New York, New Jersey Begin Mandatory Quarantines In Ebola Response

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Despite the constant confirmation that New York "is prepared, and has been prepared for months" for an Ebola outbreak (that is extremely difficult to catch apparently), it appears Governor Cuomo and NJ's Christie are more concerned than they are letting on. Having earlier admitted that the CDC's screening guidelines are "insufficient" for New York regions' population density, Reuters reports that Cuomo and Christie are considering "enhanced screening" where "all healthcare workers will be mandatorily quarantined." Cue "state of emergency" proclamation and civil liberties 'interrupted'...


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Governors Cuomo & Christie explain how its for your own good... but it's not very congaious and really hard to catch... etc.

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As CNBC reports,

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that he and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are planning to increase current screening procedures for people travelling from Ebola-affected regions.


Depending on an individual's risk level—exposure to infected individuals and countries visited—a mandatory 21-day quarantine could be instituted, Cuomo said.


All medical workers from Ebola-affected countries will be subject to a quarantine, said Dr. Howard Zucker, acting commissioner of health for New York State. Cuomo said voluntary quarantine is not sufficient, and that it is "almost an oxymoron."


"In an region like this, you go out one, two, or three times—you ride the subway, you ride a bus—you could affect hundreds and hundreds of people," Cuomo added.


"There is no reason for undue concern or undo anxiety under this situation," the New York governor said. "I believe this adjustment and increasing the screening procedures is necessary. I think it reduces the risk to New Yorkers and the residents of New Jersey."


Christie indicated that authorities have already stopped one traveler in Newark.


Cuomo said that he and Christie believe it is a state's right to protect their borders, and he indicated that the governors have been in touch with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He added he believed the CDC's procedures are "not rigorous enough."


Christie said the measures are "necessary to protect public health."

"CDC's guidance is continually changing, and we need to set a standard for our two states," Christie said. These new procedures have already been put in place at the Port Authority airports, Cuomo said.

And so it begins...

*  *  *

Additionally, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (NY-8) released the following statement in the aftermath of the first confirmed case of Ebola in New York:

“In the wake of the first confirmed case of Ebola in New York City, the Obama administration must reassess the strength of the measures put into place to protect the health and safety of our residents. All options should be on the table in the fight against Ebola, including a possible ban on nonessential travel originating in the source West African nations.”

*  *  *

Of course, we warned this might happen -

If there is a major Ebola pandemic in America, all of the liberties and the freedoms that you currently enjoy would be gone.  If government officials believe that you have the virus, federal law allows them to round you up and detain you "for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary."  In addition, the CDC already has the authority to quarantine healthy Americans if they reasonably believe that they may become sick.  During an outbreak, the government can force you to remain isolated in your own home, or the government may forcibly take you to a treatment facility, a tent city, a sports stadium, an old military base or a camp.  You would not have any choice in the matter.  And you would be forced to endure any medical procedure mandated by the government.  That includes shots, vaccines and the drawing of blood.  During such a scenario, you can scream about your "rights" all that you want, but it won't do any good.

In case you are tempted to think that I am making this up, I want you to read what federal law actually says.  The following is 42 U.S.C. 264(d).  I have added bold for emphasis...

(1) Regulations prescribed under this section may provide for the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease in a qualifying stage and (A) to be moving or about to move from a State to another State; or (B) to be a probable source of infection to individuals who, while infected with such disease in a qualifying stage, will be moving from a State to another State. Such regulations may provide that if upon examination any such individual is found to be infected, he may be detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary. For purposes of this subsection, the term “State” includes, in addition to the several States, only the District of Columbia.


(2) For purposes of this subsection, the term “qualifying stage”, with respect to a communicable disease, means that such disease—


(A) is in a communicable stage; or


(B) is in a precommunicable stage, if the disease would be likely to cause a public health emergency if transmitted to other individuals.

In addition, as I discussed above, the CDC already has the authority to isolate people that are not sick to see if they do become sick.  The following is what the CDC website says about this...

Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill. These people may have been exposed to a disease and do not know it, or they may have the disease but do not show symptoms. Quarantine can also help limit the spread of communicable disease.

*  *  *


Welcome to the new normal American police state.

*  *  *

Don't worry though - as this TV anchor says - just don't eat Ebola-infected shit!!!


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What if ebola is the start of a bio-warfare engagement?  Are you ready for an extended quarantine?

