Rick Santelli Slams Central Bank Intervention For "Taking The Voters Out Of The Game"

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"Central Bankers have moved from being 'nudgers' on monetary policy to basically managing fiscal policy," warns Rick Santelli, adding that "in the West, it's now basically the same." As Santelli points out so accurately, the central bankers have admitted as such, noting "they have to dabble in that direction because nothing can get done in 'politics'" in the US or Europe "for the people - the voters." What this has done, Santelli chides calmly is "take the voters out of the game." Simply put, he blasts, "if central banks hadn't had such a large foray into politics, politicians would have had to sink or swim on the merit - or lack therein - of their policies... that weren't creating the growth." He concludes ominously that the 'spread' between central-bank-inspired "stability" and real-world fiscal-policy-inspired "growth" has never been wider.



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gallaghd5099's picture

This man, this lunatic, has been DEAD wrong for 5 years! If he was right at least once I would say give him a pass but if you listened to his "financial advice" you would be bankrupt.

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

It's all a matter of timing.

The call will be right... but when....

X.inf.capt's picture

dont try to time it...



kliguy38's picture

Do you think you'll really get out of that exit.......hehehhehehe..........it'll make 2008 look like a walk in the park you fochin sheep.........they have NO intention of letting you out

X.inf.capt's picture

that sounded kinda dark...

Mr. Vader....

 (im glad Rick mentioned the 'fight club')

kliguy38's picture

you'll think dark when they close that door on your head......btw......SANTELLI knows how foched up it is...but he can't cross the line

MalteseFalcon's picture

The USA has been hooked on central "juice" for 70 years.  Do you really want to see what withdrawal looks like?

GetZeeGold's picture



Buy gold.


Screw the price....it's the only way.


Try to time it...you will lose.

Bell's 2 hearted's picture

yeah, few if any will get out


hindsight 20/20


but in real time markets see saw ... down 2% ... recover 1% (good old days are back?) ... drop .5% .... another bounce ... then 500 point plunge ... many will be paralyzed (cnbc will be calling bottom every frickin day) and stay in ... further tepid bounces ... followed by plunges ... rinse repeat

X.inf.capt's picture

that and the CNBC hotties will say...

BTFD on stocks (so we can get out...)

its really starting to remind me of '08...

as Mr. Vader just reminded me...

(is it just me, or do the money honeys dresses get hotter the closer to the edge of the abyss we get...?)

pgroup's picture

Nope. There is nothing wrong with your vision or your libido. Keep watching because without the money honeys keeping the viewers numbers up, CNBC couldn't afford to pay Lies-man and Santelli.


Soon, CNBC will merge with Naked News and then these shows will be fun again.

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An old post by Cognitive Dissonance:

The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled. The way I see it Santelli's problem (shared by the vast majority in the financial field of which I am a part) is that he honestly believes in the system itself and feels that it has been hijacked and corrupted. In other words, just remove the cancerous tissue and the body will be fine.

Sorry Rick........but the system can never be cancer free. The system IS the cancer.



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"The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."

Yes, that is a great quote! However, that situation goes far, far deeper than even Cognitive Dissonance appears to understand! It is not merely the knowable history of central banking, as the work of the Fraud Kings applying the principles and methods of organized crime to the political processes, in order to capture control over the governmental organizations, that the War Kings originally made. IT IS, MOREOVER, THAT THE FUNDAMENTAL PRESUMPTIONS MADE IN THE CURRENTLY DOMINANT PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE ARE PROFOUNDLY WRONG, AND MOSTLY BACKWARDS.

People necessarily think and communicate through a common language, which is overflowing with philosophical presumptions. Most of those are wrong and backwards, but nevertheless, taken almost completely for granted by the vast majority of people who think and communicate using those natural languages. The biggest bullies' bullshit social stories have dominated every social enterprise. Therefore, the basic language that everyone must use to attempt to communicate has built into it the situation that: "The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."

