Silver Soars 17% From Intraday Lows: Biggest Swing On Record; Gold Tops $1210 (+$70 Off Lows)

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Silver is up over 17% from its intraday lows today - this is the biggest positive swing since our data began. All the previous major swings have been downshifts, most recently in September 2011 (-22% and -18% over 2 days). Volume is very high also. Gold is back above $1,210,up over $70 from its intraday lows...


The biggest intraday positive swing on record... ($16.82 is next test for SIlver at 50DMA)


And gold and silver are exploding... (gold has broken above its 50DMA at $1205)


Silver & Gold are back above pre-OPEC decision leak levels...

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Nothing to see here.  Move along.

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Gold tops $1,210?

Make that $1,215...


[Whoops! Make that $1,216.  Replay of last Wednesday?....]



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Do I hear,  $1220,  1225, $1240, $2000?

I wonder how much AU the russian central bank is buying? What about China or India?

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Amen and hallelujah!!!! (starts to swoon)

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100% fully manipulated still.  Churn and volatility creates "trades" for the paper pimps.

The market is a POS, and will be until the end of this nonsense.


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What goes up 17 % in a few can come crashing down 17% in a minute.

Agreed, this is all mind fucking, not fundamentals (or is that funda-metals?).

When it's real, we'll know it in our bones, 

Not yet, this is just for the insider swingers to make money on the way up and on the way down, joesixer shorts and longs are equal dupes.

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You know it's coming to an end when the downturns don't last long enough to even place a trade. After last night I thought I'd get a chance to pick up 100 oz of silver today on the cheap. NOPE.

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And here it is in a nutshell:  The little guy can't take advantage of the dips.  Better a year early....

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Doesnt volatility portend a market crash?

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FFS!  We see the derps here still get excited about a price move in a market that they say is manipulated?!?

Yes, it is manipulated so why the fuck do you care?  Will you get excited if someone say sells you a running 2014 Mercedes for $20 knowing full well they don't have one to sell?  Think about it, you give these criminals your consent and they own you.

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You don't think that end-of-month beginning-of-month market jumps are anything other than free markets at work do you?


TheAnalOG's picture

We think that if you allow criminals to control your language they will control your thoughts, if they control your thoughts they control your world.  If you think dollars are shit, do not accept dollars, if you think media is lies do not watch the media, if you think silver market is corrupt do not call it a silver market.  Do not legitimize criminals.  Do not allow them to control we language!

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I agree with the following caveat: This market will eventually fail. When it does, it will start telling the truth again. I think we all tune in and keep looking for that moment when that starts to happen. Volitility is one of the signals that it is ON. Those of us here who see it this way know the volitility can be manipulated for profit, we get that. But it can also be the begining of the end. We want to know that too. The bottom line is that there are guideline principles to use looking at this thing, but no hard and fast rules. We are all nimble and we want to stay that way. I bet if you think about it, you know it is true for you too.

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How long do you think these central planners can keep this up; 1year. 10, 100, well try 5000 cause thats how long golds been at it! You must own it because fiat could all crash tommorow morning!

MsCreant's picture

I agree, I am hedged accordingly. I am not in any market but I do hold some fiat, can't help that. 

SAT 800's picture

MxCreant, with all due respect you do  not want to be "nimble". You want to be out of the US Stock Market. NOW. 100% OUT. It's just that simple. it can be proven mathematically that this is the only rational position to take. I thope you take it.

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But, but, but efficient "markets" price in risk !!!


Sokhmate's picture

Agreed, This is known as the SupercaliANTIfragilisticexpialidocious principle.

The Nugget's picture

You won't be saying that when silver is at 100 or 200 or? Mr Red Pill

Took Red Pill's picture

Nope! Better 5 years early than 5 minutes late!

The Nugget's picture

Just think how much (financial) insurance would have cost you for 5 years! red pill

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Think Asian. Even with today's uptick, it's still cheap. There were lots of "folks" claiming they'd back up the truck if silver went under $20/oz. Well, it did. A year from now, today's increase won't matter. Just get fizz.

