Is China Sending America A Message?

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There was China's president, Xi Jinping, Russia's president Vladimir Putin to his right, next to Philippine president Aquino and the uberwealthy Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. And then there is Barack Obama, right in the middle of the "wives club"...

h/t Brian

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Abe not wearing one

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Those are communicators, and since nobody wants to talk to him, he didn't get one.

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Looks like he got knocked down a few rungs on the ladder.

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he's runnin on CPT (colored people's time)...don't be so fuckin racist, Zerozulu.  punctuality and its attendant expectations are a symbol of petty bourgeois imperialism.    

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on a long enough timeline water always finds its level -- and so does sewage.

oh, how this mighty nation has fallen...the amorican president bitch-punked in a land of peasants.  but i applaud xi; the chinese have contempt for weakness pantomiming strength, and so does janus.

how'd ya like dem apples, obuttnugget?  you spend your whole life working to subvert america for sleazy bolsheviks, and now they can't wait to sacrifice you to the cause.  

live by the sword/

die by the sword,


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Yeah, it sure doesn't look like all that bowing helped him any.

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Even Canada and Australia seem to have deserted Amerika and joined the Russia-China alliance. See how happy they are standing behind China and Russia. Meanwhile, Singapore either feels sorry for or still fears Amerika (behind Obama).

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Let's not get carried away here.

I am certain Herr Harper and "Shirtfront" Tony are not trying to make a political statement.

Canada and Australia are subservient and loyal lapdogs.



Where is my pretty baby bitch? Oh there she is!

Come to papa my beautiful bitch...yeah, baby... Who is a good girl? oooh... *smooch*

Oh yes you are! you are my good little bitch, aren't you?

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>>>Canada and Australia are subservient and loyal lapdogs.

True enough, and basically true of NZ as well. 

Still, I think it's "interesting" that a number of Kiwis who are opposed to the Transpacific Partnership deal are saying they might support it IFF it included China.  The theory offered is that China would be a postive influence to counter-balance the interests of the industrial "West" (e.g. USA).

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He is taking his position as a HOUSEBOY

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Lined up by those that take cock ... and those that don't.

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Nudleman rolled into Kiev right during Putin's Olympics, class act that gal. I suggest Putin go ahead and roll into East Ukraine during one of the events. 

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May have happened.

Attempt to confirm talkings of fresh new vehicles moved to Donetsk in real.

Ukes cried this claim, and NaTo denied..seemed died normal for Uke claims..

and now comes static that it has happened. One normal very reliable source tells as fact.

and new equipment/supplies arriving has been confirmed before this


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Volko, chatter is picking up confirming just that. Things may be hotting up.

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Saker had some pictures on his web sites of supplies on new Russian Army trucks.  At least 10.  The media should be going ape shit but not a word.  Saker said that Russia is planning on back NovoRussia with lots of weapons. 

Hopefully the Ukies will wake up and go after the zoligarch scum in Kiev.

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If this picture of Putin's motorcade is true, it's histarical. Watch out Obama...

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Just another proof Putin has balls.

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These goofballs look like the servers at the Dim Sum joint on Mott street

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And bammy looked like a ferengi.  

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Obama on the bitch bench.   And not wearing a tie again?  

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"Obama on the bitch bench.   And not wearing a tie again?"

It's OK, Wookie has him pretty much "broke in to it".

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A glimpse of America's future.

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china's sending me a message: accumulate as many oz of PMs as possible as quickly as possible because prices are controlled by the west and a finacial shistorm is on its way.

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"Here, you stand over here with the Ladies, the Men have work to do."  Merkel with the Men.

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Couldn't tell if she was in there or not, nor find a source. 

She'll be put with the Men if she is (or would/were).

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my new screensaver.... lol at round eye...

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Hello World.....

I'd like to introduce you to....New Order

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While he's being dissed in public by the crafty Chineee, he's also flying in Foreign Ebola Patitnts

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Have to say it's pretty quiet on the Ebola front lately.  Not seeing the fearmongering headlines as much.  Help is still on the way economic hitman style.

Has this been approved yet ?  Lot's of money, needs special approval given the budget caps etc.

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invisible hand ever stirring...conditioning. BRICS, APEC, TPP, SCO...

Luv the "bear", hate the "man" "we" put in the WH, now you the whole people is ridiculed, feel me?

NWO has the weapon once released, not enough gold or gas to pay for the remedies. But then, not for you, feel me?



Only way to stop them is to live from your heart, folks.

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Exactly, the future is being made and it's cutting the US out of it.  We as a nation will rue the day we allowed our hatred and intolerance and confused exceptionalism for arrogance to take us down the road of empire.  We will end up a shadow of what we where and won't be able to come back.


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" Hey! Has anyone thought that maybe the wives like the BBC? This. Is. Merica!"


This is the first thing that came to my mind as well LOL!!

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The first thing that came into my mind was: THE MORON TABLE DURING A WEDDING

you know, that table with guys nobody want to talk to but who you invite cause they're related to friends of you who begged you to invite them?
Obarry is one of those guys.

What I don't understand is why he didn't leave.

Jack Sheet's picture

You are also familiar with the phenomenon of the spare prick at a knockshop wedding?

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Hey! Has anyone thought that maybe the wives like the BB-Strapon? This. Is. Merica!

 - There fixed it for yah..

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Here is Pepe Escobar's take on the meeting.  Good read. He talks about how Obola got his ass whipped in the election.  And whether he and Vlad will meet.    I would bet Putin tells Obola to F off.

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The Filipino was held in higher esteem than the black guy from Chicago.

knukles's picture

See dude, that's what stereotypes are for.
But oh no, some folks just gotta wait until somebody else skullfucks their dreams.

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Seriously. The Kenyan was was born in Hawaii.


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Even if everyone was standing alphabetically,  how come  V for Putin and X for Jingping in the middle?????

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Must be using the Chinese alphabet.

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He is not exactly black at least 100%.  The only thing worse than Obola is the f**king retard Democrats, progressives and liberals who actually voted for him.

F Hollywood and F TV who still love him.

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Hey, if I can be half-Asian and still get called white, he's fucking Black in my book.