Hong Kong Protesters Give Wednesday Deadline For Reform As Chinese Army Watches From Above

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The crowds of protesters in Hong Kong swelled overnight with some estimates that 3-400,000 "will join in a show of people's power," on the eve of the two-day National Day holiday. With neither side showing any signs of backing down, protestors remain calm and police keeping their distance - though monitoring from on high - as the Occupy Central group said it will announce plans for its next stage of civil disobedience on Wednesday if Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying does not meet their demands for democratic reform, including true universal elections by October 1 and Leung's resignation. Leung has called for Occupy Central leaders to "fulfill the promise they made to society" and immediately stop the protests, which he said have gotten "out of control," adding that, for now, they could keep control without the help of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). The protest meme remains one heard around the world - in addition to their concerns about democracy and out of control local government, Hong Kong’s younger generation are worried about low-paying jobs.


As Bloomberg reports,

Pro-democracy protests swelled in Hong Kong on the eve of a two-day holiday that may bring record numbers to rallies spreading throughout the city as organizers pressed demands for free elections.


With the workday ended and temperatures dropping, thousands of people were returning to the three main demonstration points, blocking some of the city’s roadways. Hong Kong marks China’s National Day tomorrow, the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and Chung Yeung Festival on Thursday, when Hong Kong people honor their ancestors.



“It’s quite possible that at least more than 100,000, if not up to 300,000, 400,000 people, will join in the protest in a show of people’s power,” Willy Lam, adjunct professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong, said in an interview today. “They want to convince the Hong Kong government and Beijing that any use of force will be counter-productive. It will only galvanize more of the rest of Hong Kong’s 7 million people.”

And as VOA adds,

Neither side is showing any signs of backing down even as China prepares to mark its National Day on Wednesday.


In a short statement, the Occupy Central group said it will announce plans for its next stage of civil disobedience on Wednesday if Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying does not meet their demands for democratic reform, including true universal elections by October 1 and Leung's resignation.




Leung said he would not give into the protesters' demand for his resignation or for greater democratic reforms.


In a speech Tuesday, Leung called for Occupy Central leaders to "fulfill the promise they made to society" and immediately stop the protests, which he said have gotten "out of control."


Leung said the central government decision on Hong Kong on August 31 shows that it will not comply to illegal threats made by certain people.




He also said on Tuesday Hong Kong police would be able to maintain security without help from People's Liberation Army (PLA) troops from the mainland.




Hong Kong police have withdrawn now for more than a day and protesters are continuing their efforts to prepare for a longer, more drawn out confrontation.

But, as SCMP reports, Beijing may be keeping quiet about the Occupy Central protests, but the army appears to be keeping a keen eye on what's going on.

This picture taken by an SCMP photographer today shows a man in the People's Liberation Army using binoculars to survey the protest site in Admiralty.



A row of tripods can be seen in the windows, suggesting the occupiers have been under the watchful eye of China for some time.


Some protesters have voiced concern that authorities may return again in force later Tuesday in a bid to clear the streets before the Chinese holiday, when even more protesters are expected to join the rally.




The red star on Chinese military headquarters in Admiralty is flashing bright tonight. The star was included in renovations to the building months ago, and it was unveiled in January.



While it was unclear when it had been switched on since then, the last time the People's Liberation Army's HQ decided to stage a light show on the harbour (in June), it generated controversy and set tongues wagging on whether Beijing was emphasising its sovereignty over Hong Kong.

It's a protest meme we have seen and heard around the world...

Of those who support Occupy Central, 47 percent were under the age of 24.


In addition to their concerns about democracy, Hong Kong’s younger generation are worried about low-paying jobs and increasing competition from mainland Chinese coming to the financial hub to work.


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology professor David Zweig said the controversy surrounding the 2017 elections and concerns that Leung is taking the port city down the wrong path are not the only issues driving the protests.


“I think the other issue is that there is a lot of anger. If you look at the data in general in Hong Kong, January this year, the anger at the central government, the anger at the local government, the concerns about future job prospects and all that and anxiety in general, this is worst than anytime since the major marches of 2003," Zweig said.

"I think if we want something, sacrifices cannot be avoided. No pain, no gain, right? When I see the young people's passion, I support them from deep within my heart. I hope there won't be any bloodshed," said Fung.

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Theta_Burn's picture

All those poor folks will become faux pavement...

InjectTheVenom's picture

when does this come to USSA ?

pods's picture

The world squeals as the bankers squeeze it.


Anusocracy's picture

What kind of response do you suppose the US gov would have in a similar situation?

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I wonder how clean HK water is.  I mean a huge population like that, where do they get their drinking water, and if its from mainland China, is it clean?

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Is Victoria Nudelman handing out cookies to the protesters yet?

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The US Government can't beat the Taliban, although they seem to control the drug trade somehow. 

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It's all over all over now

angel_of_joy's picture

If that's the best that PTB can do in China, I'm not impressed. Oh, and those kids protesting the low paying jobs by wasting their time in the streets ?! Good luck with that one... It reminds me of another bunch of kids who were "fighting the man" by spending their entire afternoons in a park, after school, drinking beer and smoking pot (until some cop showed up, confiscated the pot and spilled all their beer in front of them).

random999's picture

There will be no peaceful protest when the EBT cards run out..

Better be armed to the teeth by then.

junction's picture

"when does this come to USSA ?"

