"Anti-Petrodollar" CEO Of French Energy Giant Total Dies In Freak Plane Crash In Moscow

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Three months ago, the CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, dared utter the phrase heard around the petrodollar world, "There is no reason to pay for oil in dollars,"  as we noted here. Today, RT reports the dreadful news that he was killed in a business jet crash at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow after the aircraft hit a snow-plough on take-off. The airport issued a statement confirming "a criminal investigation has been opened into the violation of safety regulations," adding that along with 3 crewmembers on the plane, the snow-plough driver was also killed.


De Margerie, 63, joined Total in 1974 after graduating from the École Supérieure de Commerce in Paris. He served in several positions in the Finance Department and Exploration & Production division. In 1995, he became President of Total Middle East before joining the Total's Executive Committee as the President of the Exploration & Production division in May 1999. In May 2006, he was appointed a member of the Board of Directors. He was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total on May 21, 2010.

*  *  *

As RT reports,

According to preliminary data, the light aircraft collided with a snow-cleaning machine on takeoff, a source at the capital’s airport told RIA.


The aircraft was sending distress signals while still in the air and reporting an engine fire and fuselage damage, LifeNews reports. Upon crashing on the runway, the aircraft was engulfed in flames, reportedly killing everyone on board.


While initials reports suggested four people died in the tragedy, officials report that five bodies were found at the crash site, one allegedly being the driver of the snow-cleaning vehicle.


Vnukovo Airport has temporarily suspended all flights following the incident.


“A criminal investigation has been opened into the violation of safety regulations after a light aircraft crash in the capital's Vnukovo airport,” transport official Tatyana Morozova told RIA.


An investigative group is working at the crash site, Morozova added. In addition to people who were on board the plane, she said, the driver snowplow was killed.


Debris from the aircraft was scattered up to 200 meters from the crash site, according to the rescue services. The engine was found some 50 meters from the crash site, while one of the landing gears was ripped off and discovered nearly 200 meters from the main mass of debris.

*  *  *

The plane he was aboard...

*  *  *

Of course this could merely be a desparately sad accident... aside from the coincidence of this so recently...

Christophe de Margerie, the CEO of Total (the world's 13th biggest oil producer and Europe's 2nd largest), believes "There is no reason to pay for oil in dollars." Clearly, based onhis comments, that we have passed peak Petrodollar.

As Reuters reports,

Oil major Total's chief executive said on Saturday the euro should have a bigger role in international trade although it was not possible to do without the U.S. dollar.


Christophe de Margerie was responding to questions about calls by French policymakers to find ways at EU level to bolster the use of the euro in international business following a record U.S. fine for BNP.




"There is no reason to pay for oil in dollars," he said. He said the fact that oil prices are quoted in dollars per barrel did not mean that payments actually had to be made in that currency.

So even a major beneficiary of the status quo appears to see the end in sight for the Petrodollar.

*  *  *

Furthermore, despite Western-imposed sanctions on Russia that prohibit western financing and technology transfer to some Russian energy projects, Total is continuing to pursue a natural gas project in Yamal, a joint venture with Russia's Novatek and China's CNPC.

“Can we live without Russian gas in Europe? The answer is no. Are there any reasons to live without it? I think – and I'm not defending the interests of Total in Russia – it is a no,” the Total boss told Reuters back in summer.

*  *  *

And of course, it had to happen in Russia!

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X.inf.capt's picture

that's messed up...

these guys sure have alot of 'accidents'...

So What's picture

Remote control anyone.

Calling Michael Hasting. Paging Michael Hasting. are you there?

TheAnalOG's picture

Note to Fed stooges... look up network effect.  You going to kill us all?

TeamDepends's picture

Bet he won't do that again!

knukles's picture

Betcha they find a spent nailgun in the wreckage

Looney's picture

In my book, nailguns are more poetic and simpler than planes hitting snow plows to ‘splain to the non-working folks. DSK’ing someone works well too, because a 70-year-old dude trying to get a quickie from a pre-Ebola housekeeper is kinda romantic and looks way better on the MSM-pages than orange-faced tranny from the IMF being charged with stealing a lipstick from the head of the World Bank or somepin…  ;-)


Trayvon Martin for President?  ;-)



Keyser's picture

No one is beyond the reach of TPTB, even presidents of multi-national corps it appears... 


Anyone remember the Brazilian presidential candidate a couple months ago? 


McMolotov's picture

Time to start placing bets on assassination by Zamboni.

Fish Gone Bad's picture


McMolotov's picture

This kind of stuff will become more and more ridiculous as we approach collapse. Once someone dies in a freak turkey baster accident, we'll know the end is nigh.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Perhaps you underestimate how creative zamboni murderers can be?

McMolotov's picture

Revenge is a dish best served cold...

old naughty's picture

...served the snow ploug, cold.

Total controlled.

espirit's picture

The Zamboni drivers' family will be well taken care of.


Another Oligarch down.

FL_Conservative's picture

It's not nice to fool Mother Petrodollar.

Latina Lover's picture

Your slave paid tax dollars at work, eliminating enemies of the Fed Reserve.  This is how business is conducted by the USSA crony capitalists.

Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

This was no freak accident.  This was a professional CIA hit cause this CEO has a lot of clout in his statements! When he said that the US dollar need not be the petrodollar, he signed his death warrant.




signed, "the clipboard guy"

Divided States of America's picture

is this the beginning of these so called 'assasinations' that ekm has been talking about??? so are we supposed to get these daily doses of CEO deaths much like the banker deaths we got a few months earlier??

