Doctor Boards Atlanta Flight In HazMat Suit To Protest "Lying CDC"

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"If they're not lying, they are grossly incompetent," said Dr. Gil Mobley, a microbiologist and emergency trauma physician from Springfield, Mo. as he checked in and cleared Atlanta airport security wearing a mask, goggles, gloves, boots and a hooded white jumpsuit emblazoned on the back with the words, "CDC is lying!" As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, Mobley says the CDC is "sugar-coating" the risk of the virus spreading in the United States.


As The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports,

A Missouri doctor Thursday morning boarded a plane at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport dressed in full protection gear to protest what he called mismanagement of the crisis by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Dr. Gil Mobley checked in and cleared airport security wearing a mask, goggles, gloves, boots and a hooded white jumpsuit emblazoned on the back with the words, “CDC is lying!”


“If they’re not lying, they are grossly incompetent,” said Mobley, a microbiologist and emergency trauma physician from Springfield, Mo.


Mobley said the CDC is “sugar-coating” the risk of the virus spreading in the United States.


“For them to say last week that the likelihood of importing an Ebola case was extremely small was a real bad call,” he said.


“Once this disease consumes every third world country, as surely it will, because they lack the same basic infrastructure as Sierra Leone and Liberia, at that point, we will be importing clusters of Ebola on a daily basis,” Mobley predicted. “That will overwhelm any advanced country’s ability to contain the clusters in isolation and quarantine. That spells bad news.”




Mobley, a Medical College of Georgia graduate who had an overnight layover after flying to Atlanta from Guatemala on Wednesday...


“Yesterday, I came through international customs at the Atlanta airport,” the doctor told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The only question they asked arriving passengers is if they had tobacco or alcohol.”

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It seems CDC Director Frieden agrees...

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e_goldstein's picture

It's a mix, knuks. The dudes you never see who come up with and implement this shit, evil and competent.

The assholes that explain the cover story and tell the public what to do--from President Putter, down through the administration, all the way to the lowly hooker earning her living as a TV reporter--just plain bumbling fucks.

InjectTheVenom's picture

you just hugely insulted plain bumbling fucks by comparing them to President Putter 

g speed's picture

I guess you haven't been in the US Army ---they invented FUBAR---IMHO It is just tons and tons of incompetence of "the ones in charge" all over the world. I kind of think this is going to be a pretty big reset---alot of the "in charge" crowd are going to end up paying the piper-- probably most of the "gubment worker" types will be center target-- they have been bullshit authority for much to long and most non cop/gubment peons hold a lot of grudge.-----just saying. 

Quinvarius's picture

The only contradictions involve what the government says because they are worried it will slow down the economy and trade.

taketheredpill's picture



If Ebola is a "staged" psy-op, then they must be pissed it took almost 40 years to spread.  Seriously, i definitely believe in psy-ops but not in this case since 1) this thing has been percolating for 40 years and a major outbreak was just a matter of time and 2) why would they release something that has the potential to shut down global economy?

Sweet Chicken's picture

"V" for Vendetta is a very plausible answer to your question. 

JRobby's picture

why would they release something that has the potential to shut down global economy?

Because it is seen as a faster route to NWO/Police State than the current false flags spaced out over time.

KidHorn's picture

I agree. This wasn't planned by anyone. In case you've missed the obvious, many (most?) posters on ZH think everything is a cover up or conspiracy. They probably think this post is a part of the coverup.

The wealthy and powerful lose the most if everyone dies. Money and authority will become worthless and they'll have to do things themselves instead of hiring someone. Everyone loses but the poor benefit the most from a pandemic. Relatively speaking.

Things that go bump's picture

The poor who survived the black death found themselves in a much better position than previous to the epidemic. Their labor could now command premium wages. Their wealth increased due to inheritance, often finding themselves the only living heir of the holdings and belongings of their entire bloodline. Even serfs found their condition much improved. There is a journal still extant of the widow of a lord in which she complains that she couldn't get her people to give the labor she was due unless she paid them. In Midieval times a serf received his hut, a portion of land for his own use and his lord's protection. In return he was required to give his lord an average of 3 days a week in labor. Other payments were occasionally required. Perhaps at Christmas he would have to give his lord a goose. He paid a fee to marry and other fees as the occasions arose. Not unlike today. 

