China Claims US Behind Hong Kong Protests

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Authored by Zachary Zack, originally posted at The Diplomat,

A commentary in the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party on Saturday accused the U.S. of trying to foment a “color revolution” in Hong Kong.

The commentary, which was entitled “Why is the U.S. so keen on ‘Color Revolutions’?”, appeared on the front page of the The People’s Daily overseas editions on Saturday. The People’s Daily is the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party.

The commentary deems it “inevitable” that the U.S. actions towards Hong Kong “will be associated with the US involvement in the ‘Color Revolutions’ in the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere.” The People’s Daily then slams the U.S. for pretending to be interested in democracy when it is really only trying to advance its “strategic interests.” For the United States, the commentary claims, a “‘democratic’ country is one that conducts its affairs in line with American interests.”

The commentary ends by stating that “U.S. may enjoy the sweet taste of interfering in other countries’ internal affairs, but on the issue of Hong Kong it stands little chance of overcoming the determination of the Chinese government to maintain stability and prosperity.”

Although China has strongly implied that foreigners were secretly controlling the Hong Kong protests in recent weeks, the commentary was the first time it so explicitly accused the U.S. of being behind the movement. Its support for this accusation is not very compelling, however, as it mostly focuses on the coverage of independent different media outlets, one of which appears to be a Hong Kong-based online publication.

The commentary begins by noting that, “according to media reports,” Louisa Greve, National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) the Vice President for Asia, Middle East & North Africa, and Global Programs, met with “key people” in Occupy Central “several months ago” to “talk about the movement.” The unidentified media reports the article references likely refers to an earlier report published in a “Hong Kong-based pro-Beijing newspaper,” according to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post. The allegations themselves are most likely based on a NED-hosted public discussion on democracy in Hong Kong between Occupy Central leaders Martin Lee and Anson Chan that was held in Washington, DC in April of this year. Louisa Greve mediated the hour long talk, a video of which is available on YouTube.

The National Endowment for Democracy is a democracy promotion organization that, while administered as a private non-profit organization, receives the bulk of its funding from the U.S. government. In 2013 it gave two grants that together totaled less than $300,000 to two organizations for work on Hong Kong. Only one of those organizations is based in Hong Kong.

However, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), a subsidiary of the NED, does maintain a tiny office in Hong Kong. The Diplomat has learned that NDI’s Hong Kong office typically employs one international staff member and occasionally hires one or two locals to help out when needed. Most of NDI’s work in Hong Kong focuses on holding workshops attended by young leaders from all interested political parties that focus on building skills in areas like public speaking, campaign strategy, message development and message delivery. The Diplomat has learned that NDI has regularly worked with pro-Beijing political parties in Hong Kong who, like all political parties, hope to prevail in local elections. Local Hong Kong press have occasionally accused NDI of being a front for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the past.

Beyond NED, the People’s Daily article notes that three former U.S. Consuls General to Hong Kong had “recently united” to write an open letter to Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung.

Most of the People’s Daily’s claim that the U.S. is trying to foment a color revolution in Hong Kong, however, is based on mainstream newspapers using the term “Umbrella Revolution” in their coverage of the Hong Kong protests. For example, it notes that the Associated Press and Wall Street Journal had used the term “Umbrella Revolution” in their Hong Kong coverage. Neither organization is affiliated with the U.S. government.

The People’s Daily commentary also claimed the “The Times Asia” had used the Umbrella Revolution phrase. It wasn’t entirely clear which publication the commentary was referring to, but it most likely it meant Asia Times Online. Asia Times Online is a Hong Kong-based online publication that grew out of a former Hong Kong and Bangkok-based daily print newspaper. Asia Times Online claims to cover issues “from an Asian perspective; this distinguishes us from the mainstream English-language media, whose reporting on Asian matters is generally by Westerners, for Westerners.”

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holdbuysell's picture

The gloves have been off for some time. This should not be a surprise. Expect payback.

theXman's picture

The rulers in Beijing have no qualms of making up lies in their propaganda.  

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

In other news, water is wet...

