Grubergate For Idiots (Such As American Voters): All You Need To Know In 2 Minutes

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Confused at just what Jonathan Gruber, friend (or not friend) of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, said (and didn't say)? Here is the two-minute idiot's guide to the Obamacare architect (or not Obamacare architect)'s controversial comments (and just who did and did not know him)...


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Mcgruber the sequel

I am more equal than others's picture



Gay Goober Gate.... GGG

Like the CCC (CIvilian Conservation Corps) of old but with even more socialism.

If Gruber hasn't sucked/fucked a few thousand dicks, then that lisp is misleading (much like ACA)

WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

That "plausible deniability" thing gone horribly wrong.  Pathological liars gone Full Retard.

Keyser's picture

"Gee, I just learned about this yesterday"...  

The hubris of this prick is unprecedented... 

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Jon... AKA "Money" Gruber

The 6 million dollar man...

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I blame the weaponized chlorovirus algae that Israel added to our water supplies:

Chlorovirus ATCV-1 is part of the human oropharyngeal virome and is associated with changes in cognitive functions in humans and mice

Even the mice seem dumber than usual.

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 "The 6 million dollar man"


Steve Austin ~ A man BARELY ALIVE ~ lol

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Oscar Goldman was the real hero, of course

new game's picture

f in f ed up fin mess, ha...

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I figure that he is not at risk of anything happening to him because he is on the payroll and doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing.

Obama has served his purpose and is expendable.  Now the game is to trash the democrats to swing popular opinion in the opposite direction in order to get the next puppet into the White House.

It's just a game.  You have to follow the bouncing ball.

Anusocracy's picture

Where's LTER to defend Gruber Governance?

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Gruber Pyle USMCF (US Medical Care Fraud).....golllollly

espirit's picture

Misdirection and sleight of hand.

Grubergate over Floundergate.

MontgomeryScott's picture

Stupid American people...

I'll just be here, still cleaning this gun:

I wonder if The Grubershtein monitors these posts. The Pelozim and the Baucazim sure as hell do (from their little enclave somewhere in Utah, or Haifa, or Alexandria, VA.).

You're wrong, 'espirit'. A floundering administration isn't a Constitutional issue per se. It's all the OTHER SHIT; that adds up, over time, that leads to an outright revolution (with guns and tanks and firetrucks). Always remember that Mitt Romney hired this schmuck tuckus 'Gruber' to draft the blueprint for Massachussetts ('ROMNEYCARE').



Seems to me that 'esprit-de-corps' is one of the USMC's favorite things. It's like a 'stiff upper lip' or a 'chin up' for the palmies.


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I kinda miss Mitch Miller.

knukles's picture


             I had a man crush on him as a small boy

MontgomeryScott's picture

Let it go, little hombre.

The NAMBLA thing is in the distant past.

I think Gruber's nose is kind of cute, though. <sarc>


A nose like Gruber's. The body of Rock Hudson. The contacts of Sheldon Adelson. The greedy mind of Von Rumpoy. The stamina of (name your favorite male porn star here, such as Reggie Love). The religion of the 'protocols'.

Obola (Cannigula the First) would be changing his tune in front of those G-20 leaders, defending him with a RISING need to COME to his aid (don't you think?).

Paveway IV's picture

Isn't that you in the front row, knukles...

I guess the feeling was mutual, huh?

"But Mr. Miller... I don't want to sing along any more. Can I put my clothes back on, now?"

WarPony's picture

Same agenda, different mask - we're so damned gullible ... squirrel!

knukles's picture

Iz gettin so cold frum all dat heat, I cant stanz it any more
Where's Al Gore to shovel when we needs his ass.
Fat pecker head

oklaboy's picture

I think that would be 10 million

Notsobadwlad's picture

I think he needs to both be sued and jailed for criminal fraud against the American people.

He just admitted that he was party to the intentionally defrauding of the American people who were too stupid to know that they were the victims of a confidence game.

kchrisc's picture

"I think he needs to both be sued and jailed for criminal fraud against the American people."

