An Ebola Outbreak Would Be Advantageous For Globalists

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

It's sad to say with such finality, but a universal fact of existence is that most of the people you meet in this life are fundamentally and functionally ignorant. Not necessarily stupid, but certainly ignorant. Ignorance comes not from a lack of intelligence, but from a denial of knowledge and truth. That is to say, ignorance takes hold when people decide to act as though they know and understand a thing, even if they do not. Ignorance prevails when a society or nation chooses to value the appearance of expertise, to value the theater of overconfidence, and to cheer for the bluster of morons rather than admit that they have unanswered questions on subjects they do not yet grasp. For nothing is worse for the self absorbed than to acknowledge that they do not know.

Entire nations have fallen throughout history because of this terrible weakness...

By extension, such ignorance is not just an inherent disease but also an easily exploitable disease. When we refuse to think critically and examine our surroundings thoroughly, we become like grazing gazelles oblivious to the predators encircling us in the tall grass. And, just as there are predatory individuals that hide amongst us, there are are also predatory oligarchs that camouflage themselves as benevolent politicos and financial professionals standing above us. Normal predators we fear, establishment predators we invite into our homes as protectors, saviors, and partners.

The disease of ignorance leaves us vulnerable to many other plagues, including literal plagues like the Ebola virus. When we take the establishment at its word concerning the threat of Ebola outbreak, we make ourselves vulnerable. When people assume that the worst could never happen to them, history shows us that it inevitably does.

The recent discovery of an Ebola infected patient in Dallas, Texas has led to reasonable concern from the general population, but mainstream media efforts along with CDC and White House spin have subdued any practical response by the citizenry. The constant droning voice of the establishment claims there is nothing to be worried about; that even if there was an outbreak in the U.S., it would be quickly squashed by highly prepared medical response teams.

First and foremost, the existence of just one Ebola infected person within America's borders indicates a likelihood of others, or the possibility of others in the near future unless policies and procedures are changed. As far as I can tell, the government has no intention of introducing rational fail-safes such as requiring mandatory quarantine for those seeking to reenter the U.S. from known outbreak regions, shutting down unrestricted travel into the country from countries with Ebola, training hospitals properly in the identification of the disease, or committing mass resources to quelling Ebola in hot zones before it reaches our shores, at least not in time to make a difference.

Secondly, the establishment also has no intention of giving the general public accurate information as to the behavior and dangers of Ebola. Those I have spoken with in the medical field including some who work within major city hospitals have related to me that the CDC has not been honest in its assessment of the probability of outbreak. For example, the CDC is consistently reminding the public that Ebola is not an “airborn” disease, and this is technically true as far as the science indicates. However, they forget to mention that it is indeed a “droplet born” disease, meaning, it can travel through the air carried in an infected cough or sneeze. The tight quarters of an airplane make for a perfect petri dish, with droplets and particulates passing back and forth through the same space and oxygen for hours at a time. The spread of Ebola is nowhere near as containable as the CDC claims.

I have been told that most hospitals are completely unprepared to fend off an outbreak of a virus as destructive as Ebola. Little to no standardized training has taken place, and some facilities are only now putting together a list of emergency procedures. Human error within the chain of care also occurs often, as we saw in Dallas, Texas, and these errors can lead to greater infection in a hospital environment.

CDC and WHO efforts in countries like Liberia have been so ineffective and halfhearted it leads one to question why their budgets are in the billions of dollars? Where is all their capital and their resources going if not to bring an unprecedented hammer down on a clearly dangerous outbreak of Ebola? Why is the virus being allowed to flourish rather than being destroyed right where it started? Where has the full force of the CDC been for the past several months while death gestates in Africa?

The one legitimate function of government, any government, is to protect the right of the people to pursue their own life, liberty, and happiness. I think stopping the invasion of mortal viruses would fall into this category. The one job our government is MANDATED to do, and it refuses to do it. Why?

