"Careening Toward A New & Different Kind Of Civil War"

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Submitted by James H Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

The Beauty Shop had barely stopped smoldering in Ferguson, Missouri, when the Eric Garner grand jury decision came down on Staten Island — no probable cause to indict one particular cop for something — manslaughter? — in his choke-hold take-down of the 300-pound cigarette-seller. For my money, they should have indicted the whole gang of cops who were there that day, including the black female NYPD sergeant on the scene ostensibly “supervising” the action, at least for something like negligent homicide, since the infamous video shows them acting cruelly, stupidly, and indifferently as the poor guy just lay dying on the sidewalk.

Worse, the decision only muddied the public’s view of several events in recent years involving black people, police, and standards of behavior so that now a general opinion prevails that all black people are always treated badly for no reason. That was the same week, by the way, that a white Bosnian immigrant named Zemir Begic was bludgeoned to death by three black teenagers wielding hammers who were out beating on stopped cars on a St Louis street — a crime that was barely covered in the news media, and went unprotested outside the immigrant neighborhood where it occurred. It’s hard to blame the public for being confused about what may or may not be happening across the nation, but history will surely judge this as a tragic time for America.

If we can’t or won’t unpack the separate issues in these matters, the country is going to get into a lot more trouble. One issue is whether police forces in the USA are becoming goon squads. The decision by the federal government to offload tactical military equipment, including armored war wagons, on police departments far and wide was disgracefully stupid since it only gives the impression, when hauled out, that the police are at war with the citizenry. There ought to be public discussion of just flat-out taking all that stuff away from them.

Non-black America is constantly being importuned to “talk honestly” about race and then punished when they actually do. I’ll venture here to summarize what I think has actually happened, and I’m sure a lot of people won’t like it, including plenty of white people. I take a historical view. It is at least an interesting coincidence that the climax of the civil rights campaign produced a black separatist movement that has endured for half a century. It emerged at exactly the moment that the two signal civil rights acts passed congress in 1964-65 (the public accommodations act and the voting rights act).

I think the reason for the sudden rise of black separatism was anxiety among black Americans about the prospect of being formally invited to participate in what was then American common culture. By the late 1960s even colleges were chartering new, separate student unions (at the demand of black students). The sad irony of this has been lost to history. But in effect, by that time a large segment of the black population had opted out either actively or mentally from trying to join the then-dominant culture. The gulf between the two cultures has only grown wider since then, egged on by a foolish white-sponsored “diversity” campaign which had imposed the ridiculous idea that a common culture in one nation is unnecessary.

The result is a permanently oppositional black culture with an elaborate ideology of endless grievance and a guilt-tripped white political culture held hostage by it and pandering endlessly to it — and sandwiched in between those two dispositions is a whole lot of really bad behavior. The least you can say about the four incidents involving Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice is that they involved some degree of ambiguity about what was actually going on, and in probably all those cases, at least, death was not caused by sheer malice. The same is not true about the case of Zemir Begic, or of the many people victimized during last year’s “knockout” game fad, or indeed the astounding number of people being gunned down regularly on the streets of Chicago.

I don’t think we’re capable of making these distinctions anymore, and surely not of doing anything constructive about them. Instead, we just appear to be careening toward a new and different kind of civil war.

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the I can't breathe type.

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Humans appear to be wired for genocide in hard times.

Rulers exploit this.

It could be as subtle as Catholic vs Protestant.

That worked for hundreds of years.

Obvious racial differences don't even require political indoctrination...

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black crimiality is the only issue, until that changes nothing will change. they have a well deserved reputation.

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we need to coddle blacks more!!

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This message was funded and endorsed by the Nation's Racial Divider in CHief

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Zero Hedgies for the most part now seem to be bigots.

Quite the fall from grace.

People actually miss Trav77777777 from some prior comments appearing recently.

I predict peak ZeroHedge....

Go onnnnnnnn, take your money and run!


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Fuck off Kuntsler - there were Bosnians protesting the hate crime of the murder of that guy.  Those same bosnians have to fucking work for a living, that's why they aren't out there day and night.  Also the Bosnians hate crime doesn't further the anarchist / communist agenda that Ferguson was coopted by.  I stream those protests to make sure that riff raff doesn't come to my neighborhood and it's clear to me there are outsiders sent here to whip Ferguson into a frenzy.  Now that NY took over, they all left to go to either oakland / berkeley, or new york.  It's the same occutards streaming from there now...


