Tuesday Humor: 0.1% "Problems"

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Presented with no comment...



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But are the billionaires really happy?



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Goddamned Snot nosed multi billionaires ruining the neighborhood.  Oughta be laws....

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Palo Alto, nuff said.


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Hanging is too good for them.  

Force them to move to East Palo Alto.

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Not to think of the roughshod the average HundredThousandaires must be going through right now. Unimaginable!!!

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Are all 1%-ers this whiney or just this guy?

This guy would be tossing salads in Prison within minutes with that kind of attitude.

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Nah, prison for the rich is golf courses, weekend visits from family, kosher meals, and snitches are the good guys.

If you're Madoff you get to go to Camp Cupcake.

If you stole VHS tapes from a Kmart in 1995 like Leandro Andrade did, you'll be doing hard time, even to this day.

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But the sheeple love democracy! Just like the 1%...

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The beatings will continue until moral improves... Bitchez...

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Take the Federal Reserve away from those Chosenite Palo Altoan's and then watch them complain...

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I just spoke to that Arrillaga fellow last week. Despite his billions, he still goes into the office and does a lot of the work that he could so easily pawn off to an underling.

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That's why we need to be fucking Zimbabwe...then we'll all be quadrillionaires. Hell, I am already, and those asshole US millionaires and billionaires around here can still run roughshod over someone like me. So it isn't always about the money (just the purchasing power...because a helluva lot of people can be bought.)

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And that's not even close to the rougshod the Menuaires are experiencing.

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Drop them off naked and penniless in East PA

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Not completely naked.  Superglue a Benjamin to their private parts.

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Great White Shark bait.

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Imagine how the poor billionaire must feel have to deal with riff-raff like this, man.

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I see none of you have been to East Palo Alto lately.

"The average listing price for east palo alto homes for sale on Trulia was $687,788 for the week ending Oct 15, which represents an increase of 12.7%, or $77,756, compared to the prior week and an increase of 20.3%, or $115,916, compared to the week ending Sep 24. Average price per square foot for east palo alto CA was $445, an increase of 26.1% compared to the same period last year. "

I used to live in EPA when I first started out. In a rent controlled building. As a white girl! It wasn't that bad then, and it's actually really pretty sweet there now.

" In 2006, East Palo Alto experienced a comparatively low 6 murders. There were 7 murders in 2007, and only 5 in 2008. So..... these guys probably wouldn't even get shot. Sorry.

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"I see none of you have been to East Palo Alto lately."


Exactly. When I was brought on to my last project they flew 8 new hire freshy's to the campus in Palo Alto for "ON-BOARDING" they put us all up in "CORPORATE" housing in East PA just down the street from IKEA.

Worst part, TSA fat man took my glass bottle of curry powder.

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Minus the home value of Palo Alto (which, heaven forbid, years ago was not that great at all), how much of a millionaire are they? Also, the concept of "a millionaire" a la the 1950's (think of the movie How to Marry a Millionaire) this was much more akin to a 9-figure wealth. I think some people get tthe idea it's this inexhaustible amount, but it's definitely not. Shit, you can lose a million on your stock portfolios like *that* nowadays. Which is scarcely any consolation for the avg schlub making $15/hr (but I don't think many of them read ZH or have stocks).

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1,000,000 today would equal 23,000,000 or so in 1950, cause it was just after the crash of the dollar.

As such, from google:

Government gold price has changed only four times from 1792 to the present. Starting at $19.75 per troy ounce, raised to $20.67 in 1834, and $35 in 1934. In 1972, the price was raised to $38 and then to $42.22 in 1973.

I myself, had a tragic fishing fishing accident during a hurricane off the coast of florida.

Should have brought a bigger boat.

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Back in the day you could move a lot of crack in EPA.

I worked with a dude that had a 40's bungalow on three or four acres in Palo Alto a couple miles from Stanford. Dude was still programming in his seventies while his kids and grandkids were all "independently wealthy" (read 'no jobs') living in McMansions he had built on the land around his old bungalow.

That was the early 90's, so he's either in his late nineties or dead. His kids are all probably going bankrupt right about now.

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Listen Toady.

I wouldn't want to see his property tax bill.


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~"Palo Alto, nuff said."~

Yes, a better, more "upscale" type of roughshod is ridden there.


Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


The real rough riders are in PA Hills, and Los Altos Hills. Look out!

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Where the real estate occupied by the car is worth more than the car.

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Reminds me of the Saudi Prince crying about $80/BBL Crude. FFS

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He also got pissy with Forbes magazine for not ranking him higher on their list of billionaires.  The guy has a degree in business studies from a mediocre US University, and reputedly made a fortune by skimming off the top of other Saudis who wanted access to US financial markets in the '70s.

Edit: Let me paint you a picture...

You wake up one fateful morning in your private island in The Maldives.  The local peasantry have been sailing for 6 hours to bring you your Forbes Magazine.

"Good", you think, "They've published the annual list of the world's wealthiest individuals."

Hands trembling with anticipation, you leaf excitedly through the pages until...

All of a sudden your world stops.  A cold jolt of shock rushes through you.

"This cannot be.  What is this?  A counterfeit?!"

You snap your fingers and send a malnourished servant scurrying over with a solid gold smartphone.  Within seconds the Senior Editor of Forbes is on the line.

"No.  It's true sir," he replies, "our financial analysts found that you were only the twelfth wealthiest individual in the world."

You slam your finger repeatedly on the "cancel call" button as the icy shock is replaced with a seething rage.  "Twelfth?!" you think, "but the analysts that -I- pay ranked me much higher!"

"This. Means. War."


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Millionaires = Solidly middle class

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Salt of the earth folks. When they get dressed, they have their servants put their pants on one leg at a time.

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Wait...the servants or the millionaires?

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Both, that's the point.

Their shit smells the same as well.

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Furthur evidence of the dollars demise.

Shit what's a million anymore.  Chalky tells everyone he is giving 50 billion to towelie and noone blinks.



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If the statists win, there will be.

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laws for 'wealth control' that is

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There will be only one: All your wealth are belong to us.

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i dont think they are...i think there scared...

someone is culling their herd...putting them in jail,...well..ETC..

this whole game is WAY ABOVE OUR PAYGRADES, and above presidents and billionare level, too!

this is BIS level chess playing


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Billionaires going to jail?  Are you serious?  

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i think there are a few in russia and china who would say,


and china, russia are members of the BIS, as is the u.s.