Is the U.S. Secretly Egging On Hong Kong Protesters?

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The mass demonstrations in Hong Kong are dramatic, indeed. And given that Hong Kong has long enjoyed a more liberal existence under British rule, protests against a more authoritarian Chinese government (at least it used to be more authoritarian) are not entirely surprising.

But Chinese officials accuse the U.S. of egging on the protests.  As the Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time blog reports:

On Thursday, Wen Wei Po published an “expose” into what it described as the U.S. connections of Joshua Wong, the 17 year-old leader of student group Scholarism.


The story asserts that “U.S. forces” identified Mr. Wong’s potential three years ago, and have worked since then to cultivate him as a “political superstar.”


Evidence for Mr. Wong’s close ties to the U.S. that the paper cited included what the report described as frequent meetings with U.S. consulate personnel in Hong Kong and covert donations from Americans to Mr. Wong. As evidence, the paper cited photographs leaked by “netizens.” The story also said Mr. Wong’s family visited Macau in 2011 at the invitation of the American Chamber of Commerce, where they stayed at the “U.S.-owned” Venetian Macao, which is owned by Las Vegas Sands Corp.




This isn’t the first time that Beijing-friendly media have accused foreign countries of covert meddling in the former British colony. China’s government has long been concerned that Western intelligence agencies might try to exploit the city’s relatively more open political environment to push democracy in the rest of the country. The various “color revolutions” that ushered in democratic governments across the former Soviet Union in the early 2000s, and which were partly organized by foreign-funded NGOs, heightened those concerns.


Allegations of foreign intervention in Hong Kong have become particularly intense in the run-up to 2017, the earliest that Beijing has said Hong Kong residents can begin to directly elect their leaders. Wen Wei Po and another Beijing-leaning Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Pao, for example, have accused the U.K. of stationing British spies across Hong Kong institutions. Pro-Beijing publications have also accused Hong Kong media mogul and staunch Beijing critic Jimmy Lai of having connections with the CIA. Mr. Lai is the founder of Next Media Ltd., which owns the Apple Daily newspapers in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and is a major donor to pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong.


In its report on Mr. Wang, Wen Wei Po said that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is making a pointed effort to infiltrate Hong Kong schools, for example through the Hong Kong-America Center, a group headed by former U.S. diplomat Morton Holbrook that promotes H.K.-U.S. ties. It also alleged that the CIA is actively training a new generation of protest leaders in Hong Kong through sponsoring students to study in the U.S., with an aim of stoking future “color revolutions” in the city.

Tony Cartalucci writes:

Behind the so-called “Occupy Central” protests … is a deep and insidious network of foreign financial, political, and media support. Prominent among them is the US State Department and its National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as well as NED’s subsidiary, the National Democratic Institute (NDI).


Now, the US has taken a much more overt stance in supporting the chaos their own manipulative networks have prepared and are now orchestrating. The White House has now officially backed “Occupy Central.” Reuters in its article, “White House Shows Support For Aspirations Of Hong Kong People,” would claim:

The White House is watching democracy protests in Hong Kong closely and supports the “aspirations of the Hong Kong people,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Monday. “

The United States supports universal suffrage in Hong Kong in accordance with the Basic Law and we support the aspirations of the Hong Kong people,” said Earnest, who also urged restraint on both sides.

US State Department Has Built Up and Directs “Occupy Central”

Image: The US through NED and its subsidiaries have a long history of
promoting subversion and division within China. 


Earnest’s comments are verbatim the demands of “Occupy Central” protest leaders, but more importantly, verbatim the long-laid designs the US State Department’s NDI articulates on its own webpage dedicated to its ongoing meddling in Hong Kong. The term “universal suffrage”and reference to “Basic Law” and its “interpretation” to mean “genuine democracy” is stated clearly on NDI’s website which claims:

The Basic Law put in place a framework of governance, whereby special interest groups, or “functional constituencies,” maintain half of the seats in the Legislative Council (LegCo). At present, Hong Kong’s chief executive is also chosen by an undemocratically selected committee. According to the language of the Basic Law, however, “universal suffrage” is the “ultimate aim.” While “universal suffrage” remains undefined in the law, Hong Kong citizens have interpreted it to mean genuine democracy.

