"Whatever We Decide Is A Disaster For Us" France Admits Putin Is Winning, Europe "Blinked"

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While the analogy of Vladimir Putin playing geopolitical chess (while the rest of the world plays checkers) has been a popular one, the French ambassador Gerard Araud has a different - somewhat stunningly honest  - persepctive: Putin "is more a poker player really, putting all the money on the table; saying, 'Do the same' and of course we blink. We don't do the same." As Bloomberg reports, Araud goes on to express entirely un-Juncker-like, how Putin has outmaneuvered his opponents and humiliated Ukraine. Simply put, he adds, the Russian president "has won because we were not ready to die for Ukraine, while apparently he was," leaving the ominous question, "when is Putin going to stop? Whatever we decide is a disaster for us."



As Bloomberg reports,

Vladimir Putin has outmaneuvered his opponents and humiliated Ukraine by continuing to back pro-Russian separatists and flouting a cease-fire, making it crucial that sanctions on Russia remain firm, France’s ambassador to the U.S. said.


The Russian president “has won because we were not ready to die for Ukraine, while apparently he was,” Ambassador Gerard Araud said yesterday at a Bloomberg Government breakfast in Washington... Echoing the view of other European envoys in Washington, Araud expressed concern that the Ukraine conflict has hit an impasse, leaving Putin the winner by default.


Poroshenko is “kneeling in front of Putin with the cord around his neck and saying, ‘You know, you have won,’” and Putin is still not backing down, Araud said.


While many observers have called Putin a geopolitical chess player, he said, the Russian leader is more a “poker player really, putting all the money on the table, saying, ‘Do the same,’ and of course we blink. We don’t do the same.”




The economic sanctions against Russia must stay in place to prevent Putin from going further, said Araud, who moved to Washington in September after serving as the French ambassador to the United Nations.




“Whatever we decide is a disaster for us,” Araud said, again expressing his personal view. On one side, he said, lies France’s credibility as an arms supplier who delivers on contracts, and on the other, the difficulty of delivering a weapons system to Putin, who might use it against Ukraine or a European ally.

Araud concludes - rather ominously - and far too honestly for a paid-up member of the European elite:

“The question is there on the table: When is Putin going to stop?” Araud said. “That’s the reason that we need to keep the sanctions” because, “let’s be frank, it’s more or less the only weapon that we have. We are not going to send our soldiers in Ukraine. It does not make sense to send weapons to the Ukrainians, because the Ukrainians would be defeated real easily, so it will only prolong the war” and lead to a “still bigger Russian victory.”

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DeadFred's picture

Hope Gerard avoids planes in the near future.

X.inf.capt's picture


and i see an 'accident' in someone's future..

zamboli...no, its been done...


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Russia, with an economy about the size of Italy's, beats Europe.  Blink, Europe, blink!

Peter Pan's picture

Yes, he should avoid aeroplanes or he may become knwn as Gerard Depart'ure.

knukles's picture

Poor widdow fwoggies.
No balls.

0b1knob's picture

Cheese eating surrender monkeys ready to give up again.  What else is new?

I wonder how the decided to surrender to Putin rather than to ISIL?

knukles's picture

Since our sanctions on Vlad & Cie are cratering as we speak, why don't we just go from terribly bad to fuck all worse and impose more, stricter sanctions ... squeeze em' till their eyes bleed natural gas for free.

strannick's picture

Stop being America's bitch and grow your own balls is your answer Frenchie

Typical bullshit Bloomberg, insinuating what they really mean to say, as they deftly imply Putin is an unstoppable Aggresor, while it is America all the while everywhere- Ukraine, Middle East- that ruins the world to rule it.

Keyser's picture

Just imagine the disgrace of being told what to do by Barry, when you know it will become a disaster...  

mvsjcl's picture

Great hit piece. Who exactly wrote this? The underlying message is exquisite in its subtlety. Did y'all catch that?