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"Black criminality"  Can Wall Street securitize that and then profits from swaps?  Just asking.

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The head of the Just Us dept. says Americans are cowards on the subject of race.

He then sees to it that anyone who speaks honestly about such things ends up losing his job/being boycotted and thoroughly lynched by the Oligarch stream media.

The only rational rebuke to such absurity being Assault Pitchforks and Guillotines.

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Racism serves the interests of the oligarchs, by keeping us divided amongst ourselves, rather than united against our common enemy the oligarchs.

it only gives the impression, when hauled out, that the police are at war with the citizenry.

They are, and it is foolish to suggest or imply that they are not.  If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

There ought to be public discussion of just flat-out taking all that stuff away from them.

if such a discussion ever were to break out, the oligarchs would false-flag someone or some group in order to show the need for the advanced weaponry in the hands of civilian LE.


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Perhaps. But our goal should always be to speak to The Truth, no matter how unpleasant in its facts and implications.

And one should not be forbidden to criticize outside one's group for PC reasons. Rather, such criticism should aim to shine the spotlight on things that should be exposed for public discussion.

When you dance close, you end up stepping on toes. Especially at the beginning, until your skills improve. Of course some people just don't belong on that dance floor, and perhaps you refer to them.

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There is a mile wide difference between being a bigot and a realist.  I'm not so much a bigot, I just know it to be a fact that black people generally act like fucking idiots.  But it doesn't just stop at black folks.  White kids are doing their best to catch up.   Why is everyone so fucking stupid anymore?

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Divide and conquer is an old practice but there comes a point where it can't be controlled. They are pushing it to gain power and think they can control the situation just short of a race war but they are wrong and people will die because of it.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Fuck you.  Nothing gets me seeing red faster than someone sayin 'rayciss/bigot' instead of addressing the VERY real differences in intelligence and criminality between da Negro and everyone else.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

No matter what, the truth is the truth but some folks don't wanna hear it. The reality is exactly that...as a 'race', there are differences in blacks and whites. I know its hard to swallow, but it is the truth.

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When I look at the real criminals, the ones who are screwing us all by committing the really big "C" crimes, the faces are predominantly white.  Bilderberg, The City of London, Wall Street, the Banksters, Central Bankers, Military Industrial Complex, PINAC, all white.  Obama is the token black and even he isn't really black. 

As the gap continues to grow between the entitled, elite white snakes in charge and the rest of us, poverty will visit those who have never known it before - regardless of color.  Poverty engenders crime - regardless of color.  

Some crime is motivated by poverty, desperation and societal pressures.

Other crimes are motivated by greed, power and a god complex (psychopathy).

Which is more morally reprehensible? 

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I have to agree...the pervasive racial bigotry by a lot of ZHers is astounding...a lot of good itel can be found on this site....but if you're black....you better have some thick ass skin... of the Obama caliber...to deal with the pillow case crowd comments....    

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I have a whole lot of black students. Some are even research students with me. It has absofuckinglutely nothing to do with color. It's all about mentality and ethics.

I live a county over from the college I teach at. It's 98.6% white. And you know who causes all the problems in our county? The meth-head whiteys. The 1.4% of black, Latino, and others know they will be pointed at if there is a crime. It's easy to pick out the black guy who comitted a crime when there are only three black guys in the county. Hell, that's an easy lineup to form. If it's some dumb ass cracker, well...we've got hundreds if not thousands of those. You'll be running lineups all day.

So what's my point? We 99%ers are a whole lot more alike than different. Sure we have FSA, but I've been in the Aldi often and have never seen a black person in my county use EBT. It's a bunch of singlewide trailer trash who have 22 tattoos and a dozen piercings. And they are always on those stupid iPhones, playing some game or something. I pay cash, have a dumb phone, and no mutilations of my body. I know...I'm a stupid fucking idiot for not trying to get my way onto the dole. You're probably right.

OK. Why don't we band together and throw off the 1%ers? Forget the color of skin, the way someone looks. Join arm in arm with guns loaded and take back what belongs to us!

Rant off. 

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Black criminality?  No, BANKER criminality. Let's not forget why they are trying to divide and distract us....

Timmay's picture

Isn't it obvious the elites would rather have a "race"war rather than a "class" war? In a class war they would get slaughtered due to the sheer numbers.


Being the 99% is as close to unity as we can get in this country.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

The elites would prefer we have our race war BEFORE we have our class war/civil war/revolution.

