Canada's PM To Putin: "I Guess I'll Shake Your Hand..." Putin's Response "Was Not Positive"

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Following last week's (humiliating for the US) APEC meeting in Beijing, in which the BRIC nations clearly distanced themselves from the "developed world" and the topic of the "Russian invasion of Ukraine" was largely missing as it is clearly not in the interest of the Pacific nations to warmonger when the two key nations, Russia and China are obviously not complying with the western media 'straight to populism' narrative, it was time for another major world summit, this time in the quite "western" Brisbane, Australia.

It was here that the G-7 part of the G-20 nations seized the opportunity to quickly pivot against Moscow and remind Europe that the reason why Europe is in a triple-dip recession (if one removes the GDP "boost" from hookers and blow) is because of Russia's "take over" of east Ukraine, ignoring the reality that it was the US State Department's Victoria Nuland that incited the Kiev coup and the west that imposed the "costly" sanctions on Russia which have hurt Germany and Europe just as badly. This was all largely lost on the local, as outside the summit, Ukrainian Australians staged an anti-Putin protest, wearing headbands reading "Putin, Killer".

It was a full court press from the start: as the NYT reports, "at a speech at a university in Brisbane, Mr. Obama called Russia’s aggression against Ukraine a “threat to the world, as we saw in the appalling shootdown of MH-17, a tragedy that took so many innocent lives, among them your fellow citizens,” a reference to the Australian citizens and residents who were killed when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down in eastern Ukraine.

“As your ally and friend, America shares the grief of these Australian families, and we share the determination of your nation for justice and accountability,” Mr. Obama said."

This charade was set to continue Sunday, when leaders from the European Union planned to meet with Mr. Obama to discuss Ukraine, among other issues, said Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the European Council. He said the European Union was committed to finding a political solution to the crisis.

“We will continue to use all the diplomatic tools, including sanctions, at our disposal,” he said.

Indeed, as Reuters adds "Western leaders warned Vladimir Putin at a G20 summit on Saturday that he risked more economic sanctions if he failed to end Russian backing for separatist rebels in Ukraine."

But perhaps the best confirmation that all the G-20 meeting was nothing but a giant populist photo-op comes from Bloomberg which reports that "Russian President Vladimir Putin got a blunt message when he approached Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a handshake at today’s Group of 20 summit in Brisbane, Australia.

“I guess I’ll shake your hand but I have only one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine,” Harper told Putin, the prime minister’s spokesman Jason MacDonald said in an e-mail.

Putin’s response to the comment wasn’t positive, MacDonald said, without elaborating. Putin and Harper talked briefly, according to Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“Indeed Harper told Putin that Russia should leave Ukraine,” Peskov said by phone today in Brisbane. “Putin told him that this is impossible because they are not there.”

Asked about the tone of the meeting between the two leaders, Peskov said “it was within the bounds of decency.”

Say no more.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, walks past Canadian Prime Minister
Stephen Harper, left, during a welcoming ceremony at the G-20 summit in Brisbane.

Yet at the end of the day, captioned photo-op or not, one wonders how much of all the front-page drama is even remotely real when every single time the west goes on the "offensive" against Putin with "costs" just to have a convenient scapegoat for Europe's ongoing depression, one hears in the back of one head the following exchange:

Obama: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."

Medvedev: "I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir"

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J S Bach's picture

Harper is such a groveling lickspittle to TPTB.  Too bad Putin didn't execute some of his martial arts prowess on the obsequious SOB.

jal's picture


(I’ll keep my comments to myself and reserve them for a serious situation)

saints51's picture

Obama's facial expression in the background of the picture with Putin walking by is pricelsss. I wonder what he was thinking? Maybe he liked his shoes and was jelly.

AlaricBalth's picture

As part of his "diplomatic" retort, Putin stated to Harper, "You need to get the f**k out of Lithuania".

The Canadian Air Task Force (ATF) is participating in the NATO Baltic Air Policing (BAP) mission from September to December 2014 and is based in Siauliai, Lithuania.

ZerOhead's picture

Obama: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."


