"Russia Could Ditch Dollar In 2-3 Years"; Deputy PM Warns Nuclear Subs "Could Reach Any Country On Any Continent"

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"Two to three years is enough, not only to launch [settlements in rubles], but also to complete these mechanisms," says Andrey Kostin, head of Russia’s second-biggest bank VTB, noting that the possibility of the US and EU widening sanctions to exclude Russia from the SWIFT global money transfer system would become “a point of no return” making any further dialog impossible. However, as Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin explains in this interview, how Russia's military and industrial complex is responding to a growing threat from America. Russia is not responding with any talk about the nuclear button (at least not yet); but they are preparing for such an eventuality: "we are creating a nuclear submarine fleet... capable of reaching any country on any continent, if [USA] suddenly becomes the aggressor, and our top-most national interests come under threat," adding that Obama's coup has ushered in "the complete demise of the Ukrainian State."


As RT reports, ?two to three years would be enough time for Russia to switch to international settlements to the ruble, Andrey Kostin, head of Russia’s second-biggest bank VTB, said...

The media has reported on the possibility of the US and EU widening sanctions to exclude Russia from the SWIFT global money transfer system.


Kostin said the move would become “a point of no return” and that any further dialogue would be impossible if SWIFT was cut off.


“If you look at Iran’s experience, shutting down SWIFT only happens when all relations; political, economic, cultural, even diplomatic, break down,” the VTB boss said.


“I don’t know how [Western] banks could block SWIFT and then expect cooperation in the fight against terrorism and nuclear disarmament.”


However, replacing SWIFT within Russia won’t be difficult, Kostin said.


“We have a [similar] system at the Central Bank of Russia and others. The Central Bank has tested this system, and we can switch to it at any moment.”

But away from the specifics, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin explains Russia's Military and Industrial plans in this extensive interview... (via Eric Zuesse)

The Floridian blogger about Russia, "Vineyard of the Saker," posted an English translation on September 29th of an informative interview on Russian television.


Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin, who has Russia's military portfolio, was addressing his nation's public, September 22nd, on Rossiya TV, and he explained how his country is responding to the threat of America's intending to place its nuclear missiles on Russia's border, inside Ukraine (much as the USSR had done in Cuba to America during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis). Russia is not responding with any talk about the nuclear button; at least not yet. There is still time enough to avoid anything so urgent as that. But they are preparing for such an eventuality. (8:50) "We are creating a nuclear submarine fleet ... capable of reaching any country on any continent, if it suddenly becomes the aggressor and our topmost national interests come under threat."

Obama has started clearly in that direction, with his February 2014 Ukrainian coup d'etat installing a U.S.-allied Ukrainian Government to replace the former (and democratically elected) Russian-allied one; and Russia takes Obama's threat seriously; so, Russia is now rapidly updating its nuclear and other arsenals, and is offering technologically advanced military designers from all over the world extremely favorable terms for becoming Russian citizens.

Rogozin also says that (9:23), "by now, we have updated almost the entire fleet of strategic bombers."

All of the military parts and products that were formerly being manufactured in Ukraine, have been switched to Russian factories instead. Now (10:48), "Everything is produced in Russia." He says that many of Ukraine's top military designers have already moved to Russia, and that most of the others are desperate to leave Ukraine.

He comments (12:31), "For Ukraine, it is the end. It is a complete demise of the Ukrainian state as an industrial country. Nobody wants their products in the West because they are outdated, and they [the West] have their own manufacturers. What they [Ukraine] are doing right now is suicide. ... I say this with great regret. I'll tell you one thing: we still had hope at the end of last year [before Obama's coup] that we would be able to remedy the situation [that it wouldn't happen]."

He says: (14:21), "On 21st of February, when a coup was staged, I had to fly to Kiev on behalf of The President [Putin]. [But] I stopped the car at the entrance to the airport, because it was clear that Ukraine was finished" as a manufacturing economy.

He sees manufacturing as the basis for a sound economy. (14:48) "Today, the only choice for them [Ukrainians] is to go into retail trade. But I think they also have another choice: to move to Russia." So: Putin is looking to build Russia's economy on a manufacturing basis, perhaps like China has done.

Rogozin repeatedly invites weapons-designers from around the world to move to Russia. Perhaps Putin takes as his inspiration what happened to the U.S. economy after our country, under President FDR in the 1940s, responded to the fascist threat by means of massive support to military R&D and manufacturing. Perhaps Putin hopes that Russia will become the new America, maybe that Putin will become the new FDR.

