The Shocking Truth: The U.S. Medical System Is Woefully Unprepared for Ebola

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Government spokesmen and mainstream talking heads keep saying that Ebola is no threat to the U.S., because our medical system is thoroughly prepared.

However, Reuters notes that American nurses say they are not prepared for Ebola:

Nurses, the frontline care providers in U.S. hospitals, say they are untrained and unprepared to handle patients arriving in their hospital emergency departments infected with Ebola.




A survey by National Nurses United of some 400 nurses in more than 200 hospitals in 25 states found that more than half (60 percent) said their hospital is not prepared to handle patients with Ebola, and more than 80 percent said their hospital has not communicated to them any policy regarding potential admission of patients infected by Ebola.


Another 30 percent said their hospital has insufficient supplies of eye protection and fluid-resistant gowns.

CBS News reports:

U.S. hospitals and health care workers …  say the staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas were unprepared to handle the patient — and that this is likely the case at hospitals throughout the country.


Bonnie Castillo, director of the Registered Nurses Response Network, part of the nurses union National Nurses United, said a majority of union members surveyed say their employers haven’t offered appropriate training to deal with an Ebola outbreak.




85 percent said they were not provided any type of formal education to prepare for Ebola patients.

Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D. – former Lt. Governor of New York - writes at Fox News:

Most hospitals in the U.S. lack the rigor and discipline to control Ebola. That’s why common infectious diseases such as MRSA and C. diff are racing through these hospitals, killing an estimated 75,000 patients every year. Ebola is even deadlier. Yet the CDC has done little to equip hospitals, other than send around memos.


  • As Dr. Sanjay Gupta notes, there have been severe lapses in safety at the Centers for Disease Control and U.S. hospitals in treating infectious diseases

“CDC continues to work with reduced financial resources, which similarly affects state, local, and insular public health departments. … These losses make it difficult for state and local health departments to continue to expand their preparedness capabilities, instead forcing them to focus on maintaining their current capabilities.”

  • The CDC report also notes that state and local public health departments on the front lines of any health emergency have shed 45,700 jobs since the 2008 financial crisis (at the same time, hospital staffs are being reduced nationwide.)
  • In 2010, the Obama administration scrapped CDC’s quarantine regulations aimed at Ebola
  • The Department of Homeland Security inspector general issued a scathing report in September warning the department was woefully unprepared for a pandemic

In addition:

  • Two national experts on the spread of infectious disease say that Ebola can spread through aerosols - so healthcare workers should wear protective respirators - but government officials refuse to even consider the possibility.  In any event, the virus is mutating (and see this), so an overly cavalier attitude is not productive

It’s time to stop pretending we’re prepared. It’s long past time we actually became prepared.

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jonjon831983's picture

"Obamacare may hold the key to saving the us from ebola"



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Health Care is a key area where State should have its say.

The US is a prime example where health care is run by Corporate profit making organisations who only think in terms of short term profits and therefore never invest in areas where the client segment has no money; whatever the larger picture for humanity.

Thats where State should step in and invest in fundamental R&D and not pander to Corporate pressures who prefer inventing anti obesity and Viagra type fad medicinal molecules instead of going after pandemic trends. I'm not saying the medical/health industry is all corrupt; but it does have the same trend as the tobacco industry...becoming the problem instead of being the solution. 

Miss out on infrastructure, miss out on renewable energy, miss out on fundamental R&D and the State is a sitting duck to becoming a surrogate for financial and MIC destructive Oligarchy inspired plays; all in the name of "freedom of enterprise".

Thats where we are. With a headless, toothless State for the good of the common man but paranoid on MIC controlled security issues.

And ultimately its the fault of the voter. 

In the West we still have the privilege of democracy which the people of HK look like they will lose. 

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Regarding the Newark passengers:

The man and his daughter were taken to University Hospital, wherethe emergency room will not accept anyone else for four hours

So this flu season when we will be having a lot of Ebola scares flooding the ERs, be sure not to have a heart attack, get into a bad car accident, or have anything else happen to you that can't wait for 4 hours.

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Butt the US does have a world class medical billing system.

gann1212's picture


she was talking about this a long time ago. would be interested to hear what she has to say now

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The only Ebola in the DC US is being carried around by Adam Lanza and the Tsarnaev brothers and flew in on MH-17.