Kinda like how France weakened up the Holy Roman Empire for 30+ years before going to war with them, back in the 1600s (Cardinal Richelieu's handiwork).

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I can’t excuse the violence or the criminal behavior of the recent crop of “martyred” criminal defendants.  But I do get one point.  That we live in a country where the highest law enforcement officer has publicly declared that certain very wealthy and powerful individuals are above prosecution for behavior that has produced near calamitous consequences for the whole country, but at the same time, a small-time thug who steals a handful of cheap cigars and shoves a store clerk is likely now on a collision course with events that will result in his death within the hour.


There IS something wrong with this picture.

Georgia_Boy's picture

TPTB are helping to create the culture that influences mentality and ethics, and it is setting a different standard for white and black.  For one, there is way too much glorification of thug culture.  I don't see white music, websites, and other media glorifying crime to the extent that hip hop culture does.  These movie, music etc. studios are controlled by (uncomfortable pause, then he said) the one percent who are fully in a position to change it, it's not like they don't already censor content they don't like.  The rates of violence and illegitimacy didn't used to be what they are back in the bad old days when they didn't make ex drug dealers into music stars, the culture can change again.  Incentives matter.  If the media PTB didn't court amoral people and make stars out of them, people who want to be famous would clean up their act.  Same basic problem as Wall Street, really.

AnAnonymous's picture

I don't see white music, websites, and other media glorifying crime to the extent that hip hop culture does.

Maybe time to go and see the eye doctor.

Glorification of crime is an 'american' thing.

Negros, who fully joined the 'american' mainstream, are late comers to the party.

They were not involved in the dime novels that were so popular among the 'american' middle class that set the trend of glorifying crime.

Old man Clanton, the James brothers, the Dalton brothers,the Earp family, Butch Cassidy, Billy the Kid, John Welsey Harding, Henry Plummer, Johny "Ringo" Peters, Wild Bill Hickock, William Cody, Pat Garret, George "flat nose" Curry and so many more...
And those were only part of the beginning.

Glorifying crime is 'american'. It is part of the 'american' culture.

The negroes are late to the 'american' party.
It is only lately that they joined the trend of glorifying crime.

Their glorification of crime show they are assimilated to the 'american' culture.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Glorifying crime is 'american'. It is part of the 'american' culture.

Hammered nail on the head pretty much there.

The negroes are late to the 'american' party.
It is only lately that they joined the trend of glorifying crime.

Bodes that sometime futurely they will join along the trend glorifying Wall Street TBTF crimes. Very 'american' fashionable.

BigJim's picture

You two need a weekly show. I'd watch it, religiously!

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Well, cumbaya.  The real world is a little different than the classroom.  If you can't do, teach!  And if you can't teach either, work for .gov.  And if that doesn't suit, then join the FSA.

markpower49's picture

Coddle them by expelling them to Africa. They are evil.

BigJim's picture

 Dozens or more events like this one every day. 

Most not covered by MSM.


'Nigger' arrested for killing a pizza delivery man? Aren't you the guy who starts foaming at the mouth about racism?

Oh, that's right, only when the racism is anti-Semitism.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Thats not going to happen until the so-called black leaders shut the F up and get out of the way...


"There is a class of colored people who make a business
of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of
the Negro race before the public.

Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his
grievances because they do not want to lose their jobs.

There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't
want the patient to get well."

- Booker T. Washington

BigJim's picture

That Booker T. Washington dude sounds like a rayciss to me.

What??? He's Black???? Oh my God, another self-hating person of colour Uncle Tomming in my presence! *runs squeeking from room*

oldmanofthesee's picture

What do you mean? Would you have us believe that 3% of the population, commit 50% of all murders, in this formerly great country? Next, you'll tell us that 3% is young, black, males!

boogerbently's picture

100% true, but NOT  PC.

The ONLY thing similar in each event recently was a black man resisting arrest.

The 12 year old was an unfortunate victim of the behavior of his race. 

12 year olds have killed people.

He had a realistic looking gun.

Multiple killings on schoolgrounds are in vogue, now.

How dumb would the cop look if the kid shot someone while he was standing there looking at him ?

Despite DECADES of favoritism, blacks are still whining, misbehaving, and underperforming because that gets the desired response from the "white guilt" crowd.

The main problem with having an "honest discussion" is that everything I said is true. But I would be labeled a racist for saying it.

Are (especially urban) blacks profiled, probably.