BigJim's picture

Yup, weekend Tyler on deck.

barre-de-rire's picture

plane crash for christmas  ....check

Socratic Dog's picture

Implicit assumption in this article: evil Putin, the new Hitler, out to rule the world.  Run!!

Reality:  USSA fucks anything that moves.  Including itself.

Complete bullshit.


Farmhand's picture

I am sitting in a cafe in Kiev right now. I am a ranch hand from Texas. There is no describing the lies that have been told about the Ukraine situation and/or Putin. Where is the Russian aggression?? No mention of the terror campaign by the Ukrainian army? Who actually downed MH 17?? German Intel says antiaircraft from UKR ground. Missile from UKR aircraft makes more sense... Gerard makes one very good point... There will not be another Stalingrad or even an invasion of Russian soil. Do you think that V Putin doesn't understand the endgame?? Before NATO shows up on Russian soil there will be no more Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, or any other euro capital city. With time, no more New York or Washington... The air incursions are intended to demonstrate that Russia is alert. Besides Afghanistan, how many countries has Russia invaded? Compare that to the USA... Leave Russia and Ukraine alone.... Americans are mad because the women here are beautiful and all they have are a bunch of nagging, fat old hags!

Ghordius's picture

correct, many lies have been told. ok, let's look at undeniable facts. there was a war. soldiers of several sides were killed in this war. refugees fled their homes. a piece of territory of one sovereign country is now controlled and claimed by a neighbouring sovereign country, on nationalistic grounds. including an Act of Annexation by the Russian Duma

all against the rules of the Old Order. And now Putin asks for New Rules, claiming that the "New Order" ripped all pages of the old rules out of the book, making it silly for him to be "the only one that abides", in his version

and this is it, folks. The Old World Order was around the UN, international agreements and treaties, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, etc.

angel_of_joy's picture

You're full of shit, and you know it. BEFORE the war you mention, and all that followed, there was a COUP which overthrew an elected government, just 1 year ahead of the next planned elections. That coup was financed and prepared by US and actively supported by EU countries (like Poland), which makes EU an accomplice to this crap. So spare me the high talk about "international agreements and treaties".

The whole Ukraine mess proved that EU is nothing more than America's bitch, even when it's directly against its existential interests. Alas, that's to be expected considering the very low quality of the people running it. In any event, the Europeans are now even more fucked that before, and the new economic adversity (caused by their insane and unquestioned alignment with the American Foreign policy) will only haste the demise of this dismal piece of social engineering which is the EU. Have fun at the funeral ! I'm sure that all the Europeans with shit jobs, low pensions and no welfare left to "smooth things out" will make a great audience for your boring sermons about the hidden virtues of a centralized continental bureaucracy.

BigJim's picture

Classic case of a complete disconnect between the elites and everybody else.

The EU elites know they'll be taken care of by the Fed-fed bankers, regardless of what happens to 'their' economies when they make decisions that run contrary to the citizens' interests.

geno-econ's picture

Nagging fat old bags---, Referring to Nuland and hubby?

Joe Trader's picture

This article jumps to conclusions and doesn't even mention the new LNG terminal in Swinoujscie, Poland - literally a stone's throw away from the German border. This will be able to account for 50% of Poland's annual NATGAS & in the past week they decided to expand capacity to 75% of Poland's annual NATGAS consumption. Currently Poland relies on Russia for 80% of its NATGAS.

This is a very real threat to Russia & France could easily build two of these terminals within 5 years to mitigate Russian supply threats. Why France doesn't just build its own "MediterreaneanStream" directly to the MIDEAST is something I haven't researched, but is also an option on the surface.

Poland's procurement of JASSM missiles has also had an effect on Russia in that a Russian air force base had to be relocated deeper within Belarus, further away from its border with Poland. So I wouldn't write these articles & brainwash people into believing that Russia holds every single trump card - its quite vulnerable and its current attitude will result in more LNG terminals and lost customers. Ben Rich also said the US has every advanced technology you can think of and then some, European nations had architectural and artisitic masterpieces to show for their empires - the US has put a lot of money into research and has better stuff then Russia will ever have.

