Wall Street Spends Record Sum In Midterm Election (Betting On Republican Puppets This Time)

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

If you think anything is going to change for the better after Republicans take control of the Senate, you might have come down with a severe case of stupidity.

Just like the Democrats before them, the new crop will answer to the same Wall Street masters.

From Bloomberg:

Most of America isn’t interested in next week’s elections. Wall Street is an exception.


The $169 million from donors in the securities and investment industry is the most they’ve ever contributed in a midterm election, according to Center for Responsive Politics data. That makes them the most generous group for the first time in decades, with about two-thirds of the money going to Republicans in what the Washington-based nonprofit projects will be the country’s most expensive non-presidential election.


The industry’s biggest donor was Paul Singer’s hedge fund Elliott Management, with $12.1 million. Among top givers were employees from Ken Griffin’s Citadel LLC, Soros Fund Management LLC and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Wall Street’s lead over retirees, lawyers and other groups grows wider when commercial banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co. are added.


Switching Allegiance


After giving more to Democrats in 2006 and 2008, securities and investment donors switched allegiance in 2010, when President Barack Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Act’s financial regulations into law. Three Republicans, House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Whip John Cornyn, each received more than $1 million from the industry from the beginning of last year through Oct. 15, according to the center’s data.

Switching allegiances? Give me a fucking break, Bloomberg. Both parties are the same, Wall Street just shifts around to whichever figurehead has the momentum in any given election cycle in order to protect their criminal enterprises and get future bailouts.

Wolf’s peers are paying more attention than most Americans to the Nov. 4 elections that will determine control of the Senate. About two-thirds aren’t following midterm news closely or at all, a Pew Research Center survey conducted Oct. 2 through Oct. 5 found. Attention lags behind where it was four and eight years ago, overshadowed by interest in Ebola, Secret Service missteps and airstrikes against the Islamic State.

Of course, that’s because the American public knows that it doesn’t matter which Democrat of Republican crony they vote for. In contrast, Wall Street understands it still needs to sponsor the winning puppet.

When Pew asked voters which parties control the House and Senate, fewer than half answered both correctly.

Check please.

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New banker deaths... kind of. Did he do it? Who cares count him out......




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Nice equation there (pictorial).

Deathrips's picture

If the robber was wearing a red or blue jacket...makes all the difference to some people. Blue Jacket robbery is for social good. Red Jacket robery is to save us all from the social good.

Why? The world may never know.....


Circle Fuckin Jerk'





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The Federal Reserve Counterfeiters, the Wall Street money launderers, "Investment Banker" thieves, filthy Politicians, Military Industrial Complex murderers are all one big evil criminal club...

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Both parties are the same party, just different sides of the same coin. There is no choice.

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When Pew asked voters which parties control the House and Senate, fewer than half answered both correctly.


And there's that.

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"...which parties control the House and Senate"

The Zionist banksters.

An American, not US subject.


Really only two "parties": The Zionists and Greater Israel. In between is just theater.

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wall st. has hillary clinton in their backpocket for the executive office, so democrats are already bagged.


Arius's picture

These are the most important elections to determine our future in the short and long term.


I would encourage everyone to please go out and vote. 


it does not matter your affiliation, just please go out there and VOTE!

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Like my new icon?  I uploaded it in your and your types honor.  Wannabee NAZI's.  You think it's going to help our cause if you come across as a NAZI?  I don't.

McCormick No. 9's picture

I like your new icon. It livens things up around here. But I have to parse your post. It apears you're reacting to an openly anti-israeli/zionist (hell, anti jewish, let's be honest) comment above yours, and at least one more, subtler comment with no outward anti-jewish sentiment, but perhaps a certain "vibratory" feel to it. Perhaps the anti-hillary comment?

These commenters, you say, are wannabe Nazi's. Right. Because the nazis were, of course anti-jewish, and if Hitler were aive to day, he would either kill hillary or be her willingly-dominated love-slave (it's hard to say which).

Now comes the tricky part. You say, "You think it's going to help our cause if you come across as a NAZI?" (emphasis mine)

Our cause? So you're in solidarity with these anti-jewish hillary haters, but you don't want to be seen with them?

I guess it's good to keep everyone confused.

I am.


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Obama and congress support the Nazi's in Ukraine, why can't we support Nazi's too?

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Am presently in KCMO, visiting relatives. Everyone of them talking about who they would be voting for on Tuesday. I simply asked exactly what they thought they were voting for, and if they expected it to make a difference. They looked at me as if I were some sort of alien.

Dexter Morgan's picture

Good one.  Were they all teachers or government employees?  I can't imagine everyone talking about voting unless they were all part of the system.  It matters to them if someone is going to cut of their money.

junction's picture

If the spinmeisters at the Democratic National Committee really wanted to improve their party’s chances on Election Day, they would reopen the murder investigation of Hollywood, Florida cabdriver Dirk Hale, killed on February 8, 2002.  Hale lived in a Hollywood apartment house on Young Circle as the next door neighbor of lead 9/11 hijackers Marwan al-Shehbi and Mohamed Atta in May and June of 2001.  The FBI did stop by Hale’s apartment after his murder but immediately dropped the matter. On orders from the Bush administration Justice Department.  Noone at the DNC wants to tag the Republican Party with complicity in 9/11. 

