The Most 'Distrusted' News Sources In America

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You know there's a problem with the media when Al-Jazeera is trusted more than NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. As Pew research's Journalism Project shows in the following table, the study attempted to measure not just whether people had heard of a variety of news sources, but which ones they really trusted when it came time to get straight info about politics and governments.

From "most distrusted" to least...


As Pew Research's Journalism Project reports,

There is not a single news source distrusted by at least half of all panelists or those with mixed or mostly conservative views. Six sources are distrusted 50% or more of consistent conservatives distrust and four are distrusted by most consistent liberals.

 It's worth keeping in mind when reading the table that the 'distrust' numbers may be low for some less well known outlets mainly because most respondents have never heard of them, rather than because most respondents do trust them.

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An alternative way to look at the data...

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Hard1's picture

ZH too low on the list to be shown bitchez.

Divided States of America's picture

CNBC must be up there also...I mean look at the guests they had on this week, Isaacson, Einhorn, Cooperman, Daniel Gilbert, Dean Kamen, a bunch of new social media CEOs like Tinder, I mean EVERY FUCKIN GUESTS are Jews. WTF

Save_America1st's picture

that entire table is total bullshit.  Who did they poll?  A bunch of college pussies from Columbia University and the studio audience of Oprah Winfrey???

Harbanger's picture

You can see why Obola got in twice and Hitlery will be shoe in, the ass.

jet813's picture

tht;s right Hillary is coming what you gona do now??

Pool Shark's picture



I'm really not concerned with what a majority of Sheeple think about anything.


After all; a majority of Sheeple put TOTUS in office,... TWICE!


tbone654's picture

rush limbaugh ranked #1 and thought of as overwhelmingly liberal?  I think these numbers are very skewed...

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


More Pee You Research.

Pinto Currency's picture




AJ was formed by a group of BBC operatives.

It is simply an extension of the BBC.

WTFRLY's picture

US Citizen, Press TV reporter dead in car crash near Syria 2 days after Turkey calls her a spy

SWRichmond's picture

Daily Show and Colbert Report are news programs?  In what alternative universe?  They are propaganda shows, intended to use comedy to get people to relax and agree.

Ariadne's picture

FOX is a news show? I thought it was Voice of MI6

Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

All your doomsday crap and the markets are bullish!! WTF  I sold my GILD at $95 and its at $105.  You basturds! I knew i should have followed my instincts.  Zero H is right 1% of the time.

knukles's picture

Meanwhile, Ebola continues to spread.
Just not on the MSM, for some unknown reason  (my ass)

InjectTheVenom's picture

what about Michael Savage show ?   

TuesdayBen's picture

They left off my preferred spin-source: RT

philipat's picture

Yes, I noticed that too. I think RT is a little like Voldemort; it cannot be mentioned by name. Either that or it scored so well that it got taken out as being too embarassing, especially in the present anti-Russian operation??

Dublinmick's picture

You can't guard every well to keep them from putting formaldehyde in them.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Fox might be the voice for MI-6, or a British Raj, or other banking-spy agency...

A Russian Plane Crash Story with French MP or PM gets major play... but not plane crash with Libertarian Senate Candidate, a Doctor, experienced pilot in a plane that can land with out any power at all... in a tight Senate Race between Big Money Candidates....

9 Days old now... no traction, no public report.

TeethVillage88s's picture

This Pew Research article is a PsyOp, Right?

The9thDoctor's picture

It's good to see Faux News as one of the most distrusted sources, but it's VERY ALARMING to see George Soros' ThinkProgress as the most trusted source.

Soros is most likely the one funding this BS poll.

I'm glad Drudge Report is close to the trusted side of the spectrum, because honestly that's my favorite source.

edotabin's picture

"The most trusted name in news"

boogerbently's picture

You are an example.

It's all "confirmation bias".

Least trusted or most trusted, by the people who listen and believe.

Trusted by the sheep that elected obama....twice !

No objective parameters for accuracy or honesty.

angel_of_joy's picture

I call BS on this entire "research". Fox News is the most "distrusted" news channel, more than MSNBC (hard to believe) or CNN, however when it comes to audiences it constantly KILLS everybody else combined. Not only that, but it has done it consistently for the last 10 years. You can take this research and shove it...