       Item 6

Purchase the items on the following shopping list to outfit your home.

·         5,000 rounds ammo for training; $2,500.

·         Purchase and install Door Jamb Armor and dead bolts on all your exterior doors; $1,000 for 4 doors.

·         A bullet proof vest; $500.

·         Install a professional alarm system, or better if you live in the country get a big dog and have you both protection trained; $50/month.

·         12 months of food storage (2,400 cal/day) with > 20 year shelf life ;$4,500.

·         If you have well water get a SimplePump.  If you rely on city/municipal water, and there is not a swimming pool in your backyard, then get at least one waterbed; $1,000.

·         A hand-crank emergency radio and a couple of hand-crank flashlights; $50.

·         Purchase and store several cases of liquor; $500.

·         If it gets cold where you live, then purchase

o   A mummy style sleeping bag like a Wiggies; $250.

o   At least one set of heavy wool pants and wool parka, such as Columbia's Gallatin Range ; $350.

o   A pair of warm boots, wool socks, warm gloves, and a wool hat; $350.

o   Two sets of Patagonia long underwear; $120.

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Civil liberties are so annoying. Just get rid of them already.

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Prepared? When Ebola hits your town you will want to be antifragile.

    At what point do we implement:

  •         tele-commuting
  •         home schooling
  •         top off the farm tanks
  •         close the gate
  •         no guests
  •         staycation

    Do I wait until Ebola cases confirmed in USA?

    Do I wait until Ebola cases confirmed in my state?                           

    Do I wait until Ebola cases confirmed in my city?

    Do I wait until Ebola cases confirmed in my neighborhood?

Maybe, our current government will never let a good crisis go to waste, and the biggest peril is to our freedom.

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<=taking your chances with EBOLA...

<=being locked up in quarantene with SNOOKIE from jersey shores...

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So the mandatory quarantine for all non-democrats begins November 4th right?

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Well, at least New Dork Citiers and New Jerkians won't have to worry about their 2nd Amendment rights being taken away.

They gave those up without a wimper decades ago.

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I love how almost everyone on here is taking both sides of this issue.

What used to be a libertarian leaning site has now turned into armchair quarterbacks whining that the government isn't doing enough, and they are not following proper protocols.

Then when a quarantine is issued because ONE doctor gets sick, OMG my civil liberties.

You guys crack me up bigtime.

I miss the good old chart porn and banker scam exposes before this site became total tabloid click bait with a neocon-leaning audience.

I can't believe how old school "Fuck You Bernanke" has gotten already. Man, time flies fast, bitchez!

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"What used to be a libertarian leaning site has now turned into armchair quarterbacks whining that the government isn't doing enough, and they are not following proper protocols."

In case you hadn't noticed, we are laughing AT the federal government for the inept fools they are and that they do in fact have ineffective protocols, for somethiing THEY brought to our shores to begin with and are lying sacks of shit.

Immigration and visa's are a federal resposibility, the Feds fought and won that case not to long ago if you will remember, something to do with Arizona trying to stop illegal immigration when the Feds refused to do so.

Glad to clear it up for you ;-)

nmewn's picture

A lot of people don't know about Patton's roots. They also probably don't know Arlington Cemetery came about as an act of US vindictiveness toward a good man.

And so it goes ;-)

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HH, can you address water filters? For example, water from a dehumidifier or rain water. Is filtering enough and then add the bleach as directed?


On the other thread some kind souls shared their thoughts and suggested Katadyn and Berkey [sp?].


Any other ZH'ers are free to share their thoughts here.


BTW, I read that thread on the shotguns and I did buy a Benelli semi auto 12g [M2] and absolutely love the heck out of it!

disabledvet's picture

Benelli's are nice. Well balanced, light, true.

Easy to get carried away with Outbreak Disease...if clowny wasn't in charge Americans would literally breathe easier. Bleach does kill this thing...cotton had a good day today...for a reason in my view.

Wouldn't want to be in the northeast this winter.   A flu pandemic is a vector for my flu shot two weeks ago.

Just changed the water filter too. Our water up here is about as good as it gets in the public sense...regulations in the 90's forced construction of huge containment facilities which in theory acts as a filtration system.   We'll know if we have an actual outbreak only until after the election at the earliest.

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Gunz Gunz Gunz....they WILL be the death of you my friends.... a weapon always turns on it's holder in the end...


Live by the sword, die by the sword....and a higher purpose, of which we are all capable, left un-fullfilled...