Hale was killed on his last day on the job as a Hollywood cabdriver.  The Hollywood police charged one person with the murder, a black teenager, even though the Miami Herald story on Hale’s killing said “3 flee shooting, residents say.” (February 10, 2001 Miami Herald article). Standard operating procedure for the South Florida police.  The initial Sun-Sentinel article (also on February 10) on Hale’s death was in the far left column on page one of the Local news section.  The far right column had a story about the re-investigation of the murder of Broward Sheriff Officer Patrick Behan in 1990.  For that crime, two black teenagers went to prison, even though eyewitnesses to that crime identified a man in a car as the shooter, not two black teenagers on bicycles.  When in doubt, frame a black teenager. 

Within 48 hours of Hale’s murder, Katherine Smith, a Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles employee died in a mysterious car accident.  A state trooper who was behind her said her Acura first exploded in flames before driving off the highway.  Authorities had criminally charged Smith with illegally issuing drivers’ licenses to some guys who may have used these licenses as IDs to get jobs later working on the World Trade Center sprinkler systems (the sprinklers that failed on 9/11 even though they were upgraded after the 1993 Ryder truck bombing).  Smith was out on bail, due to testify before a grand jury.  She never kept that appointment.  The FBI investigation into the WTC sprinkler installers with bogus drivers’ licenses seems to have gone nowhere after Smith’s death.  Smith’s murder is still unsolved, no black teenagers around to take the rap.

Who can say now what Dirk Hale unknowingly knew about the actors involved in the 9/11 conspiracy?  Those Friendly Checker cabs drove passengers to and from the airport.  Imagine if one of Hale’s airport pickups asked to drive to Hale’s apartment house on Young Circle, there to meet Atta.  A pickup who wanted to stay unknown and ordered Hale killed, someone who could have known too much.  I wonder if the NSA was monitoring Hale’s phone.  Hale had a Greyhound bus ticket in his pocket, he gave his landlord notice he was moving.  Murdered on his last day as a cabbie.  Quite a coincidence.

The Democratic Party leaders has been working in tandem with the Republicans to shield the 9/11 American mastermind murderers.  No big surprise there.  So, the Democratic Party loses control of the Senate.  Not as big a loss as the 343 firefighters murdered on 9/11.




Dapper Dan's picture

And the repugnant republicans don’t dare complain about the Democrats lack of investigation and prosecution against the bankers involved in the 2008 scandals.

Quid Pro Quo

LordEffingtonThreeSticks's picture

Overly simplistic point of view.  The damage is slower with republicans.  Slower is better.  Maybe something will be left when true small government libertarian principles are finally given a shot.

LordEffingtonThreeSticks's picture

So you think it will be better to have democrats in office when Obama gets his dictator on and opens the borders to as many voters as he needs to maintain democrats in office ad infinitum?


I don't.  I think the only way we have any probability of fighting that off is if republicans win....and if we shortly there after melt their phone lines non stop.....and take to the streets of Washington DC

El Oregonian's picture

I'm not so sure that that fatted sheeple is a correct example of us. For the last 8 years we've been sheered pretty thin.

In fact, I'd say we're pretty darn feeble at this stage...

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Fucking Cock Suckers

Tony Montana

Aeternus's picture

Yea, well, if you're angry about this perhaps you should see what this sick polish game developer has been doing with his spare time. Even hardcore gamers are calling this the most violent and disgusting video game ever made.

Personally I don't see how it is any different than the GTA series.


BKbroiler's picture

I think that's how most people play GTA anyway.

AldousHuxley's picture

You can look in the mirror and admit that your existence depended on your ancestors conquering other genetics pools through violent means or become a hypocrite and make up some fairy tale of civilization.


Think about why people are even interested in the game....they share the pain.

10mm's picture

Low level banker. Food chain.

doctor10's picture

Time for the Red-Blue Olympics -beats the bankerz having to deal with the peoplz directly any day.

Uncle Sugar's picture

OT - they better shut the temperature monitoring stations off in the eastern U.S. tonight.  Those cold temps aren't going to jive with the global warning narrative.


McCormick No. 9's picture

No-one says "global warming" any more. That is such 90's era, Al Gore-ish language.

The smart people say "climate change". It means the same thing, code-wise, (although in reality it doesn't mean anything- the climate is always changing, colder, hotter, all the time) but is more slippery.

Smart, slippery people with an agenda(21), say "Yes, colder weather is  a scientifically proven result of climate change. Now give us your house, car, and money and go live in this wickieup."

He who diggeth a pit for his neighbor &etc.


