"Europe Is Under Threat By Russia" George Soros Warns The EU To Take Action, "Freedom Isn't Free"

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Authored by Kevin O'Brien and Gabor Steingart, originally posted at Handelsblatt,

E.U. May Crack Over Ukraine, Soros Warns

The legendary Hungarian-American investor, George Soros, told Handelsblatt that the European Union and euro currency zone could unravel if member countries can't agree on a unified response to Russia's aggression in Ukraine.

The European Union and the euro could founder if its members don’t stand together against Russia, George Soros said Tuesday in Düsseldorf. Source: Frank Beer for Handelsblatt George Soros, one of the world’s richest men and a tireless defender of Central European democracy, warned that the European Union, a mainstay of post-war stability, could dissolve and unravel if the 28-country bloc can’t agree on a common response to Russia’s aggression in the Ukraine.

Speaking on Tuesday in Düsseldorf at a dinner sponsored by Handelsblatt, Mr. Soros, an 84-year-old Hungarian-American who survived the Holocaust and then fled the Soviets, said the future of the European alliance of nations stretching from Ireland to Estonia could hang in the balance.

Russia this year seized the Crimean peninsula from the Ukraine and is now arming and supporting a separatist movement in the eastern part of the country, an action which has been met with economic sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

The sanctions have hurt Russian and European trade, and have led to a slowdown of economic growth on the Continent. In Germany, some business and political leaders are now calling on political leaders to abandon the E.U. sanctions.

In other parts of Europe, the call is growing louder for a softer line with Russia.

“I think the real question is whether the European Union will break up over Russia," Mr. Soros told 400 people at a dinner held in a Düsseldorf museum by the German financial publishing group. “The E.U. is under threat from Russia... The E.U. is broken, and it is not functioning."

Mr. Soros, a legendary investor and hedge fund manager whom Forbes estimates is worth $24 billion, warned of an E.U. breakup and a breakup of the euro single currency zone, which includes 18 E.U. countries, including Germany.

In an interview with Gabor Steingart, the Handelsblatt publisher and the son of a Hungarian emigrant to Germany, Mr. Soros urged Europeans to stand together against Russia, which he said is bent on reasserting its military hegemony over parts of the Continent.

“Wake up Europe," said Mr. Soros, who had just returned from a visit to Ukraine. “There is now an alternative to the European Union, a different way to run a state through use of force. I’m talking about (Vladimir) Putin’s Russia. The reason he is making headway is because of the failure of the E.U."

The son of Jewish parents in Budapest, Mr. Soros survived the Nazi occupation and left the Hungarian capital and Soviet control in 1947 as a 17-year-old for Britain, where he attended the London School of Economics before emigrating to the United States.

Western economic sanctions against Russia, which are limiting the ability of Russian businesses to obtain financing on the global market,  are a necessary evil, Mr. Soros said. He lauded the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, for supporting the E.U. penalties.

“I think Angela Merkel has proven herself to be a true European stateswoman in recognizing the danger that Putin represents," Mr. Soros said.

The sanctions, however, are helping Russian hardliners close to President Putin consolidate power and influence in the Kremlin, which in turn is sharpening and stiffening Russia’s response to Western penalties, he said. Some oligarchs unhappy with the worsening situation are sending their families abroad and preparing for their own exits, he said.

In many cases, though, any assets they leave behind are being taken over by Russian hardliners, which is worsening the spiral of recrimination with the West, Mr. Soros said.

“The sanctions are an evil but they are a necessary evil and are having the very bad effect in Russia of actively strengthening Putin’s role," Mr. Soros said. “There is taking place a concentration of his closest allies." Sentiment in Germany is split over E.U. sanctions against Russia.

In a new book released this month, the former German chancellor, Helmut Kohl, who oversaw his country’s reunification 25 years ago and negotiated the withdrawal of Russian forces, takes aim at Ms. Merkel and European leaders for policies he said are isolating Russia.

Mr. Soros, however, said Europe needed to redouble its hard line against Russia, and said that U.S. President Barack Obama’s failure to take a strong immediate response to Russia’s seizure of Ukraine territory only emboldened Vladimir Putin, who could conceivably transfer his designs from Ukraine to the Baltic countries, which are now E.U. members.

"Freedom sounds like a free good, but you have to be ready to defend it," Mr. Soros said. “If you don’t put up resistance, it will become too hot to handle."