I have made the point many times in the past and I'll make it here again; when a catastrophe takes place, or a crisis is imminent, ask yourself, who ultimately benefits? I believe that the lack of strong prevention response from our government, an inadequacy which is obvious to all of the health care workers I have talked with and to anyone who has the sense to do their own research, could be absolutely deliberate. I believe the spread of Ebola may be desired by certain power brokers, and here is why:

The Perfect Cover Event

I have been warning for quite some time that the banking establishment in particular is well aware that an economic collapse of incredible proportions is coming. In fact, they have done everything in their power to make one possible. This collapse, according to my research, is designed to clear the way through monetary carpet bombing for a new international Bretton Woods-style agreement which will plant the foundation of a truly global economic system centralized and controlled by a highly select few elites. Needless to say, the internationalists would prefer not to take the blame for such a calamity.

Regional or widespread war, terrorism, cyber attacks, etc, are all useful vehicles to conjure mass confusion, and can also be used as scapegoats for the eventual downfall of our economy. That said, a viral pandemic truly surpasses them all in effectiveness. All other tragedies could easily be tied to the first “domino” or “linchpin” (as Rand Corporation calls it) of Ebola transmission, but the strategy goes deeper than this...

An Act Of Nature

Even though most people are well aware of the fact that governments have been engineering biological weapons for decades, few people think political leadership would ever use them at all, let alone use them on the people they are tasked to protect. Even with the complacency and inaction of our government in terms of the response to Ebola, the general assumption by most of the American population will be that any viral outbreak is a product of nature, not of men.

Acts of nature are not things that the common man can easily rebel against. People rebel against governments and corrupt despots all the time, but not the plague. If a viral pandemic strikes, nearly everything a government does after the fact, no matter how corrupt or destructive, can be rationalized as necessary for the greater good of the greater number. If anyone does rebel, they will be labeled as pure evil, for they are now disrupting the government's ability to stop the pandemic from spreading, and thus, are partly responsible for the mass deaths that follow.

During a viral outbreak, government becomes mother, father, nurse and protector. No matter how abusive they are, most people will still look to them for safety and guidance, primarily because they have no knowledge of disease. What they do not understand, they will fear, and fear always drives the ignorant into the arms of tyrants.  One should also take into consideration the fact that most globalists lean towards the ideology of eugenics and promote the concept of population reduction.  A pandemic would fulfill this desire nicely...

Rationalized Economic Collapse

Who would question the event of an economic collapse in the wake of an Ebola soaked nightmare? Who would want to buy or sell? Who would want to come in contact with strangers to generate a transaction? Who would even leave their house? Ebola treatment in first world nations has advantages of finance and a cleaner overall health environment, but what if economic downturn happens simultaneously? America could experience third world status very quickly, and with it, all the unsanitary conditions that result in an exponential Ebola death rate.

The treasury, labor department, and private Federal Reserve have gone to vast lengths to skew statistics and rig markets with trillions in fiat dollars. Despite historic numbers of Americans falling off unemployment rolls, imploding shipping and manufacturing statistics, and the U.S. teetering on the edge of global “de-dollarization”, a large portion of the citizenry has been led to believe that economic recovery is assured. What they do not understand is that fiscal implosion is unavoidable, and the whole bull market is a circus designed to distract.

Amidst even a moderate or controlled viral scenario, stocks and bonds will undoubtedly crash, a crash that was going to happen anyway. The international banks who created the mess get off blameless, while Ebola, an act of nature, becomes the ultimate scapegoat for every disaster that follows.

Rationalized Travel Restrictions

If you want to lock down the movement of a population to prevent the spread of dissenting groups or ideas, I can't think of a better way than to claim it is to prevent the spread of a deadly virus. Our government and world health officials are approaching Ebola with an attitude of nonchalance right now, because prevention is NOT part of the plan. When Ebola strikes hard within our country, that is when they will finally decide that strict measures are needed. Suddenly, those borders that they could never secure before will become impassable for you and I. And traveling between states or perhaps even counties may be extraordinarily difficult. “Papers please...” will become the new mantra of petty authority.