Anglophobe's picture

i will be voting here in NJ in two days .... my plan is to vote for whichever party is not in power ... or any third party available .... id vote communist jsut to mix it up 

Majestic12's picture

Aren't you all glad that you approve and give your permission???

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Two opposing sides of the same sandwich. And we are the seasoned meat in the center.

Rigger's picture

I always saw elections and the two party system as a choice in which side of the same coin you would like shoved up your ass first...

SAT 800's picture

Sir; you're in danger of lapsing into cynicism.         /sa.

NoDebt's picture

They're just backing whoever's winning.  Gotta keep that influence (control) gravy train rolling on biscuit wheels.

q99x2's picture

I'm not voting for either party. First any incumbent gets shit-canned. Second if there is an independent they have my vote. Third if the only choice is to vote for a democrat or a republican to get the incumbent out of office then they have my vote.

CrazyCatLady's picture

Showing up means participation.  Non participation is the only way to exercise your voice now.  Do you really believe that the votes are actually counted?  Diebold is such an honest company arent they?


*edited for spelling

Taint Boil's picture



Red vs Blue - works every time.

livefreediefree's picture

Sorry, but the only solution to this shit, the only solution, is to elect true conservative Republicans to the Presidency and Congress.

The only way to stop the incest between DC and WS, the only way, is to reduce fed'l gov't power. Back in the day when the fed'l gov't was more restrained, the corruption, Fascism, and crony capitalism was a muted roar.

Again, the only solution to smaller gov't and less corruption, the only solution, is to elect true conservative Republicans to the Presidency and Congress.

kowalli's picture

Are you an idiot? Elections rigged - how the fuck are you elect someone?

LostPolarBear's picture

Republicans are not the saviors you seek.

barroter's picture

Yes, the GOP will save us, like they did the last time.  So, which war will your sons enjoy? Russian? Iranian?

r00t61's picture

Sorry, but government is a disease, masquerading as its own cure.

livefreediefree's picture

Sorry for introducing reality-based pragmatism (ie, Reality is and facts are) into your fantasy utopia.

kowalli's picture

you are really ...

Facts Obama, Bush,Bush, Clinton and this time Clinon vs Bush - you fucking dumb of the dumbest people

Reality - by rigged election system you want to ecelect 1 good man from banksters - Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush, who can change something? This system is corrupt from bottom to the top.

USA have 50ml in food stamp who will vote for food.

First thing to do- you must somewho take all powerfull points in government and banking system but you can't do it in less them 50 years, and you don't have 50 years because system is collapsing.

You are more dumb than my dogs shit

livefreediefree's picture

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Doing nothing means not voting, and not fighting within the system.

If the system sucks, for the system not to suck, we must change the system. Will fundamental change happen via revolution? Please. Fuck, no. Only idiots and children believe the US will suffer a revolution.

Actually, those who are fiercely fighting for the system and want it to not only stay as is but also grow in power to the point where it'll institutionalize itself (eg, the EU) are the ones who complain that the system is rigged. If these institutionalists (nee, secular Progressives) convince more and more people to stay away from the ballot box, the corrupt elite win automatically and easily.

That's right. The corrupt elite love it when they see useful idiots abandoning the voting booth.

You deplore the system? You also vow to not vote? Then you've just voted FOR the system, you stupid mother-fuckers.

I realize I'm dealing with idiots, and would need to explain the difference between a 'Republican' and a 'conservative Republican', but I've got better things to do; ie, scratch my balls.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Vote 3rd Party, support 3rd party, let 3rd party politicians sleep in your house, feed 3rd party politicians, help 3rd [arty candidates with whatever you can... insurance, housing, couch, meals, gasoline, phone charge, printing....

Support 3rd party media, visit coffee houses, gather intel on 3rd party media, events, and community activity.

Question: where are community activists if not in coffee shops... COOPs for agriculture... Farmers markets.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Dear God, most of us need a red pill but you need a bucket full. Since you admit to being a liberal and have "seen the light" consider the same may be true now that you are a conservative.

The system is so far gone IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to fix now within the system. No way are you voting for the system by not voting. You are REJECTING said system. The ONLY hope now is revolution and probably a violent one. We have had numerous chances to fix it and all were ignored and rejected by the people who had their own interests in mind rather than the good of the country. Once you accept the fact this country is in the fucking crapper and finished you will be forever frustrated by your voting results. My God, just watch Mr Smith goes to Washington and that was 1939. The elite could give a goddam the voting booths are empty. If voting was truly effective it would be illegal. It is simply dumb entertainment for the masses. Their agendas continue unabated no matter what party or person is in power. It gives me no satisfaction to say this. I wish it were possible to change.

Please wake up and save yourself. I thought as you for many years and it only brought frustration, anger and grief. Don't waste your time as I did.


palmereldritch's picture

I understand your frustration Miffed but I would submit that, notwithstanding the illusion of the present-day electoral hologram of distraction,

Your vote is your receipt for revolution....