Spain Moves Military Assets Into Catalonia Ahead Of Weekend's 'Illegal' Secession Vote

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"Everything is all set for Nov. 9," says a senior Catalan regional government official as the region prepares to defy both the central government and the country's highest court and proceed with a much-disputed weekend vote on whether to secede from Spain. And while the Spanish government has not specified what legal consequences Catalan leaders, poll workers or voters might face Sunday, when they go to vote, The LA Times reports that Madrid has reportedly readied thousands of Civil Guard police officers to travel to Catalonia this weekend if needed.



As The LA Times reports,

Spain's northeastern region of Catalonia vowed Tuesday to defy both the central government and the country's highest court and proceed with a much-disputed weekend vote on whether to secede from Spain.


Hours earlier, Spain's Constitutional Court ordered Catalonia to freeze its plans for an independence vote, scheduled for Sunday. It was the second time the court issued an order siding with Madrid, which considers any Catalan independence vote illegal.


But Catalan leaders said they would not back down.'


"Everything is all set for Nov. 9," Francesc Homs, a spokesman for the Catalan regional government, said at a news conference. "We are maintaining our participatory process. We couldn’t say this any clearer -- and we’re doing so regardless of the consequences."



Homs said the Catalan government would use the Constitutional Court to sue the central government "for threatening the right ... to freedom of speech."


The Spanish government has not specified what legal consequences Catalan leaders, poll workers or voters might face Sunday, when they go to vote. But Madrid has reportedly readied thousands of Civil Guard police officers to travel to Catalonia this weekend if needed.

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And sure enough, the convoys are rolling

The presence of military convoys on the roads in Catalonia, specifically cars Pizarro has been steady throughout the day. Have been military convoys on the roads to Lleida and Zaragoza from, but also Panadella and Low Llobreta and Diagonal.

Remember a few days ago several military helicopters flew some Catalan regions : namely a group of six of these distinctive military helicopters were seen in the Vallès Oriental Vallès Occidental and in different parts of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, ??to Llobregat and Alt Camp.

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So French youth are revolting, Bulagria's poor are self-immolating, Spain now has a neo-Nazi party... and now the military are required to control the population... sounds like 'recovery' to us.

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As Mike Krieger concluded previously:

On a more serious note, Americans need to understand that Spain is merely a few years ahead of us. The question isn’t whether the status quo will be overthrown, the question is what will replace it. Something better, or something worse? Our key mission must be to ensure we get a better system after this one blows up, not something even worse.


Watch Spain closely in the months ahead. It will be another canary in the coal mine for the entire Western world.

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We leave it to this Twitter user to sum it up:

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Ivanovich's picture

Spain has a military?

Civil guard police officers, lol!  Do they ride on Segues?


Stackers's picture

We hold these truths to be self-evident,.....Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed......., it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

fightthepower's picture

They better be willing to back up their vote with guns or the vote is meaningless. 

Publicus's picture

If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal

ACP's picture

Francisco Franco would be proud.

casey13's picture

The "democratic" governments are working very hard to keep actual democracy from occuring.

COSMOS's picture

Bingo, democray is like communism, an idealization.  But wouldnt it be easier to just move in some vials of Ebola instead of all that machinery.

rocker's picture

At least they are better than the (2/3) two thirds of Pussy Americans who do not vote. Amazing Eh. 

Paveway IV's picture

I'm one of those 'Pussy Americans' that refuses to vote for the lesser of two enemies and usurpers of the U.S. constitution. Fuck off, zombie voter.

Both parties worship a broken voting system and rigged laws that allow them to ignore the constitution. They have ensured that third-party votes are irrelevant. Zombie voting has nothing to do with supporting or upholding the U.S. constitution, the republic it created or the inalienable rights of it's citizens.

Red/Blue Zombie voting IS the principal enemy of my country and will ultimately destroy it.

FeralSerf's picture

So you think that Americans, when presented with the choice of voting for one of two candidates that are obviously guilty of treason, refuse to cast their vote for either tyrant are "Pussy Americans"?

I suggest it is you, that would actually vote for one of these murdering tyrants, that is the "Pussy American".

lucas991's picture

This is actually NOT a democratic 'vote' because it excludes the rest of Spain.