Georgia_Boy's picture

LOL at Buzzfeed getting the booby prize, an award well deserved!

JRobby's picture

Limbaugh is a news source? That's news to me.

The9thDoctor's picture

He is a "news source" to many, many self-labeled right-wing "dittoheads".

Duffy's picture

Limbaugh is not nearly as bad as he is made out to be.  In fact, he is villified mostly because of what he's said about women/feminists, and secondly, because he will at times make cogent points/arguments in a humour way.


I don't agree with a great deal of what he says, but he's entertaining and makes some decent points - at least in my view. 


Beck and Hannity are blithering idiots....  but so are Maddow and Olbermann.


I get a lot of my news from and wish there were more broadly libertarian/paleocon/classical liberal sites.



thebigunit's picture

"I don't agree with a great deal of what he says, but he's entertaining and makes some decent points - at least in my view."

So, you're trying to get the New York Times readers to like you?

I agree with very much of what Limbaugh reports.

You got a problem with that?

Duffy's picture

No, I'm trying to get you to like me. 

Very much?

I expect you're a bit of a fathead then, and not particularly well read.

Prove me wrong, Mr. Johnson.

Harbanger's picture

He's right in that political correctness has made people dance around issues and what they really believe, That's what I got from what you wrote.  It's so 90's, dude.  Take a fucking stance one way or another, you will be more respected.

nobodysfool's picture

Read the Caption:  % of people that DISTRUST the Source,  75% of Liberals distrust Limbaugh not the other way around. 

funthea's picture

rush limbaugh ranked #1 and thought of as overwhelmingly liberal?  I think these numbers are very skewed...

I think you and others are reading the chart wrong. The lables of mostly liberal/conservitive was regarding the the people giving the answers to who they distrusted most, i.e., those who voted Rush the most distrusted majorily identified themselves as liberals (75% of the respondents who voted Rush number 1)).

Dr Brown's picture

It is the percentage of people who distrust him by ideological group. Oh, never mind.

Pickleton's picture

Economically collapse.  What you gonna do then?

Freddie's picture


The Economist was good once but is a Red Shield op.  NPR, PBS and the BBC?  Insanely liberal.  BBC thinks all whites (except their newsreaders, editors and fellow travellers) are evil.

The9thDoctor's picture

The anti-white agenda is so blatantly obvious in the new Doctor Who. Amy was the only companion thus far, in the decade-long new series, to have a white boyfriend, then husband.

If one of his companions had a black dude, that would make sense to get the show up to modern times, but when all of them do, it's definitely a race baiting agenda.

angel_of_joy's picture

Watching an UK series, ANY series (or movie for that matter), is even more painfull than watching an American one... Why would Doctor Who be an exception ?

froze25's picture

Lets not forget how they push the Homosexual agenda as just a regular behavior thing that people do all the time across the board on the BBC

o2sd's picture

Why would I care?


Kobe Beef's picture

Because Cultural Marxism cares about subverting the civilization straight white men built. 

o2sd's picture

So you are saying you prefer fascism then?


angel_of_joy's picture

The Economist IS the Voice of The Establishment. Nothing more, nothing less...

Reaper's picture

What percentage distrust polls? Polls are used to instruct the sheeple in correct thinking. Another tool for mind control.

Christophe2's picture

Exactly.  This MSM-sourced 'poll' is telling the reader that The Economist is trusted by 98% of respondents?

LOL.  The results from that BS poll are what TPTB fucking WISH was the reality today.

auntiesocial's picture

I remember the exact moment when I woke up- it was 2003ish and Bill OReilly was blindly sticking up for 43 about WMD's. The reason I didn't "wake up" earlier is coz I was making paper back then and didn't have time to question all the bullshit. What is going to create jobs again? robotics? 3Dprinting? fuck, I need help.

de3de8's picture

And we are supposed to be surprised

Stuck on Zero's picture

What surprises me is when my liberal friends call all the mainstream media "far right."