An American, not US subject.


"Funny how one of the least dense counties in the world keeps catching convenient diseases."

weburke's picture

the us keeps people from getting essential oils in their food as a policy, leading to inflammation and lots of disease. soy oil is an endicrine system disrupter.  know that.

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I think the federal government will take strong action on 11/5.

vegan's picture

CDC claims "the system" is ready to deal with an Ebola problem.

* Front-line healthcare workers are not part of "the system", they just work for "the system". They're disposable, apparently.


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The American medical system isn't even prepared for the sick people we have now.


I complained to the CDC head Freidan regarding the safety protocol for Ebola and they got back to me within a week. They have teams working on the new safety protocols given all the complaints. I suspect that the CDC and WHO will revise their current safety protocols within two weeks from now. Moreover, everyone agrees that 'full respiration suits' are needed given this is a class 4 biohazard and extremely dangerous to all health care workers in every hospital in the entire world.

disabledvet's picture

The guy at the CDC is a pediatrician. The President needs to be fired immediately. You need to have a QUARANTINE.

Google "Apollo mission quarantine procedures" in case you want a primer.

That was fear of space rocks...which is interesting in its own right...but this is the deadliest disease known to human kind. "The worst fear is to claim not to have any."

Why was the Final Solution criminal? Because they refused to contain the outbreaks is certainly one reason.

A good question for the media to ask is whether or not this is an attack of some sort actually. They never will of course. I find it interesting that the co-founder of the Ebola virus has said the only reason we are even hearing about the outbreak is because some Americans got infected.

That would be easily one of the foremost if not the foremost expert on this particular disease. Why isn't this guy talking to us on a daily basis?

Same reason Arnie Gunderson was not to be interviewed regularly on Fukushima.

Of course "equities rally on this non-news news."

Clesthenes's picture

But the real truth is that the medical industry has no interest in health; it thrives on sickness.  I mean, what else can we conclude when 75,000 die every year under its care?  It, in  fact, produces sickness, or causes a hastened rate of degeneration with its prescription drugs.  A prescription drug means it has been approved by the FDA for public consumption.  However, before the FDA will accept a concoction for examination, the applicant must include a so-called LD-50 (Lethal Dosage, 50%).

In other words, all prescription drugs contain poisons.

Thus, if you’re interested in health, you need to get as far away from the medical industry as possible.  Most so-called health professionals are not much better.

I’ve been experimenting with this approach for more than 45 years, and have achieved results far beyond what I ever expected: I have REDUCED – not SLOWED – my biological age more than 50 years.  How do I verify this?  Hitting baseballs is my exercise, and I’ve had many former pro and college players tell me that if I played ball at the level of a major college, I would “wreck” the league, among numerous other compliments.  Players at this level are around the age of twenty (FIFTY years younger than me) and a few of them are a season or two away from a major league roster.  In this video, I’m hitting 117-121 mph fast balls.  It will lead you to an intro to my regimen.

In other words, my health regimen can replace the standard “health insurance”; which is not a “health” insurance – but a sort of “death” insurance.  You see, it only subsidizes prescription drugs or related activities, and leads to faster degeneration and death.  My regimen does the opposite.


Of course, this “death” insurance is exactly what “they” want: the faster Americans die after they retire, the longer retirement systems (such as SSA) will operate before they bankrupt, and those guilty of plundering such systems will have to answer for what they did.

tvdog's picture

Every substance is poisonous in large enough quantities, even water.

Macchendra's picture

A lot of good points in your manifesto...  But how do I know if I am getting enough revenge?  I'm sincerely worried here, I may have to call in a professional to help me manage this.  Also, what's the best way quell the pesky desire to forgive?  My neighbor, for example, walked out of his apartment wearing a shirt that really imposed his bad taste on my eyes. It has really derailed my goals in that area that I have worked years to maintain! Part of me says it's not my business, but I'm afraid if I let it go my health may suffer...

himaroid's picture

Is your pamplhlet/book still avail? Little woozy now, but, ahm, King Johns antagonist's manifesto? Progenitor/ancestor to the our own Cavalier's?







SubjectivObject's picture

I call BS

Who here was shocked by thid?

