NATO Jets Surrounding Russia: Before And After

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Based on the following "before" and "after" the Ukraine crisis pictures of NATO warplanes located just off the Russian border...



... one can almost understand why Victoria Nuland was so eager to tell the EU to "fuck off" in her successful attemp to foment Ukraine unrest leading to the overthrow of ex-president Yanukovich, and destabilize the region, giving NATO a pretext for a major arms build up on the other side of the Russian border.

Per CNN, "There used to be only four jets ready to intercept Russian planes that crossed into European airspace. Now there are 18." And rising.

As for what the US response would be if Russia were to park a few squadrons of Mig-35s in Cuba, Canada and Mexico, we leave that to the reader's imagination.

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The air wing of the armed wing of the Fed

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Two squadrons of aircraft ain't much to start a war with.....

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Wait until Putin shines a little EMP light on those fireflies.

What goes up, must come down.

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18 jets is nothing, that's barely enough to serve a tripwire interceptor role. Calling that a "build-up" is hysterical. It's like going from practically nothing to practically nothing. Given Russia's aggressive flights on the edge of or just in NATO country airspace recently, it's only appropriate to beef up patrols.

The Russian flights are meant to signal to NATO that Russia is done letting them encroach their sphere of influence, and the NATO patrols are meant to signal to Russia that it will defend all NATO members, including the Baltic states.

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mergers and acquisitions in defense contractorizing


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But the MSMedia said the west is a victim of Russian aggression?

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We are.

The problem is the MSM is covering up the fact that Obama just loves having Putin shove his cock down Obama's throat with the intent of tickling his uvula.

mjcOH1's picture the 18 plane air armada of the Cannucks, Portagese, Germans, and Dutch.   I'm sure the Russians are shitting bricks.

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NAPOLEON tried it...    


HITLER tried it....  



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You make all the sense. It is all about grabing natural resources. The west never stops to blame others for many false flags.

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good article and the guy has written a bunch of good books, which you can see links for at the bottom

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Russia has hundreds of jets of equal or superior technology all along the border. As well as third generation Crusie missiles, far superior to antiquated US missiles and tactical nukes.. So I don't think Putin is shaking in his Cossack boots...

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While I don't care for US interventionism all over the globe, I don't care for Russian interventionism either. He's no better than American fascists. Fuck him too.

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Putin is the new "hitler" and I mean that in  a positive manner (do your research not the wests propaganda shit either)  you will see where good old Vlad is getting his "playbook" from  this is nothing new same game different players (roosevelt / hitler = obola / putin)  and maybe this time it will be fucking different  because if its not this is the final curtain fucking encore this time !!  can you say endgame ?   35 years of researching the last 100 years of wars tells me I'm right.


heres a good way to get ya started in the right direction if ya really care   or

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The entire Portuguese air force, aka FAP, deployed to the front so that the americans can pay for the maintenance and upgrade the hardware.

Smart move!

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Memo to House N@gger from Fed Reserve re failing ponzi usd scheme:

Obama, we. need. moar.war.


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If Putin were to read this article about 18 NATO jets "surrounding" Russia, he would probably die from laughter.

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This is slightly off topic, but computers are now weapons of war.

He might not be laughing about this.

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We've deployed aircraft of the same technological equivalent of what Europe gave Poland in early 1939!

Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's ship over some artillery shells from WWII and Korea also!

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Hmmmmm.  What do you suppose Supreme Commander Rothschild has planned?

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“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” - David Rockefeller, Bilderberg, 1991 


Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. - Mike Tyson

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I hope I live long enough to see the Red Shield chaps get a punch in th mouth.


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No shit - Rockefeller actually said that.  Unfortunately, less than 1% of 1% of 1% of people understand how fd up that is.

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What is weird is what happened about 2 months ago - David Rockfeller son died in a plane crash. He flew his turboprop down from Maine to have dinner with his father.