To push this agenda – which essentially is to prevent Beijing from vetting candidates running for office in Hong Kong, thus opening the door to politicians openly backed, funded, and directed by the US State Department – NDI lists an array of ongoing meddling it is carrying out on the island. It states:

Since 1997, NDI has conducted a series of missions to Hong Kong to consider the development of Hong Kong’s “post-reversion” election framework, the status of autonomy, rule of law and civil liberties under Chinese sovereignty, and the prospects for, and challenges to democratization.

It also claims:

In 2005, NDI initiated a six-month young political leaders program focused on training a group of rising party and political group members in political communications skills.


NDI has also worked to bring political parties, government leaders and civil society actors together in public forums to discuss political party development, the role of parties in Hong Kong and political reform. In 2012, for example, a conference by Hong Kong think tank SynergyNet supported by NDI featured panelists from parties across the ideological spectrum and explored how adopting a system of coalition government might lead to a more responsive legislative process.

NDI also admits it has created, funded, and backed other organizations operating in Hong Kong toward achieving the US State Department’s goals of subverting Beijing’s control over the island:

In 2007, the Institute launched a women’s political participation program that worked with the Women’s Political Participation Network (WPPN) and the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres (HKFWC) to enhance women’s participation in policy-making, encourage increased participation in politics and ensure that women’s issues are taken into account in the policy-making process.

And on a separate page, NDI describes programs it is conducting with the University of Hong Kong to achieve its agenda:

The Centre for Comparative and Public Law (CCPL) at the University of Hong Kong, with support from NDI, is working to amplify citizens’ voices in that consultation process by creating Design Democracy Hong Kong (, a unique and neutral website that gives citizens a place to discuss the future of Hong Kong’s electoral system.

It should be no surprise to readers then, to find out each and every “Occupy Central” leader is either directly linked to the US State Department, NED, and NDI, or involved in one of NDI’s many schemes.

Image: Benny Tai, “Occupy Central’s” leader, has spent years associated with
and benefiting from US State Department cash and support.

“Occupy Central’s” self-proclaimed leader, Benny Tai, is a law professor at the aforementioned University of Hong Kong and a regular collaborator with the NDI-funded CCPL. In 2006-2007 (annual report, .pdf) he was named as a board member – a position he has held until at least as recently as last year. In CCPL’s 2011-2013 annual report (.pdf), NDI is listed as having provided funding to the organization to “design and implement an online Models of Universal Suffrage portal where the general public can discuss and provide feedback and ideas on which method of universal suffrage is most suitable for Hong Kong.”


Curiously, in CCPL’s most recent annual report for 2013-2014 (.pdf), Tai is not listed as a board member. However, he is listed as participating in at least 3 conferences organized by CCPL, and as heading at least one of CCPL’s projects. At least one conference has him speaking side-by-side another prominent “Occupy Central” figure, Audrey Eu. The 2013-2014 annual report also lists NDI as funding CCPL’s “Design Democracy Hong Kong” website.


Civic Party chairwoman Audrey Eu Yuet-mee, in addition to speaking at CCPL-NDI functions side-by-side with Benny Tai, is entwined with the US State Department and its NDI elsewhere. She regularly attends forums sponsored by NED and its subsidiary NDI. In 2009 she was a featured speaker at an NDI sponsored public policy forum hosted by “SynergyNet,” also funded by NDI. In 2012 she was a guest speaker at the NDI-funded Women’s Centre “International Women’s Day” event, hosted by the Hong Kong Council of Women (HKCW) which is also annually funded by the NDI.