Too bad Obama used that increased flexibility to shove his head even further up his ass.

strannick's picture

"Stick to penning hockey books idiot and leave politics to the grown ups. I won't throw you to the matt. This time"

-Putin to Harper

Divided States of America's picture

Never liked that Israeli loving cocksucker But i say harper and Putin can settle this in the ring

TahoeBilly2012's picture

What's really fucking scary is how mass controlled "our" leaders are in the West, not one standing up and question the aggression from the West. 

COSMOS's picture

Supplies for the artillery guys shelling civilians.  Nice job canada. I am sure the ammo came from there also.

Latina Lover's picture

Harper is playing to the Dumb Ukie vote in Canada hence his childish actions. Nevertheless, this is a low for Canadian diplomacy, acting like a petulant child when Russia's is being threatened by western actions on her very doorstep. Whatever miniscule influence Canada had over Russia is now gone.

Publicus's picture

Putin prabably told him to mind his own business.

Pinto Currency's picture



G7 are facing currency collapse caused by their own central banks.

War (in this case with Russia) is the historical tool for politicians in trouble.

Anusocracy's picture

Nothing worse than a self-righteous psychopath who is Canadian.

Lore's picture

Canada has some very dangerous people, including Agenda 21 zealots.

Something happened to PM Harper about two years ago. He used to be a sensitive, competent, truth-seeking, respected diplomat and statesman. Now he just seems like a foolish, ill-advised boob - a national embarrassment.  

I still struggle to wrap my mind around this:  PM Harper serenades Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu with Beatles hit "Hey Jude" (Jan 2014)

Latina Lover's picture

Harper was likely compromised by the NSA, caught with his hand up some little boys pants.

espirit's picture

Putin will have wished he'd brought his industrial strength hand sanitizer.

Lore's picture

Canadians need to consider the apparent lack of viable candidates for Mr. Harper's eventual replacement. We don't see evidence of solid, competent thinkers waiting in the background. The present opposition leaders seem shallow, controlled and stupid, wholly incapable of cutting through bullshit and thinking at a deep, critical level and leading the nation intelligently, morally and responsibly through real trouble. I suppose the bright ones see what's coming and want no part of it. We appear to face a grave leadership vacuum, at the worst possible time!

debtandtaxes's picture

Justin Trueau. You may not like his politics but I find it difficult to say he is not a "solid, competent thinker."

Lore's picture

You're kidding, right?  We need someone with grit, not a narcissistic child-who-never-grew-up.

janus's picture

oh canada, you are in no wise alone in your woe.  Lore, one could replace the first pronoun in your paragraph with any peoples or nation in the western hemisphere, and it would be just as true for them as for you.  but i suppose it stands to reason.  when nations are ruled by forces and faces unseen, it makes sense that those who stand before the public as stooges be wantonly incompetent.  wire-pullers need puppets; and their greatest fear is that one of their automatons come to life and start snipping the lines that bind them.

it was the best of times/

it was the worst of times,


Lore's picture

It is the same everywhere, but there is hope. Whenever our controlled media paints someone with a brain as "evil," compared to "Hitler," someone who commits "acts of aggression," or conversely "weak" and "overdue to step down," you know you're looking at someone with the potential for standing up to the psychopaths, although even that should be taken with a grain of salt, because straw men abound.  Psychopaths are natural manipulators and spreaders of dis- and mis-information, so we have to decide for ourselves what's true and what isn't, regardless of and most likely against the grain of popular consensus.

Looking back at this post, I'm struck by how paranoiac it sounds. Fascinating, how TPTB are protected by natural mechanisms for self-doubt.

Rakshas's picture

not sure if it related but the lyrics to his inaugural theme song.....


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Kirk2NCC1701's picture

They only let those climb up who are compromised, or can be: bullied, bribed, blackmailed.

That way they have total control over them.

matrix2012's picture

"...Something happened to PM Harper about two years ago. ..."

Is it possible that those puppet leaders such as Harper is having a reprogramming under the MKULTRA etc as controlled by TAVISTOCK?

