstrating against. 


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If a black cop had shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, there would have been no demonstrations and the news media would have mostly ignored the incident. 

If a black cop had shot a young white youth, there would have been no demonstrations and the news media would have completely ignored the incident. 

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They need to take China down before NUKULAR 9/11 Truth really goes viral.

Both Russia and China are working 24/7 to expose the Anglo-American (+ Israeli) 911 perps.

They shipped all the steel beams to China -- HUGE evidence handling mistake ... after they tried to steal China's GOLD.


9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress

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Our whole life is one giant fuckin lie.


Have a nice day.

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beijing hasn't perfected the false choice two party system like the usa has..yet.

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Listen Blotto,

Not on The Hedge my friend!

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I like your outlook. As odd as it may be for me to say that, I believe there really is a lot of truth in that statement when it comes to our i) political economy, ii) wealth creation and iii) freedom. It's all based on lies backed up by violence. Truth is swept under the rug.

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Some 911 victims remains ended up in landfills.  One in Ohio for sure.

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On the surface, I agree the Ferguson shooting was captured by the Black caucus to stage a national issue, hoping to get out the vote in much the same way the Trayvon Martin led to strong donation drives for D-PAC's and membership sales.

On a deeper level, HK was always seen as a Canton outpost, like Singapore and going back to 1400 Ethnic Han in Bejing has always seen the Cantonese as traitors to the Middle Kingdom, and are a case on level with the Urigurs/Tibetans.It is much the same issue as in the Ukraine, only replace ethnic Ukranians with Cantonese.

The British promised the Cantonese that there would be implicit freedoms and protection for their language, education system and legal system in the event of a handover. Since the handover in 98, none of those have been obligated and starting with changes to the education system, what private HK schools are allowed to teach (ie, anything not Maoist revisionism) this has been a long simmering issue amongst ethnic and native HK's. The larger issue at work here is that if HK can not vote for their own leader, then in the eyes of the Canton it is a repeat of the 1100-1400 period where Han would parachute in Emperor loyal oligarchs to manage the Dirty Canton's as a Duke Regent.

I don't need to draw the parallels to Scotland and Ukraine, where activists initially want freedom from oligarchy and reform for deep rooted structural issues but the protests are either violently suppressed and/or the movement is captured by more radical elements who overwhelm the inexperienced student unions and grassroots labor unions. As seen in Egypt / Syria the ZH narrative is that these issues speak volumes to the general confidence in the recovery and malcontent in wealth distribution/job opportunity. A quick tencent "google" confirms that since 98, the unemployment rate amongst Canton's has approached that level seen in other "dirty" castes within Han occupied China.

Hope that clears up some stuff for you. Enjoy the gold barf, you deserved it.



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Cantonese are Han Chinese, most cantonese are still living in Guangdong province and still pretty faithful to China, what you really mean is the difference between northern 'mainland' Chinese and southern cantonese.

They are all Han Chinese, the difference is regional cultural, not genetic.

The real bone they have between the northern and southern cultures is that southern cantonese are more traditional and holds on more to the old ways, whilst the northerners were more willing to smash up their tradtions during the communist revolution. Even today, despite their communist/capitalist upbringing, you'll find people in HK are far more conservative than people in Beijing.


it's more of the Communist/Nationalist divide from China's breakup 60 years ago, rather than something going back to 1400s. HK and Taiwan were capitalists holdouts that always opposed communism, and almost all the old Chinese capitalists fled to HK or Taiwan when the communist took over, there is still some leftover bitterness lingering in the population that used to be in the opposite camp.

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Yes, and that is the stance taken by most Han. Which is a parallel to the stance taken by most Moscovites that there is no difference between them, and the Ukranians/Polak tribes. Thank you for proving my point; one side sees it as their manifest destiny to rule over "lesser" tribes, the other side wants to enjoy the liberty & freedom of free trade and progressive reforms they were promised at Doha.

Basically we can argue the new "cold war" is which world do you want:

Westphilian where reforms are done by plurality and directed at growing mean wealth per capita


Strongmen taking the world back to leadership via cult of personality for a clique of Oligarchs who rotate between Leviathian & SOE's.

Taking a step back, it has placed the Western world in a good game of chess. If you support your ideals, and softly back Xi's reforms then you risk Tianammen 2.0, that plays to Putin's strategy of "Romantic Nationalism".