Forced Health Measures

Do not be surprised if an Ebola vaccine of some kind suddenly appears on the market just as the situation begins to turn tragic. And, do not be surprised if said vaccine is a total sham that ends up making more people sick. Expect that forced vaccinations will take place, especially as a prerequisite for receiving treatment from CDC or FEMA hazmat facilities. Expect that these facilities will become nothing more than obscure prisons for the sick where people quietly die. Expect that every American will be required to be tested and screened, with biometric data carefully stored, beginning with airport travel (once the virus is already entrenched).  The options are endless for abuse in terms of totalitarian health laws when the public thinks they could end up bleeding from every orifice and dying of liver failure.

Rationalized Martial Law

Imagine if some Americans decide they don't like being poked, prodded, tagged and bagged by the establishment. Imagine they decide to fight back, Ebola be damned. An already uphill battle becomes an epic struggle when a large percentage of the population thinks you are a monster that wants to hasten the spread of Ebola. Not that the ignorant count for much in the grand scheme of history, but waking at least some of them up in the future to the bigger threat (the globalists) is hard to do when all they can see is devilish microbes. Those who plan to combat the rise of the internationalists, as I plan to, should accept now the likelihood that the only people we will have on our side tomorrow are the people we have been able to wake up today. Martial law will be welcomed by the rest.

International Response

An international response is almost guaranteed during a major pandemic. Sovereignty will be tossed in the dirt. UN and WHO teams and perhaps even troops could accompany an aid package to the U.S. Think of the glorious propaganda, as globalists tell stories of how they “saved humanity” by surpassing the barbaric practices of national and individual sovereignty, defeated the Ebola virus (after millions of deaths, of course), and out of the ashes, the “phoenix” of global governance was born. If they succeed, imagine what the history books will say for the next several centuries.

What Do We Do?

There are no silver bullet solutions. There never have been and there never will be. People looking for them will be sorely disappointed and ill prepared after wasting so much time searching for an easy out. The only answer is for communities of people to take their own survival into their own hands and become as self sufficient as possible. This means that neighborhoods, towns, and counties will have to take precautions now to steel themselves for a pandemic event, instead of simply sitting on their hands and expecting government officials to save them.

The treatments for Ebola in most cases involve nothing more than the steady replacement of vital fluids, electrolytes and plasma until the patient's body can build up an immunity to the virus. Those with stronger immune systems before contraction are more likely to survive and beat back the disease. Government care, for the most part, is NOT going to save many people either way. That is to say, your survival will depend on you and your immune system, not them. Communities that make efforts to prevent contact and that strengthen individual immunity will have a better chance of survival than going into any government run hazmat facility. Government is not needed, and will often end up being more of a threat than the virus itself. Groups I work closely with and talk with, many with their own doctors and nurses, are already setting prevention guidelines in motion.

If you can prove you don't need the system to save you, their rationale for attempting to control you is weakened. The ignorant will still try to demonize us for our efforts, but self sufficiency is all we have in the face of this kind of storm. If we can lead by example with our own successful health standards while saving people where the establishment could not, perhaps we can turn the tide.

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TeamDepends's picture

The lucies think they have everything under control. Unfortunately for them, they completely underestimated the power of the internet.

falconflight's picture

That'll be the first thing that all but disappears.  Maybe these Mesh-Networks that I read about will allow folks in the urban areas to continue to communicate, even if the jackboots flip the switch.

ZerOhead's picture

Before 2008 I would have been 100% sure that this guy was a complete nut.

Then one fateful day I checked out a couple of  9/11 videos and the world has never been the same place since...

Oh regional Indian's picture

Some times, it's good to think outside the data.

Data and reality, or actuality even (or odd) are at odds (or evens even (or odds)) sometimes...



mjcOH1's picture

"UN and WHO teams and perhaps even troops could accompany an aid package to the U.S."

Bwahahaha!!!!   Somebody's hitting the Norwegian wood early this weekend.    The giant suck hasn't,  isn't, and will not be pulling in that direction.  

Anusocracy's picture

A while back I posted that in order to create a one world government you would have to overcome ingroup-outgroup morality, otherwise it would be highly unlikely.

What is needed is an enemy of everyone so as to unite everyone as its enemy. It has to be from outside of man's social organizations.

Invading space aliens is an almost zero probability and global warming has very little real evidence backing it - check out the last 16 years of no warming - but I did say I had thought of a possible scenario.