But who am I to say so, Let's hear it from Lao Tzu...


Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 31

Good weapons are instruments of fear; all creatures hate them.
Therefore followers of the Tao never used them.
The wise man prefers the left.
The man of war prefers the right.

Weapons are instruments of fear; they are not a wise man's tools.
He uses them only when he has no choice.
Peace and quiet are dear to his heart.
And victory no cause for rejoicing.
If you rejoice in victory, then you delight in killing;
If you delight in killing, you cannot fulfill yourself.

On happy occasions precedence is given to the left,
On sad occasions to the right.
In the army the general stands on the left,
The commander-in-chief on the right.
This means that war is conducted like a funeral.
When many people are being killed,
They should be mourned in heartfelt sorrow.
That is why a victory must be observed like a funeral.

seek's picture

"He uses them only when he has no choice."

I think this easily describes 99% of defensive firearm use in the US.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Let us hope it remains that way in times of pure panic...

Dazed and confused with a firearm is not a good thing.....

nmewn's picture

Nobody around here is dazed and confused ORI and only the dazed and confused would panic & try to shoot at an ebola

Oh regional Indian's picture

Are you serious nm? Are you saying no one with a licensed firearm in the US is dazed and confused?


I've seen enough invective and xenophobia right here on good ole ZH to imagine that a KKK wannabe would be a happy trigger puller if he did not have to suffer consequences.

What to speak of those rednecks and their "range practise"....

Either you are joe king or on something that induces extreme states of myopia...

You were all brought up on six shot packing, fastesttttt drawing white man wild west heroes for a's called programming...

Anyways, my point was that peashooter, going out peashooter blazing is just not wise...

Words to the wise here, go vegetarian and watch your life change ;-)

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C'mon Vivek. I read your blog and I know that you are smarter than that.

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Because lances, bows & arrows, nunchaku's, maces, poison or a bomb strapped to the chest are much more You know better than that ORI, its not the implement that commits the act, its the individual.

Somebody musta slipped a little beef into your dosa ;-)

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Thermonuclear Warheads are the most efficient.


I do not support this end but the time is growing short...very short.


But as the Good Book says there will be an intervention because all will perish if there is not.


To those whom will disagree ther is the principle of the self fulfilling prophecy. Because people believe in the prophecy they will do their best to bring it into fruition.


So God, or as the atheists proclaim, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, does not have to do anything as we will do it to ourselves.


And the prophecy, as a result, will be fulfilled.


The Drake Equation is right. There is little liklihood of any other intelligent life out there as they will have most likely have followed our path into destruction.

nmewn's picture

Pretty much.

Guns are used far more for defense than offense.

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It's racist when the populous of flyover country calls for a ban on flights from West Africa.

It's a sensible precaution when the Tri-State area calls for a ban on flights from West Africa.



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You got it, like he said; the state of NJ can say who can enter NJ and the state of NY can say who can enter NY.  


However other states, especially TX AZ and CA shall let in anyone that feels like coming in and also provide for them food, water, shelter, and education free of cost because not to do so would be racist.  

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Within hours of when the jews felt threatened, there was a fix.  Not a good one, but a fix.  Those who have eyes, let them see.

LibertarianMenace's picture

Indeed, a very astute observation. I wonder how many phone calls it took from Long Island to get Coumo's attention. The immediate response is very telling and reveals the nature of the system. As a result, the hypothesis has now become more than that, and like an actual scientific theory. Since real theories are notoriously neutral, the question becomes how this model can be used to our advantage and therefore oppose theirs. So, for example, when the existence of influence (i.e, "population density") is threatened, lo and behold, the .guv machinery lumbers into motion to protect the border. Perhaps the same operating principle can be used to restore constitutional government. Who knew, that ebola would show the way to eliminating other forms of pestilence.

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"a weapon always turns on it's (sic) holder in the end"

Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.

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We have owned and used Katadyn Pocket filters for many years and on many trips, and have never had any trouble.  They are portable, easy to service, and incredibly durable.  It is the Benelli M2 of water filters; I would bet my life on it.

Consider the GG&G charging handle and bolt release pad,and make certain you install tritium sights, if you have the ghost rings.


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

May I suggest the following M2 accessories for your consideration:


Limbsaver Precision Fit Recoil Pad - Benelli M2

seek's picture

Katadyn is good, though you probably still want to use bleach if there are any viral threats. Also be aware that the Katadyn element is ceramic, so check it for cracks if you drop it, and so not let it freeze when wet.