The Boxer revolution was well documented by Asian scholars to have been driven by those who were seeking a Canton based, UK/US facing Plutarchy similar to Singapore (and then had to retreat to Taiwan). Most of those key families and factions who threw in with the Nationalists did draw on the last great revolts against Bejing rule to fight the Maoists.

It will end with 2 scenarios

1.) Xi can not sell out his Politburo allies by allowing HK to do free votes, or else he will need to extend that same right to the other psudo-independent states inside China (as you identified, parts of the North and East borderlands). Let the riot momentum fizzle out

2.) Riots totally fuck up Chinese tourism & Consumer spending, China needs to pull a Saudi Arabia and shower HK with money

3.) The bozo option: Pull a Syria.Part of which will call for the nationalization of property and forced merger of Oligarch real estate assets with the property laws of imperial (communist) Bejing.


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ferguson was 1k niggers, here it may be like 30k chinese...


keep talking small prick usa, you are overwhelmed, 317m vs 1.2 billion, go fuck yourself, usaholes

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YEAH, get out there and fight for, um....democracy. 

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democracy is such a big word, and so often abused, particularly here

the Chinese leadership does not want to take the vote away from the people of Hong Kong

they just feel that The Party has a right to choose the right list of candidates for that vote (in the order of twice as many as seats to be voted on, if I remember correctly)

so Hong Kong protesters are not fighting for the right to vote. they are fighting for the right to have more than one political party. and no, I don't think that two parties only would really satisfy them

let this sink in for a moment

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'Americans getting off their collective arses?!?!'     maybe when American Idol is over...... 

Seems like we've got a society that willingly administers (and pays for) its own SOMA - while willingly carrying (and eagerly updating) the tools of state surveillance....      but Big Brother has a contingency plan for when things REALLY hit the fan (something far back in history instead of personal experience for most people - just wait until gov no longer can pay for foodstamps and costs shoot through the roof, when people are REALLY hungry and cold.....)  It won't be pretty.

glad I'm near the end of my life - our Founding Fathers must be spinning in thier graves 

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I didn't see anything that resembled protesting. They looked more like dosile hindu cows.

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Roads = Commerce.  Do not fuck with them.  Tyranny is financial and so too will be protest.

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Official Chinese government figures show the crowd size as less than 500 people.

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And no doubt, the gathering was set to commemorate flawless vision and wonderful achievements of Chairman Mao.

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A few things:

Your comments are free from any intellectual substance or meaning.

Try not to impress your repressed sexuality onto a forum that deals with political economy.

It's okay, we'll take it easy on you, as you clearly fit under special circumstances when it comes to offering anything interesting to ZH.


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That's about the only time Americans can gather in large numbers...

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I do wonder how the police would respond to crowds that large. They can't claim to be protecting the people when that many people are involved truely breaking the social contract the police gave up long ago.

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One thang's for sho, the police can't carry enough ammo!

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Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert had triple that number at the Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear on the Washington Mall in 2008(?date). Cheek by jowl from the stage to the WW2 Memorial, and three blocks across. Well in excess of a million souls...and where was the Press(for those always blaming the Press for being liberal)? They never left the Starbucks Twins, two blocks behind the stage. Not a whit of accurate coverage.

Pity we didn't pull a sit-in at the Capitol that day - we sure had the right crowd. 

Ghordius's picture

perhaps the right crowd, but the wrong (election) year?

tenpanhandle's picture

If the two stooges Stewert and Colbert garnered the "right crowd" I'm proud to be wrong.

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God Bless these folks, but I don't think this will end well.....

Tiananmen Square anyone?

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I believe 'pigs' and 'dogs' from their Animals album are more salient here

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Had been tossing up between which to re-read first, Orwell's 1984 or Animal Farm.


1984 got the nod, but Animal Farm lined up next.


Can you read Orwell in China?  (SOundtrack by FLoyd) 

Wild Theories's picture

to read Orwell properly you need an adequate grasp of English, which most kids in English-speaking countries nowadays don't even have...

thamnosma's picture

What English speaking countries?

Bay Area Guy's picture

The younger people in Asia have a better grasp of English than US kids have.  I was in China a couple of years ago with my wife and her mother, both ethnic Chinese from Singapore.  We were walking around a college in Xiamen, a coastal city across the straits from Taiwan.  My mother-in-law needed to find a bathroom and we asked a student there where one was.  She walked us there, and then asked if we wanted to have a tour of the campus.  Even though my wife and mother-in-law speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, she wanted to speak English with us on the walk, just so she could practice her language skills with English speakers.

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Many times a sense of history and culture play a role as well. It just produces more well-rounded and grounded individuals.