The son was a doctor.  My guess is this may have been one of his favorite kids cause the rest probably do not want to have dinner with him.  The plane crashed on takeoff in drizzly weather.  I assume his son as a doctor was pretty bright. He probably checked out his plane and was a competent pilot.

What better way to kill the old man then kill his, probably, favorite son.  The old man will be miserable in his few final days until he is judged and all that money is not getting him to heaven, if it exists. 

So who did it?  Red Shield?  There is a war between oil and the banksters.  Rockfellers are banksters too but more oil. 

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The war pigs have been flying their war jets over my area in Japan starting two weeks ago. Never heard them before. Don't know if it's US or Japanese Air Force. Maybe they are readying the population. Fucking people who think they need to control other people. I hate them all. Maybe I should move to New Zaeland. 

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Ever hear of Nuclear Winter?


Yeah. It is a great show.


It is coming to a theater near you. I will open in New Zealand also. It will just take a little more time as to the lower Southern Latitudes.


But perhaps, for your entertainment, you need to see the prequel movie, "On the Beach".


Here is a link for your viewing pleasure.


It is 3 Hours if you have the attention span.

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the same thing he (they) had planned at the onset of WWI  and WWII   the complete destruction of a soviergn country who doesn't wanna be in-debted and controlled with fiat debt based bullshit ...gee theres a fuckin surprise huh?  


keep plugging away cause every buck ya take/make  puts ya 2 bucks in debt ....round and round we go straight to the bottom and some still believe ya can fix this shit... keep dreaming ...clowns


One other note Ukraine is Putins Poland if ya don't know what that infers go find out

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Meanwhile, the Russians have developed an entirely new echelon of tactical nuckear weapons, while we have decommissioned tons of our ageing materiel, in accordance with the treaties we both signed.  Additionally, our SAC infrastrcture has been allowed to go to hell in a handbasket, with three bases sharing one wrench, no possibility of promotion, rampant cheating on exams, blast doors that don't function properly, etc.--which has led to the sacking of numerous SAC high and low command.  Morale has sunk to epically low depths. It apparently has finally reached Hagel's pearly ears, and he has pledged to fund a 10% increase in the SAC budget to address these issues, as if that's going to do anything. The Navy, as usual, remains the fair haired child, and its sub teams still funcction at optimal levels, primarily because the subs themselves are nuclear. Yet the Russians recently owned one of our battleships in the Black Sea--totally disabled it electronically, and sent it packing, once they allowed it to recover.  Note that last phrase carefully.  It is of utmost importance.  That incident has very dire implications.

The incident was reported on worldwide coverage very briefly, with zero analysis, as usual.

Both Suvorov and Golitsyn insisted that a) the "collapse", while temporarily necessary, was being used as a ruse, to misdirect the West, and that b), the Russians always had long term plans for a first strike. They were essentially ignored, and even discredited, by the same intelligence agencies that had vetted them as genuine defectors. One has to wonder why, particularly now.

I would suggest that rattling sabers while sabers is all one has to offer to Darth Vader is a losing proposition.

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And how do you know the story about the ship is true ?

InanimateCarbonRod's picture

It's a true story. All the Russian newspapers carried it, and every Russian military official we could find told us the exact same story! Pravda! Da!

Freddie's picture

It was a destroyer or really a missile frigate not a battleship.    I am not sure where you get your stuff.

I do believe the Russians used some for of EMP on the ship or some weird way of hacking the computers on the ship to shutdown everything like a stuxnet wrom. 

As far as the US Military?  All they care about is budgets.  Until they start to defend The Constitution and their oath to protect America from foreign AND domestic enemies then who cares.   We see what did get blown up and maimed in the banksters wars.  They give em a service dog and a pat on the back. 

Any parent who let's their kid enlist or go to college and take on insane debt is guilty of child abuse.

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"In October 2006, the last battleships, (USS Iowa and USS Wisconsin), were stricken from the Naval Registry." wiki

u.s. navy has no battleships.

fdr was sacrificing them in '41; the aircraft carriers were at sea "on maneuvers".

