Disinformation Unmasked: The Alternative Media Exposed

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Jeff Nielson for Sprott Money



For any/all readers who retain the capacity for independent thought; it is universally acknowledged that the mainstream, Corporate media is little more than a propaganda megaphone. It broadcasts a single message, 24/7, with which the Old World Order brainwashes the masses in our Zombie societies.





It is understood that with the overwhelming financial resources at its disposal; the One Bank has been able to (literally) buy each-and-every mainstream media outlet across the Western world, with all of these media outlets controlled within a mere handful of its 147 corporate fronts. We understand that because of this media oligopoly that, conservatively speaking, 99% of what is spewed by the mainstream media is irredeemably tainted – and thus cannot be relied upon.


This is not to say, however, that 99% of the personnel in the mainstream media are (direct) “employees” of the One Bank. That would be both utterly impractical, and entirely unnecessary.



Rather, the way in which this media oligopoly (and any propaganda machine) is operated is simple and efficient. Key, senior personnel of the largest and most-influential outlets are hired Stooges. The rest are mere zealots. They have listened to the propaganda of the Corporate media for so long that they have adopted it as “truth”. They willingly parrot any/all propaganda which is fed to them, oblivious to the fact that not only is most of it entirely wrong, but it is literally opposite to reality.



The Stooges, on the other hand, knowingly fabricate and distribute these lies themselves, and they command underlings to echo their own biases and propaganda. But they do much more than that.



They preach (and enforce) conformity, the proverbial “herd mentality”. Everyone can’t be wrong, they repeat to the zealots again and again and again. What gets lost in that pseudo-logic (and never enters the minds of the zealots) is that “everyone” is now a mere six or eight corporate fronts – all controlled by a single crime syndicate.



Thus the zealots are made to believe (like all zealots) that all wisdom lies inside the Herd. They self-censor most ideas/opinions which are contrary to the Script which the One Bank distributes to its media tentacles on a daily basis. Any non-conformity which is not self-censored by the zealots themselves is either censored (or heavily edited) by the Stooges, since they exercise editorial control of the major media tentacles.




None of this is “news” to most who are reading this. Part of our conviction here is a simple function of arithmetic. With the One Bank having roughly $100 trillion in new currency/leverage provided to it, for free, each year (via the money-printing process alone); buying-off all major media outlets (and maintaining control) requires nothing more than a trivial fraction of its overall financial resources.




This brings us to the Alternative Media. Again as a simple function of arithmetic; it would be the utmost in naivety to believe that this same crime syndicate would simply ignore the Alternative Media, and allow it to distribute undiluted/uncontaminated Truth.



Let’s attach some numbers to this proposition of arithmetic. With roughly 0.0001% of its annual financial resources; the One Bank could finance the entire Alternative Media. Pocket change.



The fact that this crime syndicate did not instantly/immediately seek to monopolize the Alternative Media is a simple function of the arrogance of the oligarchs who control it. However, upon seeing the Alternative Media distributing (in their eyes) a disturbing amount of Truth to a large-and-growing audience; undoubtedly they would – and have — corrected this error.



Here it’s important to understand that it’s not necessary for the One Bank to exercise either direct ownership or direct control of the various outlets of the Alternative Media. Through simply financing key Alternative Media outlets; it can use its financial clout to either “influence” editorial content at that site, or (when necessary) apply direct pressure to censor or heavily edit content which the One Bank finds particularly threatening.



The other principal means of sabotaging the Alternative Media is simply by flooding it with enormous quantities of disinformation. Here the process is somewhat different than its method for corrupting the mainstream media. Most of its Stooges in the Alternative Media are independent actors, who gain access to the Alternative Media (and/or its audience) through one of two disguises. They pass themselves off as either:


1) Possessors of Secrets


2) Sages of great wisdom/foresight


The irony here is that with many of these Stooges being recruited from within the various, corporate tentacles of the One Bank; the Stooges use their past connections with these enclaves of crime as credentials to convince us that they either have “secrets” which they are willing to share with us, or (being “insiders” themselves) they understand how the System operates better than lesser mortals.


This does not mean that everyone in the Alternative Media who has previous affiliations with Wall Street (or other, obvious criminal enterprises) is a Stooge, any more than it implies that all those who do not have such “connections” can be trusted. Indeed, a recent commentary borrows heavily from the insights of a former “Wall Street insider”. However, as a simple function of logic/arithmetic (and money); obviously most of those individuals who have such previous affiliations and operate either wholly or partially in the Alternative Media are Stooges of the One Bank.



The only subject open to rational debate here is percentages. Is 50% of everything which is distributed in the Alternative Media disinformation/propaganda of one form or another, or is it 90%?