Kassandra's picture

I saw something last night that was somewhat encouraging. It was an interview with NYC University hospital (I think). What they have been doing for some time is "secret patient" along the secret shopper line. People who show up in the ER who state they have been in W Africa and they are sick.
They aren't really sick or really patients, but the ER nurses do not know that. When they say they have been in W Africa, they are supposed to be put in a separate room immediately and interviewed and questioned there. At first, they messed up a lot. Now they are doing it correctly. They are practicing. All major hospitals and most minor ones need to practice this until it becomes automatic.

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Most hospitals have cut costs way below any semblance of effective care while jacking their rates to achieve max income. As an example the hospital in our Central texas town, which is a regional medical center for seven counties, has zero doctors on duty at night. Oh, they are on call, but not there. And when one does show up on an emergency call they are just as likely to be an OB/GYN as an internist. The emergency room is staffed by contract doctors from as far away as San antonio and Austin. The nursing staff is by and large obese, heavy smokers, bitter and uncaring. The LVN's are even worse - they are at the hospital because it pays a little better than so-called nursing homes. I personally know around ten people in this town who have been crippled by incompetent surgery, subjected to life-long pain by incompetent prescribing, and two who were killed by the docs. One was a guy whose doc ( a veddy veddy nice Pakistani gentleman) insisted that he be treated with blood thinner even though he had come to the hospital with a huge pain in the abdomen. Well, the blood thinner melted the clogged ulcer in his gut and he bled out there and then. So sorry. Another Ka-Ching in my bank account in Lahore.

The same system that operates this way, and that kills over 100,000 people a year because the staff can't bother to wash their hands, is expected to handle Ebola once it gets raging? Hospitals are already one of the deadliest institutions in America - about to jump to the top of the list.

Oh and by the way. Do you know what the second most contaminated part of a doctor is next to his unwashed hands? If he's wearing a necktie that hangs loose so that when he bends over the bed it flops out and brushes whoever is in the bed - alarm bells should start ringing. That necktie has been taking biological samples from every patient the doc has seen that day. NEVER let a doctor wearing a necktie get close to you or anyone who you are guarding. Yes, guarding. Anybody in a hospital without someone who loves them guarding them 24/7 WILL be injured or killed - count on it.

TeethVillage88s's picture

I think we get 90,000 accidental deaths in Hospitals Annually in the USA. But there is a coding problem since drug overdoses can be often coded as poisoning due to rigid coding system which hides the mistakes made in US Hospitals.

Original Study was published in JAMA in 1994 maybe.

Medication Safety - JAMA -
Mar 5, 2003 estimated that 29000 deaths due to ADRs occurred annually in the United

Death by Medicine By Gary Null - Whale -
The number of people having in-hospital, adverse drug reactions (ADR) to prescribed .... which appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). ..... She urges the use of ICD (International Classification of Diseases) codes ...

SolosGirl's picture

The numbers are more like 400,000--and that is primarily medication errors that directly or indirectly cause death.

That said. What most people fail to comprehend is that we are also human beings, not just healthcare workers, so selflessly putting our own lives on the line for yours. Nowhere in the Hippocratic Oath does it say that I have to put my life at risk for you. Nowhere in the Nursing Code of Ethics does it say that I have to put my life at risk for you. Nowhere. 

If--and this irritates the shit out of me when "aerosolized" and "airborne" are being thrown around as the same thing---IF ebola becomes AIRBORNE as opposed to what is IS NOW and ALWAYS HAS BEEN---AEROSOLIZED---then yes, we're in serious trouble. NOT because "the medical staff is unprepared".

The level of expectation from the average American is that no matter YOUR ability to pay the bill, we will go balls to the wall to save your ass. Well, that's simply not reasonable. There is a concept in healthcare called "justice". It's the team making decisions on limited resources---time/effort/personnel/materials/equipment---and doing what is best for everyone coming through that door, not just one special American (which everyone seems to think is them). Should we just go ahead and burn through the entire stock of resources---gather every specialist on the planet--just for little old you?  That, my friend, is a typical American attitude. Of course it's all about you.

