Labor Participation Rate Drops To 36 Year Low; Record 92.6 Million Americans Not In Labor Force

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While by now everyone should know the answer, for those curious why the US unemployment rate just slid once more to a meager 5.9%, the lowest print since the summer of 2008, the answer is the same one we have shown every month since 2010: the collapse in the labor force participation rate, which in September slid from an already three decade low 62.8% to 62.7% - the lowest in over 36 years, matching the February 1978 lows. And while according to the Household Survey, 232,000 people found jobs, what is more disturbing is that the people not in the labor force, rose to a new record high, increasing by 315,000 to 92.6 million!

And that's how you get a fresh cycle low in the unemployment rate.


So the next time Obama asks you if you are "better off now than 6 years ago" show him this chart of employment to the overall population: it speaks louder than the president ever could.

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New record.....not bad!


In other news Osama Bin still dead.

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They have reprised the old TV show "Welcome back Kotter" and named it "Welcome back Carter"

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Its called a Recovery

Job Situation:


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315k more young people to enlist into the US army OR 315k more bodies to get infected with Ebola....either way, it will work for tptb.

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I'm not sure why this is a big deal. Everyone new they would manipulate it down before the elections. I suppose people want to relish in the better scenario of economic collapse to keep their minds off of apocalyptic pandemic.

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Just to reiterate from earlier...

off topic, but I don't care...

look at the massive volume that just tanked the paper silver just now and it's under 17/oz once again! 

Massive spike in volume over 300,000.  Love it.  Stack up that phyzz, bitchez!

and FYI, supplies in huge shortage right now and there has been record setting sales of silver Eagles again in the last few days.  Premiums have spiked up as well and there are now delivery delays of up to 2 or more weeks. 

Get your orders placed now for phyzz.  You can wait to see if it drops to 16 or 15 or 10, but at the same time there won't be any supply and premiums might spike to 25% or higher just to off-set the downward paper price manipulation, so don't fucking wait to add to your stacks.

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Hey dude, we get it....I already bought some and down big.

Anyways, BACK TO TOPIC.....I think by next quarter the EBOLA INFECTION RATE will be MUCH higher than the Unemployment rate.

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Down the road these unemployment statistics will be seen as 'the good ole' days'

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You are looking at it all wrong, the tribe has never been richer.

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I don't know - I think it's serious this time around. 

The CIA is even laying off staff:

New York Times Plans to Eliminate 100 Jobs in the Newsroom

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Who needs 'reporters' or 'newsmen?' All you need are a handful of trolls dreaming up fictional "Better then Ever" stories or fake Horatio Alger success stories to keep the hoi poli tame, passive and full of hope.

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Aw c’mon;

Unemployment (likely because of .gov hiring, fast food and dollar stores) is down to 5.9 pct.

Happy days and prosperity is here again.. right before an election.


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..and not to be a Debbie Downer, but I would not be surprised if the global Ebola death count is over 20 million by sometime next spring (the decay of old life and the fruition of new life).’


Keep in mind it’s coming up to Hajj time and the SWHTF then. are not going to keep a desperate, ignorant (infected) believer from going to his almighty (small caps intended).

..mooslime and liberal red votes welcomed on this post.

.. hey, the highly paid and educated docs and Feds at the CDC have your back, just like they do in Dallas.


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Gov keeps people employed doing nothing. A crew used to lay 5 miles of road a day. Now it takes two years to resurface 5 miles.

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100% Unemployment would be a good thing!

The Abolition of Work by Bob Black:

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Just change the definition a bit.  Food stamp or welfare recipient becomes welfare entrepreneur.  Homeless person becomes shopping cart dealer. 

Now they can all be added to the birth death model as new businesses.  Unemployment rate goes negative.  Problem solved.  More votes for obama.

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It's going lower, I'm keeping my powder dry...

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I bought yesterday. Not interested in trying to catch the absolute bottom. I'll just double up if it drops more.

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At this point delivery is what matters in metals. You can get it but the volume of physical being sold is depleting the supply. When deliveries go out to 2 or 3 weeks or a month then you will be glad, even at a dollar or so more, that you hold it.

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Cash and carry at the LCS - no delivery, no records.

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lets see what numbers can we falsely juice then revise?

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the economy is so good people dont have to work


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It's all bovine doody - there are plenty of jobs if your a naturalized citizen from an NES (National endowment for sedition), ... err NED (Nation Endowment for Democracy). Always thought democracy meant no controlling outside forces. Member one time, when ole Larry King was still gate-keep-shilling on CNN, and his guest was smiling Jimmy Carter's CIA honcho. Larry asked him what the purpose of the CIA was, and the ex CIA chief ripped a hole in the fabric of time and space with the "truth". He said, with some measurable protuberance in his voice, and unequivocally, that the, " .. job of the CIA was to buy treason" (like we already didn't know.

Now Larry King is on RT asking those in Power, like the Jonus Brothers, really important questions. lardy lardy lar, or asking RT commentator, Abby Martin, if she's single - really important stuff  - pablim formula current events to comfort the sheeple.

But back to topic - JOBS: If your a naturalized citizen from a country being targeted by NED or the CIA, there's plenty of work. If ya wanna be a bag man for the CIA or NED theres plenty of work. like Hong Kong, and those fondly remember hot spots of not so long ago,like Syria, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Algeria etc etc etc.