It is quite PARADOXICAL to appreciate the ways in which it is correct to say "The system IS the cancer." Santelli barely scratches the surface of the deeper problems that the foundation of the currently established political economy is BUILT ON ENFORCED FRAUDS. Moreover, most understanding of that also only skips superficially across the ways that human realities are always systems of organized lies operating robberies. One of the most important mistakes that almost everyone takes for granted are the ways that an ARBITRARY MINUS SIGN was inserted into the basic entropy equations of thermodynamics and information theory.

To attempt to rectify such errors requires creative synthesis between post-modernizing science and ancient mysticism. All power and information actually have relative negative values, not relative positive values. All private property is based on backing up claims with coercions. All money is based on measurement backed by murder.

Anything that human beings know must be based on relative SUBTRACTIONS of parts from an unknowable whole. As soon as one separates a living part from its total environment, then across those defined boundaries there must be robberies, to take energy. Individual human beings and human civilizations operate as entropic pumps of energy (with information as a form of energy). However, the biggest bullies' bullshit world view deliberately understands that backwards, and attempts to promote that backward world view as much as possible.

That manifests in the situations where governments are the biggest forms of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, the biggest gangsters, the banksters. The entire political system is based upon systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, and that must necessarily be the case. Any good analysis, by definition, is always going to reveal human realities, which are systems of organized lies operating robberies. The only things which actually exist are the dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies operating robberies.

The less that people generally understand those realities, while the more they believe in the bullshit of false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals, then the more unbalanced those dynamic equilibria become, such as now, when the top 0.1% or so of the population benefits from the established social pyramid systems robbing everyone else more than ever before in human history.

We should transform our understanding of social pyramid systems to perceive them as actually being toroidal vortices, nested within and around other toroid vortex systems. However, that would take changing some of the most basic ways that people think, using dualities, due to the ways that they take utterly for granted the mistakes built into the language that they are using to think through.

However, I am well aware that less than 1 individual in 10,000 has any interest in understanding what I have been stating above. After all, to be "practical" means trying to take personal advantage from "successfully" operating within the established social systems of enforced frauds, which have as their primary current manifestations the absurd State Religions of the monetary system and national security, both of which are based on the maximum possible frauds and deceits exercised by the ruling classes against those they rule over.

The human animal has become apes with atomic bombs, backing up electronic monkey money. Practically none of the deeper philosophy of science that enabled atomic energy and electronics to be technologically developed is generally appreciated. Furthermore, most of the scientific community is just as much drowning in the biggest bullies' bullshit world view as is everyone else.

Better understanding of the social facts regarding the ways that human civilization is controlled by lies backed by violence does not change those from still being the basic social facts. Furthermore, deeper analysis of how and why that occurs demonstrates that must necessarily be the case, due to the basic ways that human beings perceive the world, through building mental models of their world, within which are mental models of themselves, within their models of the world.

The elementary principles of philosophy and spirituality have been deliberately denied and suppressed by the ruling classes, waging a war against the consciousness of those they rule over. Hence, the basic languages that almost everybody must use to communicate with each other manifests extreme ways that: "The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."

Escrava Isaura's picture

Radical Marijuana,

Your post is too wordy. Your message too confusing. Sorry, I understand you put lots of effort writing it.


Let’s try this:


Both sides of the same Coin

Inflation (Neoliberal) is bad. Deflation (Austria/gold) is even worse.

“Banks in the past under a gold standard were redeeming or stealing the principal & interest in physical gold, just like they do today, stealing principal & interest in fiat out of a general circulation that only ever consists of some remaining principal at most.” — Anthony Migchels


And the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ cannot grasp the dynamic, and polices of this coin.


And you are right, both Left and Right are controlled… By this coin.


And the Neoliberal will always win.


Radical Marijuana's picture

Escrava, I was attempting to explain: "Both sides of the same Coin"

Everyone has some power to rob. Governments have assembled and channeled that power to rob. The banksters have captured control over that power to rob. Through the privatization of the public "money" supply, the power of "We the People" is being used to rob them blind, while a tiny percentage of the population at the top of the social pyramid system appears to profit fantastically from doing that ... BUT, only in the short-term, since they are simultaneously parasites that are killing their own host, or a runway cancer that is going to kill the civilization it developed within.