At the end of the day, all we're hearing is that WE are unprepared and unethical and unfeeling and cynical---blahblahblah.  It's amazing to me that everyone feels that when THEY need help from the healthcare team, we should be standing by, ready to take a bullet.  Where is that same loyalty and trust when you're asked to simply comply with doctors' orders or a Nursing plan--to save your own life?  How about stop smoking, eating twinkies and snicker's bars (you diabetics know who you are), get a little exercise and take care of your damn selves and not expect US to step in to remediate the damage (again. and again. and again.) All we get is shit when you don't need us---but when you do--ever hear that saying about criticizing the waiter that brings you your soup?

If by "unprepared" you mean that you're afraid that we'll abandon our posts at your time of need?  Well, if you live in reality, you should comprehend that how we feel---is that if you have such little respect for your own life--obese, smoking, alcoholic, illicit/prescription drugs, simply defying a doctors' recommendation because you don't feel like giving up eating twinkies for breakfast---why should we risk our lives for yours?

Nasty truth. But there it is.

americanspirit's picture

Solosgirl - I agree with much of what you say about people taking responsibility for their own health. But I couldn't disagree more with your statement "What most people fail to comprehend is that we are also human beings, not just healthcare workers, so selflessly putting our own lives on the line for yours."

In fact very few health care workers put their lives on the line for others, and IMO many if not most health care workers are in it for the money, not to sacrifice themselves selflessly for others. I know that is the image that the medical profession likes to promote - but the fact is that most doctors are drug salesmen and surgery touts who are strictly in it for the money. If the Ebola virus really starts raging we'll see how many medical professionals act in "self-sacrifice". My guess - 5%.

I learned long ago not to give my waiter a hard time, but now you're saying be nice to doctors and nurses - or else? I do know a few good docs and nurses, and they have my respect but only because they have earned it, not because they happen to have a job bringing me a bowl of soup and demand respect or else.

Cathartes Aura's picture

with respect, I read SolosGirl a bit differently.

the majority of folks using allopathic medicine have been trained to believe that they can do whatever they desire, and the consequences will be borne by Magical Medicine, not by their own bodies.  they don't need to take full responsibility because some godly white-coat parental figure with an expensive framed degree will heal their boo-boo and send them back outside "all better".

the pharma-model is maintenance based, to keep folks on meds, not to educate them towards healthier lives - which is increasingly difficult in the fucked up toxic environments they live in as well, from off-gassing in buildings, to what's in the "air" they breathe indoors and out, to "wi-fi" and "smart meters" and cell towers, and their magical hand-held microwaves that talk.  and don't get me started on the "factory fud" or toxic "water".

so while those in the employ of medical centers have to deal with drama and trauma every minute they're on the job, obviously their will be a dwindling feeling of empathy for those who show up repeatedly. . . add to that the cultural trends towards "shrug" at certain "groups" - whatever label you like can apply - age/skin colour/gender/language/attitude - and an increase in "health care workers" with low-wage, community college certificates to "qualify" for a certain part of the factory line work that "health care" is in amrka today - each worker trained to perform only their piece of the puzzle, why do they have to "care" as well?

it's inherent in the model, and it has devolved over time, as ever more patients turn up to be served.  to ask or expect any one to "care" is unrealistic, in my opinion.  if you find someone who does care, consider yourself fortunate.

jemlyn's picture

I have been wondering if the Liberian ebola patient was sent home with antibiotics on his first visit to the hospital because he had no insurance.  Maybe this is standard practice.  Maybe they did know about his travel history but refused to take him as a patient because they didn't know how they would be paid for his care.

SolosGirl's picture

Jemlyn, that's another myth. Although the billing/insurance people are one of the first to interview the patient, we must stabilize the patient before sending them anywhere. Period.  It is NOT SOP to ask if someone has had recent foreign travel. Have you ever gone to the ER for the flu or a cold or something innocuous like that? Most don't, unless they are using the ER as a PCP---which is how indigents and those without insurance do it---they forego care until they are at death's door, and then it's the ER's problem.

He was sent home on antibiotics for the same reason that anyone who comes to the ER is released eventually with whatever---they are stable and they are told to see their PCP. We are NOT your PCP. We do NOT have extensive histories on patients, nor would we have the time/personnel/resources to do those sorts of work ups on every patient coming through.  You think waits are long now?  Have me do a comprehensive assessment, including psych and extended family history on each patient with belly button lint and see what happens then.