Like the pole tuggers in Reagan's administration used to fart from their mouths them mighty helpful dictums for the US gentry, "if ya can't find a job where you live, MOVE". 

Jobs will come around - the US will need plenty of BBQ chefs when the commons finally says "jesus fucking titty christ - no fucking more", and decides to put all them white shoed CSPAN dandies on a spit to slow roast over the embers of a recently hatched Phoenix.


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you write real perty but...what meaneth "buy treason"?

Cadavre's picture

think in third person terms - it mean to pay some local yokels, in a targeted nation, to ferment seditious acts, like Maiden in Ukraine, ot the Free Libyan Rebels, or the Free Syria Rebel Army

Have not been watching the tube or nosing the news, but as soon as I saw it, in a lame-stream story `bout "occupy central" in Hong Kong, I knew, sure as a terd smells like shit, that it be an NED sponsored /CIA sponsored bunch of ex pat Taiwanese incorrigibles on the dole from US tax payers doing dirty deeds real cheap.

The NED is a gaggle of banker colonization tug jobbers of big US flagged multinationals like Goldman Sachs, Mc Donalds, Big Energery and Big Defense

Ya gotta love the chutzpa og Goldman Sachs, especially in Greece and Libya.

Of course in the US, they bulldozed, gassed and sprayed Occupy wall street protesters, but in Ukraine - US said "No NO - only we can can murder citizens of other countries.

Even way back when Yeltsin, who shared with a CBS new gal, that he used to bang his old lady on the kitchen floor, and Russia became capitalist, the terms of the IMF placement required that Russia use the money for things like Mc Donalds and Coka Cola plants (Ford Foundation / CIA).

Right Now Communist China is more capitalist then the US. The US is running on a shadow set of secret "laws" perpetuated by neo liberal socialist fascists.

Call you congressman, ask if wor she or itor whatever would bring a bill to the floor to fund the Free American Rebel Army. They do it for every other place on this rock.

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you guys crack me up. There is no delivery problems. Get off the crack. This has been the same smack people have been duped into for a long time now. Its crazy.

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Tune in, turn on, drop out. 

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Saving in PM's is great, if you have steady income, then stock some away, sure.

But for the almost NINETY-THREE MILLION out there who have no reliable source of income, silver does not help anything.  It just traps one's money in a nice and shiny store of value.  

Some of us need liquid currency, in order to purchase goods and services, and to save for doing real things other than preparing for the apocalpyse that never comes.  

Be diversified, but be realistic, too.  Not everyone can afford to "STACK PHYZZZ" to the fucking moon.   

It's an insurance policy - little more. 

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This is absolutely great...I just bought a couple of ounces of gold today at a bargain.  I'll wait if it goes down more I'll excahnge more of my 401k for PM.

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so i am expected to believe according to these graphs that for 35 years the labor participation rates has remained within a steady 5% window,, averaging around 62% +/- 2.5%

i call horseshit on these statistics. total fucking horseshit. 

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The fake 5.9% has nothing to do with the upcoming elections. Its sole purpose is to give the Fed cover to start raising rates, which is what the big banks now want the Fed to do. The exact same purpose behind the surprise 4.6% GDP print last quarter.

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I hope you're wrong.

But considering that 4.6% GDP from the previous quarters' -2.9% fall constitutes a 7.5% RISE IN GDP OUT OF THIN AIR...

I think you may have a point there.  

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No, it's about the election this always happens during election year.  It's to push the Democrats to the top and get elected.  You did noticed that in 2012, right?  When all of a sudden the unemployment rate fell below 7% and Obama claim he has improved the economy and got re-elected.

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I disagree. The Fed and the Oligarchs they serve don't care who is elected because both parties support the Oligarch agenda. Just watch, in a couple of months the Fed will raise rates and they will point to GDP and the unemployment rate as justifications.

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Watch for those Ebola smears on the unemployment checks and EBT cards.  

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5.9% unemployment  = 92,000,000 not in the labor force...

Common Core at its best!


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how about a chart that shows male participation in the labor force?  a key goal of our owners has been to destroy traditional familiy structures, including by strangling men from their traditional role as family leader and provider.

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In war on prosperity, many citizenry is enlist in FSA, so cannot participate in labor force. This is well known phenomenon in time of conflict.

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I swear I would prouldy wear that as a tattoo on my back.  Sounds like it should be attributed to Sun Tzu.

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It's not war on prosperity Boris, it is war on white, middle class families in the US... TPTB want obedient brown people with an IQ of 76 as the future of America... 

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Fuckin' lulz!

Middle class White folks (WITH fuckin GUNS) are lying low but its the brown people who are docile!

curbjob's picture

Lulz ... yup we can see how well that played out in Ferguson. Meanwhile angry armed white suburbanite,  watching dancing with the stars, are down voting the State with their teevee remotes.


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I've been an active unemployed "SAHD"...or I prefer "father" for 4 months now. Fuck working and paying $16K/year to have some dumb cunt to "watch" and take care of my baby girl. The jobs offers I do get on the phone are fucking pathetic. Usually from some "Tech" recruiting company who says I have the "perfect" position for you and then they offer me $15/hr to do it when I have 20+ years in the field. 

I obtain more satisfaction changing diapers. Fuck em all! I'm staying home. Bitches.

Caveman93's picture

EBT? No thanks. I grow my own food.