The interviewer responds (15:52) "What a strange story is unfolding." And Rogozin continues, "From now on, we will be gathering the best experts in the world." So: that (which also happened under FDR, and continued under Truman) is, indeed, their intention.

As if intending to make his point absolutely clear, he continues: "The Americans used to 'suck out' the best brains from around the world, ... now we are reversing this process."

Discussing France's having gone along with Obama to stop production of France's Mistral aircraft-carrier ships to the Russian Navy, he says (20:45), "The money [from us] is paid, which means that they have to return it with penalties. And ... France is losing not just money, but their reputation as a reliable supplier."

Then, starting at 22:32, he notes that when he first entered the Government (which was at around the time that Putin first became President), he noticed that "our individual businesses preferred to buy micro-electronics in the West," and that they would need "to start the production, in Russia, of all that is necessary." He says "We have already given the necessary instructions" to do precisely that. Obama's action in Ukraine seems to have spurred Russia to do this. Yet again, it is like America during WWII.

He continues immediately to add: "However, what we cannot, or do not have the time to make, we can get in other countries who are in trading partnership with us," mainly the "BRIC" or rapidly industrializing countries, with whom Putin has been building a trading-bloc.

The discussion then goes on to whether building Russia's manufacturing base upon the making of weapons is a sound idea, and Rogozin says (24:34) that among Putin's advisors, "we try not to argue publicly, but on the inside it is all boiling."

He says that Russia's high interest-rates are a great problem for developing manufactures. He makes a stunning admission (24:53): "They [America] are in a much more favorable position, no sanctions, no one prevents them from working; the banking policy [Federal Reserve] supports the industry. We do not have any of this. We are not going to now discuss the reasons why, but those are the facts. This is why the government now is making a decision to compensate for the [high] interest rate for enterprises in the military-industrial complex." Russian sovereign debt will probably soar.

However, Putin has decided "to develop a program to transfer technology from the defense [sector] into civil" manufacturing, so as to reduce the extra economic burden on them. The real hardship, apparently, will go to Russia's consumers. But, then, after the military-manufacturing sector gets humming, "they should be ready to produce similar high-tech products for the civil industry," including, "metallurgy, electronics, composite materials, and much much more."

Secondly, (27:06), "Today, they [Russian manufacturers] have defence contracts, tomorrow they might have less. They need a safety net -- supplies for the civil market." It would, yet again, be very much in the mold of FDR, and of Harry S. Truman.

Perhaps Russia is now learning the lesson that America has now forgotten. Maybe Obama's America will become a spur to Russia -- like Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini, became spurs to America, in a time that America, evidently, has indeed forgotten, and in which we have become, eerily, the other side.

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Should i be shitting myself more over Putin or ebola?

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Neither, don't feed the (gov) trolls.

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The market seems to think Russia is just lush in palladium supplies with. Prices are tanking... maybe someone finally figured out those rosy car sales are channel stuffing.

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I'm still very long on platinum. 

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Bitcoin also says a big Fuck You Mr SWIFT

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Ebola is like fire. Each area will keep it's elites and system as the fire rages.

Then what?

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It will only take a couple of SLBMs to destabilize Cumbre Vieja causing a massive underwater eruption and a 300 foot tidal wave would result taking out all of the east coast and most of western Europe.


Russia would have plausible deniablity and Rothschild NATO would be taken out of the game.

Tim Rifat is a cool dude for wargaming the Rothschild's inevitable defeat. His remote viewing are rides I've given him on board the TARDIS.


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The US already IS the aggressor.

Where has he been for the last 50 years?

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"and he explained how his country is responding to the threat of America's intending to place its nuclear missiles on Russia's border, inside Ukraine (much as the USSR had done in Cuba to America during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis)."

Awful misrepresentation of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Plain and simple. the US was the aggressor then, as now. Is Zerohedge now CIAhedge?


In response to the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961, and the presence of American Jupiter ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey against the USSR with Moscow within range, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev decided to agree to Cuba's request to place nuclear missiles in Cuba to deter future harassment of Cuba. An agreement was reached during a secret meeting between Khrushchev and Fidel Castro in July and construction on a number of missiles sites started later that summer.

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ZH is as much a propaganda outlet as any other.

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I disagree completely.  I see no spin in any of these articles.  They seem to state the truth and nothing else.  Doesn't seem like propaganda to me.  Compare this site to yahoo news and come back and lets talk

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Relaunching the K-19 are they?

Should be good for another Hollywood film....

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Welcome to 1964 Mr Deputy PM!

