“An Unstoppable Zombie Holiday” – Humanity Shudders As America Exports Black Friday To the World

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Because nothing gives "Thanks" like Americans fighting over things they don't need...

Exhibit 1: Doorbuster deals at a Wal-Mart in Michigan City, Indiana, had shoppers literally stealing items from other people’s carts.


Things appeared to get a little out of hand Thursday night, as shoppers swarmed the Wal-Mart in Michigan City, pushing and shoving as they fought to grab heavily discounted merchandise.


A shopper named Rich grabbed his cell phone camera and filmed as one man tried to grab what appeared to be a home theater system from another man in a Bears jersey. The Bears fan was able to wrestle it away, and get out of the scrum.


Some bystanders seemed amused by the chaos, others looked a little frightened.


It appeared the scene was about to repeat itself, with a woman as the victim, but she also managed to get away with her prize.

Exhibit 2: 2 Women Fight At Norwalk Walmart Over Barbie Doll


Authorities said two women got into a pushing and shoving match — with at least one of them reportedly throwing a punch — over a Barbie doll on Thanksgiving evening.


Sheriff’s Deputies has to be called to the Walmart store in the 11700 block of Imperial Highway after reports of the fight broke out.


Witnesses said the two women began fighting over a Barbie doll just before 7 p.m.


Deputies were able to diffuse the situation and said no one was arrested.


Officials also said no one was injured in the altercation.


“The whole thing was pretty stupid,” said a shopper named Sonia, “that was very dumb.”

But it's not just America, it appears the UK as caught the post 'Thanksgiving Day'? bug...

Exhibit 3: Girls fight over cheap panties...


Exhibit 4: Americans celebrating Thanksgiving in Britain may have felt right at home as Black Friday shopping chaos caused disruptions.

The practice of offering bargain basement prices the day after Thanksgiving has spread across the Atlantic, with some retailers opening overnight to lure shoppers.

Police were called early Friday morning to help maintain security at some supermarkets and shopping outlets that offered deep discounts starting at midnight.

As Liberty Blitzkrieg's Mike Krieger notes,

Greater Manchester Police said two arrests were made and injuries reported as police closed some stores to prevent more severe problems. One woman was injured by a falling television set.


The force tweeted “Keep calm, people!” at one point.


There were problems in many parts of Britain, including Wales and Scotland.


– From the Associated PressBlack Friday Chaos Hits Britain

Black Friday is one of those days when all the hope and optimism one possesses for the future of humanity is threatened by the gross, primal, in-your-face reality. I’ve written about the holiday before, specifically, in the piece, The SDR: The Same Demented Regime. Here’s an excerpt:

The great game is of course the never-ending global struggle for power and dominance.  The current entrenched powers that be have been in their positions for a very long time and they have no intention of giving up that role.  What the moral and decent percentage of humanity need to understand in no uncertain terms is that these folks and their minions have no conscience.  They could care less how many starve to death, get blown to bits in war or waste their lives away in front of the television set watching Snookie on the Jersey Shore.  In fact, I am certain that they totally get off on these things.  Degrading humanity into an animal-like state clearly appears to be their aphrodisiac.  Notice how the media encourages people to go out and trample each other for a $2 waffle maker on Black Friday.  The scenes of people running into Wal-Mart or Best Buy in the early morning hours when they should be at home with their families having conversation after Thanksgiving dinner reminds me of scenes of cattle being shuffled into a sorting pen. 

It was always a uniquely American embarrassment. A day when the rest of the world could smugly and confidently sneer at the their consumption-obsessed, overweight, and violent brothers and sisters abroad; secure in the fact that were distinctly different.

Well, as Bob Dylan sang, “The Times They are a Changin’,” and the highest-holy day of the American religion of consumerism is coming your way whether you like it or not. Naturally, it is gaining its most robust foothold in the United Kingdom. I thought Arriana Huffington summarized it well in the following tweet:

Here are some of the observations from that article:

LONDON (AP) — Americans celebrating Thanksgiving in Britain may have felt right at home as Black Friday shopping chaos caused disruptions.


The practice of offering bargain basement prices the day after Thanksgiving has spread across the Atlantic, with some retailers opening overnight to lure shoppers.