It cam and went, Occupy Wall Street was squashed under the directions of gauletier Bloomberg.  From Washington, DC, AG Eric Holder coordinated the police brownshirts across the country -- whose mass arrests suppressed Constitutionally protected free speech.  The police even used German shepherd police dogs to intimidate protestors.  Welcome to Ferguson, USA.   

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"protesters give deadline"...they don't know how right they are.

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We gotta get down to 500,000,000 before election day!!!

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Shanghai Free Trade Zone wins.

oak's picture

Shanghai Free Trade Zone will replace hong  Kong in a decade.

whotookmyalias's picture

I feel for the people of Hong Kong because this was always going to happen, it was just a matter of when.  I'm surprised it took this long.  China wants to take over the world and has been angling for years.

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Oh no - they are so nice, and they bow, and make good food.

Reminds me of that little man with the mustache from the land of sausages.

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I smell yet another George Soros fart!

Theta_Burn's picture

Thats the smell of 300,000 ppl pissing in that square...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And just like the NGOs that were funded by Chevron and Exxon in Ukraine this one will lose money for the "investors" as well.

By the way... Where is Vitaly Klitscho these days???... 

Is he back safe and sound in Germany?.. Or did he do the right thing by returning to his native homeland to help clear the unexploded ordnance from the landscape he helped "put in"?... Or maybe he's assisting in the excavation of mass graves they keep finding with the remains of tortured women and men in them that have there body parts cut out and are being sold on the Israeli black market?...

Could have better used that money from the psyops operation(s) in China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East on the arctic oil drilling but it appears the Russians will be owning all of it thanks to the likes of Kagan, Georgy "Porgie" and the execs at Exxon Mobil!...

Opportunity cost can be a real bitch when you fuck up making the worst possible choices!



Diogenes of Sinope's picture

Klitshko is mayor of Kiev.


But I suppose that is a job  he can do from Germany.  He just has to be able to pass his orders down from State/CIA

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Was not aware of that.  Thanks for the intel on that.

No I think "punchy" has long since worn out his welcome once he sets foot outside Kiev, unless of course he is willing to admit that he's a contributor to the genocide of his own people and would work with the Russian government to further isolate the military junta that he supported in committing war crimes.

I dare say the Germans might even turn on him if he were to show up as Mayor of Kiev on visitation...

gjp's picture

Poor young folk.  Do they really think democracy will do them any favors?  They need to take a closer look at the west and, for that matter, the results of successful 'revolutions' with catchy titles in places like Ukraine, Georgia, Egypt etc ...

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These young folk are being used to soften and to "deal a blow" to China. Just where does this "spreading of democracy" come from? Where have we heard of "bringing them democracy?" This is the current playing card of the western elites who in the past had pushed for the spread of communism. Today it is the push for the fallacy that is called democracy. Democracy is not "freedom."

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TY protestors for giving your organs to cash paying patients.


alexcojones's picture

The young want what the young have always wanted.

Truth, Justice, Fairness - and ALL those things adults always talk about but never, ever seem to deliver.

Not to mention Excitement, Noise, Crowds and the Possibility of Getting Laid later without getting Killed or injured by the Police/ Army

Duffy's picture

Who'd have thought that the Chinese people and government would have a lot to teach the American and Britih public and governments about protesting and monitoring protests?



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Has Obama said anything yet, or has he learned to keep his stupid mouth shut?

PacOps's picture

As the all knowing smartest man in the world learning something new would be impossible.

Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

please no Obama comments & tell him to GTFOH from the White House.

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Would it matter if Osama... Obama said something?  Would anyone really listen or take him seriously anymore?  He's a zero and everyone knows it.

Let them eat iPads's picture

Obama should throw his support behind the protesters just to piss off Beijing.

aquarian1's picture

I have a bad feeling about this.

I fear a lot of young people are going to be hurt and killed by the Red army.

I wish them well. May God bring them through this safely.


blabam's picture
Why bring up Lloyd Blankfein?
ebworthen's picture

Yeah, I don't think the PLA is going to allow this "insurrection" to continue, unfortunately.

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these mutherfuckers need to go back to work

demoses's picture

Don't they know that I'm waiting on my iPhone 6? Screw democracy I need my iPhone!

vegas's picture

Maybe we could send Lurch Kerry [who once served in Vietnam] over to "explain things" to both sides and then he could go to the UN and explain how he was for the protests before he was against the protests and how now he's wearing a blue/pink/yellow/green ribbon to show concern and so the problem has been solved.



MasterOfTheMultiverse's picture

Why occupy the streets? Streets are for hoi polloi. Occupy hotel lobbies and high end malls (Four Seasons, Pacific Place), i.e. where the money is. Occupy bank vaults if accessible. These protests are about economic inequality, not democracy. It would be naive to protest for "democracy", as right to vote is not going to change skewed distribution of wealth. Just look at the financial state of the US and A, it's gotten worse under Obummer for the majority of people, by extending Bush' tax cuts to name one failure. Nicely illustrated here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTj9AcwkaKM

djsmps's picture

We should provide arms to the more moderate of the protesters, er, freedom fighters.

ebworthen's picture

Exactly - why haven't we sent lawyers, guns, and money yet?

Does it have something to do with imports from China?

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Obama / US media are afraid to make a sound... if Ferguson didn't just happen the US media would be all over the Chinesse police ;)