The "Independent" Financial Bubble Media Explained (In 1 Paragraph)

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Excerpted from the book "Dot.con"...



It's different this time though silly!


h/t @StockCats

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Pretty much sums up the environment over at Marketwatch.

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When you career is on the line, being constantly wrong does not pay the bills. It is tough to be truly credible. End the Fed.

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And this is exactly how, when living and working within a corrupt system (and by 'system' I mean so much more than 'just' the banking/financial system) everyone eventually becomes corrupted to some degree or another.

Even if you don't wish to participate, as the noose tightens around your neck you eventually must cross the line in order to survive.

Corruption corrupts, and absolute corruption corrupts absolutely (everyone).

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I've got a great deal on tulips.......

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The herd is always right....even when it is wrong.

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how should one replay to this: YES and NO ?

or NO and YES ?

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The only journalists I still trust are Clark Kent and Lois Lane. And Glenn Greenwald, though I suppose he'll get his press card revoked sooner or later because of his tendency to report reality. 

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Watch: The banking-media dictatorship in Greece and the alternative explained in 8 minutes

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The emperor is not naked, as the NYTs and FoxNews told me so.

An American, not US subject.


They also told me that I'm exceptional as well.

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Where shall we send your participation award? Because everyone is rewarded for participating.

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will ling (not verified) Dec 3, 2014 7:29 PM

got it . no lenghty explanation required. no legitmate media left; time to clean-up.

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arent the media part of the system? tools used by the owners ?

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That's how it goes.  When the central banks are buying stock futures using conjured counterfeit, all indicators are out the window.  How are the sheep not to follow such a massive psy-ops operation?

Until the system is destroyed, or the major players held personally accountable to the extent of all worldy wealth, and ditto the Fed criminals who are so thinly cloaked as mere academics, all journalists and contrarian advisors will be discredited and destroyed.

All is by design, as was the Bullard schizophrenia.  

What a clever way to disarm the last of the critics.  Anyone saying the Fed could not pull it off in October is now eating their final dish of sh*t stew, after far too many servings since March of 2009.  

Who could have seen the Bullard bullsh*t coming?  

Only those who think like cheating criminals.

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Yeah, the Bulltard move saved the margin calls that were surely about to be triggered... 

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Just think of how many in 2007 were on CNBC and other shows, including Ben Bernanke on all, saying "there is no bubble" in stocks, housing, MBS, CDS, etc.

A non-stop parade of cheerleaders selling their book - or the delusional - just like right now.

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if the system is run and controlled by criminals maybe the opposite should by the criminal way as well?

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Have you looked at the price of PCLN, lately?


Met the old boss…