Russia's Patience Is Wearing Thin

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Submitted by Chris Martenson Via Peak Prosperity,

Having lived in the former USSR before immigrating to the US, Dmitry Orlov has an invaluable perspective on both the US and Russian perspectives, as well as Ukraine.

With the western propaganda flying thick and heavy, it's more important than ever to cut through the chaff and learn what we can about the most important geopolitical realignment (and renewed tensions) in recent memory.

Well, look, Russia is a place that's extremely dynamic as changing response to challenging environment, to changed environment, very popular throughout the world, at peace with most of the world, even with nations that are at war with each other, both sides will still talk to Russia and have friendly relations. Russia has a splendid relationship with both Israel and Iran for instance.


The United States is a nation that can't get anything together, can't get anything on, not education, not healthcare, nothing. It's basically sinking into a cesspool of its own making it can't respond at all. And now, it is basically being shown up to be quite incompetent in playing this international game. Now, what happens if you can't play a game by the rules is you're penalized and you forfeit the game. So, either the US leadership will learn how to play by the rules or they forfeit. I see those are as the only two real outcomes.


There's a difference to how the Russians approach the world and how the Americans approach the world. So, for instance, Americans like to threaten. If you don't do this, then we will do X, Y and Z. That's a typical American behavior.


That's not something that the Russians would ever do because they don't threaten, they just act because if you threaten, then you take away the element of surprise which is very important. The other thing is Americans refuse to talk to their enemies, they won't negotiate with terrorists, they won't do X, Y and Z and can't be reasoned with at all. You can just listen to them and do what they say or they'll bomb you whereas the Russians always talk to their enemies. Russia keeps the channels of communication open.


And the other thing is that all of this endless trash talking is very detrimental to the business of democracy and there's been a constant stream of basically garbage emanating from the west, some of it social media, some of it through the old fashioned press. But, just basically all kinds of lies and disinformation and slander, which makes the tedious business of diplomacy establishing various links at various levels very difficult, if not impossible. So there's just this incredible level of disgust with their, as they say, partners in the west in Moscow and the result is they're not really eager to talk anymore. They're not very interested in communicating. They're far more interested in acting. So, what we'll probably see is a constant stream of surprises coming from Russia that will be completely unannounced and not predicted by anyone.

Click the play button below to listen to Chris' interview with Dmitry Orlov (51m:10s):


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Publicus's picture

In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.  EDGAR CAYCE

Haus-Targaryen's picture


Kick some ass Mr. Putin.

Publicus's picture

For changes are coming, this may be sure  an evolution, or revolution in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will eventually come out of Russia; not communism, no! But rather that which is the basis of the same, as the Christ taught  His kind of communism!

Arius's picture

in orthodoxy, Moscow is called the Third Rome ... the first Rome being Rome, and the second Constandinople.

Pinto Currency's picture




Putin doesn't have to do a thing.

The fraudulent LBMA gold market is collapsing.

Putti is just standing-back to stay clear of the pyramid as it implodes.

Anusocracy's picture

"There's a difference to how the Russians approach the world and how the Americans approach the world. So, for instance, Americans like to threaten. If you don't do this, then we will do X, Y and Z. That's a typical American behavior.

That's not something that the Russians would ever do because they don't threaten, they just act because if you threaten, then you take away the element of surprise which is very important."

That is very interesting.

The US is acting like an alpha-male within a tribe - the New World Order - and Russia's behavior is basically the strategy of one tribe attacking a neighboring tribe - a sneak attack.

Another indication that the US is a bigger danger than Russia.

Pinto Currency's picture



Actually the USA and Europe are committing suicide by allowing central bankers to destroy their currency and their economy.

We have Jim Jones as Fed Chairman.

Drink up.

hobopants's picture

Yep, the West will destroy itself, Russia will have nothing to do with it, aside from scratching their heads going "why would you do that to yourself?"

I think the Collapse of the USSR and what happened afterwards is a good model to expect over here, but much worse...

As for the author...Is there a reason why he stays here in the US? He must still have family ties back in Russia, why not just move back? I don't get people praising other nations while absolutely hating the one they're in. Why not just move? Especially if you truly believe that the worse will happen here.

