Ebola In America - It's The Republicans' Fault?

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Is anyone really surprised by this? 


This ad (funded by The Agenda Project - a progressive non-profit political organization founded in 2010 by author Erica Payne), as RealClearPolitics reports, featuring clips of Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts, and many other Republicans implies that austerity cuts to the CDC and NIH are responsible for the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

This ad will run in Kentucky and other states leading up to the election.

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We all really know its Obamas fault.....

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Controlled opposition, the gatekeeper of reality and responsibility......sigh.



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when they point fingers..

is when SWHTF...

now its ON!

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"It's all Bush(man)'s Fault!!!"


 [why not? They tried to blame AIDS on Reagan...]


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Never let a good crisis go to waste... especially in an election year

Cut flights from West Africa NOW!

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red team v. blue team... the hyjinks never end...

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Do these people have any scruples? Never mind, it was a rhetorical question... 

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As soon as Ron Paul retired, I unregistered myself as a Republican.

Now I'm Independent.

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Ebola "outbreak"....in the US ?????

What, ALL 2 ?

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Dr. Fauci: "Good to be with you Bralf"

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No they're not at fault directly, but worth noting that the repubs are the most mentally retarded political party re: science this side of the saudi monarchy.

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James Cunt-  its worth noting that the republican party became the republican party because they specifically opposed slavery.  The democrat party became the democrat party for the specific reason as to keep their slaves. Morals this side of the saudi monarchy or any other Mooslime nation for that matter.

You deserve the biggest douche in the universe award.  Maybe your name should be John Edward.


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K so wtf does that have to do with science policy in the 21st century? 

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Where are they so retarded...other than your OPINION on where life begins?  The Dems picked all of those in charge and per normal, they are failing miserably on all fronts.  That is the only fact here that matters and anything else is just BS.  Please go back to your ACORN meeting and go fuck yourself

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The CDC's budget is 3X what it was in 2001.  What cuts?

It's like saying "I expect to make a million dollars this year" and then only making $500K and calling it a 50% reduction in your pay.  Idiotic.

I wouldn't give they ANY fucking money at this point.  Why?  They've completely fucked this up and are ACTIVELY LYING TO US (something I never thought I'd believe of the normally buttoned-down CDC).  Far as I'm concered, I'd rather not give them ANY money.  At all.  I think we'd be better off without them than shoveling money into something that clearly doesn't even work any more.

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Republicans are at 'fault' to the extent they have not opposed the wide open borders, open immigration policy of allowing Africans fly here from heavily infected areas, and fostering HMO medicine run by greedy insurance companies who don't give a flip about 'maintaining' your health and so on.

Repugnicans' silence makes them accomplices.


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Urine idiot.

Republicans own science and they own you. They don't have to lie, censor, cook the books, and burn the books they don't like. That's what you do. Obama's Science Czar Holdren wants forced sterilizations, de-population, and women forced to get a license to have baby.  In the 1970s he said we'd be in another Ice Age by now.

Regarding the 'global warming hoax', the pompous dicks at East Anglia even had to admit they lied and cheated and blackballed science papers that didn't agree with their neo-Aryan science fraud. Yet, you go on as if none of it happened. You're a denier. No warming for 18 years now, and the few years of warming is bookended by the 1970s which was so cold there was fear of "new Ice age".   

And a dream team of militant atheists, with Nobel prizes and PhDs, tried to prove life happened spontaneously on Earth and they failed so miserably it shook their own beliefs very badly.  They publicly admitted life could not have happened without external intervention. Hoyle even went to his grave in his 90's in 2004 still denying that even the Big Bang happened, because it was too "Biblical". 

Those are your loser science heroes, the ones you still revere. So cry us a river. 



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Om the basis that current observations indicate that spacetime is flat, not curved, it seems that the Universe (of which the observable part is but a small part) may be infinite. Such evidence does not help the "Big Bang" aficionados, especially since there are still significant problems in accounting for observed events (problems that necessitate such exotica as "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy").

There are many newer, and better explanations, especially of the CMB (which can also be ascribed to stellar light scatter), and these newer ideas do not need a latter-day Phlogiston to maintain their integrity. So, I'd be a bit cautious in discounting Hoyle and Wickramsinghe's work - since it's becoming rather likely that they were on the right track after all.

lockdown's picture

Uhu... Yeah, this is a U.S. American site all right...

And a dream team of militant atheists, with Nobel prizes and PhDs, tried to prove life happened spontaneously on Earth and they failed so miserably it shook their own beliefs very badly.  They publicly admitted life could not have happened without external intervention.

God made it happen! (yawn)

So please tell me, since you're so certain you have all the answers: who or what made your great creator of the universe and everything, god, happen?



