Russia Signs Deal With Iran To Build 8 Nuclear Power Units

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With this year's APEC meeting in China having just barely concluded, where the biggest news was not the inability of the US to make any material headway in trans-Pacific trade (who needs trade when you have a printer?) or that China is "willing" to import even more NSA bugs courtesy of Cisco and Qualcomm, but Russia's second "western" mega gas deal with China, as well as the following photo-op of course...


... and with the WSJ reporting that in the now year-old "nuclear"negotiations between the west and Iran, there has been no progress, it was once again Putin's turn to turn the screws on the lame duck president following a report moments ago that Russia inked a deal to build eight nuclear power units in Iran, as a new partnership agreement, guaranteed by the IAEA.

First, this how the success of US defines "success" in its ongoing negotiations to curb Iran's nuclear program:

Two days of exhaustive negotiations between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif, in the Persian Gulf nation of Oman resulted in no significant breakthrough in forging a comprehensive agreement to curb Tehran’s nuclear program by a Nov. 24 diplomatic deadline, said senior U.S. and Iranian officials.



“Real gaps” remain between Washington and Tehran, said an American diplomat, in describing talks that seek to end a decade-long standoff over the future of Iran’s nuclear program. 


Lower-level diplomacy between the U.S., Iran and other world powers continued on Tuesday in Muscat, as Mr. Kerry arrived in China to brief President Barack Obama on the status of the nuclear diplomacy.


“What we’ve said about this is that we may get there and we may not,” said a senior U.S. official who traveled with Mr. Kerry, referring to he prospects for a deal by late November. “I don’t think that anybody has said at any point recently that we are, quote-unquote ’on track’ to reach an agreement by the 24th.”


Iran’s second-highest official attending the Oman talks, Abbas Araghchi, described the talks as “tense” and said his negotiating team was committed to engaging in virtually round-the-clock talks to try and reach the deadline.

This was of course expected since nobody embodies US "success" better in recent years than Obama with perhaps the exception of John Kerry.

So as the US stumbles from one foreign policy debacle to another, this is what the Kremlin is doing. From RT:

Russia is to build eight nuclear power units in Iran, as a new partnership agreement, guaranteed by the IAEA, was signed in Moscow on Tuesday.


The head of the Rosatom, Sergey Kirienko, and the chief of the Atomic Energy Agency of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, signed a series of documents, promoting the links in the field of peaceful application of atomic energy between the countries, RIA Novosti reports. 


According to the agreement, Russia is to construct eight pressurized water reactors “turn-key ready” in Iran. Four of them will be built at the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, also completed by Russia a year ago. 


Besides, nuclear fuel for the future reactors will be provided by Russia during the whole life cycle of the new reactors. Spent fuel will be returned for processing and storage.

In other words, as the US does everything in its power to halt the spread of nuclear power in Iran (for peaceful purposes or otherwise) Tehran, in clear defiance of the US, just agreed with Russia to develop not one but 8 new nuclear reactors.

Confused: please refer to the picture at the top of this article for the clearest explanation possible.

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dirtyfiles's picture

isolated country

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Seeee? Now we know Russia was anti-Semitic all along, partnering with those e-vile Iranians. Now they BOTH have to go!

Freddie's picture

China too.    LOL!  The z-USSA sends Mr. Ed aka Mr. Kohn to negotiate.   What a clown show.

"Why the long face John?"

"Awww Wilbur"

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Barry should write them a letter about that.

Liberal's picture

As a staunch liberal, I strongly believe the time is now for us to nuke Iran because once President Obama leaves office, I'll be against all military actions.

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Tylers, you're killing me with this wives club thing.  Holy cow, that's too funny!

Headbanger's picture


Oh and "costs" too!

COSMOS's picture

Does this mean Israel will assassinate Russian nuclear engineers in Iran??????????

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

How you expect to remove that bullseye Iran? Will you please allow the Rothschilds to set up a Central Bank already?

junction's picture

Not as isolated as DNC chief Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, whose total incompetence wrecked the Democratic Party on Election Day.  Helped by Senator Charles (Repeal Glass-Steagall!) Schumer.  Maybe they can blame the wipeout on ISIS (or ISIL or Khorazon but never al Qaeda). 

TBT or not TBT's picture

Let's see, you blame the impopularity of the Obamacare Party on just one or two of its more obviously heinous shit birds. Nothing to do with rejecting hope and change, gun control, illegal immigration, awful job market, malaIse, bringing Ebola here...stuff Debbie has no influence over?

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this was set up months ago, along with a deal whereby russia gets iranian oil at a very cheap price, which they in turn can supply to either china or use it internally.  it also employs russian experts and gives russian manufacturing a boost.  if i remember correctly, putin announced this prior to his trip to south america, where he also set a number of deals in motion.  putin and his staff have been very busy.  russia has been using this last year to set up a dizzying array of contracts and treaties.   i don't believe russia or china embrace one another whole heartedly but both see that together they can challenge the sanctions, the petrodollar and once the chaos of that has settled they may then dredge up old scores of which they have many as well as border disputes.  it's possible though that both china and russia having experienced poverty and hardship we in the west cannot conceive may savour the prosperity peace brings  rather than waste it as we so foolishly have.

p00k1e's picture

McCain was right.  America needs more war. 

basho's picture

when has the (senile) hanoi hilton songbird been right? UE? LOL

Freddie's picture

Well the McCain klan almost sank two US warships.  John almost sank the USS Forresstal and his zio con Admiral dad recalled F-4 fighter bombers that were trying to save the USS Liberty.  The old man sold out American sailors.

