Not Again! US Trained Syrian "Moderates" Surrender To Jihadists - Hand Over Heavy Weapons

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Despite the Obama Administration continuing to insist that its strategy in Syria is "working," The Telegraph reports that two of the main rebel groups receiving weapons from the US to fight both the regime and jihadist groups in Syria have surrendered to al-Qaeda. Rather stunningly, the Syrian Revolutionary Front, one of the largest "vetted, moderate" US-backed rebel forces, has been effectively wiped out; and has handed over all their weapons and bases including US-provided anti-tank missiles and GRAD rockets. Simply out, "as a movement, the SRF is effectively finished," but apart from that US foreign policy is 'nailing it'. As The Telegraph concludes, for the US, the weapons they supplied falling into the hands of al-Qaeda is a realisation of a nightmare.

As The Telegraph reports (via Contra Corner),

Two of the main rebel groups receiving weapons from the United States to fight both the regime and jihadist groups in Syria have surrendered to al-Qaeda.


The US and its allies were relying on Harakat Hazm and the Syrian Revolutionary Front to become part of a ground force that would attack the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).


For the last six months the Hazm movement, and the SRF through them, had been receiving heavy weapons from the US-led coalition, including GRAD rockets and TOW anti-tank missiles.


But on Saturday night Harakat Hazm surrendered military bases and weapons supplies to Jabhat al-Nusra, when the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria stormed villages they controlled in northern Idlib province.


The development came a day after Jabhat al-Nusra dealt a final blow to the SRF, storming and capturing Deir Sinbal, home town of the group’s leader Jamal Marouf.


The attack caused the group, which had already lost its territory in Hama to al-Qaeda, to surrender.


"As a movement, the SRF is effectively finished,” said Aymen al-Tammimi, a Syria analyst. “Nusra has driven them out of their strongholds of Idlib and Hama.”


The collapse of the SRF and attacks on Harakat Hazm have dramatically weakened the presence of moderate rebel fighting groups in Syria, which, after almost four years of conflict is increasingly becoming a battle ground between the Syrian regime and jihadist organisations.


For the United States, the weapons they supplied falling into the hands of al-Qaeda is a realisation of a nightmare.

And Anti-War's Jason Dietz sums up perfectly...

The Obama Administration continues to insist that its strategy in Syria is “working,” but the setbacks on the ground are growing more dramatic by the day, and the Syrian Revolutionary Front, one of the largest “vetted, moderate” US-backed rebel forces, has been effectively wiped out.



The Revolutionary Front was routed by both ISIS and al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra in recent days, and has now surrendered outright after the fall of Deir Sinbal, agreeing to hand over all their weapons and bases to Nusra.


Those weapons, it should be made clear, include US-provided anti-tank missiles and GRAD rockets, and adds to the sizable cache of American weapons now in the hands of US enemies in Syria.


Nusra and ISIS had been at odds for most of the year going into the US war, but the administration’s decision to attack the both of them has driven them into a growing coordination, and turned the already massive ISIS into an even bigger group with even more international contacts.


The US had been backing groups like the Revolutionary Front with an eye toward eventually installing them as the new Syrian government, but even with US and GCC bankrolling, they never grew beyond comparatively small factions within the overall, Islamist-dominated rebellion.


That didn’t stop the US from throwing larger amounts of more advanced weaponry at them, despite it being fairly obvious that either ISIS or Nusra could take them out at any time.


There wasn’t much need for ISIS or Nusra to do so until the US expanded its war into Syria in September, and that made US allies on the ground huge targets for enemies they were not able to defeat.


The administration will no doubt downplay the defeat of the Revolutionary Front, having distanced themselves from the existing moderate factions with an eye toward eventually creating their own rebel group.


Yet the same problems loom large if and when that new group is created, as it will presumably be made up of recruits from the same feckless fighting forces, and awash in the same US armaments that didn’t work this time.


The US policy of throwing weapons and funds at such factions has not only failed, it has failed spectacularly, giving ISIS and Nusra a steady stream of advanced weapons to loot from smaller forces.


Not only has the administration clearly not learned that lesson, but the plan to create a new rebel force seems destined to repeat it, on an even larger scale.

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insanelysane's picture

Wait till O reads about this in the newspapers.

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"Wait till O reads about this in the newspapers."

Wait till O reads about this on the 10th tee.

fixed it for ya.

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Filed under 'couldn't see this coming'

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Just love it when a plan comes together.

Oh wait, who's plan ?

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I bet they are not losing any sleep in the imbecile US flag (politician) officer ranks or over at Raytheon (TOW).

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In the mean time, Assad's O&G infrastructure is being reduced to rubble, right on schedule... 

hedgeless_horseman's picture



"vetted, moderate" US-backed rebel forces, has been effectively wiped out; and has handed over all their weapons and bases including US-provided anti-tank missiles and GRAD rockets.

Same as it ever was.

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I bet she sucks at making bread too!