A global pandemic way beyond the Spanish flu. One that would totally disrupt transportation and commerce, and therefore food production.

A crisis not to be wasted that would be perfect to bring about a NWO for the Elites.

Having said that, I don't think Ebola has the characteristics to be the appropriate vector. It doesn't spread easily enough and kills over two or three weeks.

Maybe the Elites will be luckier next time.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

If anyone suspects Ebola is BS, get a ticket, go find out, and report back here.

fuu's picture

Tyler we need some Vongfung-Fukushima porn.

surfsup's picture

Its also adventageous for pharma companies that YOU DONT KNOW how intensely the sub conscious can replicate an image given to it.  An age old example of this is stigmata....  Informed researchers in this field have recognzied 80% of infirmaties grow in the Sub Conscious through an IDEA and therefor ideas are by far more powerful than germs.  One has to assume last year was a year of fewer flu shots than normal as info is getting out about that racket -- so the hype department really needed something big and seemingly organic to really kick off the "season" as don't forget how well THEY REMIND YOU its flu season!  Guess what your sub conscious tends to do if you strap an "emotion" onto that idea?  Yup -- it tends to carry it out unless of course you are informed in these things can get a contrary idea in there to phase cancel the negative....  So you can bet the fall off of flu shots will pull back from the drop they had last year...  Its funny how they tweak the propaganda as they go as well saying only 18% of ebola victims show outward signs of bleeding.... LOL   Yeah well, since there have been ZERO pictures of allegedgly THOUSDANDS of cases of this with any external bleeding that leak had to be capped in short order with recent releases of this 18% figure as if to make an excuse for why there are no pictures of bloody victims when previously in any serach of "Ebola Victim" you'd see external blood as a tell tale sign of it.  Not here -- at least not yet so its a theory this real.  The sheer power of the sub conscious mind can be harnessed with absolutely NO actual dis ease needed to kick off all sorts of ailments -- and yes as previously stated:  Placebo works BOTH ways.   Remember that 80% figure -- its far more likely you will impress the sub conscious with an ailment than it is that you will "catch" something... We don't catch anythiing we "create it" or in the case of the demonic propagandick fire hose: we are induced to create it.   

surfsup's picture

This has me really pissed at fear porn talk show hosts who are ingnorantly FUELING this thing.  STOP IT

CrazyCooter's picture

If this thing is really communicable, as is implied, then in the long run everyone is going to get it. So, if there isn't a vaccine already, then most of the world is fixin to die in the next several years. The only angle I can see is perhaps the climate it thrives/transmits in (notice it originates in the tropic).

Maybe it is time to start thinking about that Alaska or BC/Alberta homestead you always wanted.

Once it spread sufficiently and body disposal becomes a problem (it will), all sorts of critters are getting free meals. It will likely find a host in other animals (e.g. birds, pigs, etc) and will be a permanent feature of modern life just like the annual flu.

Yes, this will be used as a power grab, but who runs industry when you randomly take out 60% of the population? Got enough skills to run those advanced power grids? Factories and supply chains? Refineries?

If they are REALLY going to run death prison camps, don't you think the guards might be a bit worried about being sick? The only folks who could swing it would be survivors of the virus, so where do you get that talent pool?



BellyBrain's picture

 AND since the "Globalists" can't produce a real outbreak, they are going with a FAKE outbreak instead.


Hello?? Doesn't anyone remember the "swine flue pandemic" that was going to kill us ALLLLLL (so you better get your swine flue vaccine PRONTO)?  I suspect that anyone dumb enough to get the "swine flue vaccine" probably lost another 5-10 IQ points due to vaccine damage (as intended) and probably can't remember 5 months ago, much less 5 years ago, but surely the cognitive giants who frequent this site weren't so naive, right?


Anyhow, it's such a good thing that trustworthy sites like ZeroHedge and InfoWhores, along with the MSM, are pimping this bullshit ebola narrative as hard as they possibly can.  Their masters/owners expect nothing less than total compliance, otherwise those monthly "donations" will stop flowing.

Ying-Yang's picture

2nd case of ebola confirmed in Dallas

A Texas health care worker who provided hospital care for an Ebola patient who later died has tested positive for the virus, health officials said Sunday in a statement.