You might also want to check out the sawyer minifilters.

Implied Violins's picture

Thanks for the reminder, I have a Katadyn and forgot about the ceramics. Great filter for backpacking. I have a Berkey at home, among the best there is. Highly recommended...though only one model is legal for sale in California. Conspiracy? I think so...

seek's picture

Berkey is now shipping all their outdoor systems to CA, it's just the indoor systems they won't.

It's very interesting how CA's anti-lead law pretty much shut down a whole host of prepardness items, though. Every time I turn around I hear about something else that can't go into the state. Thank god I live in AZ.

goldsaver's picture

OK, so top of the line water filtration; a Berkey . you can capture and filter any water ( short of black water, although you could run it thru a berkey, I wouldnt want to clean the filter afterwards) for drinking.

On the other side of the equation, water conservation. Consider this as a black water solution ;

I used it in the farm for 6 months before I saved enough for the composter. Line the bucket with a kitchen bag and fill it with a couple of cups of kitty litter or saw dust. Dispose of like regular garbage after pooping.

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Our Grandfather was Patton's favorite cook. Many stories. God bless you Willie!

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Listen Rabbi.

Please, please protect the "FOLKS" from Israel in the tri-state area. Call on Bloomberg if you have to but make sure no chosen one gets the "BLOOD WORM".

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture

Listen, listen Rabbi.

Tony Wilson asked me to tell you not to stay up too late on The Hedge. "YOU" have to be at "Kesher Israel" at 8am for your first Bris tomorrow.

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Tony Wilson, Tony Wilson? Oh, you mean the paid AAPAC shill who's every other word is something about Jews. Yeah well, lean over your screen and tell him I'm Christian but you guys know more about them than I do.

Now, why would that be Banga Din or is your real name Achmed?

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture

Listen Rabbi.

Remember. Bris is most enjoyed after a coupla glasses of Manischewitz! No matter what time of day.

nmewn's picture

I'll have to take your word for it, troll.

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robotroll! you quoting TONY WILSON....QUOTING TONY WILSON!!???

BOY, PLEASE!!! tony wont be happy to hear that!!!


be careful, or UNICEF's going to take back that used computer your'e trying to get attention with..probably donated to you by an american you love to talk trash about...poorly i dare add...

have a nice day..


p.s. is that a bone in your nose...?


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listen you fucking pair of citi slick faggots.

you kosher cunts leave tony outta dis.

nmewn what the fuck have i told you about your talmudick avatar.

you child killers will not listen.

nmewn's picture

Your "Hindu" sycophant troll brought you into this Tony Boi and you've never said anything about my avatar to my face that I recall.

Just what is "talmudick" about V?

You have my undivided attention now Tony, so speak your mind, whats left of it ;-)


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C'mon, nmewn!

You have to admit - if you never saw or heard of V and ignored the Guy Fawkes mask and long, straight black hair of V on your avatar, then it looks exactly like a Hasidic Jew. Well, except the hat is wrong, too. And no sidelocks. But let's not nitpick about the details.

And a Hasidic avatar with a Guy Fawkes mask would make perfect sense anyways because... well... I guess it doesn't. But never mind that.

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lol...they've developed it into some weird pseudo-intellectual art form. There is no geographic place on earth or space or time, no inanimate object or animal or human, that doesn't contain the presence of a Jew somewhere in it. That or they're paranoid schizophrenics.

Which I'm not ruling out ;-)

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Guy Fawkes was fighting on the side of the Roman Catholics in Spain and (not too successfully) back in England. Roman Catholicism is a Christian religion founded by Jesus - a JEW. Therefore, Guy Fawkes was fighting for the Jews. See? Hell, even Anonymous is connected. Probably Mossad.

I respect Hasidic Jews a great deal. They're some of the most vocal opponents of Rothschild Zionism. I'm still kind of curious what Tony's beef with your presumed Hasidic Guy Fawkes avatar could be.

[Sorry for interrupting, Tony - DO tell]


Jews ARE everywhere. They do it with tunnels - miles of them. Just like the Chinese.

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In NYC it's legal for a Rabbi to felate a baby when he performs bris.  

nmewn's picture

Nothing in NYC or San Fran would surprise me...but perhaps you could source the law in question?

TIA ;-) 

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^ 9th DR has EBOLA. Get him!