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Want to lern more? Lol one of my favs

This is like the movie Mars Attacks.
We keep making the same mistake.
Who's to say that the new rebels we supply arms to is'nt ISIS?
Nice feedback loop for TPTB to profit!

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A least the French know how to do wire-guided anti-tank stuff. (40 sec.)

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Syrian/Barry version of Holder's Fast & Furious ... supplying weapons to the enemy.

This is a relatively new merikan strategy; giving blood-thristy murderers your guns.

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FIRST we create the enemy and then we arm them and pay them to fight us.

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Thank god for our fearless leader.

Wait, what was our strategy again, and which side are we on?

Praetorian Guard's picture

Very true. Yet, I will not be holding my breath to hear apologizes from our illustrious Congressional members who supported giving US built weapons to these insane "freedom fighters". I wonder if Mr. McCain will be apologizing to the public about supporting a failed side, or the real threat now of jihadists now having access to US made weapons, that could be used against us? Where is the liability? Same as it ever was...

omniversling's picture

"Permawar is the BEST racket" - Smedley

johny2's picture

it has been a strategy for a while. USA has been arming Jihad since at least 1975 " BEAR TRAP".

same as it ever was, only bear has learned a lot since than.

Badabing's picture

How to serve Amerika.

It's a cookbook!

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

We are the Twilight Zone now

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And at the same time taking Guns away from YOU and ME.

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Actually, Fast and Furious supplied weapons to the Sinaloa Cartel, a friend of the Democratic Party, a big Chicago campaign funder.

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This non-war War against ISIS makes Obamacare look like a well planned, well-executed, under-budget governmental success story by comparison.


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Our tax dollars hard at work!

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After seeing all of the ISIS execution videos of Iraqi soliders, people, etc .... 

What fucking moron actually SURRENDERS to these degenerate fucks??

Paveway IV's picture

"...What fucking moron actually SURRENDERS to these degenerate fucks??..."

What fucking moron believes fake Jabat al Nusra was actually attacked by fake ISIS and had to surrender? Fake FSA are head-choppers, fake JAN are head-choppers and fake ISIS are head-choppers.

TIP (pay attention) The fake FSA IS fake Jabhat al Nusra, fake Jabhat al Nusra IS fake ISIS, and fake ISIS will be whatever the next fake radicalized Wahabbi extremist group ZATO creates. They all exist because they serve the goals of Israel, and they were created and encouraged by Israel's bitch, the U.S.A.

Israel pushed for the Syrian war the same reason they pushed for the Iraqi war, the Ukrainian war and the Gaza genocide: remove obstacles to Israel's oil supply and remove obstacles for their planned Leviathan natural gas pipeline and sales to Europe.

Israel doesn't ever want Iraq to recover. They need a weak, easily manipulated government and a perpetual state of chaos. That will ensure oil flows from their puppet Kurdish government through Turkey (or eventually across Iraq) to them. Israel has been buying stolen Iraqi oil for the last year for pennies on the dollar through terminals owned by Erdogan's son. Israel will ensure the Iraqi government never regains control of their soverign territory and the resources of the Iraqi people. It was just easier to steal oil in the north than it was in the south. Saddam Hussein also would never allow the Kirkuk-Haifa pipeline to be build or sell a drop of oil to Israel, so he had to be killed. Israel will also never allow Iraq to rebuild any air defenses - Israel want's complete freedom to use Iraqi airspace to attack Iran. 

While Iraq was about oil to Israel, Syria is all about exporting Israel's Leviathan natural gas to Europe. Assad would never allow the Israelis to transport their gas across Syria, so he must be killed and an Israeli-frendly government put in place to finish the pipeline. At the same time, Syria isn't allowed to ever have an air defence capability again because Israel wants to use Syrian airspace with impunity to attack Iraq. The world would naturally scream bloody murder if Israel started regularly attacking Syria air defenses directly. Israel uses their bitch, the U.S., to take care of them. And that is primarily through fake al Nusra and fake ISIS attacks. That's why they needed TOWs - to take out hardened Syrian air defense positions, not to take out Syrian armor. When Syrian air defenses are completely destroyed, Israel will have the U.S. finish off Assad and install a puppet regime. At the very least, Israel will be able to overfly both Syria and Iraq illegally to bomb Iranian children without any consequences.

Syria's air defense was broken down in five major groups: Damascus, the Golan, Medditerranian Coast, Hims-Halab Line, and Tiyas (T4) Air Base. Israel and their bitch, the US, used fake Jabhat al Nusra to take out the Medditerranian Coast and Golan air defense installations. Fake al Nusra, because they were really Academi/Greystone/Xe-directed. They did have real head-choppers for footsoldiers, but they were most certainly JSOC-controlled spook ops. Hims-Halab and Damascus were suppose to be taken out by the U.S. cruise missle strikes - Israel is still pissed about that. The five areas are described at the bottom of this APA report. It's old, but generally correct except for upgraded SAMs.