COSMOS's picture

Right its not 'democratic' cause the moneychangers cant tell you what to do.

random999's picture

you are damn right there sir!

Voting without the BISs blessing is as undemocratic as it gets, god forbid! Kill em all!

BuddyEffed's picture


On a more serious note, Americans need to understand that Spain is merely a few years ahead of us. The question isn’t whether the status quo will be overthrown, the question is what will replace it. "

Ready or not, Command Economies here we come!

And as if we haven't transitioned quite a ways towards that already.

waterwitch's picture

Catalonia voting = Black Swan event.

Reaper's picture

The American Founders did not ask for representation in parliament, because they knew they'd be outvoted. They voted for independence.

Smooth Criminal's picture

"They better be willing to back up their vote with guns or the vote is meaningless. "

My sentiments exactly.  Given that the Catalonia region accounts for over 19% of Spain's GDP and is home to their second largest city (Barcelona), there is no way on Earth that Spain will willingly allow Catalonia to establish its independence.  The most Catalonia will ever be allowed by the Spanish government is to be an "autonomous region", which was granted to them back in 2006.  Without guns to back up their voice, it is nothing more than a protest vote to display their discontent.

Paveway IV's picture

20% of the population, armed and willing to fight for independence was more than enough for the American colonies to break away from English rule. 

Keep in mind that Catalonia marks Sept. 11th, 1714 as Independence (actually, 'National') Day, because that's the day Catalonia LOST it's independence to Spain. They've been pissed about it for 300 years.

Last year on National Day, Marc Herman of the Pacific Standars wrote:

"...When have eight million people had this good a card to play? If Catalunya goes, Spain crashes. Catalunya is Spain’s California..."

Madrid has failed all Spaniards. It's like Washington DC squared - a permanently screwed up, corrupt government that represents nobody but the politicians. Why should Catalans fork over more than their fair share of taxes for a parasitic federal government that does nothing for them?

The rest of Spain objects to Catalonia's referendum because they would instantly lose 20% of the actual taxpayers and 20% of the free shit army's budget. Parasites require a host.

Likewise, the Jewish-Ukrainian oligarchs that run their Ukraine scam are terrified about losing the Donbass. They could give a crap about Ukraine nationalism and borders - they just don't want to lose all that juicy tax-revenue producing meat. Parasites require a host.

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

How many people need to vote in order to have consent?

anachronism's picture

Well done, Stackers! I was searching for some comment that would draw our attention to this.

But you realize that our constitutional lawyers do not recognize the Declaration as legal precedent: not here, not in Guantanamo, and certainly not anywhere it interferes with "our national security interests".

I am sure that we will be just as supportive of the measures that Rajoy will take to hold onto Catalonia as we have been toward those of Yatsenyuk then Poroschenko in Ukraine and Sisi in Egypt, among others.

markpower49's picture

Those soldiers better think twice about using force. They can be tracked down and killed at their homes, along with their families, and deservedly so. The Spanish do a nasty civil war.

reTARD's picture

They have at least one Bradley APC, LOL. What did the US have in Ferguson? Looks like Spain knows how to beat down their own people better than the US. ;-)

Freddie's picture

Aren't they built by General Dynamics aka Lester AIPAC Crown who back LBJ, Obam and McCain.  Won the F-111 contract in total controversey then JFK "died" and a plane needed a war.  Also just sold the Brits $9 billion worth of these POS Bradleys.

Dr. Engali's picture

Another story that will be a non-event. I think we all know how this "vote" will turn out. 

hobopants's picture

Well it may be good for something...I'm sure the S&P will get a "rise" out of it...freak show of a "market" its become.

Spastica Rex's picture

What a relief it will be! Can you imagine the chaos Catalonian independence would cause?

Yeah, me neither.

Bananamerican's picture

well Rex, geopolitical concerns have historically been HUGELY supportive of gold prices!! "Flight to safety" and all that.....



insanelysane's picture

I believe I saw this comment on ZH a few weeks ago.  No one has ever voted themselves freedom.

logicalman's picture

If you vote you get 'leaders' - how can that be freedom?