Pro-European Ukrainians are “fighting to defend Europe and the Europeans don’t realize it,’’ Mr. Soros said. Moving on to economic issues, Mr. Soros faulted Germany for doing too little to restore euro zone stability. He said the inflation-fighting mandate of the European Central Bank, which is based in Frankfurt, is no longer appropriate when deflation, not inflation, is the real threat.

The ECB is controlled by Germany, the zone’s largest economy and toughest enforcer of austerity demands on weaker euro countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, Mr. Soros said. Referring to the ECB president, Mario Draghi, Mr. Soros said: “Draghi can do whatever it takes (to save the euro) as long as he has the support of Angela Merkel," Mr. Soros said. “The ECB is independent as long as it has support from Germany."

German demands for austerity are wrong-headed, he said, and only serve to impede the euro zone’s recovery.

"The policy of austerity is inappropriate to the current conditions," Mr. Soros said. "We are in a situation of deflation and the policies are directed at inflation."

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Fuck off, Satan.

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The Red Army is on our doorsteps! Thank G-d Mc Cain can still fly a bomber. 

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Man oh man the J Mafia is really wanting Russias natural resources and a war to get them.

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Central banking debt money system is collapsing and BRICS are going to gold money.

Soros (a front man for City of London banking interests) wants WAR!

And also as Cosmos notes all that land and resources.  Unfinished business.

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There was an article on the news about the Germans fearing deflation and that Draghi wants to expand the money supply.  I was like dude lift the sanctions and get your exports out the door and out of your warehouses.  Voila, that fixes any deflation.  Can the Euroshits be this stupid. Maybe they can, I see how the J Mafia runs this country.

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The day this fucker dies I'm throwing a party. 

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of course they are limping along when they shoot themselves in the foot with their own sanctions

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George Soros, you craze-craze!

You want to start large Forest fire to pressure Bear! But you want other people to hold match!

Craze-craze George! You hold gas can, okay?

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Soros talking about how working with Nazis and expropriating assets from Jews was "the happiest time in my life" and "exhiliarating":




Now he's telling us to confront Russia.

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ECB QE gonna take the markets to the moon!!!!  Even if it never happens.  SO BULLISH IT HURTS!

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Let's not forget that Soros was funding the coup in the Ukraine that started this crisis with Russia to begin with.

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The bastards are trying to squeeze the gold out of Russia and everyone else who has any.

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Cocksucker wants a war so his fortunes will not suffer. Will someone shoot that mother fucker

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"Europe Is Under Threat By Russia" George Soros Warns The EU To Take Action, "Freedom Isn't Free"

...Said the treasonous, NAZI collaborating, piece of human garbage who has ruined whole countries economies via nefarious insider FX market manipulation.

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Freedom isn't free?


He makes it sound like someone needs to be paid off.



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That one family is still butthurt about losing the stuff they bought in the Yeltsyn firesale.

Time to get the Soros puppet out to bang the war drums.

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<--- Soros is panicking

<--- Soros is going senile


“The sanctions are an evil but they are a necessary evil and are having the very bad effect in Russia of actively strengthening Putin’s role," Mr. Soros said. “There is taking place a concentration of his closest allies." Sentiment in Germany is split over E.U. sanctions against Russia.


The ECB is controlled by Germany, the zone’s largest economy and toughest enforcer of austerity demands on weaker euro countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, Mr. Soros said. Referring to the ECB president, Mario Draghi, Mr. Soros said: “Draghi can do whatever it takes (to save the euro) as long as he has the support of Angela Merkel," Mr. Soros said. “The ECB is independent as long as it has support from Germany."

Fucking hell.  Sanctions are necessary, but they're strengthening Putin?  Wait, doesn't Soros want to weaken Putin?

The ECB is independent, so long as it has support (i.e. so long as it is dependent) on Germany?  Doesn't that mean that it is not independent? 


Contradict yourself much Georgie Pordgie? 

viahj's picture

Like the lovable Forrest Gump said..."I think it's both" 

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THE EU Is The Biggest Fuckin Bannana Republic/SCAM On This Planet...

"FOLKS" (As Bumma Likes To Say) Suffer!

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this guy have a russian bogie man in the closet?