What I was emphasizing is the scientific theory necessary to understand that "EVERYONE HAS SOME POWER TO ROB." It is not good enough to continue to promote nonsensical ideal "solutions" which do not appreaciate upon different levels the ways in which human realities are necessarily always organized lies operating robberies.

Of course, since, in fact, I doubt that less than 1 in 10,000 people are interested in understanding that, I actually expect that we will continue to watch the runaway debt insanities eventually kill the civilization that we are living within. You were right when you stated "the system IS the cancer." However, you do not seem to be able and willing to more fully appreciate the profoundly PARADOXICAL meaning of that.

I was attempting to outline a way to think about how and why "Both sides of the same Coin" required radically different ways of thinking in order to cope with those social facts. Like I said, there is nothing less than creative synthesis of post-modernizing science with ancient mysticism that can approach that asymptotically close enough. We live in a world which has developed globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of the force of atomic bombs. Those atomic bombs depended on the special theory of relativity, which depended upon understanding that time and space are nothing like what the English language presumed they were! The electronic frauds depend upon quantum mechanics, which ever more demolishes the common sense presumptions found in the English language regarding the nature of "reality."

We are thinking using the English language, which was, par excellence, the language of the biggest bullies' bullshit! Of course, people are confused by communications which attempt to point out that what they were taking for granted, as basic philosophical presumptions, were wrong and backwards. However, there is no way to go through enough of deeper analysis of the financial system being based on enforced frauds that does not face the FACTS that those are now atomic energy backing up electronics.

It would take intellectual scientific revolutions to cope with those FACTS ... Although, at the present time, civilization destroying itself appears a far more probable future scenario, than some sufficient series of technological and political miracles to prevent that from happening, or to mitigate and better recover from the degree to which that is going to happen, because THE MONETARY SYSTEM HAS BECOME A METASTASIZING CANCER, WHICH HAS BECOME THE GREATEST THREAT TO ITSELF.

I was attempting to explain the degree to which that is an extremely PARADOXICAL PROBLEM. However, I fully appreciate that almost nobody gets remotely close to understanding that we are stuck using the English language to communicate through, and that is the GREATEST of all ways in which "the absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."

pgroup's picture

Well, the neoliberal will not win when he confronts my precious metal - lead. A Smith & Wesson will trump any political philosophy.

Escrava Isaura's picture


That’s why the Neo-liberals (elites) have HOMELAND SECURITY (their other creation) buying 1.6 billion hollow-tip bullets that are illegal in war, and 2,717 of ‘Mine Resistant’ tanks…

Good luck fighting them.


WSP's picture

Escrava---you nailed it as did the Cog.  The fact is I think Santelli is the "controlled opposition"----he is not stupid and he is in cahoots with them all-----the crime syndicate knows that there are a lot of smart people that see through their crimes, so they have people like Santelli come on to be the controlled opposition---again, he knows the deal---he has to.

The bottom line is the crime syndicate knows EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING in destroying the markets, destroying the proletariat, etc.-----the goal is total domination.

The people running things are vile, evil sociopaths who hate humanity and want to destroy us slowly and painfully----ITS WORKING!

Honestly, they spray us every day with their geoengineering---just get it over with and kill us already!----and good look managing the plantet you all have fucked up with your ponzi schemes and other wealth stealing, enslavelment polices! 

Radical Marijuana's picture

I agree with that analysis, WSP, except I see it as runaway psychological and political habits, whose excessive "success" has become criminally insane, because that agenda destroys the future for the human species, including the ruling classes, who are able to get away with doing what they are doing because they have become too "successful" in reducing the people they rule over to incompetent political idiots.

