MassMutual Senior Vice President Found Dead, Stabbed In Chest In Apparent Homicide

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A week after stunned Tribeca woke up to news of a grizzly death in which a Citigroup managing director living on Greenwich Street was found dead in his bathtub with a slashed throat and the lack of a suicide weapon on the scene suggesting there was foul play involved, another banking executive was killed over the weekend, when 54-year-old Melissa Millian, a senior vice president at MassMutual, was found lying in a road in Simsbury, Connecticut, having been stabbed in the chest.

As CBS reports, initially there was speculation Millian may have been in a bicycle accident, or may have been the victim of a hit-and-run.  However on Saturday, the office of the Chief State Medical examiner said the cause of her death was a stab wound to the chest, and the manner was homicide.

According to WCVB, Millan, a mother of two, was a senior vice president at MassMutual in Springfield. A spokesman for the company said she was a tremendous leader and deeply caring and that she would be missed.

Passing motorists found Millan lying on the ground Thursday at 8:04 p.m., according to Simsbury police. 

Police said she could have been out jogging but that they did not yet know what happened and are investigating. Millan was taken to St. Francis Hospital where she died, according to police.

Police announced Saturday they were investigating the incident as a homicide.

As Breaking911 further adds, MassMutual was shocked by the news, with a company spokesperson saying that "Melissa’s tremendous leadership qualities, business acumen and deeply caring nature will be missed by those who had the opportunity to work with her."

Friends, who gathered to pay their respects, said Millan was a dedicated athlete and an incredible mother.


“Devastated…shocked and angry. That a woman, such a woman’s life, could have been ended so senselessly and so cruelly,” said friend Lynne Tapper.

According to MassLive, people using the popular bike path that runs through the town said they were shocked to hear someone as stabbed to death along the trail which they consider safe.

The path is connected to a series of linked bikeways that start in Westfield and head south, running though most of Connecticut. It is popular with Western Massachusetts residents.



Sunday several people stopped at the memorial to mourn the death of the woman who was known as a triathlete as well as a parent and a skilled professional. They declined to talk to the media. A vigil was held earlier on Sunday in Farmington sponsored by Team Training New England.


The organization's website called Millan an "an extraordinary human being" and set up a memorial page for her.


"Melissa has been a pillar of the TTNE community since she first trained with us in 2006. Regardless of her formidable responsibilities at home and at work, she made every effort to mentor 'newbie' triathletes and provide moral and other support to her team members year in and year out, without fail!" the website said.


People who use the path said it is well-lit and there are always people walking or driving by.


"I was very surprised," said Donna Morris, of Simsbury, who was walking her four-month-old mixed breed dog at dusk Sunday. "I walk here sometimes and I haven't had a problem."


The path runs along Iron Horse Boulevard, a divided roadway with plenty of traffic. The memorial was set up less than 20 feet from a popular playground which was filled with children and their parents Sunday afternoon. Behind the playground is a dog park that is also popular. Across the street from the playground is a group of shops.


"It looks like someone would have seen something," Morris said. Tonia Kagan, of West Hartford, reacted with shock when she learned the bouquets had been placed there to remember Millan.


"I love this path," she said. "My husband is in the dog park now. It is a lovely place." She likened Simsbury to West Hartford, saying it is usually peaceful and violence is rare.


"I use this path a lot and I'm shocked and surprised...I always feel very safe," said Lucinda, who declined to give her last name.

Was this another targeted murder in an otherwise sleepy neighborhood, and if so, what was the motivation to take out a mother of two and active member of the local community? The police investigation is ongoing.

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Call the CDC. It appears we have an epidemic on our hands.

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Should have presented a better argument as to why they were not a SIFI.

Or was that Met Life?

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probably a ZH reader ... its okay if you are commenting from your basement ... but not so, if you are in a poisition of authority ... just sayin'

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Listen Zero's.

Be careful out there. Ok?

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Call the CDC. It appears we have an epidemic on our hands.

Honest Banksters Syndrome. Terminal when infected.

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I actually knew this woman, met her when she worked at Sun Life of Canada's U.S. office in Wellesley Mass. She was a good person. I honeslty hope this was not a "class" killing, if so I think it bodes poorly for the .01%



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Knives are personal.  Just saying.

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That's right Arius!


The next one is YOU asshole!

Ta ta now..

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Don't get all slashed up over a correction!

Buy Bitcoin!

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It's pretty obvious here all these murders are being used to destroy eveidence that could incriminate the Oligarchs these people worked for.  This is one of the reasons why you will never overthrow the Oligarchs using the system.   It's going to take a revolution and destruction of the system they use to control everyone.

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Fonestar STFU you mook!

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It's like a painful, endless virtual whacamole experience. Some things just never die.


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Actually, if you had said freebase some filovirus I would have given you an up vote having a partiality to alliteration and creativity. At least it wasn't the standard " fuck you".


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Not trying to be a moderator here at "Fight Club" but I think anal log's comment was meant for head banger, who commented, as well - one place removed, to anal log's (Fonestar's?) comment. 


Who would say such nasty comment to you Miffed?