LostandFound's picture

I think he is going Senile El Vaq, he says that the ECB is independant providing it has support by Germany....thats not exactly independance is it.

Time to STFU Soros and take your medication.

LostandFound's picture

I think he is going Senile El Vaq, he says that the ECB is independant providing it has support by Germany....thats not exactly independance is it.

Time to STFU Soros and take your medication.

LostandFound's picture

You know what happened to JFK though right Truthseeker2?

I havent seen Brandon Smiths posts lately about the global collusion to a NWO, Putins latest speech suggests that true resistance exists to the current regime of the NWO, unfortunately PCR is probably right, Putin is a wanted man, he needs to watch his back. I hope he can achieve a multi bipolar world through trade and integrity rather than deceit and crony democracy like the west relentlessly seeks.

hot sauce technician's picture

I like how he's referred to as a 'holocaust survivor' by this author.
Bitch, if you haven't been throuhh the likes of Bergen Belsen then you ain't a 'survivor'.

Paveway IV's picture

+1 Save_America1st, but too many words for Soros

"Treasonous" - Irrelevant: psychopaths like Soros and Jewish-Ukrainian oligarchs have no loyalty to any nation or creed, they hide behind whatever works to take something of someone else. Jewish-Ukrainian and Russian-Ukrainian oligarchs raped the people of each of those countries for their wealth. That's how they became rich oligarchs to begin with - common thievery.

"NAZI" - Irrelevant: Psychopaths like Soros and Jewish oligarchs use whatever tool is handy, and the NAZI party was just handy for Soros's father to take other people's land; the lack of any party was convenient for Ukrainian and Russian Jewish oligarchs to take companies and resources that belonged to the people 

"piece of human garbage" - I like that part

"who has ruined whole countries economies" - Inaccurate if seen from Soros/oligarch side: the economies of the U.S., Ukraine and Russia exist for their taking. The only 'ruined' economy is one in which they can't openly steal the resources that belong to them (i.e., Russia). That's why Jewish-Russian oligarchs hate Putin - he locked the doors before they were done with their looting. 

"via nefarious insider FX market manipulation" - Irrelevant to Soros and Ukrainian and Russian Jewish oligarchs; there are no rules when it comes to acquiring other people's stuff, just inconvenient roadblocks to outright, open theft. If they couldn't use FX market manipulation, they would have found some other way. That's all they do all day long and they're pretty good at it.

Jewish is largely irrelevant other than to distinguish them from, say - Wahabbi extremists like ISIS leaders. They're the exact same kind of crony psychopaths, exploiting religion to take other people's land and posessions and ultimately control them. The other 99% of the Jews and Muslims are either pawns, enablers, victims and eventually the fall guys for the psychopath's crimes. 

Paveway IV's picture

I probably should have added Israeli-Jewish oligarchs like Likud and Nettanyahu. They exist to take other people's land and posessions and ultimately control them. Classical psychopathy, indistinguishable from East European oligarchs or Arab oligarchs. No grand Jewish conspiracy - that's preposterous. It's coincidental that these particular oligarchs are Jewish. Put three of them in a room and one is coming out feet-first. Russia wasn't quite to that point. Ukraine is well into that stage. Israel has always been at that stage.

Doom and Dust's picture

Great nuance, should parry most accusations of antisemitism. Still, from an evolutionary perspective: if you put a tribe through centuries of persecution, expulsions and pogroms, what sort of people do you expect to end up with? Probably not the most empathic, honest, trustful, conscientious members of their kind.

Soros may be a prime example of this selective pressure for sociopathy. Many Israelis and a large number of jews suffer from collective PTSD, causing persistent paranoia that is extremely hard to falsify since 1) it has historically been warranted and 2) it necessarily antagonizes other people, which in turn gives cause for more paranoia.

As long as the US is the only superpower, they will consider control of its political, diplomatic, financial, monetary, cultural and mental processes to be a matter of life and death for both Israel and the jews. They were, after all, the true victors of the World War.


Plato&#039;s Law's picture

They are descendents of Khazaria, a war-loving and hateful people from the 10th C, conquered by people from what is now Russia.  Read (free download) The Thirteenth Tribe.  Spain banned them from the nation because of their bad behavior, not because they are or were innocent peaceniks. 

Paveway IV's picture

"...a war-loving and hateful people from the 10th C..."