Image: Martin Lee and Anson Chan belly up to the table with US Vice President Joseph Biden in Washington DC earlier this year. During their trip, both Lee and Chan would attend a NED-hosted talk about the future of “democracy” in Hong Kong. Undoubtedly, “Occupy Central” and Washington’s support of it was a topic reserved for behind closed doors.


There is also Martin Lee, founding chairman of Hong Kong’s Democrat Party and another prominent figure who has come out in support of “Occupy Central.” Just this year, Lee was in Washington meeting directly with US Vice President Joseph Biden, US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and even took part in an NED talk hosted specifically for him and his agenda of “democracy” in Hong Kong. Lee even has a NED page dedicated to him after he was awarded in 1997 NED’s “Democracy Award.” With him in Washington was Anson Chan, another prominent figure currently supporting the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong’s streets.

The U.S. has certainly promoted regime change worldwide, often by using non-governmental organizations as front groups to funnel money to dissidents who will overthrow the government.

For example, USAID has been called the “new CIA”, and FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds told Washington’s Blog that the U.S. State Department is involved in many “hard power” operations, often coordinating through well-known “Non-Governmental Organizations” (NGOs).    Specifically, Edmonds explained that numerous well-known NGOs – which claim to focus on development, birth control, women’s rights, fighting oppression and other “magnificent sounding” purposes or seemingly benign issues – act as covers for State Department operations. She said that the State Department directly places operatives inside the NGOs.

Edmonds also told us that – during the late 90s and early 2000s – perhaps 30-40% of the people working for NGOs operated by George Soros were actually working for the U.S. State Department.

If this all sounds too nutty, remember that historians say that declining empires tend to attack their rising rivals … so the risk of world war is rising because the U.S. feels threatened by the rising empire of China.

The U.S. government considers economic rivalry to be a basis for war. And the U.S. is systematically using the military to contain China’s growing economic influence.

And U.S. sanctions against Russia are not having the desired effect … largely because China is picking up the slack by trading with Russia and even loaning it money.

Indeed, China, Russia, India and Brazil have formed what some top economists say is an alternative to the Western financial institutions, the World Bank and IMF. And China is challenging the petrodollar.

So it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the U.S. (and the former owner of Hong Kong, Britain) egged on democracy protesters in Hong Kong in order to try to shake up the Chinese regime.

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lost money's picture

Scottish Freedumb good, Hong Kong freedumb bad. GW.

Joe A's picture

How does one spell Otpor in Chinese?

The Blank Stare's picture

Payback for all the Senkaku / WWII bullshit they've been dishing Japan? Plus the whole destabilization thing.

tumblemore's picture

yes - it's following the standard color revolution play book


WWIII has started. it's another banking mafia war, this time over the dollar.


it's also totally unneccessary as the US could fund its military by rebuildng the industrial base but the banking mafia want to have their cake and eat it too i.e. they want to have their factories in China because that makes them the most money but at the same still have the US military act as their debt collectors and enforcers around the world and having both means forcing the whole world to effectively pay a dollar tax through the fed's dollar inflation.


that's not to say most of the Hong Kong people involved aren't genuine - the banking mafia's color revolution play book is about finding genuinely motivated people and funding them as that's the most efficient way to do it and that applies whether they're funding what turned into Al Queda to fight the Soviets or funding Isis to fight Syria or funding pro-democracy activists to fight the Chinese government.


SmittyinLA's picture

China doesn't know it yet but its scheduled for bankruptcy and corporate break up by the tribe, just like the Old Soviet Union, which is why there's an orgy of state spending, debt, and looting right now.

All the promises to employees will be broken, everything liquidated and China will break up along ethnic lines. 





besnook's picture

i am a little ambivalent about this. it is more important to the world that usa power can be balanced by russia and china so the world can trade in peace. china's democracy needs to take a back seat for now.

besides, if hk is successful and the democracy virus spreads to peking then the crashing of the chinese economy will crash the usa economy and forced diets will become way too popular in the usa and the west.....and the usa will still be the sole superpower violently overlording the world.

The Blank Stare's picture

As long as China is broken up, I don't think they give a shit about what happens after that.