Police were called early Friday morning to help maintain security at some supermarkets and shopping outlets that offered deep discounts starting at midnight.


Some of the worst problems were in the Manchester area in northwestern England where police were summoned to seven Tesco supermarkets after disturbances.


Greater Manchester Police Chief Peter Fahy said he was “disappointed” that stores did not have enough security personnel on duty for the after-hours shopping.


“This created situations where we had to deal with crushing, disorder and disputes between customers,” he said.


Fights broke out at some stores and major websites stopped functioning because of too much traffic as shoppers sought online bargains.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As Glenn Greenwald notes, the Black Friday virus has also infected his adopted home country of Brazil. See below:


Think you’re safe in Africa? Think again. Check out this piece from MarketWatch:

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Funmi Adeyemi has been saving all year for Black Friday. Since October, she’s been surfing U.S. websites and has picked out $300 worth of merchandise, including Ralph Lauren apparel for her two-and four-year-old kids and shoes from Neiman Marcus for herself.


And she’s made her selections from the comfort of home — in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.


Black Friday “is when I wait to do most of my shopping,” Adeyemi said. “I can buy everything in one day. I buy whatever catches my eye and whatever is the right price. It’s a big thing here and has gone viral. A lot of people are waiting for (U.S.) Black Friday sales.”


The 32-year-old project manager is waiting until Friday to see what discounts she can get before placing final online orders. And she’s a pro. This is the fifth Black Friday that she has spent shopping for U.S. deals from Nigeria with the help of mobile shopping app, MallforAfrica.


Major U.S. retailers do not ship directly to Nigeria, so MallforAfrica acts as middleman, shipping the goods bought on U.S. websites to the West African country. MallforAfrica CEO and founder Chris Folayan, a Nigerian who lives in the U.S., said there has been a spike in signups to the app in the past two days.


And Adeyemi and her fellow Nigerians aren’t alone. While Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that traditionally kicks off the U.S. holiday shopping season, may be losing its sizzle in its home market, it’s gaining ground overseas.


“We’ve certainly exported the Black Friday madness to the world,” said Borderfree CEO Michael DeSimone. “It’s become a big shopping day around the world. We don’t just see (orders) from Canada and Australia but also the Middle East and China.”

Here’s a billboard from Nigeria:

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 11.58.37 AM

Just in case you needed further proof that the religion of consumerism knows no borders.

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JohnnyBriefcase's picture

Who seriously cares that much about flatscreen TVs and iPads?

It's depressing.

Skateboarder's picture

Why weep for those who willingly walk into their shackles?

World-over, the notion of having one great tool/item/product that serves you many years / a lifetime, has been replaced with the love of acquiring the "next generation" of new products and a complete lack of care for quality. You know what happens when you stop caring about quality? Everything turns to shit.

Divided States of America's picture

That guy definitely learnt a thing from Monday Night Football....sacking other people for loose stereo systems

If these sheeps are fighting over a TV right now...you havent seen nuthin yet...wait till they fight over FOOD when the SHTF.

AssFire's picture

Notice you don't see this in Russia?

One of the many reasons I like Putin: "In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Shari'ya Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that's the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians." -- Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressing the Duma February 4th, 2013.

outamyeffinway's picture

So fuck off world! You all are destined to live like us. Which incindentally is great news for America because if humanity survives, we'll be the first to evolve away from this.

Borrow Owl's picture

"... we'll be the first to evolve away from this."

Not bloody likely.

The USSA welfare system seems to have been deliberately designed to reduce and/or eliminate selection for any genetic trait which may actually lead to genuine advancement of the species.





jbvtme's picture

"weeping for my species"?   i'm long shovels and headstones

TheAnalOG's picture

What haveth a consumer sheep who knows not the glory of Satoshi?



Aaaarghh's picture

Bring on the asteroid.

ffs, I watch this shit happening here in the uk, and I think a cull is definitley whats needed. Just hope im outta the way when it comes!

The9thDoctor's picture

I went to several different Walmarts this afternoon to check out the gun selection because firearms are 20% off this weekend.

It's funny, the Walmarts in the hood and trailer trashy areas, the Black Friday merchandise was picked clean.  The Walmart I went to in an upper-middle class area, the Black Friday merchandise was hardly even touched at all at 5pm Friday, like no one up in that area even cared about those sales.

