Is China Sending America A Message?

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There was China's president, Xi Jinping, Russia's president Vladimir Putin to his right, next to Philippine president Aquino and the uberwealthy Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. And then there is Barack Obama, right in the middle of the "wives club"...

h/t Brian

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POTUS is not a whipping post - since he is irrelevant no action is necessary

The american game of inducing local chaos and murder everywhere is now in the process of being checkmated  


good for taxpayers

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Possibly himself ... in an involuntary suicide, grassy knoll, False Flag, multiple decapitation strike sort of way. What a cunning plan.

CCanuck's picture stand over there BITCH!

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Nothing funny about that photo. In fact, it really pisses me off...

mr1963's picture

Uh Oh, we're not going to like you when you're angry are we?

All kidding aside, that clown belongs in a dress.

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Unfortunately, you are correct...

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Political Protocols have meaning and this is a big took two years for the Politicians to agree on the shape of the peace table for the Vietnmn war talks...whoever allowed this was an idiot..but it does show that the rest of the world thinks we are pussies now..or at least Obama....Regan would have never standed for this...he would have walked out....Obama..the the wives section

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The US has been remarkably puss-ified these past 30 years.  John Wayne gave way to Sione Maraschino.  A sizeable minority are truly scared of guns.  Our pop culture psyche reeks of 'security theater at any cost.'  No surprise that Preezy gets shitcanned in with the wives.  No surprise that he doesn't know any better, either. 

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Why does it piss you off?  If you watch any TV or Hollywood then you support everything he does? Serve in the military or Pentagon?  They support him all the way.

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Hehehe... fitting.

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Bowing is just bending over in the wrong direction.

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The future is here now, Fraud, corruption and lies have destroyed us...

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Too bad we don't have a real hulk because we'd get him to fix it quick - slap him with a two by 4 and then point at the white house with the instructions

"Hulk Smash!"

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Should have put him in a dress ...

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You know George, it seems like to me that the rest of the world just wants to transact business, for the most part. 

That photo illustrates several things to me, one of them being just how isolated from the rest of the world we are becoming...

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BINGO! And when the "Rest of the World" decides to use another currency its over.  Thus ISIS threatening Saudi Arabia..............

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Yes sir.  A few more positions to the right and he (we) is off the stage completely.

Next time he will be in the very last position...

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They tried a few of Mookie's dress's on him, they just looked rediculous.

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We spend a $Trillion on defense each year and this is what it buys us?.......F' ME....

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"we" do?

and you can't buy respect, it must be earned.

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They have just practically disarmed the border patrol too.  Trilliosn spent on defense and a wide open border.  MIC, the Pentagon and military are just as culpable.   So much for their oath to uphold The Constitution.

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The purpose of the MIC is not to *defend* the US, in any way.

Rather, its purpose is to make money for the elites, and to protect *Israel* formost, and to some extent, *SA* and the Queen of England.

The US is an expendable entity the Deep State will allow to implode when it suits them and the timing is right...

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My man is just playing the odds. He figures that he's got a better chance for a handjob standing next to the ladies...

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He actually had a place next to Xi but ran away when he realised Putin was standing there.

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wait ... why is obama attending asian pac meeting?

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it's about countries of pacific ocean

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that's when your foreign policy involves black mailing, coups, extortion, wars and robbery. Man, its amazing what can be done in 12 months. Sad but you reap what you sow.

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Atta boy Harper!  (Still got his nose in there.)

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Why are there no American's in the picture?

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Best comment of the thread.

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I told my friends on his first election night that before he left office, he/she/it would be the most hated President in history.

Getting there fast.

Too bad it had to take this long.

I predicted this past weekend that he would disgrace "his people" when he quits and leaves office before his term is up.

I am just not sure who his people are though.

SOB is one of a kind.

Freddie's picture

Disgrace his people?   We do not even know what the F he is.  Some say he is Arab African Asian.

Oh his people voters as in (90%) blacks, (85%) jews, (90%) gays, (90%) govt workers and liberals?   They have no shame.  

I loathe anyone who voted for him especially white liberals.  Blacks I could almost give a pass for 2008 but not 2012.

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Putin looks so isolated its scary! Wonder what the G20 photo will look like.

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He looks like the commander of the Russian Starship Fleet..

'Phasers on full... Play time is over..'

css1971's picture

Wow. That was no accident. The Chinese do not make "mistakes" like that.

Putin must be pissing himself laughing.

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you could be right, in June 2013 during a US Chinese meeting in California, the US first lady apparently snubed the wife of the Chinese president

Freddie's picture

The USA has a first lady?

chubbar's picture

USA first ladyboy is what he meant.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

First Wookie?!?  There was a CNNblog about 'the horrible names' some people called Michelle.  I happen to think wookie is quite complimentary.

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In diplomacy symbolism is of great importance, especially from the always extremely cautious Chinese. This is a a great victory for Putin over Obama. No doubt about that.

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Putin doesn't even have to try: He poses with a tiger - Obama with his white poodle.

Putin rides a horse with no shirt. Obama assumes a perfect erkel pose riding a grandma bicycle.


Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Obama is Erkel, with a voice and ear change.

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Mission accomplished! Diminish the U.S. in the eyes of the world. BHO should be proud. We are now in the weak sister category.

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It was the dream of his father.

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Groovy smocks.  Are they trying to say they're all on the same team? 


They look like they're waiting to catch a ride on Kahoutek's tail. 

Jumbotron's picture

LOL !!!!!

I honest to God did a spit take at my desk here in the office. 

Heaven's Gate baby !!!

Boxed Merlot's picture

Heaven's Gate baby !!!...



Thanks for the response.  I was beginning to think this roll of quarters I've been holding was for naught.


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Haa haa did the women then give Obama a Brazilian?

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Those familiar with how these events actually work know this was not an accident by any means.