Vote with your feet, instead of your mouth, much less hypocritical that way.

sam i am's picture

to hobopants:

Many Russians now own real estate in different countries and have business interests in different countries.  Many Russians, for example live and work in Dubai and Beijing.  

And Orlov doesn't "hate" the US, he is disappointed in current developments and wants it to become better for everyone.

Not that you know the difference...

hobopants's picture

I'm afraid it's you who doesn't know the difference... Dmitry Orlov fled the soviet union at it's collapse, he isn't some business expat. If he was some Russian business man it would be different, but here is a guy who abandoned Russia when times got tough, and is now preaching about how great Russia is compared to the US. His residency here says he really believes otherwise.


We should be interested in truth and truth alone regarding the US, regarding Russia, regarding the world in general. Instead all I see is a rise in the mindless nationalism that always breaks out right before war.

This blog continues to shit on itself by catering to Russophiles. I love the financial analysis, but this crap is mind-numbing and attracts the lowest common denominator. The comment section basically looks like Fox news and Russia Today had an abortion together, a far cry from where it was at even a year ago.

jeff montanye's picture

imo it is not russophiia but recognition that since, say, 9-11 the u.s. has changed from sort of a democracy to sort of a police state, particularly in the international dimension.

Mad Muppet's picture

I love my country, but I hate the evil bastards running it. Let them move out!

gibons's picture

so when West or Japan is "printing" where inflation is below 2%, it's destroying the economy, but when Kremlin does that with currency collapsing and hyperinflation round the corner - it's true leadership ?

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Funny....the first six comments, on an article criticizing propanganda, are propaganda. Fun times. 

Anusocracy's picture

prop•a•gan•da (?pr?p ??gæn d?)

1. information or ideas methodically spread to promote or injure a cause, movement, nation, etc.
2. the deliberate spreading of such information or ideas.
3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.
4. (cap.) a committee of cardinals, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, having supervision over foreign missions and the training of priests for these missions.

[1710–20; < New Latin, short for congreg?ti? d? prop?gand? fid? congregation for propagating the faith]


I don't see where they are methodical, deliberate, or by an organization or movement.

Do YOU work for the government?

Amerikan Patriot's picture

He's going to be standing there a long time, Bob.

Maybe get him a coat or something...?

Anusocracy's picture

Would Washington be the second hell?

gibons's picture

will end up like the first Rome - in misery. Just look at Liliputin already begging for cancellation of sanctions

FlyinHigh's picture

This read is one of the most "Pro-Russian" reads I have seen on ZH. Therefore it Suks the most.

<------ Down vote me again,

But this is NOT going to turn out well for Russia.

Just sayin.

Jack Burton's picture

"just sayin"  I find that little blurb interesting. I encounter it mostly when reading blog comments elsewhere that are generated by those followers of FOX news and their fellow travelers. They often tag on at the end "just sayin". Now in a logic based argument or point of view, I can see nothing of value in this tag line, unless it is some sort of code for other fellow believers.

I am not unfamiliar with the "American Exceptionalism" crowd and their usual thought patterns and arguments. It is a belief system, not a fact based system.

The entire comment that I comment on here is short and totally lacking in evidence, logic or clear argument. It simply states "it suks" if it is not in line with the belief system of FOX type Zionest and American Exceptionalist thinking. There is also a threat thrown in that the war machine is going to make things "not turn out well for Russia". I assume this threat is US military based and is aother belief system that "The US military is not to be stopped".

I just find these type of comments interesting in how they expose the new American fascism and it's belief in their superiority come to in the same way German Nazi superiority was come to. It is a simple minded belief system. And is what is driving a former free country into a world class bully and war maker. Always claiming to be under threat as it itself is the classic imperial war monger.

gmrpeabody's picture

I completely agree with your logic, Jack...

just saying...

indygo55's picture

Ive been hearing an interesting term lately from those who have broken free and given up on the "system". Its "Deep Capture".

Deep capture is when some higher up oligarc sets the statdard for those under them where the talking heads and journilists and PHD's are given the boundries within which they may operate. Stay in the boundries, that is that which agrees and supports the status quo, or lose your job and be black listed in every way of your profession. 

Deep capture is the most incedious form of control and it is that which but be broken. Hire the black listed professionals and offer refuge if you can and it gives those captured within the system an alternate path of employment. 

