Italy's Grillo Rages "We Are Not At War With ISIS Or Russia, We Are At War With The ECB"

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Next week, Italy's Beppe Grillo - the leader of the Italian Five Star Movement - will start collecting signatures with the aim of getting a referendum in Italy on leaving the euro "as soon as possible," just as was done in 1989. As Grillo tells The BBC in this brief but stunning clip, "we will leave the Euro and bring down this system of bankers, of scum." With two-thirds of Parliament apparently behind the plan, Grillo exclaims "we are dying, we need a Plan B to this Europe that has become a nightmare -  and we are implementing it," raging that "we are not at war with ISIS or Russia! We are at war with the European Central Bank," that has stripped us of our sovereignty.


60 seconds of brutal honesty of the tyranny in Europe...

Beppe Grillo also said today...

It is high time for me and for the Italian people, to do something that should have been done a long time ago: to put an end to your sitting in this place, you who have dishonoured and substituted the governments and the democracies without any right. Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? A crumb of humanity? Is there one vice you do not possess? Gold and the “spread” are your gods. GDP is you golden calf.


We’ll send you packing at the same time as Italy leaves the Euro. It can be done! You well know that the M5S will collect the signatures for the popular initiative law - and then - thanks to our presence in parliament, we will set up an advisory referendum as happened for the entry into the Euro in 1989. It can be done! I know that you are terrified about this. You will collapse like a house of cards. You will smash into tiny fragments like a crystal vase. Without Italy in the Euro, there’ll be an end to this expropriation of national sovereignty all over Europe. Sovereignty belongs to the people not to the ECB and nor does it belong to the Troika or the Bundesbank. National budgets and currencies have to be returned to State control. They should not be controlled by commercial banks. We will not allow our economy to be strangled and Italian workers to become slaves to pay exorbitant interest rates to European banks.


The Euro is destroying the Italian economy. Since 1997, when Italy adjusted the value of the lira to connect it to the ECU (a condition imposed on us so that we could come into the euro), Italian industrial production has gone down by 25%. Hundreds of Italian companies have been sold abroad. These are the companies that have made our history and the image of "Made in Italy".

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As Martin Armstrong asks rather pointedly...

Since the introduction of the euro, all economic parameters have deteriorated, the founder of the five-star movement in Italy is absolutely correct. The design or the Euro was a disaster. There is no fixing this any more. We have crossed the line of no return. Beppe is now calling for referendum on leaving euro. Will he be assassinated by Brussels? It is unlikely that the EU Commission will allow such a vote.

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What Peter Griffin thinks:

He'll be OK if he has the Mafia's support!

pods's picture

Sovereignty?  Hasn't the NWO removed that from the dictionary?

It's definitely not in the newest edition of the Newspeak dictionary.


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Grillo is sponsored by Soros.

Wants the Italian gov to issue paper money itslef as a solution.

Enough said.

Bell's 2 hearted's picture

nothing wrong with that ... italian bondholders will get screwed by much weaker currency ... too bad

SilverIsKing's picture

Should one order red or white wine with the Beppe Grillo?

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Isn't Beppe supposed to commit suicide next week?

Croesus's picture

Attenzione Beppe Grillo : Attenzione ai Pistole sparachiodi

(Attention Beppe Grillo: Beware of Nail guns)

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Paper money schemes always destroy the wealth of the people.

You will know the fraudsters by what they propose.

walküre's picture

Grillo is a comedian. This HAS to be a joke. Draghi is Italian. Italy is "fixed". Grillo meant to sing the praises of Draghi and the ECB. Translator screwed up.

Silky Johnson's picture

That kid better watch his ass. He better stay away from all tall buildings, and construction sites,, because his ass is ripe for some nailgun action.

Pinto Currency's picture




Soros & Grillo Crash the Euro?

Grillo successfully keeps discussion of gold money out of the current dialectic.


SamAdams's picture

More Ron Paul than Ron Paul...  I like this guy!

BuddyEffed's picture

Sounds like he is too strong a figure to make a martyr out of him.

Best of luck to the man.  

As Ten Bears would acknowledge, "there is iron in your words...."

Pinto Currency's picture



Grillo is controlled opposition.

Glasnost's picture

HILARIOUS.  Italy helped found the fucking EU.  But it's the EU stripping them of their soverignity.  Not themselves.  Riiiiighhhhhhtttt.