Brokenarrow's picture

During the san francisco gold rush, there were crooked casions that fleeced the miners. At some point gamblers figured out how to bet along side the house and flourished until the house strating betting against them. People, like you, think you are smart because you have ridden on the back of the biggest financial crime in history. I, for one, refuse to go along for the ride on such dispicable endeavor. I have not made any money or lost any. I am proud I'm not part of ruse that has been run the the great American people. I can sleep at night. One day, you will wake up and they will clean your clock. You see, all evil deeds stink. You can hide them for a while, In time they are known. Karma will prevail.

Mensch's picture

Agreed.  Seems to me that, other than the forces perpetrating this theft/market, there are two kinds of participants:

a) People in the market that have no idea what is going on and more or less believe that the market is fair and will keep generating record returns.  They don't see or understand the manipulation for what it is.  They watch CNBC and FBN for info, not entertainment.  These people are ignorant.  

b) People in the market that read zh or some other alt media or just pay fucking atttention and see that something is seriously rigged, yet...They still want to play.  They figure that they can ride the bull and cash out on time by guessing what the ones holding the strings are going to do when; or, stack gold in light of the huge monetary expansion (hey at least it's fundamentally sound). These people are delusional.  The fundamentals of valuation are not holding up, maybe not for a while yet, maybe never.  If you don't know the rules to the game, you probably shouldn't be playing.  

Anyways, I wish everyone the best of luck in their games of financial roulette, and remain confident that our economic leaders will pull through and make us all RICH!


Nominally speaking, of course.


Stoploss's picture

You're already bankrupt along with the rest of us.

You just can't admit it.


So, suffer...

Theta_Burn's picture

This is one of the better clips Rick has done.

He has come along way.


WSP's picture

Santelli is "controlled opposition" to give the proletariat the belief that somebody is on their side without going so far as to call the system the crime syndicate it really is!  Santelli is not dumb or wrong---HE IS IN ON IT TOO.  The thugs in Chicago for the most part know that the system is rigged and they just want to profit from it---Santelli is just playing his role as an actor in the process of fleecing the public, period!!! Santellie doesn't hate humanity the way his overlords do, but he is not willing to stand up and fight them either nor are his thug friends at the criminal chicago crime exchanges!

pgroup's picture

You're just jealous that Rick is fleecing the hacks at CNBC. You wish it was you.

GetZeeGold's picture



So many hacks.....so little time.

TheReplacement's picture

People who own real assets are not bankrupt.  They are prepared for the day everyone else is bankrupt.  That's the difference between living for today or for a long time after today.  In the end we'll all be dead.  Do you really want to have your contribution to the space-time continuum be that you supported and participated in a corrupt scheme so you could enjoy temporary comfort while others suffer?

Yay you.

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

CNBC... fucking garbage.  Period.

I have to have this horseshit buzzing in my ear all day.  I want to kill myself.

The ONLY time I tune in is when Rick Santelli is laying into that fat, arrogant, steaming pile of dog shit, Steve Liesman. 

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

Liesman, is that you...??  I didn't expect YOU on this site....

GetZeeGold's picture



Sound more like Kernen to me.

Bell's 2 hearted's picture

i still get a kick out liesman with his moronic 'taking on debt for consumption is a bridge to ...' comment

Brokenarrow's picture

Steve Liesman to his father:"Daddy, when I grow up I want to be a filthy lying minion for wall st and help screw over the entire US population. And, I know that the men I adore wouldnt invite me over for a beer or piss on my face. I love them, Daddy."


What a douchbag!

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Daddy to Liesman  "Get the fuck out of my house and don't take any beer".

WSP's picture

It is all a show my friend----Santellie and Liesman drink beer together and celebrate how stupid the public is whenever they can---in fact, they might even be butt buddies because it is obviouls liesman is gay and probably enjoys creampies in his ass from Santelli whenever he gets the chance.  Serously dude, they are FRIENDS BOTH WORKING FOR THE CRIME SYNDICATE!

Bell's 2 hearted's picture

"they have to dabble in that direction because nothing can get done in 'politics'" 


true, but that is by choice


i've likened the stock market to a cattle prod on congress.