SHRAGS's picture

I read this just recently, and I think nails the "deep capture" of the system: Closing Minds []


One of the perks of working with these analysts was that occasionally they would organize lunches with themed discussions. One such lunch was organized by a very genteel and soft-spoken analyst: a middle-aged lady who’d been with the CIA for most of her career. The subject of her talk was what we junior analysts could expect if we signed up for a career at the CIA.

She tried to give a balanced view of what the job was like and what qualifications were necessary. The lady had been recruited out of a humanities PhD program, having spent a year in her the region of expertise studying at a US-aligned college campus. Prior to that she hadn’t traveled out of the USA– outside of brief family vacations. Her parents had been civil servants and she grew up in a comfortable East-coast suburban community.

She told us that the typical CIA analyst was lucky if they could spend two weeks out of the year in their region of expertise. The rest of their time would be at a desk, in front of a computer, working through their daily stack of intelligence.

Their daily stack of intelligence. You see, CIA analysts don’t just trawl around picking up random bits of information. There are ‘approved’ information sources that analysts have to work from, and every day somebody else trawls through these sources looking for information that it’s okay for the analysts to see. The packet of predigested info is then sent to the analyst for summary. That’s how things like The President’s Daily Brief are put together, at least according to this veteran analyst and her colleagues.

Recap: CIA analysts are basically secretaries, who write memos on research that somebody else does. Unlike secretaries, CIA analysts bear the burden of responsibility when the info turns out to be biased or incorrect. They are sort of like an army of punching-bags. Or straw-men.



During our orientation as junior analysts we were given a list of acceptable sources to use– the list contained about 20 journal and newspaper titles, which were in turn subdivided into ‘left’ and ‘right’ leaning sources, such as The Washington Post or stuff published by The Heritage Foundation or AEI. (We were non-partisan, remember!) There was also a short third column for publications that were totally beyond the pale, such as The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Jack Burton's picture

indygo55 Indeed! All you said in totally true. Deep Capture began in earnest in the 1980's, it has progressed forward to a mature and nearly all controlling form inside the USA. What most people now "think" was long since planned and prepared in the deep capture system of education, media and social life.

tired1's picture

This type of 'deeep capture' was endemic within the Soviet intel services, particurlarly exacerbated by Reagan's Star Wars threats which seemed to paralize their anylitical abilities.

I have a sense that Jackson/Vannictk had a lot to do with the current situation. At some point a decision was made that the US was the safer bet and thus the migration to the US 'cosmopolitans'. They now openly control US institutions. Now social and economic destruction pretty much in everyone's face but few are ready to accept and act on the changes. The topic is forbidden.

As an aside, I've always wondered what happened to the Soviet deep cover folks after the collapse. The few ex intel folks I knew weren't able to provide answers. I suspect they're happily retired in Tel Aviv.

Nobody For President's picture

I had to log in just to upvote that one peabody...

Winston Churchill's picture

Its endemic in all empires.

Before WWI all Brits knew for certain that Dog was English,played cricket. and the Empire

would last forever, because of the stength of its armed forces.The Romans, Spanish etc

all thought that same way.

Self delusion ,and group sociopathy are symptoms of the terminal  death of empires.

World wars mark their passing, and from where I'm standing Putin is the only hope to avoid

one.A slim hope at best.

Börjesson's picture

In fairness to the Brits, they were just about the only empire builders ever that gave it up more or less voluntarily when their time ran out, instead of trying to bring down the whole world with them. One can only hope that the Americans will show the same grace when their time comes (which will be very soon).

Winston Churchill's picture

The whole world was already falling apart.WWII started in 1939 , not 1941 as many Americans


With the Rothchilds controlling both CB's, did they really cede the empire ?

I wonder sometimes.Seems more like a changing of the guard, than the emperor.

seisen's picture

some say WWII started with Japan's seizure of Manchuria in 1931.

Anusocracy's picture

Some also say it was Act II of WWI.

palmereldritch's picture

Don't think of it as Empire but instead of as the NWO operating like a hermit crab.

Having thrown off the husk of Britain for the USA in 1913 they now have their sights set on the final redoubt, China.