GIABO's picture

Looks like they are following Gene Sharp's playbook to the "T"... People are funny.

the grateful unemployed's picture

this is likely to end up like Tienemen Square, where the prodemocracy demonstrators thought they had international or western support but in point of fact the MSM was putting their faces on television so that the Chinese police could access the images from the satelllite, and they used those pictures to arrest the people. did the US come to the demonstrators aid, with sanctions, or trade restrictions or did the US sell them out for wall street profits? if Obama says i'm here to help, better reserve a spot in the gulag for Wong, and his followers.

jm's picture

The US gov didn't make Chinese bond yield vol spike, dude.  China has real problems and it is stupid to blame them on the US. 



Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Worth raising the question(s) again given the Soros funded NGO event now taking place in Hong Kong because China's CB is being uncooperative with Goldman and JPM...

The students in Hong Kong would be well served asking about the latest 9/11 chapter so that it never happens in their Country!...

Not a fan of the Chinese or Indian government(s) given their mutual involvement and deals they made with the U.S. government in hauling away the evidence from Ground Zero, so it would be wise to take an official poll to raise the question if they think NYCCAN's proposal for an investigation into the free fall accelerated collapse of the Twin towers and Building 7 in 2009 and then it's latest "High Rise Safety Initiative" 2014 should be placed on New York City's ballot again?...

More importantly the second question should be, why they think being just like America is so important when the Federal Government has twice used outside corporate interests to influence the NYC court system to "shoot down" yet again another attempt at an investigation to an event that ushered in martial law and wars of aggression 13 years later?...

Someone out there in Hong Kong that has been tracking this one over the last 5 years, please feel free to do your stuff and ask those students in Hong Kong how important it is for them to be just like the U.S.A. these days given the words of "fear" coming from the mouth of this co-conspirator and war criminal who just so happens to hail from the same place that gave us Sir Isaac Newton and all of the significant contributions in science to understand  our world through the laws of physics that relate to gravity and motion and how to calculate "phenomena" like free fall acceleration?!!! Don't believe this would be lost on those Chinese students either if some of them should choose to want to become architects or aeronautical engineers someday!

After all?... "High Rise Safety" isn't just for Americans and America's building(s) alone!

If Americans don't give a shit about "building safety", then maybe that Country that has 1.4 billion people on it will!

Funny Money's picture

Wen Wei Po? Wen Wei Po? We always Po!

JRobby's picture

Of course they are.


Ancientkarma's picture

Think I'd bet all those NGO s are registered charities.

roadlust's picture

OMG!  The US is supporting democracy in Hong Kong??!  Poor facist China!  (The new darling poster state of crony capitalist authoritarianism.)

Another bizarre re-working of actual facts to fit the limitlessness of Evil Conspiracism.

intotheblack's picture

Just like we support "democracy" in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan ... oh, wait.

Why do the "democrats" we support always behave so badly? I'm certain the Caliph of the newly constituted and CIA armed and funded Islamic State will issue a fatwa on climate change, a living wage, and why women need free birth control, but so far only beheadings and stuff. 

kchrisc's picture

The DC US is playing with fire with a can of gasoline and a lighter.

An American, not US subject.

boeing747's picture

If you want RE tycoons, Banking cartels and Foreign interests control HK, please students occupy Asian Wall Street all year round. The best excuse to take away your freedom is 'for your freedom'.

the grateful unemployed's picture

Occupy Central, Si! Occupy Wall Street, NO!

johnmack's picture

Russia to china, "if you dont back me up you are next"

China to Russia "oh dont be so paranoid"

**Hong Kong protests occur**

Russia to China "told ya"

China "gulp"




Volaille de Bresse's picture

"Russia to china, "if you dont back me up you are next"

China to Russia "oh dont be so paranoid"

**Hong Kong protests occur**

Russia to China "told ya"

China "gulp""


combatsnoopy's picture

Folks, The US Agent Provocateur bullshit artists are pure amateurs. 
THIS is what an angry Chinese person really looks like:
And believe me, there's no shortage of tantrum throwing Asians.  