MontgomeryScott's picture

I was wondering about the presence of a single snowplow placed almost strategically across the runway in Moscow.

Currently, the weather is cold (36 degrees farenheight), with rain. Not to the 'freezing point'.

PERHAPS the Moscow airport is running a series of DRILLS that test the response time to snow-attacks. From Saudi-born snow-hijackers. In order that the Homeland be kept safe. In case of an 'assymetric attack'. From those who wish to attack Muscovites because of their 'freedoms'. With jets. Flying into buildings. Attacking their 'way of life'. Let us never entertain wild conspiracy theories regarding the death of the TOTAL C.E.O. during the 10/20 attacks. Our resolve is absolute. Those who drove the snowplow (without any snow present) will be brought to justice.


Our nail-gun technology is far in advance of any other bank, and we will bring all our forces to bear. We are calling upon our allies to help us fight this threat. Our resolve is sure; our printing presses manned.


Acting president,

Janet Yellen

strannick's picture

FDR "there are no accidents in politics"

Snowplow driver surely was dead before hit by the plane  

bunzbunzbunz's picture

There's video of the clipboard guy.....Where the video of a plane crashing into a snow plow? Russia should be posting it any time now.

12ToothAssassin's picture

Ive wished more upon french douches going over the front of my skis to cut in line at the lift

Supernova Born's picture

The Snowplows of mid-October.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

A turkey basting accident is highly likely if youre not a Master baster

strannick's picture

FDR "there are no accidents in politics"

Snowplow driver surely was dead before hit by the plane  

N0TME's picture

Then why hasn't the CIA taken out Putin? 

12ToothAssassin's picture

Because Putin is all in on the con

kliguy38's picture

prolly dead before the zamboni rolled out by remote

ShorTed's picture

I still don't get it, "hit a snowplow (plough) on take-off"? 

I didn't know snowplows (ploughs) flew!

MontgomeryScott's picture

Attach a few clipboards to the sides with duct tape and hazmat suits, and these things absolutely get AIRBORNE! Add a 'clipboard guy' as the test pilot, and WATCH this thing do AEROBATICS!

YOU say 'plough', and others say 'plow'.

I never understood the 'British' spelling. When it's pronounced, it sounds like you are trying to cough up some PHLEM ('flem').

'Snowplough one, you are clear for takeoff on runway two niner right.'

'Did he just give us clearance, Clarence?'

'I can't tell. He said "SNOWPLOWGH", not "SNOWPLOW", I think.'

'I don't give a shit. I'm throttling up anyway. Those fucking British... OH, SHI>>>'

(Runway closed due to accident. Authorities haven't told us anything yet, but it looks like Snowplow one was taxiing onto the runway when CEO one was landing. More, after 11. back to you, Biff.)

nmewn's picture

Unconfirmed reports of dancing Cossaks behind the runway fence.

What?...its history ;-)

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more like dancing mossad yahudis i would say isaac : )

nmewn's picture

You didn't return to the ISIS thread, Ivan.

Why is that? 



And still haven't when prodded, pun intended ;-)

There's this thing called courtesy, which you extended to me and I returned to you in the best possible terms considering the subject at hand and our differing views.

If thats how it is to be, then so be it.

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It was the same guys dancing by the Zamboni as were dancing by the white van on 9/11.  They say the Israelis love to travel.

Manthong's picture

Too much vodka in the snowplow.

tony wilson's picture



i saw lots of words isaac you yahudi do likes hiding behind words and you rely way to much on the overated kidon kidron whatever you psychopathic fucks call those killer queers.

as for the word reply take it up with the film makers or ask david cole he speaks yiddish

MontgomeryScott's picture


What do you call a Semite who rags on another Semite because they have a disageement over the thin strips of land that their father Abraham was 'promised'?




What do you call a 'goyim' who sees the fucking comedy act, and states that this is all bullshit?


A 'conspiracy theorist tin-foil-hat-wearing extremist RACIST (as well as an 'ANTISEMITIC').


What is the correct terminology for a Semitic who hijacks a thread about the death of the TOTAL CEO and tries to redirect it into a PERSONAL pissing match between 'brothers'?


I won't try to describe this in terms that apply, because they would be seen in terms of a 'racial slur'.

FIRST LETTER: rhymes with 'K'

Second letter: rhymes with 'I'

Third letter...K...

MontgomeryScott's picture



Is this the CORRECT RESPONSE, cunt?

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US Citizen, Press TV reporter dead in car crash near Syria 2 days after Turkey calls her a spy http://wtfrly.com/2014/10/20/us-citizen-press-tv-reporter-dead-in-car-cr...

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@ Tony,

I don't hide from anyone or anything. When did you join AAPAC and how much do they pay you?

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Oh shit, you showed up here! Who'd of thought!!!! I was just commenting to one of your multiple twat accounts!!!

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MontgomeryScott's picture

You're outed.

It must suck.

Here, let me assuage your decision to ally with the dark side:


You are here; I presume, to post some type of discussion regarding the untimely death of the TOTAL C.E.O.; who stated that the OPEC agreements are now meaningless in light of the current geopolitical situation. I am trying to give you the 'full benefit of doubt'.

Your postings are meaningless. Your prattling and cajoling are of no effect.



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The snow plow drivers wallet was found in the rubble....

sushi's picture

Once someone dies in a freak turkey baster accident, we'll know the end is nigh.


Erdogan will demand a complete and total retraction and all facts will dissappear from the public record. Remember Joe Who? Even when he is right, he is wrong.