TungstenBars's picture

Therein lies why the vote is illegal and the military moved in. Spanish oligarchs have not been succesful in moving in their vote counters in time. 

Perhaps we will hear something from Spain along the lines of "you can vote next year" so they can have time to rig it. 

NoDebt's picture

Yeah, Spain is never going to let Catalonia go.  No country is letting any of their territory go, unless it is done at gunpoint.  Why would any region want independence unless they knew were getting sucked dry by the rest of the country?  And why would any country fight so hard to keep them in unless they knew they were sucking them dry to keep the rest of the country going?

Amazing how fast Spain put their military into action against their own people.  "Now THERE'S a war worth spilling some blood over" is, I'm guessing, what Rajoy and his rabble are thinking.

Dr. Engali's picture

All I have to say is ...Remember Scotland. At least this wasn't built up as a MAJOR EVENT that was going to change everything. Maybe that small fact will make it so.... one can only drink a shot of (fill in you favorite drink here ________________________________)  and hope.

NoDebt's picture

Scotland was supposed to vote "No" but it became a nail-biter towards the end, much to everyone's surprise.  

Catalonia has always been likely to vote "yes", if they were allowed to vote.  Now they've been told they aren't allowed to vote, but are doing it anyway.  This will get squashed, but not without at least the threat of force and a bunch of the secessionist leaders going to jail.

So, messier, but the final outcome no less certain, I think.

waterwitch's picture

A few years ago, I was one day away from flying back to the US from Madrid, when the Spanish air traffic controllers went on strike (during the busiest travel weekend of the year).  The Spanish government stepped in and called the act "an illegal industrial action".  Those striking had the choice of reporting to work the next day, or be thrown in jail.  The strike ended then and there.  Spain doesn't f--- around.

Paveway IV's picture

Catalans don't fuck around. Check out what they did to the last batch of federal police that came from Madrid. Chopped them up and ATE them. And the feds  were just there to shop for seafood, not to opress the Catalans.

Catalans are the Rojava Kurds of Spain. Bad idea to piss them off.

I wonder if this is another ham-handed CIA scheme? Do the Catalans have oil somewhere?  

But +1 for you because you're right about the Spanish government - incompetent, but they demand obedience anyways.

BuddyEffed's picture

Without growing economies, the richer parts of every country would like to secede from their less well to do countrymen, so they can have MOAR relative to others.  The "Haves" will likely find that the downstream costs of trying to vote themselves free of the "Have Nots" will cost them more than they were hoping to gain.  So many of the well to do are brainwashed into thinking that their place in society (and at the trough) is somehow their right, that they earned it, built it, own it, deserve it, etc.  That's a disconnect from the reality of how interdependent the haves and have nots are.  If they aren't careful, they'll all end up in the pig sty, with almost nothing of a trough for any of them.

In America, the richest part of the country seceded years/decades ago and incrementally, through the bills passed through the senate and houses at both the state and national levels.  Hell, they were even successful in seceding the jobs of many Americans overseas.  Again, MOAR was being goal seeked.

Trouble is in doing as such, they seceded some of best parts of their morality and the common good too.


trader1's picture

alternative perspective:

parse for how the catalonia situation is viewed in context of greater EU mechanics and the implications for transnational corporations with significant operations/markets there.  

StychoKiller's picture

Ain't nuthin' some Spiderman towels can't wipe out! :>D

flapdoodle's picture

I'm not so sure... the Catalans have probably been picking up some pointers from the Basques, in which case stay away from public places in Madrid if Rajoy trys to supress the vote this Sunday.

medium giraffe's picture

When the going gets tough, the tough get Guernica'd.

Glass Seagull's picture



Nothing a little military intimidation (or eboloa in Catalonia) can't fix. 

COSMOS's picture

CatEBOLia there fixed it for you

mclant004's picture

Just read this article about silver running out- can anyone verify?

Would be cool..............

SIOP's picture

'U.S. Mint temporarily sold out of Silver Eagles amid huge demand'

Nov 5 (Reuters)

Bemused Observer's picture

But still the price goes down...amazing, isn't it?

How long do they think they can do this?

COSMOS's picture

Its the amazing antigravity experiments being conducted on precious metals.  They have this unique property you know.