Why Europe's Doomsayers Are Right, In One Chart

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To say that Europe is doomed is an understatament, so much so that every European politician, banker, bureaucrat, and bean-counter has, over the past 5 years, taken at least one opportunity to deny and thus validate the statement.

But while there is cornucopia of reasons which foretell the collapse of the artificial monetary and pseudo-political union, whether it is the relentless deterioration in European output:

or the collapse in private lending, something the ECB is supposedly trying to fix with its latest TLTRO/Private QE...


or the mountain of private debt created since the Great financial crisis.


Eclipsed only by the amount of public debt created in the same period...


... one thing is clear: Europe is finished, though not for any of the above reasons but for a far more simple one, a reason very well-known to the Japanese - there simply won't be any Europeans left.

In retrospect perhaps it is time for Wolfi Schauble to take a stab at draft 2 of his famous FT scribe: "Ignore the doomsayers: Europe is being fixed," because, we are sad to report, the doomsayers are right: Europe is finished.

Source: Geneva Reports on the World Economy

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yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy

astoriajoe's picture

sadly, that's all that's coming.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Ok Ghordo, lets seem some of your charts as to why its the greatest thing ever ever ever. 

El Oregonian's picture

That chart reminds me of the outline for the Matterhorn. What a ride! And it's all downhill !!!

smacker's picture

I was thinking it looks like the line image ads used of Pão de Açucar in Rio.

JRobby's picture

Ghordo is busy with the sheep right now.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

TBF - He is a super intelligent guy.  

Thus, his undevoted loyalty makes me think he is personally connected with the "expirment."

His English mistakes give him away as a native German speaker, and he has said he is "Austrian" yet he can also get around pretty well with Italian as well.  

He is mid 40s at a minimum, and is clearly located + or - 2 hours of 0:00 unless he is a crazy morning person.  He has a grasp of econ pretty well, and is a AG/AU bug.  

Ghordo is no sheeple.  He fully understands all the flaws of the EMZ and the EU and sticks by them none-the-less.  He is educated but chooses this path.  I remember in the summer of 2012, he was telling all of us to calm down the EUR is going no where, and he was early and 100% accurate with all of his predictions at that time.  

I believe him to be working either at the Swiss Central Bank, in Lichtenstein, or at the Austrian Desk at the ECB here in FFM.  He has good inside info, and if you ran with his suggestions a couple years back you would have made a ton of money.  I am quite sure leaking ECB talking points into ZH is not ECB (nor SNB) policy, and thus, I think he comes here for the intellectual challange, or in the alternative, he is the best troll I have ever encountered on the internet.  I think he spent some of his other time at the Telegraph's Disqus blow moon-lighting as this person "Shakespear" as their English mistakes are almost identical, and their arguments were.  

ZH is one of the only websites where the comments section can contain better info than the article itself.  Perhaps he is a plant here to see and to fight with, admittadly, the group of people who have the best/most logical arguments on the net against the EMZ.  Its a good way to get ahead of the anti-EU curve.   He also knows 1 may more of the Tylers, and it would not surprise me at all if he is a Tyler himself.  

That being said -- I think his dilusion with the EMZ is totally misguided. 

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That is some pro-level man crush you have.

LibertyBear's picture

I never trust charts that forecast 20 years to the future

NaN's picture

The population charts all have inflection points in the future. What's up with that?

smacker's picture

Dunno what nationality he is but he almost certainly works in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Jumbotron's picture

"In retrospect perhaps it is time for Wolfi Schauble to take a stab at draft 2 of his famous FT scribe: "Ignore the doomsayers: Europe is being fixed,"


"When it's important one has to lie"

Joe A's picture

Juncker said that. The new boss of the EU

Jumbotron's picture

That's who I was referencing......for the sarc, of course.  ;)

daxtonbrown's picture

Go Greece! They especially seem to have things under control.


(Is that a big enough lie? Or does size not matter?)

Duffminster's picture

No worries, with escape velocity in play we will escape the affect of the European recession.

ebworthen's picture

Birth control = the death of Western Civilization.

JustObserving's picture

What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.

Mahatma Gandhi

Monty Burns's picture

Said Mahatma Gandhi.....as he sat in a street covered in shit and garbage with rats running about his feet and starving deliberately crippled children begging everywhere. Time for Westerners to get away from this self hate. We're the only who suffer from the complex.

Renewable Life's picture

Which is of course why, the Kenyesian madmen will "import" tens of millions of fresh bodies from arond the world to fill the gaps!!