Jesus, seriously? You're going back a thousand years to find a justification that 'proves' an entire ethnic or social group is inherently evil by nature? Any other genetic, ethnic, religious or geographic markers that we should be worried about? 

Knuckle-draggers usually give up this far into a thread, so I do admire your persistance.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Good info, well written.  But, to help complete the bigger picture, it is crucial to highlight/flag that...

1.  There is a faction within Zionism that is dominating other factions, and portrayed by the Jewish and non-Jewish Media as if it were the only form out there -- and is therefor referred to as "Zionism".  This faction is called REVISIONIST ZIONISM, and many famous Jews are its members:  NuttyNyahoo, Soros, etc. 

2. Its political ambitions go way beyond the purely Nationalistic version (that seeks nothing more than a homeland for Jews and to be left alone).  It has Global ambitions.  It is imperialist and seeks to impose its vision and worldview on others, the way all fanatical extremists do.

Useful links:





http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revisionist_Zionism  Revisionist Zionism (RZ) is a faction within the Zionist movement. It is the founding ideology of the non-religious right in Israel, and was the chief ideological competitor to the dominant socialist Labor Zionism. Revisionism is the precursor of the Likud Party  Revisionism was distinguished primarily from other ideologies within Zionism by its territorial maximalism.

If you find it difficult to believe (accept this at an emotional level) that RZs and its political front -- the LIKUD Party -- have a stranglehold on Israel's politics, consider how much US politics itself has been hijacked by Neocons.  The rational, reasonable and fair-play Jews in the US and Israel get no more MSM air time than do Libertarians.  Both are "unwanted children", as it were.  And just as it is inaccurate and unfair to paint all Americans with one broad brush, so too it is inaccurate, unfair and UNPRODUCTIVE to paint all Jews or all Israelis with that one RZ/Likud brush.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that... As long as RZs succeed in framing The Argument in its undifferentiated "Those Jews" picture frame, its totally serves the goals of RZs, because it becomes self-fulfilling in getting all Jews to look to them for protection, when Low-Brows and hick-tard haters attack them as "Jews".  To take it a step further, I'd bet money on it that RZs propaganda machine (AIPAC, etc) deliberately send out Agent Provocateurs and shills -- simply to prevent dissident Jews/Israelis from leaving their extremist RZ camp.  Fear and Paranoia are purposely being fueled -- and have been fueled since the 1920s and 1930s, when the Rothschilds needed a way to get European Jews to move to Palestine -- which was something they did NOT want to do until Hitler came along.

I would therefore urge ZHers to first read up on these labels and concepts, and to then use correct terms to help spread the Truth -- to make sure that "The Truth will out" against a sea of systemic propaganda: Deception, Lies, Misdirection and Noise.

froze25's picture

I can see Sorors now licking his lips and rubbing his hands together thinking about how he is posistioned to make out well if the Ukrain is resolved or really clean up in the case of WW3 starting.  How long till he dies of natural causes he has to be pretty old?

SAT 800's picture

He'd die of natural causes in about 5 minutes if he was alone with me in an elevator.

GoinFawr's picture

"If there are only two people in an elevator, everyone knows who farted." George Carlin

sleigher's picture

His body will die but he will be placed in another host.  Or their nanotech/cellular aging tech will keep him alive much longer than any of us.

LibertyBear's picture

Putin says Russia is fearless but Soros sounds very worried.

buttmint's picture

Pinto +100 for that observation!

Oldrepublic's picture

I use to live in that part of the world, I remember talking to a Soros operative who had just had his organization expelled from Belarus. The leader of that country is still in power, he knew what the real agenda of Soros was

dolbiere's picture

he might even had a hand in bringing down mh17.

SamAdams's picture

These people always have others fight their wars.  War by deception.  It's the pharisee way.  Always.  If you create money, you just pay people (governments) to attack which ever country is challenging your monopoly on money creation, and the graft associated with it.