This hospital did what every single hospital does and it was REASONABLE. Before legislation that forces hospitals to take anyone regardless of ability to pay? Yeah. We could turf you. It just doesn't happen now.

But again---there's this "I'm entitled to every resource that you have on hand, because I'm an American" attitude.  People are looking for a scapegoat, because they are frightened.

Would it change your attitude if he had been kept and diagnosed?  Probably not---the absolute UPROAR from bringing American citizens back here for treatment is a perfect example.

I thought that this site was all about live and let live, right? Libertarianism all the way, less taxes more freedoms!!  Well, all I'm hearing now is CLOSE THE BORDERS, restrict EVERYBODY, no one in! no one out!   Talk about giving up your freedoms willingly, eh?  So what happens after you all scream for more "protections from ebola", a.k.a. general quarantine/lockdown, and the gov't decides they just don't feel like lifting that lockdown?

The lesson here---take care of your own. Everybody does stupid shit, some more than others. Be aware of what your capabilities and your limitations are--shore up what you can and care for the ones you love. These people infected with this virus are still human...they are frightened and desperate, and those kinds of people do desperate things.  Running around screaming for a lockdown isn't going to solve the problem.

Ignorance is the most efficient killer here. These people are kept uneducated and in abject poverty---generations of it---for the betterment/profit of the industrialized countries.  We brought to them the scourges of slavery and disease for hundreds of years---efficiently wiping out populations of humans and wildlife in the process. We still do it in the form of providing weapons and financial slavery. 

Now ebola comes to our shores and we want none of THAT, eh? It was okay for us to bring disease to THEM when it meant profit for us, right?

Viruses do what they do. The president isn't going to make some decision or policy to change that. Nor is anyone at the CDC. If we could cure viruses---don't you think we would? Scientists and politicians breath the same air, you know. And it's foolish and paranoid on it's face to suggest that this virus was released "on purpose".

Best advice to anyone who chooses to take it? Knock off the blaming everyone else for everything. We all, each of us, had and have a hand in how this world runs.  Put on your big boy pants, take responsibility for yourselves and your loved ones, stop blaming everyone from the guy who washed off the pavement to the president (IMPEACH HIM!!!! like this is going to change the nature of ebola...a VIRUS?)---be smart about what you do and where you go. Take care of yourselves. No one is going to do it for you. They are making decisions that are best for "the whole", not the individual.

Cathartes Aura's picture

you're making some very important points in your posts to date, SolosGirl - welcome to ZH.

while I don't agree with some of your perspective - I'm leaning towards a bio-engineered scenario, based on many posts read over time converging in this current, evolving "event" - your words are straightforward and forego some of the dramatic posturing these threads can tend towards.  I hope you continue to post here.

as to the

I thought that this site was all about live and let live, right? Libertarianism all the way, less taxes more freedoms!!

that's the big ZH myth, busted.  the majority here are of the white, older, christian conservative men flavour of "libertarian" - which has no real definition, it's merely the latest word assigned to statists, those who love their assigned state-us by virtue of being birthed on a particular named land mass, with all the "privileges" they enjoyed earlier, now being removed as the "new" story is rolled out globally. . . true believers, simply because they were allowed to believe in the "god given" superiority over other nations/races/genders/beliefs/etc.

anyone still "fighting" for a "flag" (or a "god") isn't truly ready to experience their "freedom" - and so they fight for the Father-Figure fictions - whether godly or militarily, or govern-mentally - taught them as children, for the right to consider themselves as "special", for the "closing" of imaginary map line "borders" that only exist in minds, planted.

same as it ever was.

jemlyn's picture

Thanks, SolosGirl.  You have given me lots to think about.  But you don't need to dis ZH.  Sure there are some kooks and jokers here but there are also knowledgeable people like yourself who share what they know and I learn things I couldn't get anywhere else.

Gawd's picture

I fear that the recent Ebola missteps in Texas are the first in a series of non-intentional errors by healthcare workers, county health departments and federal agencies trying to contain a disease that by just the few accounts has begun its dissemination into day-to-day America. One by one, stories of hospital ER visits by symptomatic patients are being reported. Maybe it's Ebola, maybe not, but by the time that patient seeks help, the patients wanderings and travels have already done the damage.