If you REALLY wanted to incite a riot in Hong Kong (and this should be handled with great care)...take the slot machines out of Macau and force all the citizens in China to care for their Tiger Mom.


Otherwise the country's prosperity rose, they're not going to riot only because Putin signed a natural gas deal with China and they're definately not protesting the linking of the HK and other Chinese exchanges.  

besnook's picture

i love chinese women as much as latin women(and i married a polack). screaming chinese women, oh, the memories.

laomei's picture

it's not really a secret when it's obvious

combatsnoopy's picture

"Behind the so-called “Occupy Central” protests … is a deep and insidious network of foreign financial, political, and media support. Prominent among them is the US State Department and its National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as well as NED’s subsidiary, the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

Now, the US has taken a much more overt stance in supporting the chaos their own manipulative networks have prepared and are now orchestrating. The White House has now officially backed “Occupy Central.” Reuters in its article, “White House Shows Support For Aspirations Of Hong Kong People,” would claim:

The White House is watching democracy protests in Hong Kong closely and supports the “aspirations of the Hong Kong people,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Monday. “"



IF that's the "democracy" this astroturf was protesting, then why did the US government attack the Occupy Wall Street protestors here? 

q99x2's picture

The Chinese have computers and Internet access 50 times the speed of the US. Hell of a chance that they want American style democracy. 

combatsnoopy's picture

I was informed through word of mouth that protesters were paid 500 Hong Kong Dollars per day for the protest.  They just raised it to 800 HKD per day.  So that's just over $100/day in USD appx to protest. 

TheGreatRecovery's picture

4 laws.

Again, if the Fed (the bankers) can create money out of thin air ("funny-money"), loan it at the "discount window" to themselves (after changing their hats to "officers of branches of global banking mega-empires") at 0% interest, and those banks can then double it, triple it, or quadruple it via "fractional banking", and send it to their offices all over the world, with "national security secrecy privilege", then how hard would it be for some of it to end up paying agents provocateur, drug smugglers, arms smugglers, political operatives, and even assassins and terrorists doing things that would help the bankers expand their mega-empires?

POWER CORRUPTS, so it would be easy to imagine bankers finding themselves irresistibly tempted to get something for nothing by using funny-money thus to expand their empires.

but THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING IS IF SOMEBODY ELSE IS GETTING NOTHING FOR SOMETHING.  That somebody else, apparently, is the people who work for, save in, or loan in USA dollars - workers, savers, pensionsers, bond-purchasers, etc.  The nothing-for-something is the fact that the dollars they receive in return for the dollars they contributed via work, savings, or loans, purchase less.  Save a dollar that could buy a gallon of milk, and when you retire get back a dollar that will buy a quart of milk.

the LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND says that, when the Fed creates three funny-money dollars for every real dollar that represented some real work by some real person, the buying power of the dollar shrinks to a quarter.

BAD MONEY DRIVES OUT GOOD, so perhaps it will end, somehow, as the USA dollar becomes so bad that other countries "drive away from it", and start trading in other currencies.  I can't picture what the USA would look like societally if that happened, though.

fleur de lis's picture

There were reports that the Kiev protesters were paid to show up as well. Must be nice to have all that money to throw around just to stage a social upheaval. 

estebanDido's picture

So China is a dictatorship, at least we know who is dictating. In the US who is dictating? Not the clowns in Wash dc for sure.

chinaboy's picture

Thank you, G.W..

A minor correction, HongKong did not enjoy more democracy under British rule. The Governor was British appointed. Right now, there is a limited election. 

messystateofaffairs's picture

China and HK have problems they need to sort out. The US has problems it needs to sort out, one of them being that it has long been a serial meddler.

eishund's picture

Hong Kong wanton noodles are nicer than Singapore's. Really.