I ended up not buying anything, because there are better deals to be had at gun shows or online using Slickguns.

edotabin's picture

And some people have the balls to say that America no longer exports anything!

McCormick No. 9's picture

Is it called Black Friday because most people who participate are Black?

HulkHogan's picture

No, they are just the ones who get into fights and have their videos posted on YouTube.

Leraconteur's picture

No, it refers to Accounting practices of ''Being in the Black'' - turning a gross profit. The day after Thanksgiving was, pre-1995, the day when retailers would be profitable for the entire year as they made more than 50% of their sales on that weekend. Then the Black Friday sales began nationwide.

Now it is a YouTube spectacle globally, and rightly, mocked and feared.

IndyPat's picture

If this is how Black Friday goes down, Red Monday is gonna make some asses really pucker.

Doubleguns's picture

Wait till its food not TV's  The shit will be real then. 

SilverRhino's picture

Some of us won't trade our dignity and self-respect for a $100 discount on shit electronics that will burn out in several years.    

What a shock I know.   

wendigo's picture
wendigo (not verified) TheAnalOG Nov 28, 2014 8:43 PM

Fonestar lives!

The Blank Stare's picture

It's more of an annual culture shock that hits us every year at this time. Please lets not forget the millions of famlies sitting around the table thanking God or who/what-ever for the food that's made, enjoying their time together, and NOT going out shopping.


Let's talk about that instead of these classless mouth breathers.


Heading out to my grandparents home in farm country to do some skeet shooting and rabbit and quail hunting. They have passed now but I still have those wonderful Thanksgiving memories!

lakecity55's picture

Thank you.
Lots of us don't do that crazy stuff.
We ate food, prayed, and only sinned a bit by watching a football game.

sun tzu's picture

The same in Europe. Both areas import hordes of third worlders and pay them to reproduce while punishing anyone who has an IQ above room temperature. It's easier for TPTB to control hordes of morons with reality shows and iphones

Againstthelie's picture

Absolutely true.

But it's not only the primitive 3rd world, it's also the planful barbarization of people of European descent.

The tribe is delighted, how well his program is unfolding!

New World Chaos's picture

Breeding for sociopathy is just as important as breeding for stupidity.  Indeed the entire legal/financial/welfare system looks like it was designed to reward narcissistic sociopaths at all levels.  It makes people so much easier to control- Divide them against each other, promise them they have the right to live well at others' expense, then sic 'em on anyone who doesn't pull their gravy train.  So in honor of Black Friday Zombies, I give you the puppetmasters' latest selectively bred monstrosity, Western Man 2.0:


That which has been seen cannot be unseen.  Sweet dreams, bitchez!

Againstthelie's picture

It has nothing to do with the welfare state but with education as child, discipline, respect for the other.

The program for destruction is to atomize the human, destroy the families, the social cohesion, don't care what others think, take what you want, follow YOUR dream! Short: individualism.

SofaPapa's picture

"The program for destruction is to atomize the human, destroy the families, the social cohesion, don't care what others think, take what you want, follow YOUR dream! Short: individualism."

Sort of, but not quite.  Individualism would be fine, and in fact welcome, if it were not dependent individualism.  People are only "individuals" in the sense that they are working to divide us from our family and social units.  Most are still firmly attached to the state teat. Individualism would be okay (though with its own problems - see the US west during its westward expansion...); state dependence (note this is true for those all along the economic spectrum; the rich are soaking more state money than the poor at this point, and the middle are taking our share as well...) is a disaster.

knukles's picture

The entrie system, wherever man is involved, seeks to disrupt natural selection in favor of the weak, in-firmed, hostile, uneducatable, lesser IQ, incapable, incompetent, natural Darwin Award winners and lazy with the only apparent reason for the otherwise capable, to support the residual at the tip of a spear.
I do not say that lightly.
It is a mere casual observation of the human condition.

Nor do I hold myself out as anything of a desirable, superlative or special specimen, more deserving of anything than my peers, either.
Just sayin'  

Y'all just get a trophy for bein' here, today

Man should be more worried about the state of his very soul and the temporal conditions deriving therefrom.