Lost Word's picture

Very True, except

the poor serfs only inherited serfdom,

unless their master was dead without heirs

and they could escape, perhaps as a trades man.

The lucky survivors were the poor younger sons or younger grandsons of land owners,

who inherited landed property,

because all the older sons or grandsons had died without heirs.

Things that go bump's picture

Midieval serfs were tied to the land. If they ran away and could support themselves for a year and a day, by tradition they were free. 

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yes, this was when they formed guilds.  Ordinary laborers and mercenaries increased greatly in importance.

The9thDoctor's picture

If ebola is a "psyop", then it's alternative media behind this so-called psyop, because they are the ones consistently posting Ebola articles.

The MSM hardly even mentions ebola. Joe Blow on his cell phone checking out his fantasy football stats doesn't even know, or care, what ebola even is.

Only ones panicking about ebola are the everything-is-a-conspiracy crowd.

Same thing happened during the swine flu hoax in 2009. All of these doomers were claiming martial law, UN troops, FEMA camps, millions will die, buy the talk show hosts' vitamin supplements to protect you, blah, blah, blah. Well, here we are 5 years later on message boards and it's the same chicken-little sky-is-falling posts.

Downvote me. I don't care about your group think. I've heard these doom stories since the Birch days.

Paveway IV's picture

Ebola is not a single, distinct virii. The current flavor of ebola spreading aroudn is the Zaire species ZBOV. Zaire is now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo or DRC. That's about three or four countries away from Gunia. The last outbreak in the Congo was over a decade ago in 2003.

So while it's possible that some bats in the Congo harbored the virus for over a decade without ANYONE there - not one person - getting infected, it's pretty damn improbable. It's even less improbable that the first resurgence of ZBOV would be several hundred miles away in an area where that species never never existed before.

Genetic testing on the current ZBOV strain shows few mutations compared to the samples collected in 2003. They expected more mutations for a virus in the wild in twelve or so years compared to a lab sample frozen in liquid nitrogen in 2003. In fact, there are so few mutations that scientists are speculating that the current outbreak can be linked more strongly to the frozen ZBOV samples than anything that has lived in the wild for over a decade.

In other words, the genetic fingerprint of the current ZBOV strain suggests it originated from the 2003 sample, not from some sickly DRC fruit bat that few 500 miles to Guinea and ended up in an infant's food one day.

Socratic Dog's picture

Sorry, that's just too damn rational.  Next you'll be saying 911 was a false flag.

Any links for that?

Paveway IV's picture
Article on the original sequencing ignoring peculiar theory of spread: Genomic surveillance elucidates Ebola virus origin and transmission during the 2014 outbreak


Discussion article that at least notes some oddities in the above report:

Genomic sequencing reveals origins, mutations of Ebola outbreak

Smoking gun from original report:

"...This suggests that the lineages of the three most recent outbreaks all diverged from a common ancestor at roughly the same time c. 2004 (Fig. 2C and Fig. 3A), supporting the hypothesis that each outbreak represents an independent zoonotic event from the same genetically diverse viral population in its natural reservoir..." 

At least three different strains from a common ancestor disappear for a decade, then almost simultaneously reappear half-a-continent away.

An astronomical improbability in nature, or USAMRIID bugs - you decide.

And the current species - Zaire Ebolavirus - is now indicated by EBOV. ZBOV (which I incorrectly used above) is an older tag used for Zaire Ebolavirus.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"If Ebola is a "staged" psy-op..."

If you attribute this to Pharma GREED, then this scare and "bungling" becomes "Malicious Bungling" for purposes of CREATING WILD DEMAND for EBOLA VACCINE.  Bullish for Dow/stocks.

taketheredpill's picture



If your "psy ops" comment was a Troll. got me.

