As Fed Pauses Printing, Total World Debt Tops $100 Trillion

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If, as Lacy Hunt explains "debt is an increase in current spending in lieu of future spending," then we have some 'un-spending' to do...



h/t @Reinman_MT

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prosperity is the new debt slave,

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Krugman ejaculated a little when he saw that chart.

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and how many Quadrillion are the derivatives again???

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The purpose of the derivatives pile is largely to make the risk on the rest of the "real" debt seem hedged.  It's leverage on top of leverage.

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If I just had a dollar for every trillion underfunded...

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Can we make Mr Krugman the new clipboard greeter for Air Ebola? There's gotta be some Keynesian broken window bonus in there somewhere.

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OK, Lets call it even and start over!

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Just a little? I would have thought Krugman would have had a comic orgasm over that much debt!

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That Bloomberg article was May of last year.

Anyway, what's a cool $100 trillion between friends.

It's a rounding error I tell yer ;-)

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Derivatives are even higher I think $600 Trillion or was somone peddling some Quadrillion figures around..?

Let me see I will hypothecate a future value of your slave labor, your assets, your earning potential, how well your misses can give me a BJ, and create a contract based on it and call it a DERIVATIVE.

Because that is exactly what these bastards did inflated the currency, inflated the debt, and created Quadrillions in bogus derivative contracts that they sold to each other.

It was like trying to play a game of monopoly and someone keeps slipping $500 notes into their pile..



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END THE FED; arrest them, cancel their charter and wipe the illegal federal reserve debt

long rope and lightpoles

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"Get to work Mr. Yellen"

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As The Fed pauses printing Permanent Open Market Operations (POMO)...

Fear not, bankers!  The printing will continue, until the economy improves (or implodes...whichever comes first).

This time, only insiders will know when and how much. 

This ought to be good!

There has never been a better time to be a congressional staffer and day trader!

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That rocks!!

You should of photoshopped in some cheese grill dripping out her mouth or something love it!

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Only the Fed is pausing for a little while. Everyone else is doubling down. That chart will keep growing or there is no growth and politicians can't deal with that.

Once you start screwing the nanny, you don't stop until you are forced to.

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or till the babysitter shows up ... in a tight skirt

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Pfffftttt.... If Japan has taught us anything, it's that as long as you can roll it over, you can continue to borrow. Now somebody loan me $1000 for this month's mortgage payment. I've got a flatscreen to buy. 

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Take a look at their stock market the past 25 years. Also they aren't constantly engaged in wars and don't have a shitload of illegals and freeloaders leeching off the system

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You don't have a very good sarcasm detector do you? 

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I do a periodic battery check.

I use old school AA's

I don't have a fancy iSarc app.

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And how does total world debt stack up against total world assets? Spoiler alert: you don't want to know.

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We still have the moon we can re-hypothicate.

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I heard it lost value after CHA was carved into it.

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Esplain usef Lucy...

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The earth is abut to re-learn the dangers of printing infinite paper/digital claims on real good and services that simply do not exist.

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Hell on Earth.  What a movie script.  Not a script?  The real thing?  Oh shit...

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Movement in Vol is interesting before the FOMC release

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what did liesman say? ... consumer debt is a bridge to ... Sage Kelly lifestyle?


i'm in

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yes seems like a rally might be in the works. 

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100 trillion. Why not just make it 100 quintillion. It wont be paid. 

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If you include off balance sheet liabilities, its probably closer to $100 bazillion.

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Hillary makes at least half a Kaboom-billion per speaking engagement. Of course all that money goes to the charity of her choice....The Clinton Global Initiative. 

Trust them, it's all for a good cause. Free wifi and phones in Africa........n shit.  

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Can we pay her in Zim-Bucks?

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Throw in the OTC market then it interesting.

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Heck the US is on the hook for $120 Trillion alone! Is that net debt? Or just total debt?

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I've got to ask myself: debt to whom? If we follow the GAAP, doesn't one liability become someone else's asset? 

Who does #2 work for?!


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Yea you show that turd who's boss!

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The toal area bellow that curve, divided by US workforce population, is the mean productivity needed for repaying the debt and start working for your own accumulation in [USD trillions/(year*person)].

Leverage the beverage.


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So, has the market reacted yet?

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Someone's gonna pay.  Who's it gonna be?

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Best comment I've seen on ZH EVER !!!

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I've asked a variant of the same question ever since I joined this Site:


Who specifically is NOT going to get paid, and what exactly are they going to do about it?


The money simply isn't there.... or anywhere.....

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That's why Gughenheimer invented the first Fed printing press.  So the Bible of Money & Derivatives could be mass produced.  And you know what the last three words in the Bible of Money & Derivatives are?  "Get the money" - quote attributed to some money-changer named Krugman, I believe.

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That's just debt. It is an abstract tool used to implement a global power structure. The higher the debt, the more complex the (hierarchical) power structure. Reducing complexity is not an option as it automatically causes damage to the power structure.

The day the 'debt bubble' bursts, the 'power structure bubble' will burst as well.

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And nature just abhors a vacuum.