NoDebt's picture

The United States couldn't organize a two car funeral at this point.  China's problems are China's problems.


Handful of Dust's picture

Total cop out blaming others for your own problems.

I know since we do it all the time ourselves!

Blame it on Iran .... no, wait a second, it's Putin ... no wait... it's those Bad Guys over there ....

Few nations are willing to look at the Fugly image in the Mirror.

China's no exception.

COSMOS's picture

Why no color revolutions in SA or Qatar or UAE or Morocco etc? I am sure the folks there crave democracy and would like to escape the stranglehold of the monarchy.

Me thinks the Chinese are onto something.

12ToothAssassin's picture

The US is still the best in the world at blowing stuff up, regime change, fomenting unrest, destabilizing, rubblizing and propaganda. Of course the CIA/State Dept is behind it just like in Ukraine, libya, Syria, Iraq, all of S America, etc. List is too long to type out. As a beneficiary of this diplomacy I am simutaneously ashamed and greatful.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

I suppose. Although in other recent threads on these pages, commenters have been marveling at how exquisitely incompetent the Obama regime is-- so much so that one wonders if it is actually serving some sort of foreign agency or power. In which case one might suspect that such agencies or powers might try to create a propaganda smokescreen by blaming the US for doing what it already may have done?

It all remains to be sorted out by future historians...

angel_of_joy's picture

Americans start stuff that they never manage to finish properly. Every single country called above could serve as proof. So yes, it is a case of crass incompetence...

HenryHall's picture

The real question is - WHAT, if anything, are the Chinese going to do about it?


Selling off a bunch of T-bills and investing the greenbacks in Yuan demoninated Russian sovereign bonds outght to suffice to change a few minds about how to run the world.

So the russkys in turn can substantially pay off their foreign debts, aka disinvest in the West.

TheSecondLaw's picture

Obama is a puppet. As were those before him. Look deeper.

max2205's picture

They will figure it out when they all get syphilis for no reason

Ghordius's picture

"...commenters have been marveling at how exquisitely incompetent the Obama regime is..."

how do you separate anti-Obama sentiment for domestic policy reasons to anti-Obama rethoric for foreign affairs reasons?

fact is that Bush Jr. promised the world to become the humblest US President in history. Meanwhile the US has a Congress that seems to have one thing in mind before anything else: "how much is MIC going to profit? buy more ammo, spend more ammo"

I wonder how humble your foreign policies would be if you were Prez, Buckaroo Banzai. I wonder how important it is to you that the US has a muscular approach

you know what one of the biggest, untold scandals of US foreign policy is? plenty of US Ambassadors not being confirmed in Senate. That's a decrease of public and political oversight on what Uncle Sam does in the world. Think about that, and what it says to foreigners

Stuck on Zero's picture

Beijinggovernment rulers know that Chinese citizens are happy with dictatorship and that any desire for freedom is a plot by foreign agitators.


gold-is-not-dead's picture

ahahahahahah, good one, the best system of slavery includes happy slaves who want it that way...

USisCorrupt's picture

The CIA is now focused on Ferguson MO, it time to bring it all home.


The false flag pillars are like domino's.....

SilverTech's picture

Yes, of course the US is incompetent...

There's no way they could have planned 9/11 attacks.

Of course the FAA is incompetent, that's why they couldn't track 9/11 planes.

Of course NORAD is incompetent, that's why they couldn't intercept any 9/11 planes.

Anybody can can lie and stir up shit. Doesn't take a genius.

SilverRhino's picture

China / Russia, 

Want to piss all over the United States?  Start supporting all the little secession movements inside the USA.   Little things like passports, diplomatic immunity, etc to make the feds lives hell.  ;) 


Actually, heads would explode in DC if Xi Jinping ever took the time to vist Texas and the governor, and snubbed Obama. 

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Or, better yet, somehow install a criminal regime in Washington that acts to aggressively destabilize the US from within along racial, cultural, and economic lines, until it breaks apart all by itself...

Duffy's picture

there's no question about it.

Pool Shark's picture



Yes, that's clearly Captain America in the photo...