When one's history is the Happy Meal, good times and RAH-RAH-RAH ..........

HK was fantastic! I visited many times between '94-'97. On one trip, I was supposed to stay for a week and wound up staying for a month.




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have seen longer lines


at the Colorado pot shops 

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Mother,  should i trust the goverment?

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wish there was a delete button 

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It must be tough living in a world you didn't create...


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It is like we are stuck in a literal Kobayashi Maru scenario like in Star Trek II.

If you understand that you'll understand there really is only 2 ways out of this trap.

It is eactually not really since this is human process that plays out over and over.


The Wrath of Khan follows in a long tradition of films in which the adventurer or explorer must undergo a figurative or literal death to start anew.[56] Spock is Kirk's doppelgänger and together they represent a bifurcated hero, with the two characters representing dueling halves of the human condition. Spock represents the supernatural ideal of a completely logical and infallible person, while Kirk represents the impassioned and human reality, prone to error and at odds with himself.[57] Spock's sacrifice at the end of the film allows for Kirk's spiritual rebirth in the tradition of the death-rebirth cycle. After commenting earlier that he feels old and worn out, Kirk states in the final scene that "I feel young."[6] The Kobayashi Maru test forces its participants to confront an unwinnable situation which serves as a test of character, but Kirk reveals that he won the test by cheating; Saavik responds that Kirk has never faced death. Spock's own solution to the no-win scenario, that of self-sacrifice,[58] forces Kirk to confront death after continually cheating it, and to grow as a character.[6] Sight and sound reinforce the themes of death and aging, as well as the promise of rebirth; Spock is the first character seen and his voice is the last heard, and his coffin follows the same trajectory towards the new planet as the Genesis Device does in a video lecture earlier in the film.[6] The principle of sacrificing the needs of the one for those of the many was translated to modern triage via the 'Spock principle'.


You can figure out who is mirroring Khan in this scenario.

Btw this describes exactly the scriptual method one goes through to become a Christian. Conversion or new birth first with the blood of christ washing away the sins, water was just a symbol of this process in the Old Testament.

Baptism by Triune immersion in the holy spirit follows conversion not the other way around.

It is not a supernatural thing is a very human process and condition necessary to grow and evolve. The ritual, religionous processes, scenarios are really inconsequential it is the process that is important.

You can blame Constantine again for changing this one. Ritual baptism before conversion is a pagan idea not Christian.

"For washing is the channel through which they are initiated into some sacred rites— of some notorious Isis or Mithras. The gods themselves likewise they honour by washings. Moreover, by carrying water around, and sprinkling it, they everywhere expiate country-seats, houses, temples, and whole cities: at all events, at the Apollinarian and Eleusinian games they are baptized; and they presume that the effect of their doing that is their regeneration and the remission of the penalties due to their perjuries. Among the ancients, again, whoever had defiled himself with murder, was wont to go in quest of purifying waters."

(Tertullian, On Baptism, Anti-Nicene Christian Library, vol. II, chap. 5).

You know Constantine murdered his wife and son and like the typical pagan ruler he was consolidating religions into a single church he reprogrammed the simulator to not go through the conversion and waited until right before he died to be baptized to cleanse himself of that guilt. He never became a Christian because he never went through the process.

Whether you believe in this as religion or not it is a important process in the growth of any human being and a lot of effort and bullshit thrown forth to keep it from happening with individuals on up. If you want to build better people they need to go through the process.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

One would say what does this have to do with Hong Kong. It has everything to do with them. The idoltry and ritual aspect is used to control the process because it deflects away from the process and focuses on the idoltry which in turn is used to retard the process that needs to happen every generation. It has been too long in the coming. They are facing the same scenario there as people are around the world because the prior generations didn't go through the process. They think they did but the reality is they never did when they worship idoltry.

You need to get totally lost to be found. It finds you not the other way around. They never did it and the Scotish referendum showed they still won't. Though the one thing they don't tell you is when you get totally lost other thing malevolent things will find you also and try to stop the process and destroy you in the process. The books sort of allude to that in the mythology of Christ wandering in the desert and serpents speaking to him. It is symbolic of the process.

This is the mass awakening the tptb fear the most because it the great uniter of all people if the process plays out en masse. Regardless of the my religous dick and rituals are bigger than yours bs people who've actually been through the process will know each other when they see them or hear them regardless of all that. It is personal process with no one right way to go through it playing out all over the place right now.

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+1 burning bush

great stuff dewey