Even if the ER does the isolation procedures perfect, what about the time the patient sat in the waiting room with his flu-like symptoms with every other patient with flu like symptoms? Who has Ebola and who doesn't? Now the air in that waiting room is filled little Ebola spores (metaphorically speaking).


The CDC can pronounce all day that it only spreads from direct contact. I'm not buying it. Even if that's true, the patient touched ER entry door, the arms on the waiting room chairs, set down using his hands, leaned on the counter, wiped his nose with his hand, coughed into his hand, signed the paper work with a hospital pen, went to the drinking fountain, stuck his arm in a blood pressure cuff, had his temperature taken with a disposable thermometer cover (which hopefully the staff disposed of properly).


This is an epidemiological nightmare and doesn't even begin to count the general mistakes that happen day-to-day with hospital isolation procedures. Staff makes mistakes. Hospitals love policies and procedures and the staff gets it wrong all the time. There are multitudes of binders, filled with policies and procedures, that no one actually bothers to read. It's too much, I understand that. State health departments mandate voluminous policies and procedures, on everything from the wattage of lightbulbs in stairwells to how flush a foley catheter. There is step-by-step guidance for everything. The hospital creates the manuals, but when it comes down to the staff executing the procedures, not following hospital policy happens all the time. Complacency. It's the nature of being human.


The even bigger issue is what kind of a Homeland Security response is it going to elicit if the Ebola problem gets bigger. You want to see a locked down country, just let Ebola get out of control. And, we will all go along with it. We will beg to have the infected taken away. We will demand every restrictive measure be taken to protect the healthy. It will be a “bring out your dead” scenario every morning, except Monty Python won't be involved. WE will be involved.


Economic collapse or Ebola. Take your pick of bad medicine. The first won't be pretty, the latter we will do whatever we are told to do and we'll say thank you to the government for doing it.



alexcojones's picture

Let's say I'm a nurse or married to a nurse.

Or let's say I'm Miffed's boyfriend/ brother or spouse.

Would I want HER to head off to work at an ebolic-infected hospital, after knowing scum like the Zio head of CDC Friedan or the Traitor Of The United States (TOTUS)  never stopped people from FLYING into the USA from a hot zone?

Or these same scum sent 3,000+ "troops" there? By contrast, Cuba sent 300 MEDICS / DOCTORS

FUCK THESE FUCKERS. Just don't go.

Soldier: Just Say No, I Won't Go
dearth vader's picture

But..., but..., I thought his name was Obomba, not Obola?

swmnguy's picture

The problem with Fascism is that it wrecks everything.  That's what we have; Fascism.  The merger of Corporate and State power, with Corporate power dominating.  The purpose is to use the power of the State to faciliate Corporate looting.  The ruse is to make a big show of State control and omnipotence, but the reality is the opposite.  The trains don't run on time; the schedules are fudged and eventually there aren't actually any trains at all; like all public assets, they've been sold off and the profits privatized and pocketed.

Fascist health care is the pinnacle of cynicism.  They'll be all about charging you $50 for a Kleenex and $1000 for a test on the machines they own, to verify the very ailment you came in to tell the doctor you already knew you had, and they'll sic a collection agency on you on Day 31.  But actually curing you?  That would eliminate a revenue source.  They'll string you along as long as you can survive, and pay.

The very last place to expect any positiive efforts against a pandemic would be a Fascist health care system.  The only positive result you could get would be to presciently determine which corporation will reap a windfall from a purported "Miracle Cure" and invest in it.  But no doubt, there are only so many seats in that lifeboat, and they're all taken already.  See "Donald Rumsfeld + Tamiflu."

russwinter's picture

In Knucklehead News: Ebola- Social Darwinism Loose in the Land

p00k1e's picture

But seriously, I’m considering hitting the Home Depots around town snapping up all the N95s.

Is this the mask which will save me –

“Showing Results for "n95 mask"”

I’ll show them to co-workers on Monday. 

When they say, “Gee, should I pick some up?” 

I’ll retort, “I bought them all, you’re doomed, too slow!”

pupdog1's picture

Homeland Security's avowed policy of keeping the southern border wide open to illegals, and flights from Africa open, to anyone who cares to limp and puke their way into the country is insanity at this point. Even Africa itself has shut down flights to the affected countries.