The other notation to make here is that it would be both unfair and impractical to assign all blame/responsibility to those (honest and sincere) individuals operating Alternative Media sites, whether it’s content they produce themselves, or collect-and-distribute from other sources/sites. This caveat is a function of two realities.



First (and foremost), unlike the bankers; those in the Alternative Media rarely (if ever) attempt to portray themselves as being either omniscient or infallible. Being sincere/honest does not equate to always being correct. The second “reality” of relevance is that especially with sites which distribute a large volume of information, no one possesses a Perfect Filter.



Particular “information” or “sources” which seemed plausible/reliable/legitimate even in the recent past can suddenly cast a much different aura when viewed through the prism of Hindsight. This means two things for those viewing/consuming material from sources in the Alternative Media.


Clearly, the ancient warning, caveat emptor applies: “let the buyer beware”. In turn; this implies that much of the responsibility for separating fact-from-fiction (disinformation from reality) rests with you.



As consumers of information; we would never ‘swallow’ any article/editorial/interview from a mainstream media source without subjecting it to close analytical scrutiny – at least we never should be so intellectually passive. The key point to make in presenting this analysis to readers is that we must apply the same degree of logical/analytical scrutiny to all that we consume from the Alternative Media as well.



It does us little good to shun the mainstream propaganda machine and embrace the Alternative Media if we then indiscriminately consume large quantities of lies and half-truths produced by the same crime syndicatewhich owns/operates the Corporate media. While it can be very difficult to spot/identify many of these disinformation Stooges; there are a couple of indicators which will almost always show up with such individuals.



a) They defend some of the principal Actors of the corrupt, status quo, generally either politicians or central bankers. They do so by either suggesting that these corrupt traitors are “doing their best”, or they attempt to “explain” their actions – from the perspective of the Establishment itself.



b) They treat one or more of the fantasy “statistics” manufactured by our puppet governments (and broadcast by the mainstream media) as being real numbers. The most-obvious giveaway is when these Stooges quote either the phony/ridiculous inflation or GDP numbers, and attempt to portray them as fact.



It must be stressed that many of these wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing are very convincing. They should be. In recruiting these Stooges; the One Bank is able to choose from the best-of-the-best when it comes to convincing, serial liars: its own employees.



They seduce us, by agreeing that economic conditions are “very bad”, and agreeing that the politicians and bankers have done “very bad” things. But almost never do they suggest or imply that our current, corrupt institutions should be dismantled. Simply elect a new government, or appoint a new central banker – but keep the current system in place.



Just as the Old World Order makes it increasingly difficult for us to simply to live our lives (as our civil liberties and standard of living are steadily eroded), so too is it making it increasingly difficult for us to learn and decipher the Truth. “The Truth is out there”, but finding it (even from within the Alternative Media) becomes more and more like the proverbial hunt for a needle in a haystack.

Jeff Nielson for Sprott Money

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What exactly is the "One Bank"?

Smiddywesson's picture

When all the central banks have the same shareholders, they are really part of one big bank.  Once one accepts this, operations like TARP, where hundreds of billions of US taxpayer money was used to bail out foreign banks, makes complete sense.  Ditto for investors not dropping US bonds like hot potatoes, or buyer up each other's stocks.  It's all one big puppet show where all markets, economic numbers, news, and entertainment is controlled by the people who own everyone and everything.

Jonathan Equine Phallus's picture
Jonathan Equine Phallus (not verified) Nov 24, 2014 12:15 PM

VICE is an example of what happens when alt media gets too big.  It is gobbled up - by the same people who run the MSM.


If you can talk about corporate control, but not Jewish/Zionist quasi-control  {what is not controlled directly is certainly deathly afraid of negative reporting on Israel or the Israeli lobby, for the most part - 'soft' influence} then you aren't really talking about the MSM.


Sorry if you think it' hate or whatver to mention Jews but you have wildly disproportionate influence of a small, ethnocentric, wealthy minority, many or most of whom have loyalty to a foreign state.  The idea stating this fact is "hate" is complete horseshit, and designed precisely to obfuscate that very power.


VWAndy's picture

This is where smart and honest people need to take the lead. Basic or formal logic also work as good filters. Thats why the comment section is a must. The folks being honest will answer or try to answer questions put to them. Ask the good questions and the good follow up questions. The honest are rarely bothered by any good questions. Honest folks have nothing to fear from the truth. Another tell is when an honest person is proven wrong they will begin to change thier tune. It does take a bit of time to reform a position you believed in. But with the dishonest they wont budge an inch ever.

 This is not perfect in filtering out all of the BS but it does filter out most of it. I rate posters. The best posters have some ideas about actual solutions that could work in the real world. ie voting is not a valid suggestion. It is a proven falsehood. Any crittic of accountability is FOS!

 Attacks on credibility and insults without answering the question. That to me is a dead give away. Drive by comments count heavily against the ones making them. They also give creadance to those being cheap shoted. Good questions should not be ignored. Those are the ones to pay attention too.