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Filovirus and me really seem to go together by association ( hopefully never in reality). As for the nasty comment, there was a feeding frenzy fuck you thread a while back led by headbanger where I got one squarely planted between my eyes. Uproariously funny and most deserved.


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Wonder if the LEO's are taking a hard look at her life insurance beneficiary?

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We heard you talking shit about how fonestar couldn't take the piss from some gold bugs.  Bullshit, Tylers hacked the fonestar account.  Doesn't matter, we just fork a new process.

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Now we know where Bunga Dim is getting those greenies...

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Homocide or Suicide? They can get the malleable minds of the masses to believe anything...probably a Suicide. 

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The victim's LinkedIn profile summary states, "Specialties:Portfolio management of all life and health insurance products, including product development and maintenance, financial performance, underwriting, claims, and medical staff."

If there were a Vegas book for wagering on the homocide's intent, I'd cover two bets:  (i) a disgruntled insurance beneficiary exacting Old Testament style retribution and (ii) personal or professional vendetta.

As far as this being some sort of coverup / conspiracy, I'd actually wager against that being the case.

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You could be correct about this particular murder, but there have been too many banker/financial exec murders/nail gun suicides in such a short time to dismiss all of them as retribution or vendetta.

This current outbreak of financial murders points to the Oligarchs trying to destroy evidence which would incriminate them.

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Would have to agree.  Despite her not being a banker, her death fits with the previously established pattern of these victims generally being good people, and Goyim as well, with their murders going unsolved.  I predict this one will also not be solved, despite cameras everywhere.  That alone should tell you something.

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I can tell the holidays are upon us

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"I love this path," she said. "My husband is in the dog park now. It is a lovely place." She likened Simsbury to West Hartford, saying it is usually peaceful and violence is rare.

When you are suddenly surrounded by violence and killing, it’s too late to train.

Complete the following courses in this order:

1. One half-day tactical folding knife class; $150.

2. 2-3 weekends of Tactical Pistol Courses; $1,000.

3. 2-3 weekends of Tactical Rifle Courses; $1,000.

4. One day of Self and Family Emergency Medical Aid/Trauma Kit Course; $150.

5. A series of several two-hour self-defense classes (not martial arts classes); $200.

6. Fulfillment of requirements for concealed handgun permit; $250.

You should learn in these classes how to safely conduct dry-fire training with your firearms and a dummy knife. Do this on a regular basis, such as once per week for at least 5 minutes.

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Why is it that when I 'thumbs-up' - as I did here with your comment, that a thumbs-down tags along with it...?   Is there some sort of 'fairness-doctrine' algo at work here...?

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Of course statists, rapists, and murderers do
not think it is fair for citizens to be armed and know how to defend
one's own life.

If one doesn't like weapons, or they are illegal where you live despite our Constitutional rights and Natural Law, then consider getting a big protection-trained dog as a jogging partner and take some self-defense courses.

Don't be a victim.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



If you want to run any decent mileage, it is hard to beat a protection-trained Dalmatian.

The roles of this ancient breed are as varied as their reputed ancestors. They were used as dogs of war, guarding the borders of Dalmatia. To this day, the breed retains a high guarding instinct; although friendly and loyal to those the dog knows and trusts, it is often aloof with strangers and unknown dogs. Dalmatians have a strong hunting instinct and are an excellent exterminator of rats and vermin. In sporting, they have been used as bird dogs, trail hounds, retrievers, or in packs for boar or stag hunting. Their dramatic markings and intelligence have made them successful circus dogs throughout the years. Dalmatians are perhaps best known for their role as fire-fighting apparatus escorts and firehouse mascots. Since Dalmatians and horses are very compatible, the dogs were easily trained to run in front of the carriages to help clear a path and quickly guide the horses and firefighters to the fires.[34] Dalmatians are often considered to make good watchdogs, and they may have been useful to fire brigades as guard dogs to protect a firehouse and its equipment. Fire engines used to be drawn by fast and powerful horses, a tempting target for thieves, so Dalmatians were kept in the firehouse as deterrence to theft.[34]

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At least it was labelled a homicide.

Will there be an investigation? A press conference? No mention of what she was even working on?

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Mine learned the basic commands in a weekend as a puppy.  It was a toss between that and

However, most dogs when trained and socialized properly will be hell on anyone harming their "pack".


Have had german shepherds for 35 years. Best dogs in the world for protecting the home. 

I take them with me on trips. Lost my gold and silver in a boating accident but the dogs managed to survive with life jackets


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My experience wih Dalmations is they are psycho dogs.

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Unfortuately dalmations also tend to be super high-strung and dumb as logs.

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The Men Who Stare At Goats - The Predator Scene

Shit's real, I got one here. (cheaper than those courses for the frugal - read poor)

Hope it helps someone.

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No, but there is an update algo.

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'Reaction' must become 2nd nature.   Takes work to be aware at all times and to unlearn the state of being momentarily frozen in disbelief. 

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Sometimes you can just be surprised HH. Though I believe as you that everyone should have gun and knife training, there is no way to be 100% diligent and fully aware at every moment of your life.