The Brits did not give up anything, but more to the point, the Brits just included greater numbers into their fold of corruption so that they could continue their parasitic lifestyles and elitest delusional grandure. Moreover, the entire system of Economics in the Western World has been rendered useless since March 10th 2008 @ 11:00am Bear Stearns time New York City USA. The City in England is the largest earner in the whole of the God damned UK. The UK and Germany are the principle economies that have drawn benefit from the formation of the European Union and they are the first to claim they want out. Shell games, my boy, shell games. The British have never played fair in their God damned lives at anything that I am aware of. Was the opium trade with

China to be characterized as 'fair'? Is the Queen of England a 1%er? I rest my case.

Bokkenrijder's picture

More 'bla-bla' wishful thinking about gold...just like the recent Swiss referendum. Yawn. Oh yeah, then there's this gas deal, wow, I'm sure Russia will make a huge profit on that..NOT. 

And for FUCK SAKE CHRIS, WORK ON YOUR GODDAMN PRONUNCIATION, it's not "Pjjjootin" and it's not "Ya-NI-kovych."

Russia is a great country with fantastic people with a nice and dark sense of humour, yet Russia will never be an industrially advanced state. Russia has wasted decades after the collapse of the USSR, and it has bought itself a little bit of 'wealth' and time due to the high oil price of the last 10-15 years. But anything else? Aircraft? Look at Tupolev and Sukoi, still making more or less outdated Sovjet junk, not much that can compete with Boeing or Airbus. Cars? Look at Lada, that shoudl answer your questions. Pharmaceuticals? Nope, it all needs to be imported from the EU. High tech? Nope, all imported from China and the US. The only thing Russia can do is pump oil and gas and hope that the price is high.

As Russia's former PM Viktor Chernomyrdin brilliantly observed: "We wanted the best, but it turned out like always."

sam i am's picture

The US doesn't make cars any more. All American cars are made in Mexico or China.

Meanwhile, Russia will be Europe's largest car market by 2016

Nuclear energy, non-technologies, space exploration,  military technologies, software engineering, medical breakthroughs  notwithstanding,  Bokkenrijder is still not impressed with Russia.

Why do I detect the touch of Ukrainian accent in your posts?

You're a goats lover, are you not?

Jonathan Equine Phallus's picture
Jonathan Equine Phallus (not verified) Bokkenrijder Nov 30, 2014 6:51 PM

Russia was raped and robbed by a handful of Jewish 9they WERE) OLIGARCHS under Drunkstin, no doubt with help from western academics and NGOs and politicians.


They lost 15/20 years.


Putin is so hated because he largely took back Russian resource wealth and played the oligarchs against the other.


The mostly Jewish neocons hate him simply because Putin has blocked Jews from cntrolling the country, although they are, as is common, a wealthy and privileged minority, primarily loyal though they are, to international Jewry and Israel.

dkny's picture

Reminds me of an old joke I heard a while ago, so this is best effort to repeat:

In the old country Moishe calls the local police station and asks: "I've heard the jews have sold out mother Russia, is that true?"

The answer from the other side of line comes back swiftly: "Yes, it is true".

Moishe then follows up with another question: "If that's the case, where can I go to collect my share?"

FlyinHigh's picture

Jack Burton.........

So, my simple mind is "Simple" to your communist way of thinking.

I find your comments here often enough to draw my own conclusion about your comments.

I find you as communistic as any here, your self thoughts as if yours is the one & only frame of mind going.

You put down any that you disagree with on these open pages.

Openly have distain for others that think differently.

I am just stating my observation of you and your comments.

Remember you openly put me down for my beliefs and thoughts first.

So turns about fair I comment about yours.

Why can't you write yours and let others be?

Do you feel better now?


Just Sayin ....



VAD's picture

"This won't end well for Russia."


State your case.

Anusocracy's picture

They won't become a vassal state to God's exceptional country, the US.

tarabel's picture



No, they are becoming a vassal state to the Middle Kingdom. Nothing like choosing to be a vassal to #2. Real smart.

Anusocracy's picture

Nonsense comment.

They won't be a vassal to anyone while they have 3-4 thousand nuclear weapons.

zerophilo's picture

FlyingHigh: Can you even speak proper English? I have no idea what you're saying. Not trying to discriminate, but your lack of good grammar is impeding your ability to effectively get a thought across.