This policy is already blowing up in the Euro zone, and will also be met in America with massive blowback and cultural strife, but who cares, we showed in Iraq, that if you just dump enough money, guns, and voting machines into a situation, people will all just comply and play nice with each other for the sake of democracy and freedom.............

oh wait?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Lack of Birth Control in non-Western countries = Death of Western Civilization, and maybe the Planet

"Demographic Warfare is Warfare by Other Means", bitchez.  Muslims know this, Jews know this, the Chinese know this and Russians know this.  But good luck explaining this to the 'Christian' Libtards or secular Demoncrats.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

We've been propping them up and and feeding them for decades and it's time to stop. The feel good insanity is making things worse and we're in the process of doing it again.

BlindMonkey's picture

Are you conceding that the fundie Christians have a point?

ersatz007's picture

i don't consider myself a democrat or left leaning.  but i wouldn't bring a child into this world...unless i was really fucking rich.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

"Birth control = the death of Western Civilization."

Feminism is the death of western civilization. No one wants to breed with those man hating she-males. We are dumb enough to listen to them though.

daxtonbrown's picture

"Feminism is the death of western civilization."

That deserves about a hundred up arrows. Just about all socialist thought is the same as lesbian thought.

Mensch's picture

"Lack of Birth Control in non-Western countries = Death of Western Civilization, and maybe the Planet"

Sounds like you are saying that "non-Western" (would have gone with "unwhite", personally :D) countries are #winning with high growth rates?   Endless growth is unsustainable in demographics and economics.  Birth control is necessary.  Furthermore, your examples for non-western demographic warriors suck:

Muslims--Yes most predominantly Muslim countries have a high birth rate--and these countries are almost universally fucked for it.  You can trace the Arab Spring back to the large "youth bulge" in the demographics of those countries.  People have been predicted economic and social collapse there for a decade because all you have to do is look and see that there won't be any jobs for the many results of the Arab babymaking spree of the 1990's.  Countries with too many young people end up looking like shitholes.  I'm surprised you didn't mention India.  They are winning the demographic game big time.  Look at their sacred river.   They know it's all good as long as they reproduce faster than the West...er no.

Jews--Not that many Jews, really.  Hm.  Maybe you mean Israel, who is endlessly expanding/expropriating (choose your narrative) lands that are held by their enemies.  Oh yeah, their entire country is a desert.  Be fruitful and multiply.  I'm sure it will end well.

China--Laughable.  Birth control is readily available.  They probably perform more abortions a year than the rest of the world combined.  There was that whole policy about the one kid you might have heard of from a while back as well. And look, they are still winning the demographic race.  Just tell that to the bare branches.  Pretty soon they take over chinesedate.com and leave rubble.  

Russians--You're just making shit up.

Machines will soon be doing most work anyways, so as a society, we are more expendable than ever as far as the squid is concerned.  All we can do is rise up and kill the masters, so I'd bet on a de-population event, if that is not happening already in Africa (ooh high birth rates there too, that shit is going great!).

On a personal note, since apparently it's story time, I very much like easy and available birth control.  I'm sure you're a real wizard with the old dipstick, James, and would never make a baby by accident...but do you really want the chance of offspring with the lowest common denominator of your conquests?  I sure as hell don't.  They should be handing condoms out anywhere that sells alcohol as a public service.

But go ahead, have 50 kids if you can get away with it.  You'll just end up broke and probably crazy.


Jumbotron's picture

"Birth control = the death of Western Civilization."


More to the point......birth control was all about greed.  It meant both woman and men could SPEND LESS money thus keeping more for themselves and not spending it on a kid(s) and in particular helping women get into the workplace more often and staying there so to climb the corporate ladder.....to get even MOAR money.

It wasn't about saving the planet or over population.  It was all about the Mo' NAY !

snr-moment's picture

But what else was a couple to do when the government continued to take more and more of their paychecks.  During the last baby-boom it was possible for a man's salary alone to buy food and pay the mortgage.  Women initially brought extra money into the household.  The government got greedy and started taking so much that now people can't afford to have kids, and business up and left.

They knew what would happen.  Europe has been imploding longer than the US.  Treason???

25or6to4's picture

Add to that the promotion of the GLT agenda by government and media/ entertaiment complex and you have a population drop off chart that looks like the Mt Everest such as the on above. One question though, does that chart include the interlopers in Europe from the southern hemisphere or is that for indigenous Europeans only?

