Caption Contest: Bart Chilton Salutes You

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When someone asks you who is the biggest sellout is in the history of the CFTC, the person who allegedly "crusaded" against gold and silver manipulation, only to blame his and his agency's gross incompetence and conflicts of interest on lack of funding, and who tirelessly preached about the dangers of HFT to anyone who cared, only to become an HFT lobbyist and advisor, one right answer isn't the long-haired terrorist dude but his real-life doppelganger, Bart Chilton.

Then again, Mr. Chilton doesn't care what you think of him, as he laughs all the way to the bank.

In fact, here he is at the World Federation of Exchanges 54th Annual Meeting (where he is defending HFT) telling his critics precisely what he thinks of them.

Source @WFE, h/t Ronan

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Fuck you Bart!  You neglected your duties and you're no better than any other banker scum.

onewayticket2's picture

cant tell if Chilton is throwing the Shocker....or its evil stepchild, the Spocker.


either way, the result is the same and we're all experiencing it....

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I wonder if he or Daschle is in on top most times.

Keyser's picture

Goldy Locks, the Wicked Witch of the West... Careful, I have flying monkeys and I know how to use them!!!!

jon dough's picture



Ripping on a mullet is always proper ettiquette.


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Works for .gov.  Collects taxpayer paycheck.  Retires on taxpayer pension.  People like that are totally helping turnaround our broke country.

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Hey, that's Devin Townsend! Go devy, and skullets.

Awesome song of his to go with our honoring of skullets:

Devin Townsend - Supercrush

I am more equal than others's picture



Two - wide - for the stink, none for the pink.


0b1knob's picture

< His IQ.

< The length of his dick.   In centimeters.


What the two means.

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In Europe it is widely understood that the backside of two fingers held up means what the backside of the middle finger held up in the USA means.


That is Flipping the Bird, European style.


The caption needs to read, "FUCK YOU ARSEHOLES." because that is how he is responding to his critics. 

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Yeah but he writes all those car repair manuals!

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Bart ''Banker Shill'' Chiton, Democrat.

Taking Power from the people.

strannick's picture

Bart ''Banker Shill'' Chiton Democrat.

Taking Power from the people.

Freddie's picture

Ha Ha!

The guy excels in total douchebaggery.

ebworthen's picture

Chilton:  "Eat Me!"

Not enough spices or salt and pepper in the world for that Bart.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

V is for Victorious. Unfortunately in this case it means I am a Vagina.

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He would make a great Bond villian and it would be a great scene watching him die in a Bond film. 

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I would salute him back with just one finger. 

knukles's picture

That was the old Brit equivalent of the US single finger when I lived there in the 60's. 
Dunno if it's been McDaonaldized away as well....

css1971's picture

It's a several hundred year old "fuck you" to your enemy.

The French used to cut those two fingers off of English longbowmen when they were captured in a battle, so they'd show their fingers to the enemy before shooting them.

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Variation on "The Shocker"???




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Nice, plausible story about the longbowmen, and the tradition is even older than that. Roman legions marched into battle with the middle finger extended (medium digitum extendere). 

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Looks just like English Bob from Unforgiven.

TeMpTeK's picture

Bart....short for Douche Nozzle

Pooper Popper's picture

I think we should play volleyball with barts head!

Monty Burns's picture

Don't say that after the guy's career in (cough) public service.

Toxx's picture

Bart Chilton revleas his IQ.

TeMpTeK's picture

Born again Bart with the new improved Billy Graham look

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Bart Chilton, almost as big a sellout as Alan Greenspan.

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Minute four of the speech, the douchebag Ashley Schaeffer wannbe exclaimed, "I'm not fine! I sell fucking Kia's! Think about that!"

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I can jam my two fingers up any traders ass and back out so fast...

SharkBit's picture

Fuck you too pal.  You Dick!

TheEndTimes's picture

v   Lol at peasants hating what they can never hope to achieve   ^

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Two for pinky, one for stinky...

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that mullett cracks me up, what a clown

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The camera only caught the beginnings of the salute.  Third finger was not yet envolved.

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The Bart Shillton Story

Hollywood Movie starring Leonardo di Caprio, Coming soon:

"The Wolf Cub of Wall Street"

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I liked him in Blade Runner.

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All my… integrity… will be lost in time, like [small cough] tears… in… rain.

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The Tall Man doesn't take any shit, Chilton just takes it up the ass.... Big difference ...

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"In a moment, I'm going to put down one of these two fingers.  Guess which one."