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"there were a lot of folks claming they'd back up the truck if silver went under 20.oz/ a year from now, todays price increase won't matter"

Sorry to be the downer here, but since none of us saw this coming a year ago(me included) whats to make you think this cant go on another year, or two, or 5 for that matter? I wouldn't have thought we'd have made it through last year with prices hovering around 20, and here we are, about to start 2015 and its 16. Same with gold.

Uchtdorf's picture

I think you've raised a legitimate concern. My only answer to you is: I don't know what I'm doing. All I know is that silver is shiny and heavy and Federal Reserve Notes are paper promises from liars.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

oh i know, and my above statement seems to have indicated to some that I am not a buyer, when I am. I don't know what Im doing either, I just know that I am 29 years old, and don't trust anthing else for a long time horizon. Personally, I hope the prices stay low for many years to come. I don't trust their pieces of paper either, or their digital paper, and the longer prices stay low, the more I can accumulate while Im young, and the more I can buy my infant son with his christmas and birthday money.

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It Does Smell Like A Paper PM (Smelly)Bottom...

Manthong's picture

Brownish, too..

If got this right, PMs can still go back down until there are some major delivery failures and the fractional synthetics are exposed for the Ponzi they are.

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no....   they seem to be always able to stall and print more paper.  it will turn around when they decide there is more to be made on the long trade than on the short trade.

tvdog's picture

$2 billion would buy the entire Comex gold inventory. It wouldn't take that many millionaires standing for delivery before a default would be forced. The publicity from that would kill the Comex.

Manthong's picture

Buy the Comex?

Hell, if the Chicoms decided it was time to shit in the fictional gold market mess kit and re-value their stash, they could just send Ali MaMa in as the front man and he could do it by himself.

samcontrol's picture

that would be 2000 millionaires thinking the same..niet
and you have 2 billion you are not going to be the first to throw shit at the fan now are you..?

Socratic Dog's picture

I would.  First in, best dressed.  Or something.

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She's gone from suck to blow!


 Not a crack on the financial channels.

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The self styled Business Intelligence website morons crow endlessly about gold and silvers decline, but say little when they rise. 

But then, what would one expect from a proven crook like Henry Blodget? Wasn't he supposed to be in jail? I wonder how he avoided it, to whom he sold his soul?

Squid Viscous's picture

what a POS fuck him and any muppets that listen to him after his e-commerce fleece job in 1999

Consuelo's picture

I am still trying to figure out how his head stays attached to that 12" neck without falling off...    I'm doing some extra rolls today in honor of Henry...



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Paper gold can do whaever it likes.  The paper-pushers don't make any on the skim if there is no churn.

Keep you eye on your ounces, everything else is noise.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Yeah, paper is not reality except to traders. I'd really like to know who is driving the market right now cause this has a slight con game odor to it right now.

Latina Lover's picture

Nope, just insane volatility.

Tek Kinkreet's picture

The Tylers promise bankers jumping from buildings and everyday I wake up and am disappointed.

SuperRay's picture

Jumping from buildings? Dude, that is so 20th century.  Haven't you heard about nail guns?

Consuelo's picture

Jim Willie refers to them as 'flying lessons, with out a parachute..."



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winchester (not verified) SuperRay Dec 1, 2014 4:25 PM

wake up, retard fuck. life ain't a video game.

Tek Kinkreet's picture

@winchester Aw, you mad bro? I love it when butthurt mouthbreathing dweebles downvote me because you got your ass reamed in some other thread. Makes my day, LOL, thanks. Maybe you can hold your own next time if you grow a few braincells. In the meantime, you're just making yourself seem pathetic. Go home and fuck your sister.

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Fucking assholes couldn't let me buy in the 14s. By the time i noticed provident was sold out of monster boxes. Had to buy in the low 15s.


Over 10% price swings in a day...check.

GOFO  decade highs... check

Oil 65$ a barrel, first time since Sept 2008...check. (Lehman collapsed shortly after. So did the stock market. So did the housing market)

Public angst fueled by state owned media..... check.

Wars over resource theft...check.

Monetizing debt....check.


I'm glad I'm not counting on any of these guys to be responsible for me.


Long Independence!!!