KnightTakesKing's picture

 Birth control = the death of Western Civilization.

Birth Control, NWO, Ebola, the plague, war, famine = the death of Western Civilization.

I think we have reached peak Western Civilization.

medium giraffe's picture

The trend to decentralisation will continue apace.  That isn't what worries me.  What worries me is the extremes to which those who assume themselves to be 'in power' will go in order to try and foolishly prevent the inevitable.

disabledvet's picture

Europeans have "Ukraine" unlike Japan.  I think Putin humorously calls them "colonists" actually.  Of course no matter how weak the euro...the ruble will always be weaker.

I assume they will be speaking English...who knows though.  Probably many languages to "suit the mood."

walküre's picture

How many kids do Ukie women pop out on average?

Monty Burns's picture

Thanks the George Soros' birth control and free abortion initiatives in Ukraine (and the region generally) it's probably about 1.3 per woman.  The old demon must be thrilled.

limacon's picture

Europeans are old hands at this depopulation business .

See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com/2007/10/near-tech.html

g'kar's picture

Please add a graph on reproduction amongst the free shit armies.

walküre's picture

That makes Europe even more attractive. Let's just hope the political dumbclass is not trying to "fix" this problem with more unhinged immigration from every shithole on the planet. Also put foreign ownership restrictions on the Chinese to keep them outside a little longer.

Let's have this same population forecast for the US and Canada

White parts of the population go down further. The increase in population from Latin America, India, China will outnumber everybody else. Not to forget Latisha and her 12 kids from different Dads who are all in prison.

See, when you put it into this context the path that Europe is on is alot more attractive. The US needs to keep stirring the pot in the ME so that all the UK etc homegrown jihadists just want to go and die there.

Problem solved. It's a beautiful world again once the shit is cleared up.

Monty Burns's picture

Let's just hope the political dumbclass is not trying to "fix" this problem with more unhinged immigration from every shithole on the planet. 

But that's exactly what they're doing. And I suspect they know damn well they're not 'fixing' the problem.

walküre's picture

They can't possibly like the socio economic problems their immigration policies have created. They see what is going on and their families are being exposed to this well. Refugees are a burden on the system. There's no net benefit unless the Finance ministers are able to create more debt with the refugee collateral. But then they might as well create debt from cats and dogs. What's the difference? They're just as unproductive.

25or6to4's picture

It would be more preferable to create debt from cats and dogs. At least they wouldn't rape and beat up women like the trash from Africa and ME do for sport in EU countries.

Monty Burns's picture

Of course they know what the 'refugees' are like and their impact on society. Sweden has gone, in less than a single generation, from a state where rape was almost unknown to being the rape capital of Europe.  Yet their Prime Minister has openly stated that he wants to increase the numbers of these immigrants and for the tradititional meaning of 'Swedish' to degenerate into a polyglot Nordic/African/ME mish mash.

Note: He got re-elected.

MrPalladium's picture

Darwin and his disciple Sir Arthur Keith were right. The first imperative of survival is that the group or race must keep its cradle full.

All successful groups and races have an internal group moral code directed to that one essential mission, and any slackening of that code will lead to invasion by competing groups and races who do keep their cradles full.

Europe is indeed finished at least until a sturdy remnant of the indigenous European population rediscovers its ancient roots and individuals begin to sacrifice for the good of (and survival of) the race.


Monty Burns's picture

You are absolutely correct. And that is why it has been the focus of relentless attack (feminism, abortion, no-fault divorce, women in the workplace, state as surrogate father etc.) by those who are destroying us.

forwardho's picture

Indeed he is.

Nature abhores a vacuum.

Currently The palesitinian state has the highest birthrate in the world.

The other top four are also predominantly muzlim populations.

Darwins rule "those that breed... succeed"

ersatz007's picture

the reason i won't bring a child into this world is because i'm pretty sure i would love him or her...and would agonize over the pain and suffering i caused my progeny because i'm not ultra fucking rich.  this planet is rigged, as it always has been, by those who have been able to, *MOSTLY* by luck, their descendants, and psychosis to gain money & thus power a result - and usually at the expense of their 'fellow' man.  we're just living in a fancy form of feudalism and power by 'divine' right.  we just replaced divine right with money.  so you can rail against feminism, abortion, no-fault divorce, etc...all you want.  but those ARE NOT the reasons people aren't having children - at least, if they've got half a fucking brain and half a fucking heart.  read up on infants being left in fields to die by peasants....