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US citicenry; Oh yeah? You ain't getting your subs in the middle of Nebraska cause we aint got no oceans you big dumb bears!

Take that! 

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Putin to Obama:

"My dick's on fire and my balls is smokin',

I'm gonna fuck you and I ain't jokin'."

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Gringo just wait until the Russkies log on this board.

While your clutching the family jewels in your sleep.

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How nice, the Soviet ministry of information is back, same script too.

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I just want the Deputy Defense Minister to know that the interior of BC loves you.

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You could catipult at them, some of that dank cannabis you guys produce, that surely would get you a pass...

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Obama is looking for a nice large war. A race to destroy the US, nuclear war and Ebola.

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Kruschev was mistranslated; he said we will Barry you.

And they did, those crafty commie fuckers.

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Nice joke.

Actually, I was listening closely when Khrushchev made that speech on US TV, in 1957 I believe, and read in amazement the next morning what the pundits said he meant.  It was quite clear to me in context that "bury you" was a poorly chosen translation, since his theme was peaceful economic competition. The news media jumped on their own interpretation with a vengeance, and ever since, they, politicians and generations of school books been harping on it as the death threat it clearly wasn't. 

Vilification and demonization of the Empire's designated victims is an old and honored tradition. Can you wonder then that Putin speaks in a slow, careful and controlled way? Every speech, every sentence, every word is a potential trap, with Western "got-cha artists" waiting to pounce. 


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I sat an listened (read sub-titles) to this guy (on the video).  I'm really impressed that a politician had such depth in his answers.  Of course the show format seems to be a lot of giant softballs that probably were pre-submitted.  But this was very interesting and informative.

I haven't heard any American politician talk this clearly in years.

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Of course, now that the Ruble is plunging relative to the dollar (and presumably thus also against other currencies) it's perhaps not sucha good idea to be doing settlement in Rubles.

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Sure silver is plunging. So it might be time to stock up on silver bullets against the vampires in the central banks who have been draining people's blood and sweat.

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Sovern debt will soar...we can help you with that, sanctions on Russian bond buying in the west.

No soup for you.

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So, sell them in the East. China may want in on some 'energy' bonds. You know, backed by something other than 'good faith'.

Good faith...kind of hard to say without laughing.

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High interest bonds are risky, worse in falling Rubble environment. 

Easy oil is over in Russia, that is why drilling with XOM in the arctic circle.

Without XOM that oil might as well be on the moon.

China could buy bonds on the construction of the pipeline, but they are financing it anyway. Take a bond out on yourself and pay yourself interest on your own money?

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All they have to do is let some 'former' Goldman bankers bring them to market for them. Don't sell the steak, and so forth.

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Calm-the-fuck "DOWN" the the ebola scare nonsense.

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Next news should be about the first Ebola caused death on American soil. Countdown has started, but you can relax in the meantime...

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Listen Joy,

Not that I GAF, but I hope that "RESEARCH" triangle park, USSA gets "HIT" hard and kills those fuckers in office!

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Somebody needs to bring back the sudebaker truck so we can sell trucks in Russia again

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Nuke subs with Mirvs, Ebola, ISIS, NWO...shit you cant beat this free entertainment.

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The Russians can ditch the dollar in 2-3 years?

F?$%  me dead, at the rate that the relationship is breaking down thanks to the clowns in the EU and USA, it might take only 2-3 months if things come to a head.

Only a natural disaster or a plague can unite humanity at this stage because it sure ain't going to be common sense.

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2 to 3 years? Guys, comrades, tovarich, grow a pair and get on with it beforevthey est your lunch.

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Just back your worthless dinero with gold and then we'll stop laughing.

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Churchills second law applies.Govt's never announce strategic stuff in advance.

Only after everything is in place, is it announced.,

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I agree, but it's not as if this development is not taking place in plain view of everyone.

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Churchill was a War Criminal

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all this and Brian Williams is sucking Ben Afflecks dick on national TV!!!

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Wilson - I will keep the US out of war.

FDR - I will never send our boys to fight in a foreign war.

Obama - No boots on the ground.


Anytime a candidate campaigns as a peace candidate, war follows before they leave office.

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 as an empire starts to go down and can fail to feed its hunger, it turns to three things - expanding its financial games, it's military imperialism and finally, turning on its own people. This then accelerates its decline    

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Then they publish their memoirs on their death bed bemoaning how they got it all wrong, fucked up the world and swallowed several banker dicks on the way down.

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Dollars are iust paper scrip, they could actually dump the dollar today, nothing is actually stopping them.

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Russia's threats are growing tiresome.

STFU already.