Orwell Was Only Wrong About The Date

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Orwell presented a guide, not a blueprint. Present day reality is in some ways far for shocking than his book.

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Still..... He warned. but the Sheeple were too busy grazin'

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Mark. You must be channelling Mike Snyder.

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"The best place to hide something from a fool is to put it in a book"

Well then.  That explains society today.  Must twitter that fact......

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Orwell knew what was to be because of his connections to the Fabian Society.  Mass surveilance was planned decades ago. All we needed was a phone war on terror to frighten the sheeple out of their rights..

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Same as it ever was.

In our ancestral tribal societies, they continually fought other tribes, the alpha-male surveilled the others to make sure they weren't doing anything he disapproved of, and he used violence and threats of violence to get his way.

Welcome to 100,000 BC.

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That behaviour is identical to what we see in gorilla and chimpanzee societies.

The aggressive Alpha male gets all the chicks and first dibs on all resources... although a focused psychopath (even suffering from low testosterone) could give an Alpha a good run for the money every now and then...

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The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

People may self-identify as human but almost all are still animals.

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"Human" is a state of consicousness encapsulated by all the ideals of man's place in the cosmos. Any man is able to sustain being "human" for a time period. For some, that time period is seconds in a day. Others prove themselves to be "human" with every second of their breath, as long as they live.

The point is, it is a choice to be "human," and everyone has to make that choice and prove their worth every moment. By "worth," I certainly don't mean it in the "he's worth X billion dollars" sense that too many have been programmed to entertain.

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If the South is actually going to rise again.....now might be a good time.


Just hold the slavery this time.....we've already got that.

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He wrote it in 1948 - - perhaps you remember, that was when all of a sudden Russia and China became our enemies, and Germany and Japan (former enemies) became our best friends. And it all happened in the blink of an eye.

And now they've always been our enemies. On a TV special celebrating an anniversary of the D-Day invasion, they edited Eisenhower's speech to remove "our Russian allies" because it might confuse the television audience.

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Mostly agree but a person's choice to be human is about as fickle as a person's choice to lose weight.

Repeated attempts and repeated failures because it's pretty much outside their control.

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Nope.  The chicks get all the males they want.  Big Daddy ain't all that.

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It is the most physically fit - the alpha-male.

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Yes and the slightly nutty one would wander off into the dark by himself muttering about imagined and real slights, and would dream up ways of getting back at the tribe, on his return he would start his story with "guess what I have seen" and to his amazement they hung onto every word he said, the scarier and more surreal the better, and so religion was born.  The Alpha male didn't really mind because he learned how to use the nutter for control and extract resources.

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Just watch "The Unbearable Truth - Christianity Is A Lie".

Just watch it and ALL the debates about the great invisible grey bearded skyman will all go away.

It's rebranded Paganism and in reality we have never progressed past worshipping the sun, the true giver of life. Mind, humans propensity to worship a big ball of hydrogen is still deeply mysterious. WHY, why do we feel the need?

The stories, the myths, the miracles, the timelines, the unbearable truth is so many people have fallen hook line and sinker. So many gullible and unthinking people. It is deeply disturbing and brings into any thinking persons mind our ability for long term survival.

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Orwell knew what he did because he had, in his youth, become a fully fledged Communist--which he later recanted, after realizing what horrors it would eventually entail. The Fabians were a minor event in his life, albeit perhaps a precipitating one.

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While at Eaton, Orwell was taught French by Aldous Huxley, the author of ‘Brave New World’ who introduced Orwell to the Fabian Society which was instrumental in establishing the Labour Party in Britain.  Influenced by Keynesian economics, the Labour Party wanted government intervention in the economy, a welfare state including publicly funded healthcare, and the redistribution of wealth by taxation. Orwell's book was an expose of the Fabian Society's globalist socialist agenda. 



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Hmmm. And then what of Huxley? 

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Both 1984 and Brave New World had people that were not directly involved in the Political Sphere of the system. After all Winston was a Party Member. That is what they do to those whom attempt to change it from within.


I think that if you added in Hunger Games into the mix then you'd get an idea of the dystopia of where we are at and to where we are headed.

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OT: Latina seriously, can you please put a link to your avatar picture?

I'm just curious what it is, it shows less details then the previous one that with a model or that with a vaginal orifice.

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We're not trolls are we?... tell me we're not trolls...

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They'll call it "terrorism" and prosecute accordingly.  

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Listen to Mr. Optimist here, thinking that they'd prosecute instead of just torturing 'em indefinitely without charge.  (In my book, being driven slowly insane by months and years of solitary confinement in a super-max sure-as-shit qualifies as torture.)


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No.......you are prolls.

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One man's troll is another man's freedom fighter... 


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We're not trolls. However, we aren't sure about you. :)

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I wonder if they will send us a list of the words and sayings we cannot type and send over the internet.


Long live George Carlin.

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FTW, November 7, 2001, 1200 PST (Revised Jan. 21,2002) - There's a quote often attributed to Allen Dulles ........the Warren Commission member who took charge of the investigation and final report - is reported to have said, "The American people don't read."


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I am more equal :

"The best place to hide something from a fool is to put it in a book"

That explains it - -

given that the vast majority of Americans don't read a single serious book after leaving high school or college.

It's so easy to enslave a population of ignorant fools.

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To bad Orwell didn't predict death of the internet by FUCKING CONSTANT POPUP'S!!!

I've had 300 times the same popup here that blocks everything!

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I haven't had a constant popup since high skoo...

///let the fucking Belgians figure that one out...

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greenie on ya greenie!

Must be all of that legalized herb.  SD will be confused but won't really give a shit.*

Here in the Commonwealth, after all of the talk that the bud don't mess up u mind, we now have a situation where the Joksterz accomplice is claiming that he didn't know wtf he was doing because he was in a constant state of buzz.

- Ned

(*I used to worry about too much apathy, but now I just don't care.)

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Dude you need to jog more. Or maybe go back to college. I'm not sure what brought the problem back.

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You must be from Belgium...

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Switch on Popup blocker and install Adblock Plus for your browser. No more Popups or Ads.

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Amen, brother..., why don't they get it?

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Uh, Adblock is for Firefox. If he/she isn't told to use Firefox, then he/she is being sadistically tortured trying to figure out how to make Adblock work on Opera or Chrome.

Sick tormenters!

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good luck trying that with an apple or android mobile device.