GoldBricker's picture

Grillo successfully keeps discussion of gold money out of the current dialectic.

Well duh. Grillo wants to go back to the traditional club-Med solution of devaluation. Not much use for gold there.


GoldBricker's picture

Not necessarily.Assassination seems to be mainly for nobodies, like all those mid-level banksters that you've never heard of. I think that the powers try to use the minimum that will get the job done.

(JFK happened in an era when personal scandal wasn't reported. Now-a-days they'd just Monica him and that would be that.)

Maybe Grillo will  just get a spanking. You know the drill, something plausible. For example, for  Strauss-Kahn it was a sex scandal, in line with his reputation,  that magically disappeared once he left the IMF. I don't know what Grillo's weaknesses might be, but whatever they are, TPTB can tailor a scandal that fits like a glove and is enough to shoo him off the stage.

They don't have to do anything; it's enough for  something to appear from his past.

That said, maybe a car accident could happen. I mean, Italian drivers and all.

metastar's picture

Where is the protection money best paid? To the euro mafia, or local mafia?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Excited to see ghordo explain why this is illegal and the EMZ is just there to help.

Death to the eur and the trash that runs it. I thought the French would be the ones to break the eur back -- expect lots of vote rigging.

I prey to God they use paper ballots.

25or6to4's picture

"Excited to see ghordo explain....." Might I add how we don't understand the parliamentary system or that anybody against open borders is a fascist . Did I miss anything?

TheObsoleteMan's picture

The French? Your kidding right? When was the last time the French really fought for anything {besides a World Cup}. Only one French division has ever fought to the death: The Charlemagne Division. It was comprised of French volunteers that joined the SS during WW2. It was annihilated fighting the Russians in the battle for Berlin.  

PontifexMaximus's picture

Go for the local one, they give u jobs!

Quinvarius's picture

Soros goes around telling everyone he created the Euro and you think that is his plan?

NotApplicable's picture

All fictional creations such as states/unions and whatnot have been assembled in order to destroy them.

Do you know of an easier way to create a truly global government than removing all local competition that has "failed?"

The_Dude's picture

Grillo is pretty emphatic about being anti-bankster.

My read is that Soros is reverting back to his old Kapo technique of sucking up to the prison guard to protect himself, steal everything he can and watch everyone else starve.....

conscious being's picture

Pinto Currency - Soros and Grillo? Grillo and Soros?

Soros is always up to no good. That's a given. But crashing the Ponzi Euro is should happen sooner rather than later.

NotApplicable's picture

Will you give this fucking link a rest?!?!

Whatever you hoped to achieve by posting it has been completely destroyed by your spamming every fucking thread with it.

All you've done is to wear out your welcome.

Headbanger's picture

Wow!  Have you seen this awesome video!

So cool that Apache driver put on a free air show for some shooters!

hampsterwheel's picture

Somebody better start checking his food


Pooper Popper's picture

In next weeks news,,


Beppe Grillo ,hit a snow plow ......

They will kill him for sure!


same as it ever was



DavidC's picture

One would hope that as his profile is lot higher than Total's CEO Christophe de Margerie or Michael Hastings, that if it did happen it would add even more to the cause.

One can hope anyway.


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Nail incidente pistola da un autista ubriaco spazzaneve.

kieran1968's picture




.... meanwhile, at the Sofitel New York Hotel....


"Room service Mr. Grillo!"

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

What's Italian for 'nail gun accident'?

msamour's picture

I hope Mr Grillo stays away from high buildings, nail guns, and small private planes. Might be safer to ride public transportation for a while...

SoberOne's picture

Aka The NWO. Preach on Beppe! We need you.

Son of Loki's picture

Which one of the Marx Brothers is Beppe ?

Snoopy the Economist's picture

Yeah, nail guns are in his future.

OMG's picture

Ok Tyler's what name does this guy post under here on this site, just want to see if my guess is correct, TIA

SharkBit's picture

Its all happening...  Who would have thought.  Italy grows a moral backbone.  Crazy times indeed.

Lea's picture

That man suggests only half of the solution. Italy should also vote to get out of the EU and its hellish undemocratic ultraliberal system. The UK is not in the eurozone and yet, the EU's policies are rapidly turning it a third-world country.

rwe2late's picture

Quitting NATO should also be part of a solution to Italy's woes.

Son of Loki's picture

What would become of Brussels if the EU dissolves? There are so few native Europeans living there now ....