Friday Humor: Forget QE4, Presenting QE5

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Forget Helicopters...

Here's the future of central-planning...


Don't leave The Eccles Building without one...

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Men in Back.


Divided States of America's picture

Wow best way to spread to have the vomit lady cough all over wads of cash and then stick them into this gun and shooting it in Time Square NYC. watch the sheeps suck up every dollar bill like honey.

ml8ml8's picture

Get one. You will absolutely be the most popular person in the strip club.

DaddyO's picture

Now that's what you call slip-streaming...


Save_America1st's picture

If it had a magazine for nails it would be the perfect bankster suicide gun...shoots Benny-Bucks out to lure them in nice and close and then WHAM!  You switch over to "Nail-Gun Mode" and take care 'o bidness...bitchez...


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That's why the bitches is not in the limo...

ACP's picture

Is this a Dave Chapelle skit?

Black Bernanke?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Money for Nothing

And Btiches for free.  Yo, that ain't workin'.  Dats dah way you do it!

Look at that Mama, She's got it, Sticking in the camera.  We could have some fun.

And he's up there, wat's that, Hawaiian noises?  Banging on her bongos like a chimpanzee.

Escrava Isaura's picture


Strip club, only?


Try with every single female.


Why do you think the politicians target our votes?


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That's some solid insight right there.

debtor of last resort's picture

Yellen just creamed himself.

Whalley World's picture

That comment made me puke in my mouth

Manthong's picture

Have you been to Liberia lately?

Big Brother's picture

Dammit I got Merlot on my keyboard!

StormShadow's picture

I'm not drinkin any fuckin Merlot!

mjcOH1's picture

"That comment made me puke in my mouth"

If you like your Yellen juice you can keep your Yellen juice! Period!

Stoploss's picture

So thats what it takes to hang on to the white girls...

BlindMonkey's picture

OT. I was thinking of your pseudonym yesterday wen they were talking about the ready reserve. That would be a tragic farce to send them to Africa to clean up after a bug.

agstacks's picture

Does that thing have a 7 bill limit like my state recently adopted?

Keyser's picture

Just load it up with trillion dollar coins... Billions is so 20th century... 

Amish Hacker's picture

I was wondering if there was some way to slow down the bills-per-second speed. It seems way too generous.

oddjob's picture

I'd like to use one for paying my property taxes, but chances are the police would shoot me.

stant's picture

They can't qe anymore, blow out the bonds. The Stawk market is the bond markets little bitch

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

They can QE all they want.  They can buy stawks, bonds, or any other trinket they feel like buying.  Who is going to stop them?  Stawk market is a few quick keystrokes away from 25,000 if they really wanted to.

replaceme's picture

Make it rain all up in this bitch..!

TeamDepends's picture

Now you don' t have to merely throw money at a problem, you can blast that mofo to kingdom come!

xcehn's picture

better than sex it seems.

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

And after all the printing mucks up fixed markets beyond repair, it'll make a great hair dryer for Joe LaVorgna.

rejected's picture

The new boomer social security benefits gun. Eat your heart out millennials.

ml8ml8's picture

. [oops, doubled up, deleted]

cougar_w's picture

bitches love it.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Now you can finally blow your wad all over your wife!  And she will let you do it!

Syrin's picture

Mo money, mo problems (unless you're a Keynesian)

saints51's picture

LOL!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!

astoriajoe's picture

I actually thought about something like that a few years back, mounted to the ceilings at strip clubs.

I like his method much better, although I wish it would shoot them a bit slower. Perhaps theres a regulator switch somewhere.

Postal's picture

Mons Venus has (or had) such a device for their online patrons to "make it rain" on the girls. $50 at a time in singles. No, I never tried it.

gatorengineer's picture

If deflation brings the price of pussy down, might not be all bad, if that gun works with ones now not 20's....

HardlyZero's picture

Dope some $1's in with some other foreign devalued currencies...Zimbabwe bucks might turn a trick or two.

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Fiat devalued so much he couldn't get a blond with massive implants

4 wheel drift's picture

no tengo dinero.....

a thing of the past....


te pago mañana....

a sign of the times....



silverer's picture

Hard to type when you're laughing! )(#%&V*)^&CN!

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Fed's QE to infinity. Fed's fantasy dreamworld.

The Fed's vast universe of QE. With billions and billions of QEs.

gswifty's picture

Needs a sound track. Destined to be very popular with the rap-crowd. ;)

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Cruise ship with quarantined Ebola couple returning to Texas after Mexico does not give 'clearance'

Duc888's picture



Money gun.

OK, now that officially funny.

Since it's portable it's even better than thebernankes helicopter.


Finally thebernanke is oldskool.


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WTFRLY : Cruise ship with quarantined Ebola couple returning to Texas after Mexico does not give 'clearance'


Cruise ships, greyhound buses, taxi cabs, airliners, schools,  churches, fast food joints are now all incubators.  We now have our marching orders. 

When you start to bleed from the eyes, make sure you hug a politician or banker.  This was 100% avoidable.

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The fed has a gold-plated, thermonuclear MG