Here Is The Reason For The Surge In Consumer Confidence

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Last month's sudden plunge (and biggest miss since Jan 2012) in Conference Board consumer confidence merely enabled an even bigger bounce this month. Consumer confidence surged to 94.5, its highest since October 2007, beating by the most since April 2013 (amid Ebola outbreaks). While the current situation was relatively flat, the surge in the headline data was purely due to a huge spike in future expectations from 83.7 to 95.0 - the highest since Feb 2011. Oddly, fewer people are likely to buy a car, major appliance, or house in the next 6 months but survey respondents expect a surge in incomes?

 Hope is back at levels seen in 2005...


And this is where the surge came from:


Let's hope consumer confidence in hope is not misplaced...

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They are gonna buy food.

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Feels like 2009 rally all over again....see the desperation to not get left out?

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Difference being that QE was just starting then, and it's ending now.

Even idiot junkies know you don't get high without the drug.  You only come crashing down until you wish you were dead.  "Just one more shot, then I'll quit..."

Crack up boom.

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Hope & Change - no mo Obama

kliguy38's picture

Too funny......a surge or a surgery? the surgery to get that fist out of the muppet's ass when they tank this ponzi market .....

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A surge in incomes? T hat 's the signle most unlikely event they could pick to believe in. But then a lot of them believe in life after death and heaven, and Jesus , and so on. And for t he same reason. Their minds aren't strong enough to deal with what the future will actually bring; a long nap, no increase in incomes, etc. The German People in the second half of 1943 believed that the "situation" on the Eastern Front would soon improve. This opinion, or feeling, was carefully monitored and reported on in Berlin, at the same time the propaganda organs of the state worked to maintain the illiusion. the main leakage, came from soldiers home on leave who told their family what the situation really was. Peoples beliefs often seem absurd to an outside observer; but what was the alternative for the German People? The alternative was what actually happened. If you don't stabilize the Eastern Front, and start driving this huge, well equipped, and fast learning army backwards, they're going to be in your front yard in a short while, and Germany will cease to exist as a country; so it's not hard to understand why it was so easy to believe in the althernative. Remember the reason for "globalization" and "Nafta", which were gifted to us by the Clinton White House, was to reduce the amount of the capitalist profit that the American Worker took home; by hiring slave labour in China. Globalization now lives on as one of the great propaganda victories of the twentieth century, right along with stabilizing the Eastern Front, very few people can form the thought in their minds, "why do we have to buy all manufactured products from China, (and other eastern wage sumps); nor are they capable of remembering that it was illegal to import anything from China in 1970. the other arm of this insurance policy is the un-controlled immigration; believing in an increase in income is like believing in the tooth fairy. Henry Ford understood that the workers needed to be able to buy the product of the industrial plant; but now this is never thought of. Government workers get paid twice as much as private sector workers, considering wages and benes. The whole economy is upside down and backwards.

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Then there are those who believe that buying carbon credits from Goldman Sachs will save the world from global warming or cooling or whatever disasters foretold by the High Priest of Global Warming Al Gore. The world is full of suckers of all stripes.

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Things have been bad for so long they can only get better... right? ... right?

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Middle class feels worse off and pessimistic


"The most disappointing aspect is that 45 percent think they'll never get their finances back to where they were before the financial crisis," said Ken Rees, CEO of the Elevate credit service company, which commissioned the survey. "And a third are losing sleep over it."|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=102123665#.


Investing in Ambien and Lithium seems like a winner.

LawsofPhysics's picture

It's easy to get such numbers.  The .gov is simply increasing the limit on those EBT cards.

"winning" (in an election year).

Harry Balzak's picture

It's all those hookers and blow

B2u's picture

I love it when my hooker blows me before we fuck...

LULZBank's picture

I have to blow up my hooker before I can fuck it.

But the good thing is atleast the austerity sucks.

Wild Theories's picture

damn I want to give you 2 up arrows for the double funnies :)

LULZBank's picture

Even the fucking jokes are losing their purchasing power :)

ejmoosa's picture

Surge in income?

That must include government benefits for most of these respondents. 

sun tzu's picture

It's that $20 Social Security COLA that was recently announced. 

i_call_you_my_base's picture

They only surveyed bankers and politicians.