So precautions for healhcare worker did not work. Now, think if you are one of these care givers how will this change your thoughts?

TheReplacement's picture

Vaccines will flow from the top down.  The "skilled" workers will be retained while the useless eaters will bleed out, starve, or kill each other.

vie's picture

I was thinking something similar.  I find it interesting how the timing is going to liine up with flu season.  

Part of everything I've looked into suggests tptb specifically want to remove the people with no will of their own.  How justified would tptb feel if people actually died because their belief in what the government and the media told them was so strong, no actual virus involved, just the belief they were infected.  

Not ruling out that there is some disease, but there's definately a lot of psychology at play in parallel.

The other thing I suspect, is the rabbies based Zmapp vaccine for Ebola may also be used to give people an excuse to go crazy, if not actually killing people.

dot_bust's picture

They need the ratings boost. The fact is that, every year, there are isolated cases of fairly virulent viruses killing  a few Americans here and there. The reason these things don't decimate large portions of the population is that we have sanitation systems and functioning -- if expensive -- hospitals.

If this were Guinea or Sierra Leone, I'd say things could get extremely out of control very quickly. But we do actually have a medical infrastructure, as well as water purification plants, an electrical grid, and a medical system with advanced hospitals.

During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, the American medical system wasn't quite so advanced, nor was anything else in the country's infrastructure.

I do, however, agree that air travel from the affected African nations should be stopped for a few months. It's the responsible things to do.

The9thDoctor's picture

"A SWINE FLU Outbreak Would Be Advantageous For Globalists"

If this article was written in 2009, that would be its headline. Alternative media is blowing this whole ebola thing out of proportion, just like they did with the 2009 swine flu hoax.

In 2009 they claimed FEMA coffins, mass graves, forced vaccinations, martial law, population reduction, etc. would get us all. In 2014 they replaced the word "swine flu" with ebola and run the same doom porn.

Crying wolf gets old.

I'll get a bunch of downvotes and that's fine. Doom stuff gets really old. I've been hearing impending doom since the old Soviet Union was going to nuke us all when I was a kid. I lose track of all of the stuff I'm supposed to worry about.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

As I recall, crying wolf was all well and good until it actually occurred.  I don't believe ebola will seriously hurt the US population unless it gets loose somewhere like NYC.  Europe, Asia and Africa are another matter.  No doubt the political scene can and will capitalize on the fear though.

Europe is the next folding hand as the disease makes it to their shores.  Massive outflux of Western African citizens coming in 3.. 2.. 1..

CrazyCooter's picture

Maybe we have Dresden Part II coming to matro Ebola metro areas near you!

Krugman is hard for this one!



Hohum's picture

So trend is destiny and no need to look at what's going on.  Right, doc?

dot_bust's picture

I agree. The U.S. Government can control the population much more easily by creating a state of fear.

Yes, every flu season, there are people with weak immune systems who die. That's an unfortunate fact of life. There are also isolated cases of hanta virus, bubonic plague, and even Congo fever in the U.S. every year. The CDC issues annual epidemiology reports summing that up.

So, why is Ebola being given saturation news coverage in the U.S. now? Well, the economy is a train wreck. How else can the government distract a pissed-off population?

MontgomeryScott's picture

Pre-staged predilictive genetic programming.

You are NOT the 'Dr. Who' that I recall.

Desensitization and repeated false threatening are a PART of the overall paradigm in order to cow the general population into a sense of complacency ('fatten them up for the slaughter').