Tall Tom's picture

America used Battleships in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and both Gulf War I and II.


Two classes of Battleships were in heavy production during World War II. The Iowa Class was the Heavy Battleship. (USS Missouri ws an Iowa Class Battleship). Then we already had some, and were building more, of the smaller Battleships of the South Dakota Class at the time of Pearl Harbor.


We were being "compliant" to the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, modified by the London Naval Treaty of 1930 and the Second London Naval Treaty of 1936.


(Actually we cheated with the construction of the Aircraft Carriers, Lexington and Saratoga. Nothing is new under the sun. They were both built upon Heavy Cruiser Hulls and bothe were still armed with Four Turrets with 8 inch Cannon and were both overweight...but...we lied as to their displacement.)


As for the relics sunk in Pearl Harbor most were refloated and engaged the Japanese Forces in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.


The Battleships sunk at Pearl Harbor were already obsolete and were all built for World War I operations. That is why they were "sacrificed" though most were refloated and fought again.


As the Southern Force approached the Surigao Strait, it ran into a deadly trap set by the 7th Fleet Support Force. Rear Admiral Jesse Oldendorf had a substantial force. There were six battleships: West Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi, Tennessee, California, and Pennsylvania; all but Mississippi had been sunk or damaged in the attack on Pearl Harbor and since repaired, Tennessee, California, and West Virginia having been rebuilt since then.


All Warships are "battleships" colloquially speaking. That CRITICISM WAS UNFAIR. Most have no clue about Naval Ship Technical Classifications. Not one in a hundred can differentiate between a Guided Missile Cruiser, a Guided Missile Destroyer and a Guided Missile Frigate...which are current classifications.


But since you posted the nonsense that you did then maybe you ought to read up on the Battle for Surigao Strait, an operation in the Battle of Leyte Gulf...and realize how full of shit that you are when you wrote that the Battleships at Pearl were "sacrificed" by FDR.


So BULL...FUCKING...SHIT. Our War Department did not even begin to realize the utility of Aircraft Carriers until after hostilities began in World War II. We learned about this in the School of Hard Knocks....after we had "lost" the Battleships of the Pacific Fleet.


BTW...The Enterprise and Hornet were delivering aircraft to Wake Island and to the Phillipines. Saratoga was off the Pacific Coast near San Diego, California when the Pearl Harbor attack happened.




The Enterprise, with her support screen. went to Wake Island. The Hornet, with her support screen, went to Manila in the Phillipine Islands...TO DELIVER FIGHTERS. They were two separate Task Forces.


Enterprise was scheduled to be in port on Saturday December 6th, but a storm had delayed her arrival.


Two of her scout aircraft were shot down on the night of December 7th, 1941, and the pilots were killed. The USS Enterprise arrived December 8th to a ghastly scene.


Bill Halsey ordered her to take on supplies and out back to sea.


Is there anything else that you'd like to know about US Naval History...Don't be coy. I will be more than happy to write.



Milestones's picture

Toss in a couple of plane loads of K-rations from the same era. Whowee-woo that ought to scare the knickers off them.        Milestones

Escrava Isaura's picture



I said this before and I’ll say it again:


The Emperor (US) has no clothes. Its Satellite States (Great Britain, Germany, Israel, and Japan) should be renamed Zimbabwe 1, 2, 3, and 4.


The King next door (Russia), that NO one ever seems to conquer, now possesses its Mithridates (Putin). So, watch out!


US big loss was Syria. Ukraine involvement was desperation; and it failed, as well.


I will be really worried at the next mistake (next US loss). I think it will be a market crash (2016), followed by the dollar collapse as the Reserve Currency.


So, a war in Europe, and inland, these will be good news for the US, the dollar, and China; because Russia will become even more dependent on China.


But, if the US loses ships; and China takes Russia's side… I would strongly recommend that you moved out of US cities.


Anyway, for whatever its worth:

The next 2008/2009 (market crash) I have it for 2016/2017

The next 1973 (oil crisis) I have it for 2019. But, this time, we won’t be able to recover.