Amerikan Patriot's picture

Within several years' time Europe will have alternate sources to procure their energy needs.  In a perfect world, Russia and Putin's regime become ever more isolated. 

cheech_wizard's picture

In a perfect world, this comes to fruition, and we can end the wars over control of energy resources.


I'm curious, when was the last time you held a mirror up to the regime known as United States, Inc.?


Amerikan Patriot's picture

The US media constantly 'holds a mirror' up to the United States, Bob.  That's why such a great deal of diversity of opinion exists about Obama and US policy.

In the Russian state-controlled media apparatus, the government either directly tells journalists what to say or applies the necessary pressure in order to ensure compliance. When Russian journalists refuse to comply, they die, which is why a couple hundred journalists have been killed in Russia during post-Soviet times.


"The CPJ lists Russia as "the third deadliest country in the world for journalists" since 1991, exceeded in the number of deaths only by Algeria (1993–1996) and post-invasion Iraq.[20] It is more revealing, perhaps, to set Russia alongside its G20 partners — not just the USA and France, but also Saudi Arabia and China (see Table 1, in IFJ report).[21] Russia's problem, shared by certain other members of G20 (India, Brazil and Mexico), is not simply one of the number of deaths but that the killing with impunity has persisted over time."

crazzziecanuck's picture

The role of the American mass media has always been to repeat whatever their masters tell them to.


Amerikan Patriot's picture

Apparently the 'masters' tell the American MSM to say both that Obama is a saint and a monster, that he is worthy of both impeachment and the Nobel Peace Prize, that US involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq is both a godsend and a travesty of justice, that America is spending far too much on social welfare programs and hardly enough. 

Again, Bob, we hear a diversity of opinion on the full range of issues. 

I can't teach you to think in a few blog posts, Bob.  You're going to have to do some of this for yourself.

Socratic Dog's picture

Please explain why the USSA media completely ignores things like an internal coup (Nov 1963) or government complicity in mass murder of its citizens (Sept 2001).  Admittedly, it keeps them alive...

GetZeeGold's picture




Within several years' time Europe will have alternate sources


How long is that in doggy years?


You're coming to the poker table with nothing.

CuttingEdge's picture

<cough> Michael Hastings <cough>

Only reason more journalists don't die in the USSA is because they take it up the arse from the CIA etc (and get very well paid to do so as been widely reported recently).

Fuck all "journalist integrity" left in the West, at least in the MSM.


dogbreath's picture

Patriot another 10 week expert troll.  You are a liar .

joak's picture

And if you go to recent Putin years, how many ? 5 cases. And 2 for which you can rule out political assassination. I think this list, as everything in Wiki, is politically motivated. When I check the same list about America http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_journalists_killed_in_the_United_St..., I couldn't find any single case of "journalist killed in car crash".While after Googling for it, I found immediatley one case : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Hastings_(journalist). The article says : "Hastings became a vocal critic of the surveillance state during the investigation of reporters by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2013, referring to the restrictions on the freedom of the press by the Obama administrationas a "war" on journalism.[5] His last story, "Why Democrats Love to Spy On Americans", was published by BuzzFeed on June 7.[6][7] Hastings died in a fiery high-speed automobile crash on June 18, 2013, in Los Angeles, California"

conscious being's picture

Gary Web, San Jose Mercury expose on CIA drug running, suicided with two (2) bullets to the head in Sacramento. Coroner ruled it suicide.

joak's picture

I guess the coroner didn't want to be the second man in history who suicided with 2 bullets to the head... 

Volkodav's picture

German experts say otherwise, not even close.

not even consider the extra costs.

Your delusion is against Russia.

Russia has always been a reliable supplier.



Amerikan Patriot's picture

Bob, Russia isn't even close to Germany's GDP, you idiot.  Not even Purchasing Power Parity.

By the way, our Russian family just finished watching 'Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears' (again).  It's wonderful!

GetZeeGold's picture



Purchasing power means nothing when it's not for sale.