The real kicker is that Russia has a central bank, although state controlled, the money is created out of thin air by the same triangle club.  The more war, the more governments borrow from the money creators funding both sides.  It's always a win-win for the triangle club.  They play the propaganda and the sheep believe it demanding solutions - war, sanctions, etc.  Meanwhile, they just hide in the shadows watching the pawns go at it.  Pure evil....

janus's picture

yeah, SamAdams, i thought it was kinda strange that the ruple would weaken so precipitously and immediately prior to the big dip in crude prices (attended by a strong dollar)...strange indeed.  does an energy producing giant with almost no international debt and immense stock-piles of gold just stand there helplessly whilst their currency implodes?  one would think, US treasury market or no, that the russian central bank could'a done something to staunch the bleeding.  sure does help when russia still sells their oil for dollars, and on a relative basis, twern't too terrible an exchange for moscow on this'n...and the timing was just splendid -- not that there's anything more than coincidence to all this shit.

now, onto mr. soros.  it's funny, i often check-out the ratios of reads/comments; and there is no other name or subject-related headline with a higher proportion of comments to reads than anything george soros. as for janus, i always took the path less traveled.  sure, it's easy to hate an opinionated man with 24 billion to burn -- he deliberately makes himself a target, and so it's all too easy.  i instead spend my time scrutinizing those whom everyone loves for causes to hate...for example, mother theresa -- terrible person (hitchens will back me up on this).  i suppose i'm saying that all this hate channeled at soros is somewhat misplaced.  is it soros who's detestable or the system that permits and underpins the soroses unseen?  i don't know, you bitchez keep this shit enforce with your votes...and then you get the ole neck veins throbbing to cathartically exercise your your misplaced hate when cued like pavlovian hate-hounds.


don't get me wrong, janus can hate with the best of em'; only, i try and remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and evil spirits in high places.

so that's one level of the game.  now as for mr. soros and his crew:

iron & clay, mr. soros...iron and clay.  did you boys really expect the core of western strength to associate itself with something it fundamentally is not?  so, as a window-dressed mannequin to serve as emblem for your 'free-society' you chose a muslim-communist-negro?  putin, for all of his shortcommings, at the very least understands that societal strength is a function of collective identity.  participants within a society must be able to define themselves (on a physical/cultural/religious level) in both positive and negative terms...we are 'this', and so we are therefore not 'that'.  and you boys expect western christendom to unite around a mish-mash of evanescant and idiotic 'causes' like carbon footprints, gay rights, multicultualism and a vapid 'spiritualism'?...hee-haw!

you boys expect europeans to interpret russia as a threat whilst their every community is infested with swarthy hordes of goat-slaughtering bedoins who can't wait to pillage their shops and rape their daughters?  in europe, the strength of society is looking to moscow and seeing a man who may be sympathetic to their sublimated and long-latent urge to purge themselves of these peoples, and to once again assert a cultural/national identity.  they look at amorica and see the philosophical cause for their common malady.  the ONLY thing keeping the iron & clay amalgamation of NATO intact is mutual material gain; and in my opinion, they're anxious for the day when an alternative is available.  all because you boys have morally shamed people into thinking in ways that are contrary to their instincts and forcing them to define themselves in ways that are fundamentally alien to their natural understanding of themselves and the world around them...it's a cultural pressure-cooker, and it's about to pop.

yeah, sure-as-shit, it's probably about time to hit the panic button when helmut khol is publically aligning himself with mother russia and explicitly chastising merkel for standing firm with obama.  i dunno, call me crazy, but seems to janus that this is all scripted or something.  really, everything i just wrote is nothing new for the thinking man...as it represents a basic and no nonsense appreciation for the human animal.  what better symbols for weakness in white patrician societies than negros and women?  look for hillary in 2016 and a very male/very nordic chancellor in germany immediately prior to it...as for amorica, whether the collapse comes under the reign of a negro or a woman, the result will be the same: a VERY putinish 'president' for amorica.

oh, one more thing for SamAdams...i've played a decent amount of chess, and i've seen a pawn take down a king on more than one occasion.  but, really, the best and most dangerous piece on the board (for those that know how to use them) are the knights...strange and unpredictable in their movement, but nevertheless deliberate in their cause.


over one/up two,



Looney's picture

This old cunt should go to Ferguson, flag down a police car and start lecturing a trigger-happy cop. ;-)


Harbanger's picture

This old progressive cunt gave us Obama and Holder.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

The Elite are not "progressive" as they are not "keynesian", they have just developed those systems as means of control. They are Satanists.


PrecipiceWatching's picture

The cop did his job in Ferguson.


WTF is wrong with this Forum lately?

RockRiver's picture

The day this fucker dies I'm throwing a party.


I will too, but there will be one to take his place.