ISIS Unveils Its New Gold-Backed Currency To Remove Itself From "The Oppressors' Money System"

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It appears the rumors are true. Islamic State is set to become the only 'state' to back its currency with gold (silver and copper) as it unveils the new coins that will be used in an attempt to solidify its makeshift caliphate. ISIS says the new currency will take the group  out of "the oppressors' money system."



As Zaid Benjamin notes, ISIS releases details of its new currancy with golden 1 & 5 dinar, silver 1, 5, 10 dirham and copper 10 & 20 fils

*  *  *

It seems Alan Greenspan may have been on to something after all...

what we're looking at. Gold is a currency. It is still, by all
evidence, a premier currency. No fiat currency, including the dollar,
can match it."

*  *  *

Of course this will mean more physical demand - along with Russia and China - and so more price suppression by the West.

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SandiaMan's picture

Who is the mint?

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

great. how long do we have to wait for statements like "only terrorists buy or use gold and silver coins" or "only terrorists question the validity of the US dollar"

its only a matter of time, mark my words

LetThemEatRand's picture

Or even more devious, "we must stamp out the use of gold and silver as currency in order to stamp out terrorists.  It is unfortunate that some honest people will lose the value of their gold and silver coins as a result, but we must all make sacrifices."

McCormick No. 9's picture

Well, now I am glad I lost all of mine in that unfortunate boating accident.

gold-is-not-dead's picture

ISIS will become the leading global force if they do that.

COSMOS's picture

We all know the Dollar is the real currency of Terrorists.   These guys are working for their masters, trying to demonize gold and silver circulation to dampen any enthusiasm for the gold or silver coins in the USA and abroad.

Slave's picture

"Oppressor's system", yet they won't go after Israel?

With each piece of news that comes out this smells more and more like CIA.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Talk about a collectors item...

bania's picture

Now, if they could just drop the beheadings from their program, I might start liking these guys.

nope-1004's picture

US started ISIS, no?  Connect the dots, like COSMOS said above.  It's a PR slander machine now, associating the only real currency on earth with radical terrorists.

Good job Mr. Yellen.

Latina Lover's picture

Notice how the G20 will be re classifying all bank deposits as an unsecured bank liability, while demonizing gold via the USSA controlled ISIS puppet.  There are no co incidences.

itchy166's picture

The race is on to demonize gold, silver, and cryptocurriences.  Have to make way for SDR's...

Pladizow's picture

Do they have Obumer's face for supplying the artillery or Dimon's face for supllying the gold?

I guess its a toss up!

reset71's picture

If terrorism tarnishes gold and silvers' appeal, that will give me more time to stack at a supressed price. I like it. Gold and silver we be around long after the ISIS ceases to operate. 

Four chan's picture

i guess they are not as dumb as they look, smarter than most americans too.

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture

Listen Chan.

If they feature a coin with Jihadi John lopping off the head of a USSA FBI agent then I'm buying the whole series!


Bullionaire's picture

Darn it! When this "rumor" was posted Tuesday, I commented:

"Tylers: Gotta change the title of this piece. "Gold standard" means fractional reserve gold backing of paper currency. These are gold coins, which are money. Important difference."

...and got 28 greenies/no reddies.

And today, same mistake.


N2OJoe's picture

Not bad lookin coins if they can mint them well. Wonder where I can get me some?

The9thDoctor's picture

Hopefully APMEX gets them in soon!

palmdetroit's picture

Sure zh'ers are over this like its 610 AD again!

TheReplacement's picture

If you could deprive ISIS terrorists of a valuable asset for the price of some paper which can readily be replaced or even multiplied then it would be treason not to do it.

Buy ISIS gold, silver, and copper coins.  Buy as much as you can.  It's the only way to stop them.  We need to do it for the children. 

iant419's picture

Posted this link on their facebook wall and asked that very question!

laomei's picture

ISIS coins will not be featuring images of people, I can guarantee that.  That being said, talk about demand... ISIS coins are a surefire investment.   1) backed with actual value that can appreciate on their own regardless.  2) If they solidify and keep their gains, this is their first issue.  3) if they US goes all in and smashes them, it's a limited issue collectors item.  Who else wants ISIS coins? I sure as fuck do.

SafelyGraze's picture

this plot line was stolen from a james bond 007 film in the sixties

some newworldorder globalist sociopath threatened to infect all the gold in ft nocks with terroir in order to render it unusable

Bindar Dundat's picture

 "to make it usable",,,,,there,fixed for you.


Darn terrorists with their gold, we need to rail them in.

outamyeffinway's picture

You are all wrong. This is bringing the caliphate into the fold. The ME is totally unmanageable with democracy. This is ME madness management. Gold IS coming back into the monetary system. The caliphate will need a way to transact for their oil. Don't misinterpret.

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


When will all the little Zero's admit to loving Muslim Confetti?

NuckingFuts's picture






Get it asshole, enough.  No one is lstening.  Stop.

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


What? I can't hear your Nazi-speak.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

I just knew one day i was going to be called a terrurist sympathizer

Manthong's picture

Where can I trade some of this Yellen scrip for Isis gold?

MontgomeryScott's picture




This current crop of Israeli Secret Intelligence Service is quite clever. Quadaffi spent his last years going around Africa and the Middle east trying to set up a new trade in Gold, and he called it the 'AFRICAN GOLD DINAR'. Coincidence? I think not.

Where is ISIS cetting its gold and silver and copper from, in order to mint these coins, Bangalore? Answer THAT question, and then follow the MONEY to figure out who and/or WHAT this 'shadowy terror group' really is. I suspect the house of SAUD and the house of BUSH (maybe those coins will be gold-plated tungsten when they start to be circulated, though).

Remember: Only TERRORISTS use GOLD and SILVER!


Gold Eyed Cat's picture

I imagine he talks like that in real life, and his friends and family think of him like Steve Martin's character in The Jerk.  Annoying and tiresome, but after several years... somewhat endearing. Listen. Listen. Lisuuun.

FinalEvent's picture

Buy as much gold as you can! Don't let them have it!!!!!1

MalteseFalcon's picture

Where is ISIS getting the gold?

fallout11's picture

Now we know where the $12billion the US "lost" in Iraq ended up....
It bought gold and silver. 

StormShadow's picture

Just imagine what the 2 Trillion from the Pentagon is up to these days

StormShadow's picture

Just imagine what the 2 Trillion from the Pentagon is up to these days

debtandtaxes's picture

"Islamic State to produce own currency for use in self-declared caliphate - as soon as it can locate a mint and enough metal"


NoDebt's picture

Well, we know one thing for sure.  These guys are NOT a CIA front.  Even the CIA wouldn't be crazy enough to put real PMs out on the street.

Real money, not just currency?  That's got "terrorism" written all over it.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Tyler, please make Latina Lover's avatar enlargeable.

For that matter... make 'em all enlargeable. Thx.

Meat Hammer's picture

I'm looking forward to practicing some good old-fashioned civil-disobedience.


The Fed






Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


Fuck the USSA FBI too. James Comey what a fucking fraud! Mr. Polished corporate image seeking to fuck the American people harder than the NSA.

You guys in USSA should be on the warpath against these criminals!

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Great, now we start a rumble between the Fed and the CIA...wonder who wins that one?

Hint: Doubt the Fed has pics of CIA personnel with farm animals