Treason is in their blood.  F them.

aminorex's picture

If you really disapproved of treason, would you be on ZH?  When Putin nukes NYC, ZH will be agog over how manly he is.

11b40's picture

If Putin nukes NYC, it will be because of something we stupidly started.

If I did not disapprove of treason, I probably would not bother with ZH.  Foreign entanglements were anathema to the founding fathers.  They did not care much for standing armies, either, and would puke all over the MIC.


localizer's picture

Actually he's correct because America's economy now totally relies on war... and the Printer of course...

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Excellent. Eight new nuclear power plants. There wasn't nearly enough of them to irradiate everyone sometime in the future...

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How the fuck can a country of stupid holy shits who believe Allah makes everything happen run a bunch of nuclear reactors without vaporizing themselves!!?

How does that work!?

Headbanger's picture

So you're a Moooselem, huh.

And so all you down arrownoids believe Allah makes everything happen so just let them neutrons fly cause Allah will save your sorry ass from being irradiated into a lump of charcoal if you pray enough?

Yeah,  Have fun!

Headbanger's picture

No I'm not a circle.

Now keep going...

And if you actually READ my comment above about praying to Allah to save your sorry retarded ass from getting nuked

You would KNOW I'm not a circle you stupid mook!

What a bunch of fucking moe-rons...

TheSecondLaw's picture

Pretty much the same way as a country of stupid holy exceptional shits who have the words "In God We Trust" on their money and of which the majority believe in some fucker who worked miracles and then who died on a cross and then miraculously came back to life after three days is vaporizing the world.

That's how that works!

TBT or not TBT's picture

There's a bell curve for every aptitude you might like to measure, in a population. But the curves of one population can be different from those in another. Skewed differently. Fatter or thinner tails. Persian scientists and engineers exist in high quantity and quality, if you look around just a bit. Arab engineers and scientists not so much. Israeli engineers and scientists exist in preposterous proportion to their numbers. Most Muslim countries...well it sucks to be them. But most iranians today hate Islam far more fervently than modern italians or French disdain Catholicism. They view islam as an Arab religion, and view Arabs as cockroach eating semi humans, culturally. Yeah. They are nationalists. They're ordinarily bigoted and racist.

11b40's picture

And if we were operating foreign policy based on what is really good for America in the long run, we would be aligned with the Persians.  We long ago sold our country's soul to the oil barons and the Ziocons.

buzzsaw99's picture

iran PWRs will be less of a threat to the usa than the ones in japan (or those in the usa for that matter)

JustObserving's picture

US sanctions are working. Few nuclear plants in North Korea are next.

LULZBank's picture

Well done Putin.

Now if Russia will give those Air defense systems to Syria and Iran then I will take back everything I said about Putin :)

LoneStarHog's picture

And queue the ex-Philadelphia furniture salesman in 3,2,1...


pitchforksanonymous's picture

Man, it's embarrassing having Pee Wee Herman as President. I wanna move to Moscow and live with a hot Russian chick!

PartysOver's picture

Ukraine babes are much hotter.   Mini Me is lobbying for Ex-Pat status to that country.

winchester's picture
winchester (not verified) PartysOver Nov 11, 2014 9:05 AM

especially those with pravy sektor ruban around the arm...lil blue eyes and adolfe style cunt moustache...

LULZBank's picture

Im totally into that.

They can knock me down and blow the hell out of me!

NoWayJose's picture

The Iranians would like to thank the CIA's folly in Ukraine and Obama's sanctions for makng this possible. Besides the two nuke deals, Russia also has an oil deal with Iran.

So which country is now 'safer' from Iranian terrorists - the US or Russia?

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ NoWayJose,

Perhaps, you posed the question wrongly.

So which country is now 'safer' from the Pure Evil Psychopathic CIA & UNIITED STATES, CORP. INC. terrorists?

LostandFound's picture

Has Iran developed energy that will free the 3rd world from Oil and resource plundering? In return they will not harness this energy providing that they can be the ones that supply Europe instead of Qatar?

LULZBank's picture

Iran wants to be the largest supplier of electricty and gas in the region, which will be stepping right on the toes of Arab oil producers esp Saudi Arabia.

This will not be so nice and easy, I suspect.

tonyw's picture

they probably just want to be able to export as much oil & gas as possible.

having nuclear electricity means they don't have to burn oil & gas to make electricity.

eddiebe's picture

When good don't cross borders, armies will. US foreign policy has been: You either do as I say, or you get an ass kicking. Undoubtedly the whole world is getting sick of it, including US citizens. 

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

OO that must kill him, he is not the center of the universe

orangegeek's picture

CIA has some work to do again. 


Accidents will happen.

Debugas's picture

US failures are expected because US conducts policy of bans and restrictions

NoWayJose's picture

Interestingly, Russia will now have nuke geeks (and spies) openly crawling all over Iran, monitoring and controlling nuke fuel stocks and power plants. The US and Israel will only have telephone and email intercepts plus some satellite photos.