The Council Of Foreign Relations Apologizes For The "Greenspan Glitch"

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Last week, we brought to the public's attention a controversial 'missing' section from the official transcript of Alan Greenspan's interview last with the Council of Foreign Relations where he dared utter his honest opinion that, "Gold is a currency. It is still, by all evidence, a premier currency. No fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it." Well, it turns out the reason for the practically heterical section's omission was "a glitch in the live stream" and CFR has apologized and posted the full transcript. Interesting coincidence that this gold-loving, Bernanke-denying section was the only one to be hit by the 'glitch'; we are confident it's mere coincidence...

CFR has apologized...

To Whom It May Concern


Thank you for pointing out the gap in the video and transcript of our October 29 meeting with Alan Greenspan.


The error was the result of a glitch in our live stream. Full-length CFR event video, audio, and transcripts are posted unedited.


We have reposted the video and transcript of the event.


The audio, which was posted without gaps on October 29, can be found here.


Please excuse the inconvenience.




Jake Meth
Communications Coordinator,
Global Communications and Media Relations

Council on Foreign Relations

Thanks Jake. And we most certainly understand: transcript "glitches", especially when the former Fed Chairman is praising gold over the US Dollar, happen all the time. You are excused.

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Glitchez Bitchez!

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Glitchez instead of stitchez when Greenspan snitchez, BITCHEZ!

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Bits are money, everything else is bullshit!!

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Banksters always lie, this is who they are.

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+0.5 for truthiness, +0.5 for avatar.

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You guys and gals ain't gonna believe this, but a communications guy by the name of Jake Meth, who signed that letter, is a real person, not a joke.  In the event you might want to contact him directly to verify his existence, his email, as shown on the CFR website is: E-mail:

PS  I had nothing to do with this.

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No, no,'s Jake...from State Farm.

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Of the Methanyahoo tribe.

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Jake Meth. Now they're really just fuckin' with us all.

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Please excuse the inconvenience.




Jake Meth
Communications Coordinator,
Global Communications and Media Relations

Council on Foreign Relations



Did you get the memo from our department of public relations?

You mean, 'al Bagdaddi'?

Yes, of course.

THE 'Al'Bagdaddi', himself?

(Fuck, I hate having to deal with idiotic minions!) YES, that one, jake. Now listen to me, boy, , Jakey boi.


Wipe the shit out of your pants, and put on some perfume. Are you still there?

Uh.. yeah...

GOOD. NOW, listen very carefully. YOU made a MISTAKE. GREENSPAN has become 'turned'. We once had him almost convinced, but he has gone off on a wild tangent and started to fall back to his old, and detrimental ways. You wouldn't mind it if you took this fall for him, now, would you?




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If you listen carefully, it sounds like Greenspan is actually saying gold is THE premier currency, not A premier currency.  And if you consider the rest of his sentence - that no other currency can match it - that makes more sense than saying it's just a premier currency.

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That's his porn name.

An American, not US subject.


My porn name is "Where Is It." I don't get much work.

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MY 'porn name' is "Too Fucking Big".

Lots of work, but hard to complete the scene when the bitches run in fear. I keep promising that I'll only put the tip in, but even THAT scares them...

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Don´t meth with my friend meth.

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I am always willing to believe in innocent co-incidences. Well, sometimes. well, once in awhile. Maybe not this time tho.

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I have it on good authority his wife's name is Crystal.

MontgomeryScott's picture


'Crystal' is like a name that just hangs around, like a chandelier.

WillyGroper's picture

Sure you're not referring to "Kristel", as in Sylvia?

Just checkin since most your drunken drivel almost always includes your preoccupation with sex. 

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"So you fired him?"

"No, we just fixed the glitch."

/Office Space

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“There should be no doubt that The Council of Foreign Relations remains entirely committed when it comes to confuse the facts and words." — The sheeple of the World


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hahahahahahhahahahaha...................thaz funny

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Hiz name iz Meth. Jake Meth.



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The irony is it's his cousin, PCP Jonez, you have to watch out for.

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Don't forget about his nephew, Jeffrey. Nice bloke from down the road.

DavidC's picture

If there was a glitch in the live stream then how come it was available on certain sites to hear?

The CFA is apologizing purely because it got caught out.


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I was busy producing pre-paid Internet cards for when net neutrality hits. 

TheAnalOG's picture

But will they offer prepaid troll cards?

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IIRC Greenspan said gold is THE premier currency, not A premier currency.

ajax's picture



That's not the most famous 'Greenspan Glitch' in recent times. I believe it was October 23, 2008 while Greenspan and Waxman were going at it when all the lights went out during the House Oversight Committee.

Anyone else remember it? It was an extremely weird moment...

ajax's picture



That's not the most famous 'Greenspan Glitch' in recent times. I believe it was October 23, 2008 while Greenspan and Waxman were going at it when all the lights went out during the House Oversight Committee.

Anyone else remember it? It was an extremely weird moment..,

ajax's picture



sorry for double post

anonnn's picture

 misquote  by Tyler:

Alan  Greenspan said "...the premier curency", not ... premier currrency" per both the audio and corrected transcript.

Words  matter! "the" distinctly means, as he explains, "no fiat currency , including the dollar, can match it ".

Whole paragraph quote:

" Economists are usually perfect in equivocating. In this case I didn't equivocate. Look, remember what we're looking at. Gold is a currency. It is still by all evidences the premier currency where no fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it. And so that the issue is, if you're looking at a question of turmoil, you will find, as we always have in the past, it moves into the gold price."

JustObserving's picture

Truth is treason in a fascist, police state.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Speaking of treason, lets start with the CFR membership itself.

The_Prisoner's picture

No biggie, they'll just erase fromt he records afterwards.

Australian parliament does it all the time.


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You might be interested in an Australian take on Greenspan's comments:

I wonder how many people know much about the CFR and its influence. I'm sure many ZeroHedge regulars are familiar with them but for those who aren't yet as clued up on the CFR, the following is a decent primer:

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It is Remembrance Day today. So lest we forget that Governments are criminals that, if left unchecked, will take the people to war to enrich themselves and preserve their entitlements.


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Let me know when it's the Queen's Birthday. I'll be down on Manly Beach, shooting off homemade bottle rockets like I used to do in the 1960's. DAMN, that was fun when I was a child!

They used to have these two hydrofoil crafts, named the 'Fairlight' and the 'Manly', that made the run into Sydney in about 15 minutes.. the six regular ferries took almost an hour. They hawked 'Ginger beer' at the quays.

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Jake Meth? Well, there you go.

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Jake Meth? What are you people? On Dope?

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Well Wilcox, I'll tell you, gold's not a sport, it's a way of life, it's no hobby. It's a way of looking at that shiny brick and saying, "Hey bud, let's party!"

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Well now it makes sense, i.e. Jake as the "Communications Coordinator" for the quote..


"I enjoy making complex international issues understandable and accessible to a wide audience. The world outside our borders is often presented as frightening and unpredictable, and through my work I strive to encourage critical thinking about pressing global developments and the impact of U.S. foreign policy on other cultures."

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That, no doubt, 100 fucking percent, was a quote written by a communications, sales and marketing expert type.

Who you talkin' to?
No fucking kidding, Jake?
Yeah, Jake
What's Jake wearing?