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the democrat party became the democrat party because they pander to the whims of the dumb-masses...to call someone a democrat was (and still is) an insult...take your democracy and shove it up your ass 

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Oh, if the Republicans would let them print more money, we would all be so much richer. The audacity of demanding people earn when we so easily can tax and print ourselves to prosperity. Bunch of fucking meanies.

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If Ebola goes full epidemic here in the US and infects one of your friends or family. I will venture to guess even you will not want Obama to complete his 2nd term in office. So then why does he not quarantine the travel? Sounds to me like he is the one who is scientifically challenged.

Oldwood's picture

Political correctness trumps all else. It tells us to ignore what we personally see, deny our reality for those who purport to be more intelligent, more enlightened, more moral than us regular "folks".

Lost My Shorts's picture

I think you are being even too kind to blame it on political correctness (except lapdog media coverage can always be blamed on that factor.)  It actually seems to be a deliberate political gambit by the globalists, especially the PC technocratic variety, to make sure the American public is exposed to ebola in order to force the American taxpayers to cough up the tens of billions it will cost to contain the epidemic.  The backlash would be huge, much larger than the expidiots in their closed circles ever imagined (if they thought at all).  They are certainly praying now that no new cases pop up (even the athiests, just in case) because if ebola really does get going in the US, it's the blackest of swans that will blow up a lot of stuff, and no one will forget how it happened.  The American people have been willing to bend over for every outrage, but I am guessing there is a limit.

Mr. Cole, the Democrats need to do a lot less preening about science, and a lot more encountering common sense.

As for Obama, by now it's clear that he barely even knows what is going on.  White house policy is made like this:  do the bidding of big money elites, until the polls erupt, then reverse course.  (N.B. polls are erupting; time to reverse course.)  Obama himself is barely in charge and clearly demoralized.

gwar5's picture

You have it exactly reversed, as usual.


Dems earn less than 50% of the college degrees Repubs do, both men and women, and this has been true every single year for over half a century. Dems also earn less money, pay less taxes, are more likely to cheat on their taxes, give less to charity, and are less tolerant of others than Repubs are.  If the Dems could just keep up with Republicans there would be no national debt and social problems would be nil. -- Joseph Fried, "Democrats vs Republicans... Rhetoric vs Reality"

Dems are so retarded they need Nancy Pelosi to tell them what to do. Barrack and Michelle both lost their IL law licesnes for fraud. Throw in dufus Joe Biden and you have what passes for the 'Intellectual elite' of the dems. 

gwar5's picture

At the 20 year HS reunion a classmate told me he changed to the democrat party and I wanted to know if it was painful. He said filling out the paperwork, the interrogations, and the beatings were not so bad, but in the last room they stick this tube in your head and suck all your brains out.

The headache lasts for weeks.


sun tzu's picture

Coming from the party of "the sky is falling unless we pay extortion money to Wall Street" globull warming cultists LOL

Supafly's picture

They're just gettting warmed up.  I can't fucking believe people are so stupid as to render that sort of shit effective.

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jus wait, dey was 70 peeps tried to save my uncle life in d'Dallas...d'bola be comin'...glad I gots in to d'airport b'for dey stop d'flights...

LithiumWarsWAKEUP's picture

0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144,,,

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I understand.  But keeping a Party affiliation allows me to to vote in the primary for "the lesser of two weevils".

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I unregistered myself as a Democrat in 2000 or early 2001, soon after I saw how the Dems acted after Bush won the election.  No more, thank you.  I have not been able to bring myself to actually register as a Republican...every time I have started to consider that a viable option they go and do something stupid.

I see no reason to believe I will join a political party again in my life.  I've lost the ability to see how it would benefit me or anybody I know.

Doubleguns's picture

So you have come to the conclusion that drinking the hemlock as opposed to the strychnine is not so effective. Smart man. 
There is not much difference between the two parties.....just different shopping lists....both will spend us blind.  

Umh's picture

The whole registering by party thing is still confusing. They can still vote for whoever they want to so why do they need to name a party? Is there some kind of psychology thing going on here. If someone has a theory please post it. I'm sure there is some kind of logic to it.

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In most states you have to declare a party affiliation to vote for party candidates in a primary election.  Otherwise, you can only vote for the issues and levys.  Hope that helps. 

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Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut...

MsCreant's picture

Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut...

MsCreant's picture

I know you know that second one was an error, but then, it just seemed like I should leave it. Cut, cut, cut, here a cut, there a cut, everywhere a cut, cut.

They should be embarassed that they never use the damn word themselves. 

X.inf.capt's picture

glad you did...

we had a pretty good beat going there...

smokintoad's picture

Speaking of which, how long before SyFy airs a Sharkbola or Ebolnado movie.

Flagit's picture

Ebola-snakes On A Plane

"I have had it with these goddamn Ebola-snakes on this goddamn plane!"