Full-Time Jobs Down 150K, Participation Rate Remains At 35 Year Lows, "No Job Market For Young Men"

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While the seasonally-adjusted headline Establishment Survey payroll print reported by the BLS moments ago may be indicative of an economy which the Fed will soon have to temper in an attempt to cool down, a closer read of the November payrolls report shows several other things that were not quite as rosy. First, the Household Survey was nowhere close to confirming the Establishment Survey data, suggesting jobs rose only by 4K from 147,283K to 147,287K, and furthermore, the breakdown was skewed fully in favor of Part-Time jobs, which rose by 77K while Full-Time jobs declined by 150K.


And then for those keeping tabs on the composition of the labor force, the same adverse trends indicated over the past 4 years have continued, with the participation rate remaining flat at 62.8%, essentially the lowest print since 1978, driven by a 69K worker increase in people not in the labor force.


The ratio of Civilian employment to the total population, which plunged during the onset of the recession, has still barely budged higher as shown in the chart below:


Finally, anyone hoping that young people, those aged 16-24 are finally entering the workforce in droves, sadly that is not the case once again, with the employed ranks of Americans in that age group down by 169K in the past month. The good news: aged workers, those 55 and over, just rose to a new all time high of 32.814 milllion.

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We unemployed some folks...

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Participation rate at 35 year low, that pretty much says it all

Job Situation: http://www.dailyjobcuts.com


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Still fucked after all these years.....

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Completely fucked BECAUSE of all these years. There.

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Okay, Yellen; Go ahead and raise rates. I TRIPLE DOG DARE YA!!!


[Yeah, that's what I thought. You're all hot air. You don't have the guts...]

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Unemployment leaves plenty of time to go protest all night.

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These data are being fabricated around a conspiratorial policy to justify raising interest rates, but the true reason the conspirators want higher interest rates is that they want to prolong the illusion that the dollar has value. Things like the truth and the general well-being of humanity are of secondary concern in their psychopathic mentalities.

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You would think so, but.....the millenials are too occupied playing with their phones and video games to bother with protesting.  The crowds in NYC were disgustingly pitiful for a city of over 8 million.  I counted hundreds, like 300 hundred tops.  That's not a protest, that's the line for a fast food joint in NYC.

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So what if half of these 320k jobs are low paying part time jobs. We're talking about fucking slaves here. Let those fuckers eat cake!

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Save us Sister Yellen!

Help us Father Bullard!

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I doubt they were sitting congressmen in 1913.

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They reaffirmed it with their votes. Better for you??

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Lmao, are you serious? The deconstruction of America began a long time ago. Voting more GOP members (if that is what you are proposing) into power wouldnt have changed a fucking thing. It might have helped, a little, maybe. But most of the shit that ruined this country happened a long time ago. The Patriot Act, NAFTA, end of Bretton Woods, Great Society, New Deal/Social Security, creation of the FED, Income Taxes, I could go on. But simply blaming millenials because they voted for Obama is idiotic at best.

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I plan on reminding a lot of people that they got what they voted for.

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When they voted for W, or when they voted for his daddy?

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It really does say it all. 350 million people, and if only 100 work and nobody is looking for a job, it's reported as a zero unemployment rate. So the unemployment rate is a totally meaningless statistic the way it's presented, but it's a good thing for sheeple morale, I guess.

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That is why you should only look at the U6 Real Unemployment rate that is sitting at 11.4%...

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so Trickle Down economics IS working - but they didn't mean that jobs & money would be trickling down...NOW I get it! 

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We can expect a rally today in the markets, hope we don't get any revise in Jan

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If you like your part time job, you can keep your part time job. Maybe

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If you like your part time job you can have another. There.

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If you like your unemployment....you can keep your unemployment.

The immigration amnesty should work wonders for these youngins.

They voted for it.

toady's picture

When they voted for W, or when they voted for his daddy?

junction's picture

Tough for those over 55 to retire now that corporate greed vaporized 80% of defined pension plans and IRAs provide no real income security.  Work til you die is the new abnormal under Obummer.

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The easy "tell" was when goldman said the 10 year would trade below 2 before year end.

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Yep, now on to DOW 20,000.


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I saw a zero hours contract job which offered at least ONE hour...... a YEAR!!!


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You got the job? Yes? Congrats pal, now you belong to the happy people with a nice and decent paying job.

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Cool dawn, look at tade ballance, GDP is down, strong $ not help even with lower oil price.

How is possible that participation rate is same like previous reading but with revised october up and november is beat up also, together over 100k up, unemployment rate is same and in october was down with lower number and same participation?


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I was asking me the same question. But  I am sure our critical press will ask hard questions about these inconsistencies (when they are through with their daily binge fapping sessions)


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who are 'they'?  i appreciate the post...but it's hard to believe some of it when we don't know who 'they' are

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US futures trying to underplay the 1% plus up move today......2080+ done

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Full Retard Friday?

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Full Banzai Retard Friday round-eye!

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So BLS is reporting all the part time election workers hired but ADP is reporting them all getting the boot. BLS is a laggy bitch.

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350K every month is the minimum to keep the participation levels from declining further...if we expect and average of 215K or so each month in 2015, then another 1M people will hit the un-participating numbers.

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The older population continues to take on more jobs as the artificially low interest rates of zero return, forces them back to work as their retirement funds are redistributed to the banks.

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yup.  they co-signed junior's college loans.  somebody has gotta pay the bills, right.

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I resemble that statement thanks headhunt.

"The older population continues to take on more jobs as the artificially low interest rates of zero return, forces them back to work as their retirement funds are redistributed to the banks."

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But if you flip burgers part time...

and you clean floors part time...

aren't you a full time washout?

Let's as mom and dad about how proud they are

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I'd just move to Ecuador, pick coffee, and watch it all burn at that point.


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I know of people in their late 30’s who drive BMWs, yet still live with their parents. 

They buy designer puppies, yet date chubby babes…. 

The U.S. is twisted. 

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Don't forget: you need that $50,000 liberal arts degree, so you can flip and clean with intelligence and unsurpassed qualifications.

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Looks like the DOW is trying to keep up with the deficit.

DOW 18,000 soon to match $18 trillion on the deficit(minus several 0s).


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Go out and participate.  You must make the dream, it doesn’t fall into your lap. 

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What did the Kremlin advisor say in the wake of the Yukos ruling: Who cares a war is coming to Europe...

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With Obamacare you can see why companies are going to part time work...its a smart move...

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Fuck black - white. ....I still think this is a Generational War coming.