The next 1963 (civil rights movement for equality) I have it for 2018. But it won’t matter, because it will happen on the big cities; and, it’ll be too late to make a difference.


“United States is becoming a failed state, and thus a danger to its own people and the world.” – Noam Chomsky, 2006



Winston Churchill's picture

 The RoW will not wait that long.

Why face a competent puppet when you make your move ?

Obozo is too good an opportunity to miss, either he is totally incompetent, or deliberately

sabotaging his masters wishes.Either way, its now ,ready or not,or WWIII later.

Escrava Isaura's picture



Two things:

I don’t agree that Obama is incompetent, but I’ll say this: It’s not incompetency that’s going to trigger a war in Europe thus WW-3 (2022/2025). Anyway, war is a given, later on.

What will trigger an earlier WW-3 will be an US miscalculation. Russia will never start WW-3. They have NO reason to.



Tall Tom's picture

I disagree. Russia has every reason to engage in war.


While their lands are vast and they have Mineralogical and Energy resources it is the expense of extraction which makes that prohibitive.


When the USA continues upon her advances in strengthening her empire she continues to consume limited Natural Resources inexpensively due to lower technology requirements because of the temperate climates where these resources are extracted... (The bulk of Russia's Mineral Resoutces are in the Permafrost tundra of Siberia.)


Russia also needs these same "Low Fruit" resources in order for sustinence. (The Lowest Fruit is picked first as it requires the least effort and energy.) Russia also needs to be able to economically extract resources or they will be non competitive and starve.


But the American Empire is competitive and does not allow for that. He whom grabs the fastest grabs the most. It is not that I necessarily support that attitude. But it is the reality which needs be dealt with.


This gives Russia every incentive to engage in Hot War. A Hot war is a strategy which quenches the insatiable needs of the United States, concurrently, with also quenching the ability of the United States to realize those needs fulfilled,


The only way that Russia will be able to stop the Americans is to engage them in a Hot War.


Unfortunately for all involved that will become an eventuality.


Who pushes that button first, in retaliation, or, preemptively, is really immaterial.


Russia has every incentive to engage in a Hot War.


ALL WARS ARE ECONOMIC EVENTS. I rarely use that word, "ALL".

The Blank Stare's picture

Wrong! Russia has all the resources needed to sustain itself. Putin knows, just like many of us here, that the "game" is collapsing on itself. Putin and Russia will just sit back and watch. Having an understanding of history is vital to making predictions. I don't think you have it.

Tall Tom's picture

Wrong. While Russia has MANY of the Natural Resources needed to sustain herself it is a matter of cost to obtain that which she lacks.


In fact Russia LACKS in one resource. ARABLE LAND. She cannot produce the crops to feed herself. She must import them. Now the Ukraine was once a part of the Soviet Union. It used to produce the CROPS for the USSR. Yet, even then, the former USSR had periods of GREAT FAMINE.


Do you know your history? It is not just a matter of History. Do you know anything about GEOGRAPHY?


So Russia, because of her LATITUDE must IMPORT FOOD. To do that she must produce goods and services in order to TRADE for food. (Other than that she can steal it through warfare.)


Just what does Russia currently produce? I have not seen ANY "Made in Russia" tags in any store where I have shopped. In fact CHINA is the producer of many finished goods here in the USSA. It is likewise in Russia.


So Russia must trade Oil and other Natural Resources for food. In the long run that is what happens.


So how much does it COST to obtain those Mineralogical and Petrochemical Deposits underneath the Siberian Tundra and in the Ural Mountain Range? In other words...What is the EROEI?


Energy Returned over Energy Invested. (EROEI) Have you ever heard of that term?


Do you know the reason that the US Dollar has any value whatsoever? Just what is the US Dollar backed by? Saudi Oil.


Without OPEC backing the US Dollar would have died 35 to 40 years ago. The US Dollar is Energy backed and currently the World's Reserve Currency. The reason that we can export US Dollars is because there is a Demand for them. The reason why there is a demand for them is that they are Oil Backed.