 Enough about the liers.

 The important part is finding the ones that are honest. They ask not just good questions but great questions. Them questions are almost always ignored or dismissed in a insulting way. Another good way is honest people will readjust thier stance when confronted with sound logic. That goes to charactor and counts heavily in my book.

 Commentors that get thier post slid off the front page often. Big bonus points. Comments being disabled oh yea baby. Those are badges of honor. Questions that stop a thread in its tracks. Comments that stop threads dead too.


 I dont want to force you to believe me. Its best if you understand it enough to make up your own mind. Then its your conclusion. The good folks look right past my spelling and grammar and look for content. Because honest people know the truth dont need a coat of paint. I love good questions. Try me. Those are my best posts. This is a trick to keep the trolls and shills at bay. They get good answers from me. Krugster and his ilk cannot measure up in an honest debate.  


 I hope this helps you as an honest person.

lordkoos's picture

Except you can ALWAYS trust information from Sprott/Zero Hedge.

roddy6667's picture

Anybody that expects politicians or government to make their life better is delusional.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. That's all a person can do.

It's a big world. Travel. There are lots of places better than where you are now.

Eeyores Enigma's picture

"It's a big world. Travel. There are lots of places better than where you are now."


Just got back from 2.5 months couch surfing Europe and that what everyone said everywhere I went.


Everybody thinks anywhere would be better than where they are now.

kaiserhoff's picture

I did a lot of tax work in my younger days.  Everyone seems to think their neighbors are making more money than they are.  The truth, usually is..., debt up to their eye balls.

Oldrepublic's picture

Put this in your favorite search engine: Interesting chart

The Gatekeepers:Foundations fund phony 'left' media



Consuelo's picture

Positions on War are probably the easiest to spot.   As an example, when you see otherwise 'liberal' websites either tacitily approving of our foreign policy actions, or outright supporting them, the answer is handed to you on a (First Majestic) silver platter.   From there, you can pretty much see where the rest of it flows - including economic.

When was the last time anyone here heard/saw a peep from 'Code Pink'...?

the grateful unemployed's picture

it is somewhat useful when the mass audience recognizes the system for what it is, its like going to the circus, nice show, but tomorrow its back to work.

Consuelo's picture

"b) They treat one or more of the fantasy “statistics” manufactured by our puppet governments (and broadcast by the mainstream media) as being real numbers. The most-obvious giveaway is when these Stooges quote either the phony/ridiculous inflation or GDP numbers, and attempt to portray them as fact."

How many well-known and 'respected' names could Easily be attributed to the quote above...?

MisterMousePotato's picture

Another tell is any kind of tip of the hat to global warming.

livefreediefree's picture

THe headline had me, then the author wrote:

"For any/all readers who retain the capacity for independent thought; it is universally acknowledged that the mainstream, Corporate media is little more than a propaganda megaphone".

An unnecessary adjective. Even worse, it betrays a bias that undercuts whatever cogency the author musters.

tarabel's picture



I'm sure Jeff would prefer that you put your skepticism aside when it comes time to visit Sprott Money. They would NEVER lie to you.

Apart from that, what did he really say? That all media sources have an agenda. Quite the revelation.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

I can tell you truth but most will not like it , so we lie..911 was done by goat herders who learned to fly modern jets, JFK only liked open top limos that drive at 10 miles an hour, mary was a virgin.

kaiserhoff's picture

Where is this "alternative media"  of which you speak?

CharlieMike's picture

48M hits.  About as fd up as it gets.

kaiserhoff's picture

Yes, barking at the moon nuts is one alternative;)

Mandel Bot's picture

How do we know he's not a stooge?

NotApplicable's picture

Liberal usage of white-space.

Colonel Klink's picture

MSM, government's propaganda arm.  Tell lies often enough and people will believe them.

It's all about perception management, not truth or reality.

shovelhead's picture

I don't believe you.

Who are you working for?

Phil Free's picture

Nothing is true everything is permitted.

manofthenorth's picture

"People do not like to think. When you think you must come to conclusions and conclusions are not always pleasant." -Hellen Keller

the grateful unemployed's picture

and the point is what good is the truth if you can't use it? it will only drive you mad.

shovelhead's picture

Gimmee a pair of pliers and a hot icepick and I'll get you the truth everytime.

MisterMousePotato's picture

Has William Goldman written anything worthwhile lately? (Which I define as the last 15 or 20 years, which I think is about the most recent stuff of his that I read [Magic, Marathon Man, Princess Bride - that era].) He was easy and fun to read.

Edit: Wow. Just looked it up. Books I mentioned harken back 40 years now. Tempus fugit.

SMG's picture

Jeff,  Your articles have beeen excellent lately. Thanks!