25or6to4's picture

1000+ up arrows to you. My sentiments exactly. As only an average guy myself the vast majority of my fellow citizens make me look like a genius on a regular basis, unfortunately.

Dugald's picture


The real problem is the 'cannon fodder' is not being expended......

IndyPat's picture

Borrow Owl talks like a fag with all those fancy words. Everyone knows you can naturally select anything at Costco. Go get a gentleman latte @ Starbucks with extra foam and cool the fuck out.

winchester's picture
winchester (not verified) outamyeffinway Nov 29, 2014 4:05 AM

actually you the 1st to go down in hell, so go fuck yourself playing hide and seek a remote control in the ass on the highway, fucking american sheep.


those videos show how decadence have killed  capitalism  part of humanity.


anyone here on the supermarket fighting for any object that will be less than 10 years usefull deserve to die.

those fucking people must die, they are cement that keep ponzi on the way coz they are the cattle farm.


they must die.

SuperRay's picture

you're a regular eecummings, 'cept for the fact that you make no sense.  You had an almost thought there..

Theta_Burn's picture

American culture.. thats a nice thought..

The only one i seen behaving badly was the 300lb black warthog..

Every fucking yr the same stupidity.. yet never any security or police presence to be seen..

With the retards that frequent these stores i'm suprised there hasn't been any lawsuits because of a punch or shove..

Philo Beddoe's picture

Voluntary assumption of risk.  If you go to a baseball game and your teeth get knocked out by a foul ball you are shit out of luck.  That is what we got going on here.  That is my defense of my client your honor. 

J S Bach's picture

We live in an utterly despicable time.  Even the Dark Ages had a higher intelligence quotient for the world's homo sapien aggregate.

The great wars of the past 150 years wiped out some of the best of human clay...

and what has devolved from what survived is what we have today.

(hey... that rhymes)

* sigh *

Borrow Owl's picture

You know... I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that the species H. Sapiens reached its pinnacle about the time that H. Neandertalis was exiting the scene.



J S Bach's picture

Some posit that the Neanderthals never exited the scene, but, in fact, rule over us today.

An interesting hypothesis to say the least...


knukles's picture

Most of it is due to the dismissal of non-temporal consideraitons.

Savvy's picture

I have found the missing link between the higher ape and civilized man; it is we."


- Konrad Lorenz

Son of Loki's picture

I went to several Big Stores this afternoon to check them out and could not beleive the masses standing in line for 20% off a 'slow cooker" or a "toaster oven." I didn't see any fights but then again, I didn't go to any 'diverse' hoods for fear of getting stomped to death for simply being a 'cracker.'


From what I saw, however, the Marikan future looks more dismal then I had thought.

StychoKiller's picture

You are NOT a 'cracker', you are a Saltine-American!

Borrow Owl's picture

Da Joos? The Joos are fucking Neantertals?


That shit is so funny I damn near pissed myself.

Now I *KNOW* that Stormfront is a US government psyop-- no one else but .gov and its willing- albeit mentally challenged- crotchlickers could have ever come up with something so obviously ridiculous and certifiably insane.




Escrava Isaura's picture



Let me see if I get this right:

You’re all worried about some stupid people at Wal-Mart?


Hey…, once at, why not this:

To Serve God and Wal-Mart: The Making of Christian Free Enterprise

“Wal-Mart endowed Christian colleges and universities to promote entrepreneurialism as a peculiar kind of messianic calling to students interested in spreading the gospel of free enterprise to a non-believing…





4 wheel drift's picture

a small deviation from "the making of christian free enterprise'


my eternal -life-long conflict.....

do i ally with the 'christians' to fend off kommies ?


do i ally with the kommies to fend off the christians ?


to make it moar complicated....


i think both, kommies and christians will be my allies to fend off the [real enemies] -muslims


ever an interesting world.....


mothing like 'i'   the individual


i need not -no steeeenking groupies....   -g

Escrava Isaura's picture



4 wheel drift

Please, advise:

If I understood you right: The Christians and Communists (Russians Orthodox’s, I am guessing) will come and defend your religion?

And they stink?


Yohimbo's picture

find another forum, you dont belong here/ 

tc06rtw's picture

... and you said we no longer
  had any profitable exports !

willwork4food's picture

the 300lb black warthog..


lmfao So true, so true.