If you continue to repost senseless sentences, you inevitably amout to nothing more than a shill.


Bay of Pigs's picture

Like most who can't write or speak effectively, they get crushed in a battle of wits, facts and ideas.

Welcome to the American public education system and MSM brainwashing effort. Sadly, they have been winning the minds and hearts of the people for far too long.

Elliott Eldrich's picture

What better way to destroy a hated enemy than to systematically degrade their ability to reason and use logic, their ability to prepare and present a cogent argument, and their ability to effectively write a coherent sentence? Combine all of the above with a processed food diet low in nutrition and high in toxic garbage, and add a whopping helping of mass media degeneracy and rampant consumerism. You now have a population that has been reduced to the level of ambulatory toxic waste, easy to manipulate, pillage and plunder. 

Why bother to destroy cities with old-fashioned munitions and expensive warfare, when you can reduce their populations to human oatmeal, and then simply take whatever you like with no resistance whatsoever?

Anusocracy's picture

The problem is the not very human dupes who take great pleasure in forcing their beliefs upon others. Like you.

I really do want you to live under whatever shithole government you want, but try to be civilized and keep it to yourself and your fellow dupes. Why the addiction to enslaving others to A BELIEF YOU POSSESS?

Panarchism is a political philosophy emphasizing each individual's right to freely join and leave the jurisdiction of any governments they choose, without being forced to move from their current locale. The word "panarchy" was invented and the concept proposed by a Belgian political economist, Paul Émile de Puydt in an article called "Panarchy" published in 1860. The word "panarchy" has since taken on additional, separate meanings, with the word "panarchism" referring to the original definition by de Puydt.

De Puydt, a proponent of laissez-faire economics, wrote that "governmental competition" would allow "as many regularly competing governments as have ever been conceived and will ever be invented" to exist simultaneously and detailed how such a system would be implemented. As David M. Hart writes: "Governments would become political churches, only having jurisdiction over their congregations who had elected to become members."

Oldwood's picture

Governments willingness to compete is as probable as large corporations doing so. So NO it will not happen. Governments, as with large corporations, are instead banding together in alliances to eliminate competition, not advance it. Its all for the good of the people/consumers. Right....

"In spite of your rage you still find yourself living in a cage" increasingly smaller cage.

Putin is championing Russia, but do not think for a minute that Russians are anymore loved by their leaders than Americans. Ultimately they are simply acting to advance THEIR powers. Anything that trickles down on "the people" that would be a benefit is only an accident, regardless of what country they live.

But do not believe for a moment that those pushing a progressive agenda will not use Putin's popularity as a template for their policies, none of which actually include nationalism beyond collectivist statism.

Progressivism/socialism/communism/statism/fascsim/totalitarianism all depend on dominance and power over everyone...not a few, not even a majority...everyone, and as every leftist knows, the only reason communism failed is because they could not force the world to adhere to its principles. The growing governmental/corporate cabal will get us there eventually as the corruption will destroy our means of self sustaining without theft, without redistribution, of which government and corporations will always get their slice, wetting their beak at the public trough.

Eventually we will sell ourselves into slavery, not the slavery we like to refer to currently as our plight, but real slavery, harsh, brutal an unending.

Anusocracy's picture

The only difference in governments is in the varieties of cons used to dupe the dupes and shear the sheep.

The Soviets began as a real nasty and ended up pretty lame. The US started out fairly benign and has ended up a real nasty. It has been the most violent destructive country in the last 75 years.

Latina Lover's picture

Flying High's Bio:


Truck driver for 40 years. 10-4, yea, thats my handle.
Work on Alaska's North Slope oilfield, yea, oilfield trash as well.
Home is on the Northern Redwood Coast in California.
Currently in Odessa, Ukraine, on vacation, chaseing a woman.
Oh Yea, I almost forgot.... FUCK YOU N.S.A

I read your letter a few times.  Tone of voice is poorly communicated by text. Jack Burton is not really trashing you, just pointing out a few things.

Brother, I suggest you lay off the vodka for a few days.....

NoDecaf's picture

You would think a guy like Flyinghigh would have his eyes wide open, given the lives that were lost in that city at the hands of right sector thugs.