He'll probably flee, "return," before we get him.

An American, not US subject.


Zionist dictionary: "Return." To flee, abscond. Usually with the loot of ones schemes, scams and/or ponzi operations.

Tall Tom's picture

He currently works at MIT in the Economics Department...


My wager is that he is a victim of an "in house" assassination so that they can blame the "Right Wing Extremists". Or perhaps somebody outside of the Government will actually do the job that needs to be done..


So who will be the huckleberry?

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


Oh my. I don't want to view the video. My opinion of America is already in the "SHITCAN".

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


But listen. I'd be interested in viewing any and all videos of USSA FBI agents getting woop-assed or "DOUBLE TAPPED". Please link videos here:

Gold Eyed Cat's picture

Two "listens"?  You sound desperate.  Get a dog.  They'll listen to every word you say, as long as you are holding a ham sandwich.

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


I was soliciting for links. I appreciate your response but please stay off this channel if you have no link(s).

knukles's picture

I'm havin' some miniature smoked sausage links for dinner. 
Come to think of it, smell kinda reminds me of when my buddy's mom sati'd* herself on her old man's funeral pyre floating on the Ganges in 1967.

*for you non believers....

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


Knock it off you two!

Race: Indian!

nmewn's picture

Looks like you got the double tap you were looking for there

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture

Listen Rabbi.

What about the Synagogue and your fellow duel citizens? Oh you must be crushed. I'll attribute your comment to your overly emotional "STATE".

Bollixed's picture

Hope your mom's basement floods.

And soon.

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture


Building code prohibits basements so close to Ganges. Mom has me in the garage. Carbon Monoxide?

Bollixed's picture

Yea right, like you could really afford a used Maruti Omni...

(Not my junker, btw)

Serenity Now's picture

Listen.  That has got to be fonestar.  He once made a similar joke about living in the attic.  LOL.

e_goldstein's picture

Yeah, I didn't want to say anything, but yeah.

nmewn's picture

You're going about it all wrong Banga Din, to be a half way decent troll truly worthy of commenting on ZH, you have to present an element of truth in order for people to accept the big lie you would like them to believe.

You're first mistake is promoting the idea I'm Jewish, everyone knows I'm not, so you've only confirmed yourself as a liar. Your second was not knowing the difference between duel and dual.

So now, choose your weapon asshole.

g&#039;kar's picture

No no's Bunghole Din

nmewn's picture

Yes, I know he's meant to distract from the bad.

Bangalore Equity Trader's picture

Listen Rabbi.

Are you the Rabbi on TeeVee showing how he'll karate chop anyone who tries the knockout game on him or his flock?

Such a tough Rabbi, perfect for Fight Club. Is that why they sent you here? I remember when you first showed up. Lotsa anti-rabbi venom.

Anyhow, got any videos? I like the bleed out ones. Links. Now.

nmewn's picture

"I remember when you first showed up."


DaddyO's picture

Don't waste any energy on this troll, he is incoherent...


MontgomeryScott's picture

I've tried to reach out to it ('Bangalore') in the past, but he/she/it seems to be too jaded to understand that not everyone who isn't of his race may not be his enemy. He seems to lash out and assume that everone else is a Ziocon or something. He seems to have a philosophy that 'allows' him to steamroll over anyone else (humanity in total) to achieve whatever 'goals' he PERSONALLY has (at least, according to certain prior postings by himself). Perhaps he's one of the 'higher caste' of Ganges-washing plebes or something.

1.3 billion people in India, and he is the only one that posts on ZH?

Forgive me while I go worship a cow.

BEEF. It's what's for dinner.

As for GRUBER: A special place has been reserved in the bowels of Hell for the likes of this so-called 'man' (but the masses might still help him in his journey there).

Bollixed's picture

ORI posts here, as well. However his posts contribute. So that's at least one poster from India. And one from Mars.