I was caught off guard once while at a service station by myself at 4AM and was in a position where having a gun or knife would not have helped. Evaluating my position ( holding a nozzle of gas flowing into my car) and a quick decision may have saved my life but I realized after the incident I was damn fucking lucky and if my assailant had a partner I probably wouldn't have had a good outcome.


hedgeless_horseman's picture



I was caught off guard once while at a service station by myself at 4AM...

One's situational awareness can always be improved, and is one of the primary skills (it is not a genetic trait) that is always taught in any good self-defense course.  I can assure you that mrs_horseman is never going to be, "caught off guard at a service station by herself at 4AM."

 A series of several two-hour self-defense classes (not martial arts classes); $200.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

This may be true but me alone against numerous people no matter how well my training would not have been in my favor. The solution to my personal event was Mr Miffed he should have never left my car completely out of gas to where I had to make my choice. My other mistake was I should have taken another car to work so not to have placed myself in a dangerous situation. We have now changed our approach to make this specific event less likely. Frankly, I look back at this now as a blessing. I learned a lot with out paying a horrible price as so many in the ER I have seen.


hedgeless_horseman's picture



I learned a lot with out paying a horrible price...

...which is exactly the point of training.

Quod erat demonstrandum.


Tall Tom's picture

You had a flowing Gas Nozzle in your hand?


Now that guy was an idiot.


Hmmm...Did you have a lighter?


What a wonderful the most opportune time.


You probably have inferred that I carry a lighter with me as I have previously wrote that I smoke cigarettes.


Do you smoke? Even if you do not it is always a handy utility to have a lighter. They can be transformed into FIRE so fast.


I am sure that the eyes of any assailant would appreciate the sensation of BURNING.


I usually fidget and have my lighter in my hand...even when filling my gas tank. Or I will have my POUND OF KEYS. (Yes. My keyring weighs One Pound and it does not tear out ignitions. But it shreds flesh if necessary.)


But that is just me. Most people do not. But most people should...especially women whom pump gas at 4AM.


BTW...For those of you whom think that ISIS is behind every corner planning their next terrorist strike.


Ask, "May I have  $20 on Pump #1 and a book of matches, please." (I have done this...countless times...for the laugh.)


Ninety Nine Times out of One Hundred they will give you the matches...without a question.



Miffed Microbiologist's picture

When I realized I wasn't going to make it to work, I pulled into a station in not so savory part of town. I first made a sweep of the station's environs before pulling next to a pump. No one at the station. In the car, I pulled out 2 knives ( I had no gun with me, they are illegal on my work property though I have violated this at times) I placed one knife on the seat compartment the other I held.

I was having difficulty gassing up holding the knife. Looking around I saw no one and tossed it on my seat. At this moment the individual came around my pump where I didn't see and demanded cash. I refused and told him to fuck off. The gas nozzle was between us and we were facing each other. I had to turn my back to him to get my knife ( big mistake). He started toward me but saw me tighten my grip on the nozzle. When we locked eyes and I could tell he knew what I was going to do and after a flurry of bad words he figured I wasn't worth the effort and backed off. Had he approached me from behind, the situation could have been a lot worse.

I,to this day, do not know if he had any intent to rob me or was just an aggressive panhandler. His modus operandi made me convinced he had done this in the past. I think he was casing the station from one of the side streets.

I think I would have been scared shitless to have lit that gas hose on fire. I've seen enough guys in the ER after adventures with fire and homemade explosives to not risk the honor of the first female Darwin Award in this category.


boattrash's picture

Those gas pumps will shoot a lot better than one might think. About 4 hrs after an old school double hernia repair, a couple rednecks pulled up and wanted to play, not being up to it, I gassed the truck, their legs, and the ground, before flipping my cig into it. It did not ignite, but I guess they decided I was crazier than them. I was dry enough I would only have felt the heat wave.

espirit's picture

Expandable batons + applicable training are usually goto items in the LibTard States.

boattrash's picture

Miffed, don't cut yourself short! Having the quick thinking reaction to realize that the flowing gas nozzle was your best tool at that time, sets you apart from many, if not most.

While you may have freaked out after the fact, when it really mattered, you reacted in survival mode. Kudos

InjectTheVenom's picture

knife training for women ?  nah...i'd say a small can of mace/bear spray the victim more range than a knife.   self-defense : krav maga classes.   i agree with firearms familiarity and/or training, especially for the home.   the women i know wouldn't be too keen on having to carry a glock or a knife while out jogging, but could be convinced to carry a small light can of mace instead...people, especially women, need to learn situational awareness too, and know how to NOT look weak or like possible 'prey' to the predators who roam amongst us daily.  you must make a predator THINK that you are both aware of his presence and capable of at least putting up a good fight...that alone will deter many (but not all) predators, make them go look for different prey.   

hedgeless_horseman's picture



knife training for women ?  nah...i'd say a small can of mace/bear spray instead

You could not be more wrong on either account.

The number of men that have raped then killed a woman after she sprayed him with mace is at least 100 times greater than the number of men that have raped then killed a woman after she opened up an artery with her knife.

Many fucks can still get it up with a face full of pepper spray, and some actually like it.  I have yet to hear of, or meet, the fuck that can rape a woman after his bowels have fallen out all over the floor.