In 2009, 'they' claimed' that FEMA was stockpiling hundreds of thousands of hermetically-sealed coffins. In 2013, questions were raised about the 2.3 BILLION rounds of ammunition that the DHS was buying and distributing. In 2014, it was revealed that FEMA and the DHS had ordered 160,000 level 5 biosuits. Currently, Obama and his people have called upon Congress to keep the borders OPEN, whatever the cost. ONLY ('ONLY') 150 people PER DAY come in to the CONUS from the Ebola-plagued nations; and we ('WE') will NOT, SHUT. THEM, OUT. The 'economy' is GROWING. 103 MILLION recipients out of 330 million receive some type of 'federal assistance'. 65,000 illegal alien 'children' (who are diseased) aren't POSSIBLY any threat to the health of the people in the CONUS. Your internets are WORKING, and the N.F.L. is preparing for another season of gladitorial conflict (where no one actually gets hurt). The talking heads on the internets are assuring you that everything is awesome. Females who claim to be 'journalists' are now stacked, racked, and ready to frack in your 'living rooms'. GOLD is trading at ONLY $1220 an ounce. What is the 'PLA'? 'CHINA' is where you get stuff when you shop at WALMART! They ('they') hate us because of our 'FREEDOMS'. FREE to fuck whoever, wherever, for whatever reason. NO PRICE to pay. NO BLOWBACK, and NO CONSEQUENSES.

Well, 'doom porn' must get OLD (because YOU are a NEWBIE').

You won't understand this link.

It's all right. Go back to sleep.

ATM's picture

Ebola may not be the vector - yet.

A virus has the capability to mutate rather quickly. For Ebola, killing it's host too quickly is a bad thing so you can bet that as the virus spreads there will be slower acting forms that evolve.

The next piece of the puzzle is the ability to spread more easily. with more hosts being infected the trillions and quadrillions of virus have a much better chance of developing the airborne tranmission mechanisms that will bring a pandemic.

Perhaps it has already occurred? 

CrazyCooter's picture

Being as this is already larger than all other outbreaks combined, I think you have a safe bet there.

While I am completely uneducated in this area, I could argue that there have been total human cases in the 10s of thousands since 1973 (unknown before) and hosts in animals. So, in 40 years, on this base of humans, bats, and monkeys in a relatively small area, it managed to find its currently more communicable version.

If this spreads to millions of people, the possibility of further mutations goes up accordingly. This is natural selection on a big, rapid scale (with very small, but very significant chances for "success").

Maybe I should be long The Big Electron.



Eyeroller's picture

As soon as one crack whore on US soil contracts ebola, then it's game over.  She (or he) will have 10 days of no visible symptoms to spread the disease to married men who will wait too late to admit what they have done.  The wives and children of these men will be exposed and in turn expose other.


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I can always spot American bloggers on ZH:  To them everything is either or, binary, B & W.  This kind of (Lone Hero, Magic Bullet) thinking is SO ingrained in the American psyche and cultural mantras, that they are oblivious to it.

Have you considered that Ebola is just another Useful Tool in their ongoing reversal to neo-Feudalism, i.e. "Perpetual Fear for Perpetual Security"?

MontgomeryScott's picture

You are funny, sometimes.

Have you ever considered that 'James Tiberius Kirk' was a fictional construct of an American Science-fiction television writer; and he was ALSO the fictional the captain of the "U.S.S. Enterprise"? It's a strange avatar that you use; to try to deconstruct 'American bloggers', laddie; when you assume the Avatar of 'one of them' at the same time.

EBOLA, of course, was the invention (with 71 patents to claim it) of the USGOV CDC (inc.). It is like the modern version of the 'Weaponized Anthrax' spores that were mailed to dissenters in Congress who opposed the passage of the USAPATRIOT Act, shortly after the 9/11 false-flag event (from some undisclosed location in Ft. Mead, Maryland).

Too bad that it killed a few, but they call it 'collateral damage', now, don't they?

The correct terminology and entymology is 'REVERSION'; NOT 'reversal'. "... in their ongoing reversal to neo-Feudalism, i.e. ...".

This is NOT to be confused with the term 'REVISION' in the sense that those who seek to control historical FACTS try to 're-write' historical events to favor themselves and conveniently FORGET the truth in matters (A.K.A. 'propaganda'). 'REVISION' USED to be associated with some type of IMPROVEMENT in available data, but is now associated with all things bad and unbeautiful, thanks to the lower unedumacational system.