12ToothAssassin's picture

Opposing Council "Is this true?" Peter Venkman "Yes, this man has no dick."

nmewn's picture

lol...well that proves it and communists never lie ;-)

LetThemEatRand's picture

Hey, I know.  Let's pretend the U.S. and China have conflicting interests so we can rile up the populace and make them forget that we sent their jobs to China in order to increase short-term profit.  How much for the island?  I'll take it.

LetThemEatRand's picture

There is no spoon.  China is where the oligarchs build stuff and where they send Western jobs.  The West is where there was once a middle class that threatened the Oligarchs.  The people who are running the show have no particular allegiance to any country.  

Dexter Morgan's picture

I live in Phoenix.  Here in Arizona the dumb sons of whores masquerading as government servants sold the State Capitol building in Phoenix and now they have to rent it to occupy it.  And STILL they vote Democrat and Republican.

kridkrid's picture

While I kind it knew it was coming, I was still kind of shocked to see Rita dead. Sorry for your loss.

Dexter Morgan's picture

Thanks bro, I appreciate that.

Duffy Duck's picture

You think it is one group of people running the show?


I suggest you consider the alternative, and that entities such as "Russian nationalists" and "Chinese nationalists" exist.


Or feel free to blame it all on a singlular, murky, shadow - lizards, or annunaki, or "the nwo".  I would suggest to you that there are more than one group of controllers in the US, let alone internationally, and that not all the people calling the shots are "oligarchs" or eeeeeeeil corporations.

seriously - it's not all some singular global conspiracy, and those who argue same are tasked with getting you to chase ghosts.




ATM's picture

Exactly. Anyone who wants to believe in that singularity has dismissed the nature of man and all the lessons history has taught.

Hopeless for Change's picture

It only makes sense that our government is pushing FORWARD toward communism here while trying to subvert it overseas.  Whatever is the most arduous and expensive...

Raging Debate's picture

LetTheEatRand - Exactly. The housing bubble and resulting consumption masked the outsourcing for a time, plus citizens got cheaper chinese goods for awhile.

SilverIsMoney's picture

Now please do us a favor and finally break the fucking COMEX would ya?!

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

We no tawk rike using 'Lainbro Umbrerra' round eye!

Yen Cross's picture

 I'll always upvote you Ralph.

 It's pathetic these kids don't see how they were given freedoms.

TeamDepends's picture

I'll give you television
I'll give you eyes of blue
I'll give you a man who wants to rule the world!
My little China Girl
You shouldn't mess with me
I'll ruin everything you are

12ToothAssassin's picture

David Bowie had some serious inside knowledge

12ToothAssassin's picture

You owe me a $2 made in Hong Kong keyboard

gwar5's picture

Too much to ask for Hong Kong to be the exception. If War Hoarse (sic) Sen. John McCain shows up then it's on like Donkey Kong in Hong Kong.


ChiangMai's picture


US Now Admits it is Funding “Occupy Central” in Hong Kong


Global Research

1 October


Pro-war and interventionist US Senator John McCain had famously taunted both Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and President Xi Jinping’s predecessor in 2011 that the US subversion sweeping the Middle East was soon headed toward Moscow and Beijing. The Atlantic in a 2011 article titled, “The Arab Spring: ‘A Virus That Will Attack Moscow and Beijing’,” would report that:

He [McCain] said, “A year ago, Ben-Ali and Gaddafi were not in power. Assad won’t be in power this time next year. This Arab Spring is a virus that will attack Moscow and Beijing.” McCain then walked off the stage.


COSMOS's picture

Hope that little twit gets Ebola and dies.  I am sure he gets the low down on all the intelligence briefings and cant keep his mouth shut, thankfully for us we know from him what its all about.  From all his theatrics in the Middle East, this guy gives Biden a serious run for his money.

12ToothAssassin's picture

So much wisdom for such a short ZH presence

Buster Cherry's picture

Yeah, why not. Our policymakers have made a great sport of shoving the rest of the world around.

Why the hell shouldn't the rest of the world blame us for everything?