Fed's Plosser Warns: When It Comes To Ebola, You Are On Your Own

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When it comes to levitating the stock market, and allowing America's worthless politicians to keep on doing nothing in hopes the Fed can fix everything by simply printing money, the Fed's Chairmanwoman has no problem with getting to work. However when it comes to the latest deadly Pandemic to cross the Atlantic and hit US shores, the Fed has a dire message: America, you are on your own.


You mean, the Fed can't print antibodies? And why is the Fed expected to do "much" or anything for that matter about the economic threat from Ebola - isn't there a president and a Congress to actually deal with America's problems... instead of just making them worse that is?

Plosser also said a bunch of other things...

  • FED'S PLOSSER SAYS NET EFFECT OF OIL PRICE DROP IS A POSITIVE - for the already broke consumer?
  • PLOSSER SAYS EUROPE WEAKNESS NOT ENOUGH TO DERAIL U.S. ECONOMY - and "whatever it takes" no longer enough to mask reality?

... but the take home message is simple: America is now exposed, and its enemies, should they want to hurt it where it really counts, now know how for in this one case, the Fed is truly helpless to print a happy ending.

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Everyone's fired that's going to be fired.

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The fuck you say Plosser?????????????

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What's interesting is that Canada and Mexico... well... MOST other countries do not have this "Ebola problem." 

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OF COURSE they don't have money for Ebola. That was their plan all along. Hell, let's hire Kinko's...

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Print me a respirator you bitch yellen.

Rememberweimar's picture

Unaudited, she'll print trillions for Israel to shoot innocent Palestinian children...

zerozulu's picture

At lease we can declare florescent green ( Duncan's shirt color ) as Ebola's official color.

tmosley's picture

Ebola to be the whipping boy for the Fed's complete and utter failure.

Way too convenient.

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Because Ebola






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So negative,what's it like to be born a sheep ?

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There's plenty of money for Israel... And Venture Capitalists... The Military Industrial Complex... Etc...

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Canada and Mexico have huge gun problems.

In Canada, only the dictators have guns.

In Mexico, only the dictators and criminals have guns.

Peaceful, law abiding citizens are at the mercy of people who are above the law or who just don't care about the law at all.

You are a dipshit.

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thank you , knee jerk troll response abt guns?

Rememberweimar's picture

The world has a gun problem... Governments print paper money and buy really big guns with that paper... They're called Nuclear Bombs...

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Translation: "We work for the banks, not big pharma, so we will bail out only the banks, the rest of you go fuck yourselves."

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Aternate translation:  "Whatever happens to the economy from here on will be the fault of ebola."  (yep, ebola did it, it wasn't our monetary policy)

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or in other words:  "Everything we were doing was working until Ebola."

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What's interesting is that Canada and Mexico... well... MOST other countries do not have this "Ebola problem." ......yet (that we know about). 

Canada has 1/10th the population of the US, Mexico 1/3rd. 


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Maybe the Russian Secret Service is in Sierra Leone right now passing out FRNs, bogus passports, and one-way tickets to their favorite metropolis.

edit: I suspect it's the Banksters though.  After all, they are rebuilding the local airstrips.


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Bingo on the Russian spy plan. As for banksters running this op? Seems to go against the infinite growth model the espouse. I tend to think of the NWO types as being only loosely allied with the tycoons. On population control and biological terror bringing in a new round of rights rescinding, that is a NWO op for sure. 

That said, I actually think a disease breaking out like this is completely normal, and most likely just part of the fact that the human rat nest is a bit full. 

This will create more fear and repression than actual death.

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translation: "if ebola crashes the economy, it's not our fault"

Sudden Debt's picture

Translation: when people figure out the economy crashed beyond repair, they'll blame Ebola

SilverIsKing's picture


That is exactly what he is saying. The hidden message is that the markets are going to crash now. He's just setting the table.

BobPaulson's picture

Not sure if that scapegoat is big enough. Expecting to hear a story that Duncan was an ISIS agent soon.

freewolf7's picture

"It's not our fault."


-Every Individual Government Agency

pods's picture

"We can't print money to fix the Ebola crisis.  But, we will be printing it anyways just to be safe."


mayhem_korner's picture



Precious, pods.  Absolutely precious.

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Fucking stupid pods you pom pom boy with Fonz.

The Feral Reserve (which is OWNED by the big banks) is saving its own ass now that they've packed their vaults with U.S. Dallars that they're pumping up.

So the Fed is done printing you dope!


pods's picture

Decaf my friend.  Decaf.

I appreciate the edu-ma-cation you are trying to give me on the Fed, but I already know.

And just to be an ass, US Dollars (in reality FRNs) are actually a LIABILITY for banks and the FED.  



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No printing paper for people with skin pigment that are going to die without it. .. ..

Sudden Debt's picture

And when the stockmarket drops to near zero, they'll use all that free money that's been tucked away to buy EVERYTHING on the cheap...

It's like the rothchild's napoleon trick all over again...

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I have one word for you..... medication.  Remind me again what current interst rates are and how the fed maintains them at these levels.

Headbanger's picture

Western governments are what CAUSED Ebola in the first place!

To eliminate unneeded populations that are plunging them into a debt death spiral that will result in mass revolts.

BTW..  The Renaissance was made possible by all the abundant food available after the Bubonic Plague wiped out a huge part of Europe's population!

Headbanger's picture

No it's idiots like you who should seal yourself in vacuum bags to prevent being infected.

new game's picture

hey headbanger, you have become increasingly negative; is everything ok in your corner? did someone take your truck?


eclectic syncretist's picture

Maybe someone quarantined his puppy?

That's all Folks's picture

BTW..  The Renaissance was made possible by all the abundant food available after the Bubonic Plague wiped out a huge part of Europe's population!

I love a good silver lining...

-that's all folks-

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setting up the excuse for the financial implosion.  things were going along just fine until that damn ebola, blah, blah, blah.  then, wouldn't you know it?  it just had to snow!

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Oh fuck!  I totally forgot about that, it MIGHT snow again this winter!  Then what the fuck are we going to do?  You remember what happened to the economy last time it snowed!!!

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A perfect cover for what was going to happen anyway.

pods's picture

What if Goldman Sachs catches Ebola?

If corporations are people, and people can catch Ebola.....................


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It will  be the first time anyone felt sorry for Ebola....

Sudden Debt's picture

Well, it's possibe... In every good guy movie... Some of the good guys also die...
But in the end the'll win and own it all.

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Ebola runs from GS like vampires from garlic.

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If beheadings are the reason it is OK for us to bomb ISIS, why aren't we bombing Mexico?

Warning: grpahic, NSFW



new game's picture

or house of saud; beheading epicentre...