WB7 is from the Far East, I have always known, but what part of it? Did it matter to me? Why was it important? Should I single him out as a 'blogger from Tapei' or something? 'To THEM, everything is an abstract of spiritualism and eating fish, and therefore, I shall not listen'. He speaks truth in his art, and I am non-judgemental due to some 'regional bias'. When his mother died, I sent my condolences. I don't care if he is not from (wherever the fuck you or I are from; and that includes Eurotrash) my nation. He seems to be an honest human being with feelings and logic and thought processes that exceed you or I, as well as artistic talents; and his loss was felt across the spectrum.    Should I thusly state that I can always tell when Taiwanese Bloggers post on ZH? Is WB7 any less credible because he comes from 'somewhere else'? Are you MORE credible because you can tell when 'Americans' post on this website? Do you STILL blame the Klingons for the death of your son?

"I can always spot American bloggers on ZH:"

I CAN always spot arrogant asshole posters ANYWHERE.

Of COURSE, you are not one of these.

"To them everything is either or, binary, B & W."

SgtShaftoe's picture

I have a friend who has solid contacts in Nigeria who told him that there is nothing happening in Nigeria (ebola related anyway). I'm starting to completely question the ebola panic meme. It smells like a trap to me.

I think Ebola matches the criteria for "theater of the absurd".

Oh, and I'm a farmer now. I even have a proper tractor. Permaculture is cool!

"Fear is the mind killer" - Muadib

To everyone else: If you can create a state of fear, Qui Bono? (Who Benefits?)

Travel restrictions, loss of civil liberties, Border controls (in, AND OUT) getting the people to clamor for new "restrictions"... Who benefits? Think, Think, Think...

How hard would it be to start a panic, with a completely captured media, about a pandemic? Think about it. It's the perfect plan really from an opfor perspective.

ZerOhead's picture

It's all about the future ebola virus mutations. Not what we are seeing on the ground right now.

The strain we see right now should not be a problem for Europe or the Americas... but unfortunately we are either led by idiots or worse... by aspiring butchers.

South Africa banned flights from the affected regions back on August 21st. Let's all grow some brains and do whatever is necessary to snuff this virus out ASAP.

palmdetroit's picture

Because in all past large human population culls... the exact opposite happened,.. but I digress, this time is different!

Zhuge Liang's picture

there are stories circulating of people spiking water supplies in Africa with formeldahyde to simulate ebola outbreaks...

BrosephStiglitz's picture

Not buying it for a second.  Not for a second.

Here is a 3 part Vice documentary, make up your own mind if it is real or not:

Also, see the earlier one where people were eating uncooked bushmeat in the street and claiming that the government was lying about the threat of ebola.  People have a tendency to rationalize all sorts of stuff in crazy ways rather than face the truth.

JRev's picture

I get where you're comin' from, but posting a link to Rupert Murdoch's alternative "news" outlet that helped hype the ISIS CRISIS® with a very similar 3-part series mere months ago probably isn't the best way to convince the skeptical, if that truly is your goal.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

Fair enough, hence why I said to the OP to watch and decide for himself.  However, posting an article that was written by an unverified Liberian journalist which is probably on par (education wise) with a 16 year old highschool drop out is not exactly going to be all that solid either.

In the instance that said individual WAS caught with formaldehyde (I would need to see some certified lab results to believe it), there is absolutely no guarantee that anything he says could be taken at face value.  He could be a number of things rather than part of a grand conspiracy to poison wells with formaldehyde.  I'm not saying that what the article is saying is untrue, I am just saying that Ebola is a far more likely cause for the death of the majority of these people, and the raging illness, than 100 government paid formaldehyde poisoners across multiple countries.

Far more evidence, both anecdotal, and empirical would back that assertion up.

Edit: And you know, funnily enough the attitude in the first documentary was more or less one which is/was exhibited in a large part on these boards.  "The government is full of shit and cannot be trusted.  They're making ebola up to distract us from the larger problems at hand."

I'm all for bashing the government.  Their track record on freedom of information is spotty at best.  Free information empowers populations.  However, I am stating on the record that there could be larger issues at play here.  Disease has affected human populations long before governments even existed.  It seems reasonable to think that a pandemic could be underway, whether government planned, or not.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

PS:  Also, I did not realize Vice was owned by Fox.  So thanks for pointing that out.