Or some life-threatening pressure? just see there are many suicided bankers, these victims may also serve as the good examples about their seriousness among the Tribe circle.

matrix2012's picture

Most Americans have probably never heard the name PAUL DESMARAIS. However, DESMARAIS is the CANADIAN TYCOON who is said to front for THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY in running the wealthy and influential POWER CORPORATION OF CANADA. Desmarais has also reportedly been the power-behind-the-throne for at least five Canadian Prime Ministers: Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien (whose daughter is married to Desmarais's son Andre), Paul Martin, and ZIOCON Stephen Harper....


Desmarais is also a close friend and supporter of French President Nicolas MOSSAD Sarkozy, who scrapped the Gaullist policy of supporting sovereignty for FRENCH-SPEAKING QUEBEC, abandoned the policy. Desmarais is vehemently opposed to independence for Quebec. Desmarais has used his influence and wealth to ensure the loyalty of at least two pro-federal Quebec Premiers, former Premier Daniel Johnson and current Premier Jean Charest.

Desmarais, who has been less-than-candid about his religious affiliation, is a strong influence on the Harper government's strong support for the right-wing government of Israel. In fact, the "Marais" in "Desmarais" is the historically Jewish neighborhood of Paris. And PAUL DESMARAIS is known to associate with the Jewish upper crust in Palm Beach, Florida, where he maintains one of his homes. Another close associate of Desmarais is MAURICE STRONG, who once served as President of Power Corporation before he became a UN senior bureaucrat who became the LEADING PROPONENT of GREENHOUSE GAS CARBON CREDITS under the KYOTO CLIMATE CHANGE CONTROL PROTOCOLS.  More here:
mickeyman's picture

Hopefully he washed his hand afterwards

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

That's probably wiser than you realize: wouldn't put it past Harper's CIA handlers to have his hand coated with a malicious substance, for which his own hand has been treated with a barrier.

PT's picture

Barrier?  Why bother?  Puppets are cheap and plentiful ...

JamesBond's picture

How long before, "It's Putin's Fault, falls into the american lexicon




TungstenBars's picture

Pretty much already has. Haven't you heard, the triple dip in Europe is Putin's fault.

Bindar Dundat's picture

This blog isn'y anti-Canadian, antisemetic , and  anti-everything-- like a fight club brawl?


Listen you rat fucker assholes -- we know what you don't stand for but what is it you do stand for?

Pinto Currency's picture



Wait until Russia overthrows the government of Mexico with a coup and sends advisors to help attack Mexicans on the US border who are resisting.

Harper will then tell the US to stop supporting the Mexicans who are resisting so that the coup leaders can have the whole country.

Latina Lover's picture

The America stooge main stream media has already blamed Ebola on Russia.  Putin is also responsible for global warming.

knukles's picture

This "blog" stands for good spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Angus McHugepenis's picture

Knukles: You must be thinqing of anether webstite. Eveyting is good hear.

Their for the Greece of Dog go aye.

nmewn's picture

Especially when confirming Kinadiens are xsheptunal ;-)

matrix2012's picture

This "blog" stands for steady inquiring mind, readers with critical alertness and sound reasons, not saying that Tylers are flawless, but this blog may not suit very well those koolaid drinkers or parrotlike personalities.

Tall Tom's picture

Listen you rat fucker assholes -- we know what you don't stand for but what is it you do stand for?





Liberty and Freedom.


Freedom of expression is just one of those freedoms, Bindar Dundat.


Even the freedom of publishing your shallow thoughts is allowed here.

Latina Lover's picture

When Harper speaks, just assume that the USSA state department has their hand up his ass.  When it comes to real politik, Canada no longer matters.

McCormick No. 9's picture

When it comes to realpolitik, did Canada EVER matter?

Latina Lover's picture

I stand corrected, Canada has  been a political non entity on the international front after Trudeau.

Lore's picture

To this day, any mention of THAT name still evokes dark memories of sad times in many Canadian homes. 

Latina Lover's picture

Note that I did not say Trudeau was a positive force for canada.

Lore's picture

Roger that. Let's focus on something positive, like your avatar.

mjcOH1's picture

"Obama's facial expression in the background of the picture with Putin walking by is pricelsss. I wonder what he was thinking?"

O: "Will anyone notice that my panties are inconveniently wet."