ISIS is attacking the T4 Air Base right now ('Tiyas' is a bad translation of T4). The aircraft don't fly too often and are little threat to fake ISIS. But just like the Golan and Medditerranian air defense positions, Israel needs T4 air defenses destroyed. It makes no strategic sense for fake ISIS to lose so many troops against an inconsequential air base - they are being paid (or otherwise encouraged) to get the job done for Israel. With the Medditerranian, Golan and T4 air defenses destroyed, Israel will be able to use Syrian and Iraqi airspace unapposed.


With an Israeli-firster Republican controlled congress, Israel can start diverting more forced U.S. taxpayer contributions and military efforts to blocking Russia's South Stream (which would cripple Israeli's Leviathan money-making schemes). They could care less if the U.S. and Russia go at it, as long as Russia bleeds enough in the process to delay South Stream. Usurping the Ukrainian 'uprising' was suppose to be about ensuring Israel's future monopoly on EU natural gas (tying up Russian pipelines in politics) but Putin didn't fall for it. Israel has to get their Republican bitches to beef up sanctions, prevent Ukraine from paying Gazprom this winter and muscle Hungary to prevent South Stream. The 2018 U.S. presidential elections are inconsequential for Israel. They will either have an Israeli-firster Republican, or Israeli-firster Hillary. Then they can start burning Iranian babies.

CzarVladimirI's picture

The fact that you don't even know what year the next US presidential election is causes me to question the validity of your entire comment.

ChiangMai's picture

John Kerry (aka Jon Carry aka "A Haircut in Search of a Brain" *) was supposed to sell his Raytheon stock prior to becoming Secretariat of State; last I read he never did.


* h/t James Howard Kunstler - 9.1 million hits since 3 March 2014

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Fast and Furious!

Middle Eastern Style...

They saw this coming, rest assured!


Poundsand's picture

All according to plan.  All according to plan.  How else to get our weapons into the hands of those Obama really wants?


new game's picture

and russia? think about syrian inerests as it relates to russia. this is truely a hot spot on da earth. pipelines and such...

kaiserhoff's picture


  Long Syrian pipeline.

Urban Roman's picture

Very long, if it has to go around Syria.


TheReplacement's picture

Actually it benefits Russia just as much.  The pipeline hasn't been built, Assad is still in power, and Syria is buying weapons from Russian arms factories.


Overfed's picture

"Moderate" isn't what should be in air quotes. "Surrendered" to "ISIL" should be in air quotes.

TruthInSunshine's picture

At this rate, IS/ISIS/ISIL/ISICLE will have squadrons of F-22 Raptors, F35 Lightning/JSFs (not that they can fly properly), B2 Bombers, fleets of Navy Destroyers & Aircraft carriers (with Rail Guns), and thousands of JDAM missiles as well as Predator and Global Skyhawk Drones in no time.

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Who cares as long as the defense contractors (largely owned by the neocons and Illuminati) keep raking in billions.

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Truth in Sunshine  +100


LMAO. MIC going to double shifts?

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Bah! There's no way they get any carriers, the rest maybe so. Okay maybe they get the carriers but it's not for sure.

vegan's picture

Only a matter of time before the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) surrenders to IS, giving them nukes and sig-int.



USisCorrupt's picture

And just think for the price of JUST ONE B2 Bomber we could harden EVERY Nuclear plant in the US. 


Just how amazing is THAT !

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Perhaps, either way it's a good time to be a soldier of fortune...

cnmcdee's picture

Don't forget the nuclear weapons and satellite spaced based platforms..

Fíréan's picture

I cannot believe that this is NOT intentional.

When not able to attack Syria the west arms indirectly the 'other' enemy to do the dirty.

Nothing is what it seems and nobody can be trusted in the world of  manufactured 'chaos' and fear.

Cruel Aid's picture

McCain convinced me that his buddies werent al queda. you doubt a decorated navy pilot?

Crabshacker's picture

They already do, we're just maning them them.

keninla's picture

What ? Between rounds of golf.


Thom_333's picture

Delighted at that pieceo f news...?

After all - it´s THE plan. Get with the program , or else...just ask those idiots in Benghazi who just couldn´t understand what´s it´s all about.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

The fact that this is in mainstream news just shows how perilous the situation is.


The truth, as I've said before is that these people for the most part have been trained in the same places by the same western handlers. Nusra ( and ISIS ) had this sort of heavy weaponry already of course - but it is true they got the rest of it.


The truth is there never really existed a pure "moderate" group. They were always intermixed and the reality is that this whole thing started with Robert Ford and his merry band of islamist death squads. Any vestige of moderat rebels have eithertaken part in the amnesty program and are now fighting for the national defense force or they have become defacto bandits / highwaymen and now are more concerned with gunrunning / kidnapping / wildcat checkpoints to make money.


Either way I'm glad to see the fable ( which has been a fable from day 0 ) all but complete it's death spasms.