Secondly.  Fuck the ISIS melodrama.  It is a circus show and a label.  My guess is there are a number of various insurgent bands out there (as the "rule of law" has been collapsing) which have been labelled under the umbrella term of ISIS.  Much like Al-Qaeda in the past.

Various bands with multiple goals and objectives.  We need an umbrella term so we can justify glass cratering people indescriminately.  The PR line of "We need to bomb 20 different militia groups" doesn't work so well.  You need to have a clear enemy to have a clear objective.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

They're employees of The Umbrella Corporation?  ;-)

Note that the Umbrella Corp is all about their version of a NWO.  The gore aside, the Resident Evil series has some eery similarities to the mentality of the Lucies:  Anything goes to achieve their ultimate goal - their kind of World.

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I feel like I cannot trust any data provided by mainstream US and UK, or any NATO media organizations. If that is true, unless there are real-live cases documented and reported (with real non-disputable or simply reputable data), every bit of NATO data regarding a virus is highly suspect.

The only parties such a miraculous virus would benefit are western governments. It seems awfully convenient, and the reporting in western countries seems very put-on.

I smell a rat.

Maybe it's real, maybe it's not. But something stinks to high heaven. The reporting of the flight yesterday 850 or 845 was a dead give-away. That and the guy who died in Dallas, looks nothing like the guy who worked for that NGO. Something is seriously wrong.

More people die from the flu than ebola. A super-strain of ebola emerging at this point of time? What are the probabilities? Something stinks.

I suggest everyone read or (god forbid) watch the story of "Lord of the Rings" tonight. Power is an evil and dangerous thing.

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You're right to be skeptical of government.  Don't forget that the media can work both ways.  Need to fearmonger?  How about some SARS, Swine-Flu etc.

What if the threat is serious though?  What way does the media go?  Do they:
a) Fear monger.
b) Play down the threat to keep the economy going.

This is a real plague, and yes it spreads more slowly than illnesses like influenza, so it will take more time to propagate through the populations.  It's not worth anyone losing their shit over, but it is a risk factor.  There is no question.

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I bought into ebola initially, then started to have my doubts.. then I read how they wanted Africans to wear condoms to prevent the spread of ebola.  Now my belief in ebola is pretty much gone.


Regardless if ebola is real or not.  The vaccine will be what kills you.

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"The vaccine will be what kills you."


Not much else to say, except 'meet ya on the other side.' Just don't go into the light until we're there to meet ya, because that 'light' really isn't what most people think it is...

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They want Africans to wear condoms because it can be spread in the semen for some time after exposure.  If you don't believe me see the link below- an attached table from the Oxford Medical Journal.  Ebola patients who were still sick (acute), and recovering (covalescent) had various bodily fluids tested.  The covalescent semen sample contained the virus up to 40 days AFTER exposure:

Transmission by bodily fluids, means just that?  And given how HIV has spread in Africa, I am guessing that the track record on condom use is shoddy at best.

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I personally have a friend who has solid contacts in Nigeria, as well.

Princess Camanawanalaia Obama has personally contacted me regading my share of her father's inheritance. All I have to do is sign up to recieve the free benefits of her government's magnanamous largesse by telling her my personal information and getting a number (which will naturally be a state secret between me and her). I will get a free telephone for participating, and she has assured me that everything is fine in her nation. Employment has gone up, and there are NO DISEASES there, and everything is AWESOME.

I assume that your tractor burns gasoline or diesel fuel.

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BTW - Where is that H.I.V. vaccine?

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Maybe a better question is where are the AIDS deaths int he US now? Does anyone die from AIDS in the USA? They used to.

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Do an Internet search and I think you'll find yes, although a death "from AIDS" is a slippery definition.

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Dual, for hemophelia too. 

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The H.I.V. vaccine is stored in a safe place in a seed vault somewhere (right next to the remains of the black boxes recovered from the flight that went down in Shanksville, PA.).


A Virus that was created by humans that subjected other humans to IMMUNIZATIONS.


EBOLA is because of African male predisposition for eating BAT-MEAT and SEX WITH MONKEYS...

Where have I heard that one before? Was it the CDC (inc.) talking about the AIDS outbreak?