Stocks ever rising at all time highs?

Congress will sit on hands and do nothing


Stocks at march 2009 lows?


401Kers overloading congressional phones with "DO SOMETHING"

Stackers's picture

Did he just say on live TV that his favorite financial stories come from Zerohedge ?

Atomizer's picture

Derivative leveraged man boobs..good post above. ;-)



GetZeeGold's picture



his favorite financial stories come from Zerohedge ?


Oh sh!t.

NotApplicable's picture

He's one of the main reasons I found this place.

Bell's 2 hearted's picture

politicians would have had to sink or swim on the merit - or lack therein - of their policies... that weren't creating the growth."


yeah, right ... voting for the OTHER guy will do wonders ...


they are all the same

Radical Marijuana's picture

Practically the ONLY successful and surviving politicians are puppets of the people that finance them. The surviving and successful politicians "are all the same!"  Their only real job is to fool enough of the people enough of the time. That has been going on for generation after generation, at an exponentially accelerating rate. Santelli is not speaking about the deeper real problem that the methods of organized crime have been successfully applied to dominate the political processes to the point where there is practically nothing left of the democratic republic's rule of law, and therefore, no feasible political way to get that back.

Moreover, those who do recognize those social facts then still tend to be de facto controlled opposition because they stay inside of the same old-fashioned frame of reference of false fundamental dichotomies and impossible ideals, and therefore, propose bogus "solutions" which must necessarily actually cause the opposite to happen in the real world.

Any realistic politician that could be successful by being honest would have to present the view that more exponential growth on a finite planet is NOT possible, and therefore, different systems of death controls would have to develop within human, industrial and natural ecologies, to cope with the objective limits to that environment. Of course, neither the current ruling classes, nor those they rule over, have been the least bit interested in facing those kinds of facts. Instead, we are already way past overshooting due the exponential growth based on strip-mining the planet's natural resources, using "money" made out of nothing as debts to "pay" for doing that.

A realistic assessment of the future is not something that any politician could promote to become successful. All the most successful politicians are professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, whose only job is to trick enough people to continue to believe in bullshit. An honest politician would have to embrace the paradoxes which I have outlined in my comments above. Enough of the citizens would also have to be able to understand those paradoxes. Such a thing would require enormous political miracles ... while business as usual makes sure that the established systems become more criminally insane, and madly destroy themselves. A compromise concept is to propose possible opportunities for real, radical revolutions during and after the crazy collapses into chaos.

The runaway debt insanities are headed towards causing death insanities. The only plausible compromise political positions will be those that may emerge out of the situations in which the established systems have madly destroyed themselves. There is a sliding scale of considerations of guessing to what degree the established systems will be able to have allowed enough to survive for some new systems to emerge. However, at the present time, there is nothing within the established systems which can save themselves, since nobody within those systems can state enough radical truths, to enough of an audience that wants to hear those.


Any political party that was able to take over the government actually takes over well-established systems of fraud and robbery. It is hard to imagine any politicians that would admit that, because it is hard to imagine any public that would want to hear that. However, that would be the only honest basis for genuinely different politicians to present their policies.

TheReplacement's picture

That is actually correct.  Banker action covers for lack of action in congress.  Opinions may vary but there should not be banker action to cover for politicians.  If congress is deadlocked that is the choice of the voters.  Banker action is a direct violation of our sovereignty.

These people are willfully violating our civil rights.

eyesofpelosi's picture

I'm surprised he hasn't had a nail gun accident yet.

NotApplicable's picture

Never happen, as he's a full-fledged Freidmanite.

Anybody who believes in/preaches the necessity of inflation has nothing to worry about.

yogibear's picture

To the PhD Fed and Central bankers it's all monopoly money. One huge board game.

I woke up's picture

What company in their right mind would buy advertising time on CNBC with it's low viewership?  I don't watch it except for the Santelli links that get posted here or the Liesman redicule.