Zhuge Liang's picture

no, i don't believe this is a real threat.  there may be a pathogen out there, but not nearly as virulent as portrayed.  perhaps even a fail on their part, as they have laying out the ebola nightmare for decades.  to really get a fear reaction, it takes careful groundwork.   In short, even if there is a real ebola bug, it doesn't spread nearly as easily as they want you to believe.  but they can fake small outbreaks around the country for a long time, so, the only way to know the truth is is you see mass outbreaks, without entire towns getting sick.   so far, hasn't happened in Africa, or anywhere else.  if it really was going to happen, half of africa should be sick by now, as anyone with a brain knows there is no way to contain a virulent virus in africa once it has started to spread.  

so, either this is all psyop, or, the bio engineered pathogen is a dud.... 

Charming Anarchist's picture

+ 1 for going against the tide on speaking about this psy op. 

dot_bust's picture

I agree with you. The early-stage symptoms of Ebola are virtually indistinguishable from the flu, and flu season is starting. So, every hypochondriac with the flu will panic and rush to the hospital.

No one should forget the phony swine flu pandemic. The U.S. Government did a great job panicking people about that bogus crap.

Obama has a penchant for starting public panics. Remember the alleged BP oil spill. Then there was Sandy Hoax and the Boston Bombing hoax. Maybe we should call Obama the Hoaxer in Chief.

rwe2late's picture


The "alleged BP oil spill" ??

-- that Obama sided with BP in covering up?

Transformer's picture

Hey, even an experienced conspiracy theorist makes a mistake now and then.

dot_bust's picture

When the mainstream media started saying that the alleged BP oil spill was going to be the end of the world, it became obvious that we were being hoodwinked.

We're getting the same sort of hysteria from the media over Ebola. Every year, the CDC reports that there are isolated cases in the U.S. where someone is diagnosed with something like bubonic plague or Lassa. In none of these cases is there a massive outbreak affecting the entire U.S. population. 

Viruses that are extremely virulent don't spread that easily. If they did, the human species would have been extinct long ago.

Believe it or not, the average person does have a functional immune system that successfully fights things off on a daily basis.

On a side note, don't forget the fake ISIS beheadings. How many staged incidents does it take for people to become skeptical.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

you write like you have some backround in medicine, but one statement like this makes you a candidate for Idiot of the year:

"Viruses that are extremely virulent don't spread that easily. If they did, the human species would have been extinct long ago."


cough cough spanish flu cough cough comes to mind. if you like your immune system so much hop on a jet to liberia and help the sick. don't come back if you shit blood.

Charming Anarchist's picture

Just do not force us to take your vaccines. 

Bastiat's picture

You forgot the "alleged" Fukushima meltdown.

lasvegaspersona's picture

While the virology of ebola may reveal relatively low transmissibility it has one thing flu doesn't have...a 50 fucking percent mortality rate. Flu can see higher than usual rates of mortality but death is uncommon in the usual strains. 

The other thing ebola has going for it (headline-wise) is all the health care workers who have died. Something in the story does not make sense. How are careful people letting a known risk kill them? Is there a lax attitude, I doubt that. Is there a transmission factor we don't understand?...maybe...

That is where the 'science thing' comes do not know until you look.

Politicians are used to being able to deal with facts that can be hidden or changed or intimidated. In medicine the rules are not like laws that were written by man that can be found and evaluated and gamed. In medicine one must discover the laws and obey. The punishment for non-compliance is always fair and uniformly enforced.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

If Ebola were to make a strong appearance here I would imagine the mortality rate would be much higher due to the fact our population is immunologically at a disadvantage. Kind of like exposing Small Pox to the new world. We have no endemic virus here that would confer even partial immunity to this.


Oliver Klozoff's picture

You're forgetting about "American Exceptionalism".

gallistic's picture

Our very own "endemic virus".

Does that give us partial immunity?

Overflow-admin's picture

Idiots do not necessarly do stupid things on purpose. But smart people do for sure.

putaipan's picture

s'funny- from her posts.... i always kinda assumed "miffed" was a woman.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Yeah it kind of shocks me too sometimes. Every day I crawl out of bed and catch my image in the mirror. Damn, I've got tits! Oh well, might as well have fun with it.