CuttingEdge's picture

Any Blackwater operatives in Hong Kong yet? Or are they all still busy bringing US-style democracy and freedom to Eastern Ukraine?

directaction's picture

What these protesters want most are green cards. And they'll get them, too. 

williambanzai7's picture

You see in America, all con-didates must be vetted by The Bilderberbooger Group. This makes globalist cents...

the grateful unemployed's picture

and who vetted George Bush, for history's sake they should repeat the campaign of 2000 just for some persepective on what a completely dishonest candidate looks like. if people had paid attention to the Bush campaign, as subterfuge, they would have never elected Obama. it is possible to see the fault in this process, but people just don't want to examine the record. from now on every candidate for president should have to sign an impeachment clause, reverse policy on most of your campaign points and you automatically get kicked out.

WhyWait's picture

Dubya didn't have to be vetted.  He's family.

Coldfire's picture

GW - I'm not an Occupy Central insider but as a long-time resident of Hong Kong, I feel that Occupy Central/the Umbrella Movement lacks the indicia of the many Langley-sponsored "color" revolutions. For one thing, no violence (a la Central Casting Maidan cartoon). It feels more like Hong Kong asserting its bred-in-the-bone right to liberty (does anyone remember liberty?) which it enjoyed (and understood) in spades prior to the effete UK Foreign Office selling out Hong Kong (Island, which had been ceded in perpetuity) to the CCP, for some unspecified mess of pottage. Not that the USSA doesn't love to see China losing face, which, so far, it is losing in spades. But I don't think the CIA, culturally, could find its ass with both hands in modern Hong Kong, and hence would hardly be able to deliver a color revolution. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm not losing sleep over the possibility. The Chinese nomenklatura needs Hong Kong more than Hong Kong needs China, if only for money laundering purposes. This will become apparent if Beijing kills their golden goose. Yeah, it could happen. But more would be the pity. Coldfire

Cheduba's picture

This leaves me shocked!  The mere thought that the shining city on the hill would interfere in the affairs of foreign countries is doubleplus ungood.

tip e. canoe's picture

excellent comments everyone, bringing back the old school hedge with intelligent & respectful debate.

riffing off of Ghordius' insightful observation as to the precise flashpoint of this particular situation, it should be noted that China has been overt in its covert subversion of the democratic process,

whereas in the US/UK, they are covert in their overt subversions.

reasonable minds can disagree as to which is preferable, but the irony should not be lost on anyone.

so far, i'm with Paveway on this one. at this point, no one should be naive enough to think that there are not puppets on the stage speaking in forked tongues, but that does not necessarily mean that the other players are not honorable or the cause is not just.

which path the collective intelligence choose to take remains to be seen...

Chupacabra-322's picture

"Another explanation is that once again, as in Kiev, gullible westernized students have been organized by the CIA and US-financed NGOs to take to the streets in hopes that the protests will spread from Hong Kong to other Chinese cities. The Chinese, like the Russians, have been extremely careless in permitting Washington to operate within their countries and to develop fifth columns."

-Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

Bro of the Sorrowful Figure's picture

the US is not so secretly involved everywhere else in the world. not surprising we would be involved in protests on china's backdoor as well.


as an aside, i wish i could print as much money as i wanted and indoctrinate and rouse a bunch of "gullible westernized students".

realWhiteNight123129's picture

It is going to backfire in a bad way... guaranteed... 

Reaper's picture

"Things are not what they seem, skim milk masquerades as cream." Gilbert & Sullivan.   The foolish trust in the unexamined, the labels, the uniforms, or the rhetoric.   Cui quo, at this time?     How foolish to ignore the pattern seen elsewhere and that this time it's different.

Mi Naem's picture

"Is the U.S. Secretly Egging On Hong Kong Protesters?

That was my assumption from the beginning. 

“Actually there are no grassroot[s] revolutions, period. Any revolution is a byproduct of a highly-organized group of conscientious and professional organizers, but has nothing to do with grassroot[s].” from G. Edward Griffin Interview with Yuri Bezmenov: Part Three