This is part of Obama's grand design for executive order amnesty after November.

To hear the half-witted head of the CDC explain it, Ebola barely qualifies as an infectious disease.

Cancelling the Ebola Express would intefere with Obama's wholesale amnesty-by-commandment. Apparently, risking the lives of millions of Americans and the entire American infrastructure is small 'taters for the golfing Kenyan.

p00k1e's picture

I picked up another

5 cans of green beans.
3 cans chili.
2 cans premium roast beef.
5 cans soup
2 boxes pop-tarts
1 case water


1Inthebeginning's picture

get food grade buckets and pool schock. collect rain water.  start saving plastic containers for water storage.  go to the cdc web site for propper water disinfecting protocols.  realize that bleach doesn't kill water born cists only boiling does.  never eat without drinking.  dehydration will get you before starvation.

do this at your own risk. you assume all liability responsibility for your actions. do your research.

pupdog1's picture

In a recent article in the prestigious International Journal of Deadly Infectious Diseases, Pop-Tarts were shown to kill RNA-based viruses on contact. Those things will be worth their weight in gold shortly.

kaiserhoff's picture

Yeah, but that shit will kill anything.

xcehn's picture

Ebola is a feature of ruthless kleptocracy, not a study in rabid incompetence. As always, follow the money trail.

"Written by Lorrie Agold-Rich, MSN, RN, CRRN exclusively for

Simply stated, the Ebola Virus is a bioterrorism weapon and is airborne. Those are big statements. The facts will show a unique trail and why the US Federal Government does not want you to know these frightening truths. This is not meant to panic anyone, but inform them of the facts that are being withheld from the American public."

Hohum's picture

It's time to roll up our sleeves on our hazmat suits!

limacon's picture

In the US system , only short-term considerations count.

Uncle Sam's bus has no brakes , defective steering and a power-drunk driver ? No problem . Let the successor worry about it .

Official (?)

The time to panic is before the Titanic has left the harbour .See

If the Triffids don't get you, Ebola will : see

Plants have been breeding humans . See

Further examples of the Plant-Herbivore Wars : Notice the cute trick to penetrate skin barriers . Reminiscent of hemorrhagic diseases like Ebola and Especially SuperEbola .

SuperEbola is Ebola on steroids , then add some . The Fifth Horseman on a Harley ! : see

for the desperate . : See

Good luck !

p00k1e's picture

‘Uncle Sam'’ is an illusion invented for the people who need somebody to tell them everything is going to be OK.

Meanwhile, you should remove any landscaping objects from your property – such as rocks and decaying driftwood  – which can be improvised weapons against your windows.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Uncle Sugar is the one with money as long as you treat him right he will give you a little something... like if you want to join the military or if you need a corporate subsidy.

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The problem is that there is no reliable or to be trusted information available. The foolish want to trust in their government,doctors, hospitals and leaders. The wiser do not trust anyone wearing a government sanctioned robe/title. You prepare by assuming incompetence at best or venality as probable. You owe them nothing. Trust them never. Look out for your own.

Only pretend trust, if needed.

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I miss understood this at first.

I thought it was like Whoopee we all gonna die from Country Joe's Anti Vietnam War Song Woodstock ... which is not what I was thinking really.

I think you meant to say "Today is a good day to die".

"Today is a good day to die," which is the English bastardization of a common Sioux battle-cry, "Nake nula wau? welo!" ("nake nula waun"). This phrase means, "I am ready for whatever comes." It was meant to show the warriors were not afraid of the battle or dying in it.

But maybe it was just sarcasm...

Here is another one that fits the patriot movement from native Americans:

"Hokahey" is simply an exclamation to draw attention, similar to a coach saying, "Let's do it!"

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The remnants of US government still around should put pressure on the Goldman Sachs to provide funding for the production of existing ebola vaccines.

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Rather than throwing money and MOAR people at this problem I would rather have a few passionate, creative, intelligent, resourceful and educated individuals who would work tirelessly to combat the Ebola crisis.  Those qualifications rule out 99.9999999999999999999% of the bureaucrats who are dealing with this issue.  Can you see where we're going with this?....