MonsterBox's picture

Comeon... THAT deserves a smile/wink.... 

Buck Johnson's picture

I know, I think they know that this is becoming more airborne everyday. 

44MagnumPrepper's picture

LOL Trolling win for the day.

McCormick No. 9's picture,7340,L-4568448,00.html

Patients Pending

Ebola awareness poster in Liberia (Photo: AP)    Medical crew in Sierra Leone (Photo: AP)      Israeli company offers to mass-produce US-patented Ebola drug

Protalix shares jump after TV report claiming its facility is one of few in world with the technology to manufacture antibodies for ZMapp.

maxw3st's picture

The CIA probably holds joint patents with Pfizer.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Frieden is a dual citizen.

Bloppy's picture

Laura Ingraham under fire over Obama-Ebola rant:


TruthDetector's picture

"Wash your hands & wait for the vaccine?!?!"

With such an INCREDIBLY infantile strategy, all we need to do is get Africa to USE SOAP?!?!?

Are there ADULTs ANYWHERE to be found in this administration?!?!


TruthDetector's picture

This regime is simply too dangerous to your health.

You've got more rights if you're an illegal with ebola than if you're a citizen.


JuliaS's picture

Greatest publicity stunt since Eddie Bernays' "Freedom Torches".

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

+100 for the Bernays reference!

Mind fucked, ftw!  I watched a couple minutes of TV the other day, and some ridiculous commercial comes on TV.  I tell my brother "Bet you its for cologne"  BAM.  Two seconds later, they are hawking cologne.

They try to sell you an emotion, or social standing (iCrap).

JuliaS's picture

I actually love commercials. They let you discover what "they" think of you - the viewer. They have algos crunching ratings, processign scripts, time slots etc.

Good example - late night commercials. Divorce lawyers, get rich fast schemes, private colleges, payday loans, stress meds. Why? Because they figure, people who stay up all night are stressed out about something. Either they're unemployed, uneducated, sick, going though family trouble or are just plain insane.

Commercials are predominantly male or female oriented. Very few programs target everyone. Very few shows are made to appeal equally to males and females.

I like weekend commercials. They're catered to old people. Why? Because they're most likely to be spending them in front of television, isntead of getting out of town after a hard week's work.

Sometimes you land on a show and you have not a slightest clue what it's about and who it's catered towards. Just wait for the commercial. It'll spell out exactly who the target audience is and will explain why you might not be getting it.

Love psychology. Took a brief university course, just as an assist, not directly related to my occupation. In this day and age, no psych education is required. One can get all the insights online, since the subject is purely academic. Once you learn it, the entire perception of the world will change and it'll either make you a cynic, or pull you into a permanent state of depression, both of which I think are better alternatives to blissful ignorance.

The9thDoctor's picture

The psychology taught in the universities is watered down garbage.

They portray Jung and Freud as crackpots, and portray BF Skinner as an absolute genius, when it should be the other way around.

The overpriced textbooks take Freud and Jung completely out of context. Then when I read Freud's and Jung's actual writings, they are genius, especially if you have a libertarian type anti-authority perspective.

You ask these Phd psychology professors about Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann, they never even heard of them! Not only that, "it's beyond the scope of this course" is what the most common answer I get from these Phds whenever I asked questions.

That's why I don't have a degree. It's a waste of time and money taking these useless courses that offer me zero marketable skills, and the professors don't know squat except for very nuanced factoids in some arcane snippet of their field of study.

JuliaS's picture

I agree with you eniterly.

I happened to land on a good instructor. All he focused on was ideological battle between Freud and Bernays, the evolution of propaganda, commercial marketing and role of psychology in pseudo-medicine.

Was a smart guy too, using his skill to provoke vigorous discussions by setting people against eachother. He personally got a kick out of manipulating students and using them as lab rats to prove his points. Every lesson had some clever trick behind it, set up like a standard test, where you think they're looking for one thing, while it's actually about something completely different.

Not every instructor's like that... and once again, the internet, is the best teacher when it comes to most subjects. I took my course before the internet became "a thing".