Saudi is part of the American Empire. Hell most of the Middle East is.


So you tell me how easy is it to drill in -40o weather? (Centigrade is equal to Farenheit at that point so I will not differentiate.) It is one hell of a lot easier to drill in the 40oC Desert Sands of the Arabian Peninsula than it is to drill in the -40oC Permafrost of the Siberian Tundra.


It takes ENERGY to keep that equipment heated. It takes ENERGY to keep those workers living. It takes even more ENERGY to HEAT THAT OIL underground as at Permafrost Temperatures the Oil just does not flow too easily. It is sludge. It takes even more ENERGY to run those pumps to pump that sludge. It is not viscous.


There is a much greater cost incurred to pump out Oil from the Arctic Siberian Tundra.


ANY wise businessman will know that to realize greater profits one must optimize the costs of production.


So what is the EROEI for Siberian Oil? Is it much more expensive to produce a Barrel of Oil out of the Siberian Tundra versus that same barrel from underneath the sands of Arabia?


Putin cannot compete with a flood of Saudi Oil. The expenses are too high. That is the reason that the flood of Saudi Oil onto World Markets in 1986 helped to collapse the Soviet Empire. That is also why the Saudi flooding of Oil onto the World Market TODAY will bring the Russian Federation to her knees.


I do not believe that Putin will sit back and watch the destruction of the Economy of his Nation.


He must choose Hot War.


So enjoy your destruction.


Let me correct a statement for you. You wrote, "I don't think you have it."


You just needed to write, "I do not think." That is actually more accurate and truthful.


You are blinded by your condescending arrogance.


Lea's picture

Tall Tom, congratulations, great job. I've rarely seen such a flawed analysis. Virtually each point you make rests on a fallacy or a misunderstanding.  

I'm not even going to give you any advice, like "read" or "learn history", or even "get your information straight so you don't pass for a fool", for instance about your wild assertion according to which Russia has "no arable land and must import its food, and that Ukraine was, blah blah blah".


"Russia has the potential to double its grain harvest. The country has 115m hectares of agricultural land, of which 25m hectares are idle. I think we can reap between 150-170m tonnes of grain, compared with 85-90m tonnes in recent seasons, by putting it into use, introducing new production methods and better management systems. By 2012, Russia had become the world’s fifth largest wheat exporter and our land availability means there is further room for growth."

I'm going instead to say, please stay as you are. We need people like you (though not too many) for our daily good laughs.

Volkodav's picture

Agree...that is ignorant talkings

There is much easy to find on internet that disputes such wrong ideas...

Though I suppose Bloomberg, NYT, and other anti Russia lies otherwise

There is huge amount idle land. More goes into production.

I was offered as much as 50.000 Hectare a few years back, basically freepay up to 50 year.

At that time, President Putin had been to fields visit wth Farmers. He showed real knowledge of subject.

Infrastructure was bad still, but already outsiders were taking opportunity. I remember one was English based

opening land in Perm area.

Since there has been much taken up and new John Deere dealerships, etc.

I still have the connections for that opportunity.

Consultant to Russian Govt, Grain Agent, Local connections and other in Volga Regions



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So what your saying is to defeat America all Russia has to do is destroy the saudis oil fields? Considering the threats the Saudis have made against Russia that may be a clear explanation of why the king of the north will invade the ME and destroy the daughter of Babylon (i.e. Saudi Arabia). Would not the kings of the Earth and all its merchant wail and howl at the rising pillar of smoke ? Hmmm I wonder if the kings of the east (i.e. China and company) would march across asia to reach the ME to grab their part? Hmmmm. We sure do live in interesting times. Hedge accordingly. Really all Russia would have to do to stop US interference is to EMP us. They have already proven they can knock out our ships systems, wonder what else they can do?

Volkodav's picture


Russia has huge amount idle land.

Now being opened.

ignorant post


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I can see that as a reasonably accurate interpretation - pretty messed up shit