Do they deserve to be, probably.

Are cops given too much leeway and credibility in their dealings with the public, probably.

Blacks will stop being stereotyped when they stop behaviong like the stereotype.

What they are asking for, now, is for us to IGNORE the FACT that they do behave like a group that requires stereotyping.

Too many ZH'ers are projecting their disdain of the "police state" on THIS movement.

Your support is misplaced. 




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noben (not verified) Newsboy Dec 8, 2014 12:06 PM

As long as the unwashed masses are given free bread and this kind of circus, chances are that they'll fall for these contrived distractions.

That way, the masses won't be looking in the direction of the true culprits: TPTB, i.e. Banksters & Friends.

Diversions, Distractions, Division and Destruction. Seems to work just fine in USSA and the EU. Not to mention the ME and Africa.

Stay focused, stay thirsty (for justice).

NoDebt's picture

"If we can’t or won’t unpack the separate issues in these matters, the country is going to get into a lot more trouble."

I just want to know who this "we" is that he's referring to.  I can talk about it.  Everyone on here can talk about it.  Makes no difference when this is a controlled, media-managed event with a political agenda behind it.  Reality doesn't matter.  They've created their own reality in the media and they'll damned well keep pushing this agenda until the political objectives are achieved.

My advice?  Turn off the damned TV and go live your life.  Everyone's being baited on this one.  Don't take the bait.

jughead's picture

Roger on the turn off the fucking TV! 

lasvegaspersona's picture

TV...seriously ...does anyone here still get their news from the TV??? I am serious. We bitch about the MSM but who does it still get to? My understanding is that there are only a few million viewers fro all but sports and some entertainment. I honestly don't know and have not had a TV for years, since the kids watched Sponge Bob.

mr1963's picture

Pretty sure a grand jury charged a white cop in SC of murder of a black guy. Let's see, the South got it wrong while the north didn't? Hmmm...

11b40's picture

Contrary to what most of the rest of the country thinks, the South overall has dealt with racial issues far better than the rest of the country.  I see more raw racism in the Northeast than anywhere else I go, and we are much more integrated and have better personal relationships.  Southerners, especially small town Southerners, actually KNOW black people, and are more sensitive to the reality of our mutual histories, as our lives have always been more intertwined.  There is a different level of mutual respect, which is why many black families have, and continue migrating back to their Southern roots.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

This is spot-on with my experience, in both the South (TX, LA, SC) and the northeast (NYC - Harlem, MA).  In Harlem, there was a steady stream of blacks leaving to live near relatives in places like North Carolina.  In the South since the 80s, it's been surprisingly go-along, get-along.  Harlem was an interesting mix of very strident anti-white (folks literally got mad when they saw a 'cracker' walking along 125th St, and they called out 'cracker, cracker, cracker') and good people just focusing on living their lives.  I believe it's the churches playing a more active role in the people's lives that make the difference.  That goes for Harlem, as well.  Folks attend church in that neighborhood a LOT more than most other Manhattan areas.

Headbanger's picture

Fuck CNN

Kunstler completely fails to realize


It's the politicos and MSM who've been fanning the flames of racial tensions for their benefit.


Harbanger's picture

It's called Grievance Politics, The Democrats took this to an art form in the US but it's not an American phenomenon.  Made possible by the politically correct victim culture of the whiny West.

AnAnonymous's picture


It's the politicos and MSM who've been fanning the flames of racial tensions for their benefit.


Nobody had to encourage the 'american' middle class to adopt racism.

The 'american' middle class built itself out of racism. Racism was a very convenient way to lump a lot of people in one group to rob that group later on.

This is the way 'americans' have built their society.

A lot of money is to be made from exploiting racial issues because the 'american' middle class has been making a lot of money out of racism.

There is no divide and conquer. Only servants to their master, the 'american' middle class.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Opposement to this system is given when middle class 'americans' are tossed out of the bowl, not beforehand. Big lolz when pushing others under the train.

The resent begins when they are in the group of pushed and not the group of pushers. No longer part of the pusher gang, they oppose being left behind and do not like it.

youngman's picture

If we are going to have a new civil war..who will be fighting for the Blacks this time...I dont think it will be the Northeners...

LawsofPhysics's picture

Exactly.  People forget that the newly freed Blacks in the south were in fact Republicans and very independent.  It was the democrats that came up with welfare concept and the concept of "having those niggas voting democrat forever".  I forget which president said this.

know your history folks, it's important.