Russia is not a baker...and they don't have to make a gay wedding cake for anyone.

Againstthelie's picture

"Amerikan Patriot" with israeli passport.

angel_of_joy's picture

You sound more like an American idiot than patriot. However, the two terms tended to become interchangeable, lately...

Amerikan Patriot's picture

I hear the ad hominem attack, Bob, just no logic or analysis.  Why?  Because you have none.  You silly goose!   :-)

angel_of_joy's picture

I couldn't care less what you "hear". If you express yourself like a moron, expect to be treated as such. You can always keep quiet and pretend to be smart...

Keyser's picture

Someone drank the koolaid and still hasn't woken up... 

geno-econ's picture

Middle East will always be in turmoil for obvious reasons spanning centuries while Russia represents a reliable , abundant supplier of nat gas to EU.  Question is will EU remain solvent under debt load of smaller members.  Nevertheless there will always be demand for energy.  Polish terminals meaningless, just as their horse cavalry and waving swords.  Buy Gazprom---great dividend, real assets and low PE

Bingo Hammer's picture

"the US has ......has better stuff then Russia will ever have."

Perhaps, but perhaps not...if the US had true superiority in all things military then its plan for world domination through armed conflict would already be underway. Further, the US is not the only country with secrect space and super weapons programs involving some extremely advanced technology, eg the real time video of huge Chelyabinsk Meteor shows something that looks suspiciously like a projectile destroying it prior to impact...please note the meteor was travelling at an approximate speed of 69,000klm per hr (= approx 43,000mph) at the time


So, either the Russians have some really advanced shit hidden away or they have some powerful unknown "friends" on their side

Crisismode's picture



Or Maybe,

Just Possibly,

You are suffering from severe delusions of Granduer.

From massaging your own Ego far too much into the night.

Best Wishes!


The Blank Stare's picture

James Vincent Forrestal (February 15, 1892 – May 22, 1949) was the last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense. He was privileged to all the USA's secrets in the modern day of the UFO. It was widely rumored and speculated that he stood alone wanting to release government UFO information to the general public.

Since there was no suicide note from such a literate man who wrote so much, that a belt or cord was found tied suspiciously around his neck. You do not need to be a conspiracy theorist to understand the facts around his death are more then extremely suspicious. 
Joe Trader's picture

An f'd monetary system won't mean anything to the US as long as it has said technology. And lol at the person who suggested using this tech on conventional battlefields & risk losing it or letting others know about it. These are last resort weapons...nostradamus even said terrible new weapons would be introduced during wwiii

geno-econ's picture

Nonsense. He committed suicide because he was losing influence in Washington.  His son, an attorney, died of an aeortic  anurism  at 62

Vullsain's picture


"if the US had true superiority in all things military then its plan for world domination through armed conflict would already be underway."

Your premise is partially flawed. The US plan  includes military, economic, political and cultural domination of the world. No sense in Total War to acheive this objective. It would be insanity to flirt with a full scale war Russia over the south of Ukraine and Crimea with the kind of military technology that they possess. Our interference and bungling in the Ukraine does leave doubt about our leaders competence.



Karaio's picture

@ Joe Trader: 


Five are four winters. 

Suppose that Putin did not close the taps this Christmas. 

Still need three monstrous winters without gas, moron. 

In two years, all that Russia produces will be going to China. 

If Europe need gas or oil, to pay - very - expensive. 

Putin endured many slaps in the face like any good patient Slavic but, believe me, the patience of a Slavic vanishes and the return, the retaliation, it's insane. 

The beatings that gives a Slav when angry surprising, as is said above, insane thing. 

Slavic is like the Brazilian gaucho, gives an ox not to pick a fight but gives a whole herd not to leave one. 


Quick's picture

The United States doesn't mess with any country that  has nukes. Little North Korea, Pakistan,  China, etc. They sure as hell are not gonna piss off Russia.


Just the facts. Barry is pussy and will do nothing. No other potus is stupid enough - Barry isn't smart enough to fuck with Putin - and from his actions, it appears he knows it.