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Why do I get the feeling that all of these government "statistics" are all a bunch of hogwash? Probably because it's true... I just want to know when it became in-vogue for the US government to lie and obfuscate everything they tell the citizens? 


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My thoughts exactly...."Consumer Confidence"?  Exactly WTF is that supposed to mean anyway?  I can't think of a more bullshit concept.  

My take would be that this indicator is a gauge of how effective government propaganda has been recently in shaping public perceptions.

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I just want to know when it became in-vogue for the US government to lie and obfuscate everything they tell the citizens? 


It has been happening since November 23, 1963...Most likely it was happening well before that.


You are still in the Denial Phase and believe that your Government somehow will tell you the truth?



yellowsub's picture

Have you not observed the American public to not know the answer?  


Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

'When it became in vogue for the govt to lie"
1913. Although many will probably say since the beginning of time, and I would have a hard time disagreeing. But it has gotten much worse since WWII

Ness.'s picture

Ignore the hard data.  Embrace the soft survey.  SSDD.  

limacon's picture

Let them enjoy it while they can

The New Black Death



Good luck !

You'll need it .

OW My Balls's picture

If hope is more powerful than fear, and fear is more powerful than greed (complete sentence)


Winner gets to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom


2nd place: 2 nights in the Lincoln bedroom

Last place: Night in the Wookie's bedroom

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Consumer confidence is not an economic figure, it is indicating the performance of the mainstream media and entertainment industry.

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They HOPE they can buy food.  At least the statistics are already cooked.

More_sellers_than_buyers's picture

What the hell is consumer confidence? My car is such a piece of shit I rarely put more than 20 bucks worth of gas in it because Im afraid if it breaks down Im screwed out of the money.  I put 40 in it the other day.  I guess Im confident too?

Yen Cross's picture

  It's skittle shitting unicorns for everyone. I'd love to meet the team of oompa loompa's, resposible for compiling these statistics.

Harry Balzak's picture

I hope mine can shit peanut m&m's...


madbraz's picture

they are all bankster types on the board of directors, what else can one expect other than complete BS that serves their gambling needs.

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Yeah, we all know how that hope and change thing works out. Keep falling for it fools.

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The voters already know that through Chicago politics methods Hillary is already the next president, so the handouts are expected to increase. Larger screen free phones, etc..

Silverhog's picture

 Rocky Mountain High. 

madbraz's picture

Yeah right, like they really interviewed anyone out in the real then why keep the names of the people secret?  it's not like it's a national election.  because we all now these good people would never fake these numbers, right?  I mean, Conference board is a tax-exempt organization, based in NY city, the CEO is from Harvard, just like Larry Summers...Joe Ackerman from Deutsche Bank is on the board...the CEO of spanish bank BBVA is on the board...wait a second!


Completely unbiased people with no conflict of interest whatsover.  It's not like Deutsche Bank has trillions of $ in derivatives and could move markets in the direction of their bets based on this bogus publication...


russwinter's picture

Conference Board has a little Potemkin Village set up some where. It is full of Sandy Hook actors. 

KittyStix's picture

I must be way off base, I thought it is oil (gas) prices.

Since I am getting passed on the interstates, which has been a good indicator. Not that anything else is.

Shropshire Lad's picture

Sounds like the data has been fiddled -- in a particularly clumsy way ...

cynicalskeptic's picture

Ding, Ding, Ding!!!!  A winner....  Obvious.  Everyone forget that we have mid-term elections coming up?  

You can bet on 'improved' numbers all around before elections  - with substantial 'adjustments' downward AFTER elections....

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

They must be talking to a select group of elites, or they're just making it up.

Refuse-Resist's picture

So we've got two more years till most people realize we're fucked?

nakki's picture

Why do we even need this survey. I mean look back to 2007 when it was printing 140 (whatever that means). Seems like 93 after 6 YEARS of recovery is pretty sad.

vote_libertarian_party's picture

Future expectations shooting higher?  As in "I'm expecting the new TV season to be faaaaantastic!".

nakki's picture

Obviously, they are not talking to Las Vegas casino operators.